Woohoo! Time for another livechat! Well, not time for it now, because we publish these livechats after they go live. But, here you can see it in case you missed it the first time!

Last week we felt terrible for showing a bunch of packages and not opening. NOW WE’RE OPENING THEM! Thanks to all the amazing Nasties who sent us fun stuff, including:

1 Iliana + Lea and Ralla the Cats, Le Puente, California
2 Nastya the Super Nasty from Russia
3 Villy and Kristina from Lithuania
4 Becky from Northern Ireland
5 Dr. Janet Owen from Washington, USA but currently living in Scotland
6 Lily and Cassie from Ohio, USA (the pet package :D )
7 Jen + Rae from Texas, USA

Gotta say, we’re super excited about the package from Dr. Owen. We saw the name and we’re like “A FREAKING DOCTOR WATCHES US?!” Weird. Doctors aren’t really our target demographic. In fact, I’m not sure what Drs actually watch. Well, Dr. Owen might not be a medical Dr., but a scholarly one. Still, even more reason to not watch our unscholarliness. Point is, THAT SCOTTISH STUFF LOOKS AMAZING BAARRRGGHGHGHLALAYYGGGH *drool*

And that super healthy snack food stuff looks GLORIOUS! Right now we’re carb counting, so even though these snacks are really healthy, we still gotta keep our carb count low for a little bit longer (10 more days!!!) and then we’ll be able to try this out, because it looks SO GOOD! Coconut stuff is great. We use a lot of coconut flour and coconut oil, but we never tried coconut chips. AYO! That looks awesome.

Anyhow, we’re off to film a WANK now while we’ve got time and energy. At 7PM we’re filming something big with a French channel, from Canal+. Yay! It’s gonna be a super fun program and we’re looking forward to it. We’ll keep you up to date with it all once we know when it’s gonna air.

Point is, if you’re in Hongdae tonight, you might see us there. Yoohoo!

Sidenote: sorry to everyone who thought we were livechatting with uBEAT. This was just a thumbnail that we saw that we thought looked cool, like our other thumbnails. We just take pics from our iPhoto and make thumbnails out of them. Sorry guise! Next time we’ll keep our photos with Kpop idols secret. Deal!

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