Woohoo! Time for another livechat! Well, not time for it now, because we publish these livechats after they go live. But, here you can see it in case you missed it the first time!

Last week we felt terrible for showing a bunch of packages and not opening. NOW WE’RE OPENING THEM! Thanks to all the amazing Nasties who sent us fun stuff, including:

1 Iliana + Lea and Ralla the Cats, Le Puente, California
2 Nastya the Super Nasty from Russia
3 Villy and Kristina from Lithuania
4 Becky from Northern Ireland
5 Dr. Janet Owen from Washington, USA but currently living in Scotland
6 Lily and Cassie from Ohio, USA (the pet package :D )
7 Jen + Rae from Texas, USA

Gotta say, we’re super excited about the package from Dr. Owen. We saw the name and we’re like “A FREAKING DOCTOR WATCHES US?!” Weird. Doctors aren’t really our target demographic. In fact, I’m not sure what Drs actually watch. Well, Dr. Owen might not be a medical Dr., but a scholarly one. Still, even more reason to not watch our unscholarliness. Point is, THAT SCOTTISH STUFF LOOKS AMAZING BAARRRGGHGHGHLALAYYGGGH *drool*

And that super healthy snack food stuff looks GLORIOUS! Right now we’re carb counting, so even though these snacks are really healthy, we still gotta keep our carb count low for a little bit longer (10 more days!!!) and then we’ll be able to try this out, because it looks SO GOOD! Coconut stuff is great. We use a lot of coconut flour and coconut oil, but we never tried coconut chips. AYO! That looks awesome.

Anyhow, we’re off to film a WANK now while we’ve got time and energy. At 7PM we’re filming something big with a French channel, from Canal+. Yay! It’s gonna be a super fun program and we’re looking forward to it. We’ll keep you up to date with it all once we know when it’s gonna air.

Point is, if you’re in Hongdae tonight, you might see us there. Yoohoo!

Sidenote: sorry to everyone who thought we were livechatting with uBEAT. This was just a thumbnail that we saw that we thought looked cool, like our other thumbnails. We just take pics from our iPhoto and make thumbnails out of them. Sorry guise! Next time we’ll keep our photos with Kpop idols secret. Deal!

  1. “Sorry guise! Next time we’ll keep our photos with Kpop idols secret.”

    Noooo why?? i like see you in silly photos with kpop idols =/

    (sorry my bad english)

  2. Did Liliana give you guys a url for her Puffy Panda shop?? I wanna see what cute things we can buy from her!

  3. I’m french so I know Canal+ but I’m kind of afraid of the result! Antoine de caune is really funny! So let’s hope it will be great!

  4. Nastija/ Nastya is a short for Anastacia

  5. You know, if you guys ever get tired of the kpop thing, you can start a candy connoisseur blog. Reviewing candy from around the world.

  6. By the way, other scottish nasty here! Just to warn you about the tablet ;P It’s like hard fudge…. kinda. But it’s suuuuper sweet. I made some for my friends in China and they just couldn’t eat it hahah in fact I can barely eat it now having adapted to less sweet foods XD

  7. There is one more doctor watching you. A scholarly one. :)

  8. You’re talking about how Meems likes to eat cheese and so I want to say how one of my cats likes to eat corn, and then my friend’s dogs love to eat lettuce and other veggies and fruits. And I have some cat treats too, but whenever I try to give some to them they just sniff it and give us a weird look then walks away… So maybe I’ll end up sending some in my package for you guys, if my mom would let me >.<

  9. It’s awesome that you can still make time for livechats! :) がんばって you guise!!

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. Listening to Simon trying to speak Polish is awkward and I’m not even Polish. His American accent is uncomfortable.

  11. Nastya (and Nastasia) are common Russian names. They both mean “Born on Christmas Day.” I like knowing what people’s names mean. Mine is Irish and it means “Pure, lovely.” It’s also Gaelic for Kathleen.

    Simon is Hebrew and it means “To be heard.”
    Martina is Latin and it means “Servant of Mars, God of War.”

  12. YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!! SO GLAD YOU ARE LISTENING TO THE REST OF THE NEW SHINEE ALBUM!!!! SO GOOOOD!!!! Ok, after that outburst, yes “Orgel” (Jjong’s song) is indeed fantastic :)

  13. Somebody’s gonna be receiving some Sour Punch straws, lol.

  14. You guys should film a food orgy video once your diet is over of you trying everything you put off trying!

  15. Martina, blue would also look good in your hair. Not dark blue, but mid to light blue goes well with blonde. Lavender or wisteria would also work with your hair. I have a similar color and rocked wisteria streaks for a few months. ;) Unnatural colored hair fighting!

  16. the korean mcdonalds might not be getting them but i know the american mcdonalds are getting a Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder burger. you guys should totally get one next time you’re in the states!

  17. so cool that Amber was watching you guys!!!!
    the only hot drink i like is hot chocolate!!!
    i love SHINee’s album!!!!!! my fave songs from there is ‘nightmare’, ‘excuse me miss’, ‘evil’, ‘orgel’ and ‘like a fire’!!! i even forced my sister to listen to it all and she said she liked ‘like a fire and ‘evil!! they’re her faves!!!

  18. Simon sounded so cute trying to speak the ç in portuguese! btw, you should pronounce it like a normal s, like in… Simon.

  19. Hi Simon and Martina! Just saw this live chat and was so surprised )

    This box from Russia is mine, and I’m the same Nastya who sent the first package ))

    I thought this package was lost, because I sent it about month ago… So glad it finally came!

  20. Unless the youtube comments from the live feed and all the trending tweets are important for all the monie$ you guys should get one of those IRC chats for eatyourkimchi.com like the one on geekandsundry.com/community . Might make it easier to keep track of all the comments during a livefeed and it’d just be a fun gathering spot for all the nasties in the EYK community :)

  21. OMGGGGG! I’m french and I am sooooo camping in from of my tv watching canal + until I see you guise!

  22. Are you guys going to bring Meemers into a livechat one day? I’ve been trolling your videos for him :( he hasn’t been on openthehappy in a while too. MEEMERSPLZ

  23. american anti- drug commercials sound so funny. all of the australian anti- drug commercials are so serious the underlining message do drugs kids and you internal organs will burn on fire turning black and then you will die!!!

  24. If you ever HAD to choose between Melbourne and Sydney whenever you come to Australia (although I strongly suggest you don’t do- each has its own charms), I’d personally recommend Melbourne! Not that I’m Melbourne-biased or anything… *shifty eyes*

    • @simonandmartina:disqus Melbourne would definitely fit your hipster-ness.

      • yeah! I completely forgot about its hipsterness, thank you for reminding me Nicholl :) Melbourne is definitely where the culture is at! But Sydney tends to get more of the international attention because of its idyllic Aussie golden summer image. As my German uncle would put it, Melbourne is like Berlin and Sydney is like Frankfurt! Or better yet, Melbourne is like Hongdae and Sydney is like Gangnam ;P

        • True… fair comparison with Melbourne = Hongdae and Sydney = Gangnam. Oh, and if you (
          @simonandmartina:disqus) do go to Melbourne, do a FAPFAP at Adriano Zumbo’s Cafe because from what my friends have told me, the macarons are good.

        • I think you’re mixing up Melbourne- Adriano Zumbo is in Sydney, not in Melbourne :( I wish Zumbo had a cafe in Melbourne though! I agree with you though, if they come to Australia (in particular, Sydney), go to Adriano Zumbo’s cafe!
          The best macarons in Melbourne is from any La Belle Miette- their earl grey and chocolate macarons are really good!

        • I second this comment Fellow Aussie nasty! The comparison between those places is good except Sydney is also beautiful and has beaches to die for, But less going on there I think? Not unless you’re balling ;D If you HAVE to choose go with Melbourne ;) he he

        • Damn, I think I did… oops xD Brisbane doesn’t get anything as good as Zumbo :( However, there’s a new cafe that just opened up and it had macarons for sale… must try and then if I ever go south, I’ll get Zumbo’s to compare. Any Aussies think they might be coming for something big (like KOFFIA)? Or even to pop ’round the SBSPopasia studios?

    • You meant SUPER cool, right?
      Canal + is the only channel I trust (aside from Arte) is not going to “look down” on that kind of subject. They usually do things a bit more intelligently than some others. Happy for you, Simon & Martina! Do you now in what show you’ll appear?

      And it might sound a bit… paranoiac or something, but really, beware of some other french channels, I’ve seen what they did with the “K-pop/Korea subject”, and it ain’t pretty.

      I’ll stalk Canal + from now! (well, the non-crypted slots, at least..)

      • Don’t be so paranoiac, Arte did a good job with the subject of Korea and kpop. But I still totally agree with you on the fact that other chanels like M6 did something awful ! It was like they were making a report about a subject they disliked and they didn’t even took the time to do something good, realistic. They were only showing clichés.
        But then, I’m exited about S&M’s appearance on Canal+ ! Yay ! And maybe we’ll have a fanmeeting and we’ll do some nasty stuff all around France //SBAFF// !

      • “Maboul de Séoul” by Antoine de Caunes will be air in November ! So don’t stalk too much… you have time lol

        • Is it a crypted program ? I don’t follow Canal+, and I’m pretty shure I’ll forget about it before November >.< Are you shure it's at the end of the year, it looks a bit too long to me but well … we'll see, I'm so happy for S&M to get this chance to apprear at a french chanel, yay !

  25. I just LOLed on the floor. XDDD I do not know if someone said it earlier but Simon you said that you have hair on your boobs XDDDDDDD The correct form is: ‘mam włosy na klacie’ not ‘mam włosy na cyckach’.

  26. Nastya is actually a short form of Anastasia (kind of like Alex is short for Alexander), so there ARE a lot of Nastyas here, and you totally should come to Russia!! :D

  27. Drugs drugs drugs. which are good? which are bad?
    martina i found the video u talking about LOL

  28. I love those Mexican mango and watermelon lollipops with the chili and lime. Man, I’m salivating just thinking about them. Can’t wait till I can eat them again.

  29. Before I say anything, MARTINAAA! i dont recommend you to put the laptop on your thighs or leg.- especially when its hot. over time, it can burn your skin and it’s not pretty. it’s nasty (not in a good way) D:

    Anyway, can you guys show us some childhood pictures(including simon with cornrows and Martina with long hair^^) of the eyk crew, one day?:D and I love how you ended the livechat with Simon’s chest hair~ xD

  30. Nice sign-off image! hehehe


  31. I like the way Simon said my twitter name XDDD So much food in this chat like usual but this time it made me extremely hungry x.x

  32. And it is/was indeed a very cute that you used uBeat picture as a thumbnail! You guys really loved your time with them didn’t ya? That makes me love all of you (EYK Crew and uBeat) even more.

  33. how can i send you guys fanarts? iv’e been working on one but since i get give them to you by mail any other way?

  34. Totally thought you were saying Man-dew….. I just assume you guys are being nasty automatically now hahaha

  35. It’d be nice if you guys did a livechat with them though. It would be so fun haha. But oooh all the stuff people sent you are cool. I want to send stuff too but I’m so lazy.. haha. But maybe in the future!

  36. I thought AJ, Eli and Kevin would be there with you because of the thumbnail. :O
    I know it would be too much but it would be so cool! Oh well~ :) I’m glad I actually woke up this time. :D

  37. Hey, everyone. I‘m one of the Lithuanian Nasties those sent
    in that flag of flags? XD I have no idea what to call it. Anyways, I thouht
    that it would be nice to get the whole „flag making and sending“ thing more
    organized, so it would be nice if you could check this facebook page out ^w~


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