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Pre-Singapore LiveChat: Part 1

May 17, 2013


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What’s this? A LiveChat on Thursday? Since when do we do that? We usually save these LiveChats for the weekends! What gives?

Well, we’re trying to get as much done before our Singapore trip on Monday. We’ve been doing some projects on the side, which is why you Martina so did up in this LiveChat. We’ll tell you more about it in Singapore! Apart from those projects, though, we also wanted to open up all of these awesome packages you sent us, because we’re starting to fall behind and the pile is getting too big to handle in one sitting. So, we’re going to be doing another LiveChat this week, probably on Saturday or Sunday. Woohoo!

For the packages we opened this week, though, we’d like to thank:

Emilie from Wisconsin
Alison from Maryland
Antonio from MA (is that Massachusetts?) I don’t know.
Megan from Wisconsin


Also, we want to thank you all for hanging out with us during our LiveChats. We think that these LiveChats are lame, and don’t know why anyone would want to watch them, but we’re constantly amazed at how many of you do hang out with us, so we want to give back, in some small way. We’d like to do small, random giveaways of stuff. Sometimes we’ll give away cool things we find in convenience stores, sometimes we’ll give away CDs. We’re not sure yet. We’re not even sure HOW we should give these away during LiveChats. We just wanna, you know, thank you guise, for hanging out with us. You give us energy for the rest of the day. We filmed on set today for over 4 hours, and once we’re done this LiveChat, we’ve got more filming of our own to do. We would normally be drained, but talking with you is gonna get us super pumped and ready to handle the rest of the night. So, thank you!



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