What’s this? A LiveChat on Thursday? Since when do we do that? We usually save these LiveChats for the weekends! What gives?

Well, we’re trying to get as much done before our Singapore trip on Monday. We’ve been doing some projects on the side, which is why you Martina so did up in this LiveChat. We’ll tell you more about it in Singapore! Apart from those projects, though, we also wanted to open up all of these awesome packages you sent us, because we’re starting to fall behind and the pile is getting too big to handle in one sitting. So, we’re going to be doing another LiveChat this week, probably on Saturday or Sunday. Woohoo!

For the packages we opened this week, though, we’d like to thank:

Emilie from Wisconsin
Alison from Maryland
Antonio from MA (is that Massachusetts?) I don’t know.
Megan from Wisconsin


Also, we want to thank you all for hanging out with us during our LiveChats. We think that these LiveChats are lame, and don’t know why anyone would want to watch them, but we’re constantly amazed at how many of you do hang out with us, so we want to give back, in some small way. We’d like to do small, random giveaways of stuff. Sometimes we’ll give away cool things we find in convenience stores, sometimes we’ll give away CDs. We’re not sure yet. We’re not even sure HOW we should give these away during LiveChats. We just wanna, you know, thank you guise, for hanging out with us. You give us energy for the rest of the day. We filmed on set today for over 4 hours, and once we’re done this LiveChat, we’ve got more filming of our own to do. We would normally be drained, but talking with you is gonna get us super pumped and ready to handle the rest of the night. So, thank you!

  1. I really wanna watch it online, but I don’t know when you guys have it?

  2. I love your eye makeup in this Martina :)

  3. We’re like fwends… you shouldn’t bother yourselves with sending stuff to thank us for spending time with you guise… we’ll be there either way… right Nasties? guyz?

  4. HM is one freaking awsome clothing store ;)

  5. when martina said it was hot at 26c i felt so soft skined cause anything around 26c and below i have a jumper on

  6. If you guys were to do giveaways, you should do it like the WonderfulTreasureFinds that you used to do i loved those x)

  7. That galactose-intolerance joke was hilarious! Maybe more so for me for nerdy science reasons… *clears throat* Lactose is a disaccharide that is formed when two monosaccharides, galactose and glucose, bond together. So in a way, if you’re lactose intolerant, you are galactose intolerant as well. The power of biochemistry…

  8. Hahahahaha I laughed so hard at the glaactose intolerance joke………

  9. “Are those gunshots?” Clearly, for a moment, Simon forgot what country he was in.

  10. Martina, please don’t continue to get gel nails. If it’s the method of using a file on the nail bed then a few layers of polish sealed with UV light… that can cause infections that can cause you to lose your nail or even fingers. It’s really bad for your nails in the first place since the surface of the nail is scratched up – that takes a long time to heal. It’s what protects your nails from getting infections.

    • Any manicure/pedicure leaves a risk for infection. The most common ones are fungal. Those wont lead to the loss of a digit,maybe you’ll lose a nail, and (although gross) aren’t a huge deal. It’s like saying you shouldn’t go to college cause you’re more likely to get meningitis, or to go out to eat because you might get food poisoning. Most things that make life enjoyable involve some level of risk.

      • I’m not talking about a small window for a small infection, I’m talking about an extended period with much more risk and serious infection. Gel manicures / false nails are especially bad because of how your nail gets “prepared” through scratching the top layer off. A normal manicure doesn’t do this, hence is a lot safer with much less risk. I’m not making a big deal of this for no reason, I’m completely serious. I had a gel manicure only once and it took 3 months for my nails to be healthy again. Imagine if I had gotten an infection from it – you can’t see under the polish ( unless it’s clear only ), so it can grow there for weeks before you get it taken off and can see what’s happening.

        Your comparison is ridiculous, who on earth would possibly say “I can’t go to college because I might get meningitis”? That’s just… utterly stupid.

      • The best way to avoid possible infections from nail salons is to bring in your own tools and have them use those.

        • If you’re going to bring all your own tools ( and own polish too* ), then you might as well just learn to do them yourself. Or have a friend do it for you, if you really can’t get it. Then you get to spend time with your friend -and- a manicure.

          Btw, a salon is not the best way to get a manicure anyway. You can feel your own cuticles and if something starts to hurt when it shouldn’t. Pushing the cuticle back too far can cause bacteria to get in them, and even more so if you trim the cuticle ( especially cutting it on accident ). Someone “professional” did that to me right before my best friend’s wedding, thankfully I didn’t get an infection but damn did it hurt.

          *It’s a good idea to bring your own polish because 1. contamination, and 2. they might be thinning out the polish to last longer.

  11. Guess what! I’m going to the B.A.P concert in NYC tomorrow! Fridays are awesome!

  12. Martina, you look gorgeous with blue hair. Spudgy won’t mind because you are his mom and he loves his mom.

  13. Simon, we’re used to it here in Alabama because our summers are really hot, but yeah…you just like….melt..and cower inside from the heat. It’s the humidity D:

    have fun in Singapore guys,

  14. ahahah Simon having to tell Martina how to put the @ sign!!! those glasses are so cool!!
    hey i think i read about that Amy place on the internet while doing some research at Uni ahah!!
    well i just found that episode on the net and i’m totally watching it after i finish watching you guys!!
    ahaha Simon i like your nerdy joke!!! (lame nerdy jokes are the best!!!)

    whoa!!! i thought it was probably thunder…since it’s raining badly in England right now while watching you guys…..(i dunno why it just connected like that!), then Simon said gunshots and i was like O_O…again, you’re not in my country or neighbourhood…..

  15. “which is why you Martina so did up” whaaaaaat… confusing

  16. Some of the most popular hawker centres in singapore are at Maxwell Centre and Newton Circus. All/most of the cabbies should know how to get there, and you guise can sometimes get pretty good food recommendations from the cab drivers too!

    As for dimsum, there’re places like Crystal Jade and Din Tai Fung that are pretty popular. those have outlets all over Singapore, so a quick google search would give you directions to the nearest outlet. The famous michelin star-rated dimsum chain from hongkong, Tim Ho Wan, recently opened an outlet in singapore too – it’s located in Plaza Singapura if you guys are interested in checking it out!

    Chicken Rice is literally chicken and rice, but the way it’s all cooked is especially fragrant – definitely worth a try!

    Aside from Chilli Crab, do also try out the Black Pepper Crab and Salted Egg Yolk Crab, those are delicious too! :)

    Some people also really like our Pandan Cake, it’s this green cake made with Pandan leaves!

  17. Martina, just thought you should know after your hummed theme song I ended up on youtube looking at videos of all the Salior Senshi transformations and feeling super nostalgic about my childhood (Sailor Moon was the very first anime I ever saw, and I feel in love with it! I think they started airing it in the US when I was around 5 or so. I share your longtime love! My little sister and I used to watch it together!)


  18. Hey hey guise this is kind of random but I received my polaroid package a couple weeks ago (sorry I couldn’t leave a comment earlier) thank you so so much I was so happy! Just thought I should let you know :D

  19. In the southern part of the USA, sumer ranges from 32 to 38 (though usually on the high end), but how is humidity? With humidity (90% most days), it feel closer to 38 to 43. Is humidity bad in Korea or does it make it feel that much hotter?

    PS. When Martina first said/sang Juliette, my computer froze really really bad.

  20. Fangurilla is freakin’ amazing. You have to bring her back!

  21. You guys think ~26 C is hot? Over in FL, that’s a good day XD

  22. That Fangurilla sketch was absolutley amazing

  23. Just wondering if you guys have the Game of Thrones board game?! I’m currently living with my fiance and his brother, who loves the tv series and books. We heard stories about a couple almost getting divorced because they played the game, so naturally we wanted to try it out XD

    It took us almost 6 hours to play the first time around! You have to play it with min. 3 people though. It’s awesome. We played it 2x and I won both times mwuahahah. Even though I usually suck at strategy board games like risk.

    Anyway, I’m not a big fan of the story (tooooo much unnecessary nastiness XD) But the board game was fun.

  24. hey singapore nasties, if you want to check simon and martina’s arrival time, you should be able to check it on the changi airport website. though u can only check it 1 day before, i believe we should be able to find out which terminal and belt that simon and martina will be arriving in.


    i wish i could be at the airport to welcome u guise but i cant =(

  25. Is the special Project coming to us anytime before Singapore?

  26. I love how you pronounced my name and surname. it was more like Justina than Justyna. I hate my Polish name but I love english version – Justine ^^

    and it was my first live livechat so WOOOOOHOOOOW~~!
    I’m so happy. now I feel that I can survive my Physics Matura on Monday xD

    and Simon, your joke http://25.media.tumblr.com/6dfbe45b51e9f7e12db636e69d5bff8f/tumblr_mm6vfbDWfE1r5wtlko2_250.gif

  27. i wss one of the guise who hang out earlier. twas fun, lol

  28. So from now on i’m probably gonna get a little bit giddy every time I see one one of the wigs I sent in. I’m really happy that I could give you guys something you could use.

  29. i missed this one, but i got to see the 2nd part live, have fun in singapore guise! lots of love!

  30. I don’t know why I felt compeled to find this, but here’s the poery fridge flickr picture ^.^


  31. I missed the live chat live but Martina, I really really like your hair and make-up today – so pretty! Did you get it done on set or do it yourself?

  32. Guise… You spelled my name wrong in the blog post. >.< It's Emilie, not Emile… Anyway, I'm glad you liked my package! Simon, the ranch is meant to be used for SALADS, not spray candy. Haha

  33. Love you guys :) and congrats on who won :)

  34. Bummed that I couldn’t be there, but whatever you’re working on sounds fascinating! I love the idea of the little gifts for us, but wouldn’t that cost you guys a bit in shipping? Anyway, glad we give you energy, and I hope I can be there on the weekend! ♥

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