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Pre-Singapore LiveChat: Part 2!

May 18, 2013


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Mission accomplished! We didn’t want to leave for Singapore for a week and leave a stack of unopened packages, especially because we’d be missing out on a package opening LiveChat while we’re in Singapore! So, this is our second LiveChat of the week, and we’re done! Woohoo yeah! Now, time to start packing. Seriously, Martina hasn’t finished packing yet. Hasn’t even started. Uggh.

For starters, let’s say thank you to:

Tiffany from New Jersey
Anne and Cindy from Sydney, Australia
Steph and Lachlan from Victoria, Australia
Eleanor from Shropshire, England
Leah from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thanks, guise, for taking the time and spending the money to send us stuff! There’s a lot we’re missing out on here in Korea in terms of food and snacks, and getting all of this stuff is great! Though, we’re on diets and trying to be healthy, we still really appreciate the love that goes into these boxes. Thank you :D

Side note, thanks to Samantha from Singapore, visiting Korea, while we’re on our way to Singapore! Those awesome pixel glasses I was wearing for this LiveChat, she left them on the stairs to our studio, at the gate. Lovely! We found them when we were on our way back to the studio (well, Martina found them when she was on her way). Yay!

Another side note: we mentioned in the LiveChat how we can’t do TimTam slams. Drinking a coffee right now, and tried it again. STILL BIG FAIL! Is there a secret to this or something? I bite off a corner and it just falls apart altogether? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!?!

Nevermind! I just tried it again. HOLY SMOKES THAT WAS AWESOME! It finally worked! First time, in, like, 10 attempts. WAHOO!



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