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Pre-Singapore LiveChat!

September 12, 2013


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Ah! Sorry if some of you are disappointed about the Singapore announcement. The last time we went was for a giant fun-filled YouTube festival event. This time, we’re going to give presentations at a formal business conference thingy. We’re not good at these kinds of presentations, so you might see a vlog of us there being really antsy and scared. EEP!

We don’t know our schedules yet, either, so we can’t really plan a meet up event, to be honest. I wish we could, but we’ve got no idea how to organize it. Maybe if there was a place we could all go, and something we could all do, at a time that we could all agree on. I don’t know! Sorry that this is so last minute, everyone in Singapore. We’ll probably just run around and eat all yer foods. We didn’t get to eat Chilli Crab last time. NOT AGAIN! For sure, though, we will be eating Fish Head Curry again (that was so incredibly delicious) and we’ll be going to that dim sum place with those glorious pork buns. Like, whoa. We’re ready. Our bodies are ready.

Anyhow, special thanks to all the lovely Nasties who sent us fun packages, including:

Emily from Puerto Rico
Valery? From Ireland (we think)
Shannon from Georgia
Mirand from Iowa

Whoa guise. It felt great doing this LiveChat. We’re so, how do you say…deeply engrossed in videos and doing YouTube stuff now that for us to step away from it for 5 days felt really bizarre for us. We sometimes wonder how long we will be doing YouTube videos for. Will we be 60 and talking on camera still? This week’s Music Monday features the grandkids of Super Junior! I…doubt it. Point is, just being away from camera for 5 days felt really empty for us, even though we had so many other things to do. Being back online and chatting with you guise today really made us feel warm and bubbly again!

On that note, we’re getting back to our video editing schedule now. The Melbourne event video is halfway done, or so. Should be up tonight! WTF up tomorrow! Then we’re going to try to script, film, and edit Music Monday on Saturday while we still have to pack for Singapore. Ugggh. That’s gonna be challenging. But we can do it! So many good videos came out while we were gone!



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