Dear Diary,

Martina made me go with her to a princess cafe for the WANK. I had other ideas of things that would be more fun and interesting, like going to the YG building and luring out the artists with different things, like Gelatos and Turtlenecks and stuff. But nooooo! Martina wanted to dress up in pretty outfits. So, I got dragged along for the fun.

Basically, this was like going shopping with your wife/girlfriend. They try on stuff, you sit down with your iPhone or something until they’re done. Problem is, I had to pay attention because I was cameraman. Imagine having to take photos of your significant other as they tried on different outfits. Not fun! Then to

***ok Simon stop whining I’m taking over the rest of this blog post***

PRINCESS CAFE!!!! *twirls with sparkles* I’ve heard about these before but I never had the chance to go, and this was my one opportunity. I’m not sure why it was my one opportunity…but either way it was super fun! So I know, I skipped over all the wedding dresses, which I gotta ask, does anyone else think it’s weird to try on wedding dresses when you’re not getting married? I mean, nothing wrong with it but doesn’t it spoil the fun? What if you try on some wedding dress that’s awesome and then you get married 7 years later and you can never find that perfect in your mind dress and you become a huge bridzilla that has to fly to South Korea to find it? My imagination has gone wild. Actually now that I think about it, I guess it’s the same as trying on dresses for your semi-formal/prom in high school. You’re just looking for a dress that looks good on you, right? I was lucky to have an older sister with great taste in fashion so I could just borrow her dresses. BU AH AH AH!

Okay, pros and cons of the princess cafe. Pros: lots of dresses to choose from including short cosplay-like dresses, hanboks, wedding, and semi-formal style. Accessories galore, including side pin hats, gloves, pins, tiaras, and the big traditional hats you saw me in. Great option for a going away party/birthday, so rather than just eating food and taking pictures, why not funky awesome clothing? Also awesome for people visiting Korea and wanting to try a hanbok, and also awesome for married people that want to re-take photos! Simon I’m looking at you! You can just wear your suit TO the cafe and then I’ll wear a hanbok again!!!

Cons: It is a little expensive in my opinion. I know the drinks are included but spending up to $35.00 to play dress up seems like it could also be a good meal with friends, but I suppose if you think about the cost of going to a professional photography studio and renting clothing, it kind of makes sense. Another con: maybe it’s because we started out speaking Korean but the cafe worker was kind of quick to describe everything and wanted me to get started right away. She wasn’t rude and she didn’t care about the camera equipment (in fact, she was excited we were bloggers) but she tried to rush me into picking my drinks and picking my clothing, but guess what? Unless there is a huge lineup and I’m rudely taking up space, MARTINA SHANT BE RUSHED OR PEER PRESSURED!!! Especially when I’m choosing the most expensive thing on your clothing menu…it was a bit annoying. Seriously, the food menu itself was huge and since they didn’t have a big selection regarding coffee, I had to read all the descriptions of the milkshakes, and they weren’t easy to decipher. I think Simon’s was called a Tuxedo Royal, which makes me think of Pulp Fiction, but not of a flavour. And the description was for you to “feel the chunkiness” so that didn’t help. What is the flavour of chunky? Anyone? I think perhaps monkey, thus perhaps, banana, but it was not. It was a chocolate vanilla oreo shake. Of course! OMG wasn’t that obvious? The point is, I didn’t know what to get and she just hovered even when I told her I needed more time.

Besides that, once I was actually IN my costume they weren’t rushy at all, so maybe she really had to pee and couldn’t leave until I was ready. I actually really enjoyed myself but poor bored Simon. He lets everyone know what a married man looks like at a Princess Cafe, “—–I’m hungry—-” while the guys still dating were like, “YAY, you look sooOooOooOOOOoOooo pretty!!!” And when the girl left to fix her hair, he went straight to his phone in sad boredom. HA HA HA! Anyhoo, Princess Cafe FTW! I felt like I was in a Korean drama and I really wanted to call someone BI-GU-MAMA! Drama fans, you know what I mean? Eh Eh? Okay. I’m going to post up a picture of myself in my Korean gear on instagram, and if any of you have played dress up, I’d love to see the results!!! Post a picture here or tumblr or Facebook or wherever! :D

Anyhow, we’ve got some extra scenes and bloopers from the day. We cut out a scene in which Martina took pictures with some other girls there. Check it out!


  1. aw martina looks so pretty. simon must have been ready to shoot himself from boredom. such a good husband to put himself through that

  2. Beautiful and interesting! Now I know what to do when I get to that cafe in Korea! You don’t need to get married to have some fun in a wedding dress. :)

  3. lady_kire

    This cafe would be great for my cousin (we’re the same age)… She’s always doing the girly things like making a bracelet that says I <3 bfs name or taking him shopping at girly stuff and making him wait… I don't know how her bf can stomach that stuff… I still wonder if theyre in the I give a crap about everything phase…

    I can't drag my bf to these kind of places. Then again dressing up as a princess was never my thing and we enjoy playing games or going out to eat… also we dont really "date" we just go bum around with each other

  4. Hi, i was wondering I you could do a W.A.N.K. about a local brewery or about the local beers in Korea, you know types and odd flavours? that would be a way to have a MACHO like W.A.N.K. cheers . . . :)

  5. Hmmm, Martina is looking very fetching in the costume, but the hat chosen is that of a gisaeng — Korean version of a geisha. So, decidedly not a princess.

  6. I would be really interested to see (another?) film about Korean soccer/futbol. I think boys would like that too. And aren’t some of the best breakdancers from Korea?

  7. I vote for a wedding merely to see Simon in a hanbok. Amiright?

  8. I actually LOVE to Cosplay for that very reason, and having my picture taken is definitely a bonus!

  9. I’m with Simon on this. Even as a girl, I’m like… you spent that much money just to dress up? Hell, you can try clothes on for free at a mall. Did not look fun to me.

    It is interesting that Korea has cafes for all of these niche things, though.

  10. Question: did the hanboks tend to be around the 10,000 or 35,000 won area? as opposed to the wedding dresses?

  11. I laughed myself in pain for the bloopers…OMG. Simon making Martina uncomfortable in topic with marital joking? My word! LMFabulousAO

  12. I’m thinking… for a manly man sort of wank.. maybe you all can check out korean martial arts or somethin? I think in general, typical sports are too boring, but that’s just me ;D Plus it’ll give you guys a chance to work off some of the extra pounds that the Nasties care packages of junk food awesomesness may be putting back on!

  13. Hannah @ Boots & Feet

    Oh, my goodness, YES! Renew your vows with a traditional Korean wedding! We did it! :~) It was hot and sweaty, and we did it in a folk village so there were lots of Chinese tourists trying to get in our family pictures, but we had fun!

  14. Oh..poor Simon(thank you for the effort :) )… but look at the good part …you had the chance to admire Martina in a hanbok (looking gorgeous) and yes you should totally do a hanbok vow renewal ceremony! :D (You’d look great Simon…you just have to lose a bit of ……*cough*weight*cough*)

    Great work guise! :D

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  15. day54glory

    I’m going to Korea in the summer to visit family and I have been watching all your fapfaps and wanks so I can go places with my family and not be stuck in a small stuffy apartment watching Korean dramas and music shows. This wank is tempting me to take my little sister and dress her up in pretty things before she goes all out tomboy in her middle school years. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD

  16. I went to that cafe last year! They have really yummy shakes. My mint shake was made with real, fresh mint leaves! it was awesome!

  17. I think u guys should renew your vows!^^
    U firstly only live once and IT WILL BE FUN AND AWESOME!!
    And *makes a speech* Thank you Simon,for you sacrafice….
    But it was a fun vid to watch!^^

  18. Now you have the studio have you had time to decorate or change your apartment? Love to see an updated tour!

  19. I hope I’m not the only one that finds this really incredibly problematic. The hanbok is an important part of Korean culture, and using it to play dress-up and calling it a “costume” strikes me as a really offensive case of cultural appropriation, similar to people who aren’t members of native American tribes (mis)using their traditional headdresses and all :/ Other cultures’ cultural products are not for people who are not truly members of that culture to just use so lightly.

  20. This whole thing makes me extremely uncomfortable, for many many reasons.

  21. I love what you chose, Martina! I really want to try a hanbok too… I would probably try out a similar color combination. Not because I want to do the same thing as you, but because black/pink have been my obsession lately when it comes to colors…

  22. Oh and Simon even thought i say poor Simon. you know you love seeing martina look like a princess. You love it don’t lie

  23. Poor Simon. This place still is amazing. Next time make Soozee go or leigh. :p haha

  24. have a Korean wedding!!

  25. Martinaaaa! I love your earrings!! How do they even work? Do you put it around your ear and that’s it or……. (so confused!) hahaha :) Anyways they look great on you, the hanbok looks great on you and just in general you looked better than great!! ;)
    P.S. Simon also looked good….. like always ;) kekeke

  26. I wanna go there!! IT LOOKS SOO FUN! I would be like Martina frolicking around looking through the clothes and accessories having sooo much fun ^^

  27. hungry.hungry.catapillar


    -Martine! You looked so cute!

  28. I’m trying really hard to figure out what Martina’s earrings are.. Do they have two hooks each?

  29. Hee, would the connotation be that cosplayers are sexy, since that’s Sexy Love you’re humming?

  30. Can you guys go to noribang? Did I spell that right? Also, why dont you guys do best engrish and idol and random showdown anymore?

  31. Martina, you look so amazing in the hanbok!! Interesting concept for a cafe for adults.

  32. Martina, you looked sooo beautiful! (Well you look beautiful all the time) I loved the hanbok! Very pretty material!

  33. kawaii_candie

    omg! looks like soooooo much fun!!!

    and Simon, you’re a very good husband to endure this for you wifey ^_-

  34. i love it when martina changes her voice. yay =D….interesting place. i thought simon was gonna dress up with those breast up things..

  35. Fatty fatty fat fat fat!

    Died laughing at that.

    Also at the “Bride” in the background! Hilarious.

  36. Are you guys ever gonna play games during the wank again?

  37. yes get married again! and make it LIVE!!!! for us all to watch!

    • and for them to gives the invite, So some can get “front row seats” (Now I have a reason to go to Korea, other then going to see the culture and the EAT YOUR KIMCHI STUDIO!)

  38. first thought when seeing Martina, “Is that the Hunki Ones man tiara? :O”
    and reply 1997 ost casually playing in the background toward the end :D

  39. I just came from watching your LiveChat and I just wanna say that Martina, I love your personality. I really like how you’re really cute, but not overly-extreme aegyo cute. Simon, still laughing about all your “chest-thrusting” in the live chat LOL. You two together are so adorable and I just hope that my future relationship(s) will be just like your’s (:
    I totally agree with Martina though. Hanboks on guys are just.. Just no. Please don’t.

  40. Ack, Martina you look beautiful!
    Poor Simon. o -o Good luck finding something to drag Martina to for the next WANK.

  41. and this is why i wanna go to korea!!!!!!!

  42. Renewing your vows in S. Korea would be AWESOME. You should go for the traditional Korean ceremony like KangYoon couple on WGM!!!

  43. LOLITAS! I’m curious, are there many lolitas in South Korea?
    That hanbok was beautiful *-*

  44. Umm why dont you guys do the challenges anymore? They were always soo funny and cool.Hope you continue them in the future.^^ >‿‿◕

    • The is a good point. I miss challenges

    • They said they stopped because it toke a lot of time. But I do miss them. “In Martina excited going to do something now voice” Ok now time to go and spam their twitter to get them to do challenges again. (Not really don’t hate people Just watch the video again or watch “Bunny style” “T-ara”)

  45. Boys can like princess cafes…

  46. unicornsgalaxy

    I love how Martina was dressed a bit punky while going to dress up like a pretty pretty princess! Idk, I was just really amused by that.

  47. Martina, you looked so gorgeous! What a wonderful choice you made.. Really loved it.. Manly you say how about You two at night out drinking? or Noraebang!

  48. You should go to a basketball game and show us what the pro sports culture is like there! You’ve worn that Bucheon basketball jersey before!!

  49. I would love it if you guys renewed your vows in Korea! :D Maybe for the 10th anniversary or so. And Martina, you looked so beautiful. Like a Korean doll. :)

  50. It would be so cool to see the both of you dressed up in Anime/Video Game Cosplays!

  51. I don’t think you lost the male demographic when Martina showed how she drummed her boobs in the hanbok…if they stuck around for that long. You looked so pretty in the hanbok Martina and I loved the accessories too!!! What a fun idea for a cafe.

  52. So are you guys not doing showdowns, Engrish challenges, and pics with the korean idols? I Really miss it >.<

  53. How ridiculously gorgeous does Martina look in a hanbok??

  54. don’t get me wrong but I don’t see what’s so great about this Wank, I mean yes Hanbok’s are freaking adorable and down right beautiful, but I hate to see Simon down and bored. I find the WANKS more interesting when both Simon and Martina participate and have equal share of camera time. The reason I watch them is for Simon and Martina not Martina and Simon on the side or vise versa, I don’t think it would be fair for Martina to be left on the side while Simon does manly things. I don’t know call me boring but I would never make my boyfriend this bored because frankly speaking I wouldn’t want to force him to go anyplace. I’m just not that type of person, if he doesn’t want to go then I’m cool just as long as he supports me and doesn’t treat me like a child I’m a ok

  55. Yes, totally renew your vows in hanbok and invite all your fans. ;)

  56. I clicked on the video to see Martina dress up, but the more I thought about such a place existing the more embarrassing and horrifying it seemed. lol. Simon, I don’t blame you. I say go bungee jumping! Martina really does look beautiful though, both in the hanbok and back in her “bad ass” clothing. EYK is amazing! Can’t wait for 300,000!

    • thats a really good idea! korean variety shows have this weird obsession with bungee jumping (iv seen it multiple times across something like 4 different shows) so it shouldnt be too difficult to find one and film it!

  57. Martina looks so cute! I’d love to go there except for that price omg T-T I always think Hanboks look really pretty. I wish I could wear one now but it’d be a little weird considering I’m not even in the USA xD In one video game, even before I knew what a Hanbok was, I had my character wear one because I thought it was so cute rofl. It didn’t seem like they had any purple ones though D:

  58. PunkyPrincess92

    HAVE A KOREAN WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    aaawww Martina you looked beautiful!!!!!
    ahahahaha that “drumming” part really did go on for too long! i was just there thinking “man…..is this still going on?….”
    i gotta say, as a girl i’d be just as bored as Simon!! hehe!

  59. BTW, Simon: If you are disturbed by the cleavage between your male and female demographics, you can have Martina paper it over with Décolletage.

  60. Seeing that my last name is Guice, I’m always jarred when you use “guise” instead of “guys”. I can find no definition of guise that means “persons of either sex; people”. Is this a Canadian thing? Being educators, could you give us citations of its use outside of EYC??

    guise [gahyz] Show IPA noun, verb, guised, guis·ing.
    1.general external appearance; aspect; semblance: an old principle in a new guise.
    2.assumed appearance or mere semblance: under the guise of friendship.
    3.Style of dress: in the guise of a shepherd.
    4. Archaic. manner; mode.
    verb (used with object)
    5. to dress; attire: children guised as cowboys.

    • “Guise” is just a cute/funny/joking way of spelling “guys”. A purposeful misspelling, not them trying to claim it is a technical definition of “guise”. It’s not a Canadian thing, it’s a Simon and Martina thing (though they aren’t the only people who do that). Note: I’ve used “guise” in a joking manner on an online game before. The people reading it understood I meant “guys” and also understood that my sentence (which could have been taken seriously otherwise) was a joke, even though they don’t watch EYK.

  61. GET MARRIED AGAIN. Invite me too please. Would do for a bride’s maid(If they have bride maids in Korean weddings :/)

  62. KATHyphenTUN

    OH! agree with the redoing your vows in korea! That would be so sweet with the whole nasty family there!! But only if you had the time and money to put into it!

  63. KATHyphenTUN

    Simon you are awesome! My boyfriend wouldn’t go near this! We’ve been together too long… he doesn’t need to pretend to agree anymore!
    And Martina you were absolutely stunning!

  64. cglyn

    OMG! You should totally renew your vows in Korea and have a traditional ceremony! That would be 대박! Martina should be all in pink and Simon must wear light blue hanbok B-)

  65. i totally feel you simon. the video was interesting but i think i would have fallen asleep if i went to that place. even if i was small and skinny enough to actually fit in the clothes i don’t think i would have fun there. i’m just not the princess girl. martina looked absolutely beautiful tho.
    i’m excited to see what manly wank you can come up with to make up for simons boredom^^

  66. I loved this! I want to go to one. As for more manly stuff… I would loooove to see a Korean baseball game. Please? *^* I really wonder how the whole experience and atmosphere compares to the games in North America (speaking as a huge Phillies fan here).

  67. LMAO love your drumming session martina.

  68. Martina looked absolutely gorgeous in the hanbok! I know one place I’m going to want to visit when I get to Korea someday :D Plus it looked like a lot of fun~ Hopefully I’ll have a boyfriend (or a close girl friend) who will go with me to play dress up :)

  69. Squueee! I want to do this so badly. I don’t care if my boyfriend gets bored (as long as he has his drink and PlayStation Vita, he should be fine, lol) O_O … I would be in bliss prancing around in a hanbok!~

  70. I don’t fully get the whole wedding dress thing. Yes wedding dresses are fun because it gives the average person a chance to dress up. But I rather have fun with colors. I got my wedding dress, and I love it, but I rather of had an orange dress. Seriously, who would only want to pick from an all white color palette?

  71. It was very manly of you Simon to go with Martina, when we all know you were in a girly overloaded paradise. Next WANK… A construction site!!!

  72. For guys: K League Soccer or Korean League Baseball. Also most places in Itaewon :)

  73. ” like going to the YG building and luring out the artists with different things, like Gelatos and Turtlenecks and stuff.”

    ^Do this next! xD It would be awesome

  74. high quality entertainment from the web! we dig it. great job simon for taking one for the team ^^. oh …and martina, the drums! lmbooo…

  75. Oh god, I thought Martina was wearing a lampshade on her head. And now I feel really bad and culturally insensitive.

  76. OMG, Lolitas! <3 *o*
    I can't even explain, but somehow since I love Lolita fashion it made me happy to see Martina taking a picture with two Lolita girls.

  77. cool martina you look so pretty. it reminds me of asimilar place in australia, syndey near china town. its a traditional chinese garden and you can go in and dress up in historical costume. i did it once as a kid. it was so fun

  78. I’m a girl but I would probably feel like Simon . . . xD

  79. Simon’s pensive face is the best. Up there with Martina’s “mufu” tiny mouth face.

  80. Was totally sucker-punched with hilarity at the rapid-fire drums metaphor for Martina’s “girls.” OMG *cries*

    And I’m guessing all the wedding dresses and hanboks are to cater to a demographic of girls dreaming about their future wedding. I agree with your statement–how insane would it be to find the perfect dress in SK and you end up getting married yeeeeeeears later? :/

  81. Simon bro, do you even lift?
    How about a (manly) WANK on health and fitness?
    I’ve heard that Korean’s tend to favour a slim and athletic tone rather than big muscles, so heavy free weight gyms are hard to find?

  82. simon in a female hanbok would make a very interesting april fool’s video

  83. Martina, I have the same problem with kimono and obi. I make sure I wear sports bra to flatten my ladies out a little so I don’t feel quite so restricted. Lovely WANK!

  84. Wow this was totally Martina looking rocking week. Loving the slightly rock look with the studded headband!

  85. You look SO beautiful Martina!!!

  86. I am the 14% and I sympathize with Simon’s boredom. For a male oriented WANK you should go to a sports bar or a starcraft tournament.

  87. We found it on our last morning in Korea, they had still closed!! T_T Such a shame we couldn’t find it earlier considering we stayed at a hostel two streets further down..

    Martina, I can actually understand you well. Got o try on a hanbok and got to chose between having my boobs squeesed to death or having them look twice their actual size ~_~

  88. Poor poor Simon, I can imagine how boring it must have been haha. Next time, when you don’t have to film, you can hang out in the neighbourhood and have Martina text you when she’s done ;)
    And maybe next time you can have a man-mode WANK, even though that sounds a bit wrong

  89. On my wedding day, rather than have a reception, we went for a picnic. I carried on wearing my wedding dress because I figured I’d only get to go to a picnic dressed like that this one time. Walking to the picnic spot a small kid ran up to me and asked if I was a princess. Nearly died of happiness!

  90. yes yes.. renew your vows in hanbok.. would be interesting to watch… oh, please invite all your celeb friends too – that would be the icing on the cake!!

    • Now I might just go and ask the members of T-ara and Hwayoung to go to their wedding. I can try right “In Martina confused not sure voice” guys right oh…….

  91. Am I the only one who was reminded of nigahiga’s lamps…

  92. Best part of the video: When Martina starts talking about how she wishes there were less white and fluffy wedding dresses and more hanboks while the Korean girl behind her is wearing a white and fluffy wedding dress. I guess the Korean girls like the wedding dresses and non-Korean girls like the traditional dresses.

  93. yooo i no dat feel

    I tried on an Oktoberfest outfit when I visited Germany and I think I did it wrong because my boobies were so squished in that corset it felt like death x.x
    My friends really liked the way it looked tho… maybe it’s supposed to be painful?

  94. oh my goodness, I thought this was pretty silly at first, but then you guys do silly so well that it seemed a perfect idea for a video, but COME ON SIMON u have to admit your wife looked BEAUTIFUL dressed up like that!! (perfect eye make-up too)

  95. Totally agree about guys not looking so good in the hanbok…. during our traditional wedding my husband’s pants fell down about 10 times. Seriously just a sack.

  96. Oh mi god! So jelly of Martina >____<
    I feel like playing in a bunch of dresses now X]

  97. hapagirl

    I found this SO adorable. Jesus, Martina, why do you have to look so gorgeous in and out of the hanbok?! I know for a fact my best friend is not going to like this one. He’d be like Simon complaining over it, if I dragged him to something like that. ‘Meg, you spent 40 bucks on playing dress up! We could have went to the movies and ate out with that money! This is boring, why didn’t you take Ari?! I’m gonna get 10 drinks, I want my monies worth!!!’

    I feel like this would be so much fun if I was with friends in high school or it was a bachelorette party. I don’t think I’d enjoy it since I’d end up being in the corner since I’m too fat and they’d just put me in something frumpy or I’d have to bring my own dress. I can see it now: skinny girls twirling around in pretty dresses and I’m there in the corner with the other boyfriends. Eh, screw it. I’ll make my own damn party with sticker booths, flowers, buffets, and dress up corner!

    I will say, I do wanna see a wank for the guys. The 10 that are hanging in there somehow gotta get thrown a bone sooner or later.

  98. Martina looked so pretty in the hanbok. I want a husband that will be patient with me and go along with whatever I want to do too :) It would be awesome is you could a wank and show us the YG or SM buildings, I know they won’t let’s just anybody in though haha.

  99. Oh Martina~~ You were the prettiest of the prettiest, prettiful laaayyydeeehh! I’m glad you chose the hanbok :) it’s great to try something new just for the experience. How much were the wedding gowns btw? About the same price? I think I would totally go there to try the hanbok :D Btw I super squealed at the thought of you guys renewing your vows!!

  100. wow i know i saw those outfits last week from the live chat, but wowie zowie martina, you looked absolutely fabulous. you look really like (i don’t really want to use this word, but i can’t think of a better one) grunge-y/punk rock and if i had a street style blog i would totally put you on it because whoa that was a fab outfit. ok yeah.

  101. Martina, you look so gorgeous! :D
    I liked the editing of this video too :D

  102. that would be so cool if you guys renewed your vows in hanboks in Korea! :D

  103. This is so cute! If I ever get a chance, I hope to drop by!

  104. Martina, you really did look gorgeous! :O Even before the hanbok, your jacket in the beginning was fantastic~ Hair up looks good too :o You mentioned size.. for the sake of us with bodies like yours, around what size do you wear (Korean size)?

  105. run Simon…. RUN!!!!!

    Do a WANK with manly man stuff and make Martina all left out next time (enter evil laugh here)

    • My dad said Simon should show us all the motorbikes in Korea (or something) xD

      OR CARS CARS AAAAAAHHH just take us to the Hyundai HQ or something no? >_<

    • and you said you weren’t a monster. (Remember that mini conversation. Funny). You didn’t want to give Martina the bottom and now leaving her out of the Wanks. And i’m a guy and I am much more ok with Martina related then Simon. (Bubble Pop No No No)

    • I’m not a guy but maybe S& M could go to a soccer match or a korean sports match of some kind. Anyway ideas Ryan? seeing as you get to see these guys too maybe have a guys night/day out with Simon doing manly man things?? Even like a basketball match or dare I say it badmington?? ping pong maybe? Not sure what’s there but i’d be curious to see sport in Seoul and what differences there might be with going to a match e.g food, seating etc. That’s a bit more manly yeah?? DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR APPROVES!!

  106. OMG images of Simon in a princess outfit flashed across my eyes when i saw the tweet LOL

  107. Oh Simon, the sacrifices you make for us. <3 We appreciate it! Hope it wasn't too boring! You'll have to keep thinking about other things that you can do on WANKs that are more guy friendly :P

    btw, how do you guys find these places? are they recommendations from friends or maybe the Internet?

    I'd love to see you guys have a traditional wedding. After you posted the other video about weddings in Korea, there were some really interesting comments and experiences from other Nasties. I think it would be really interesting to see and its not something I'm ever likely to experience myself! So can I live vicariously through you guise?! haha

  108. ERHMEGERD. I was totally thinking that you guys should renew your vows in Korea with traditional clothes but then I forgot to tell you guise….

  109. Wow Martina *w*

    Y U SO PRETTY?!!

  110. The hanbok looked really good on you! <3 I might have to go there next time we're in Seoul.

  111. Emily

    Is this where girls take their boyfriends to drop major hints? lol

  112. if you renew your vows in korea, and opt to wear traditional clothing.. maybe instead of the guys shirt and pant set hanbok, you have simon wear one of those sexy royal guard/officer outfits like in the dramas. those dont look like sacks :P

  113. Martina looks so BEAUTIFUL. Although, Simon does look better. (~.~)

  114. simon thinking looks like he is thinking nasty thoughts >.>

  115. Do you want the truth? This was a really interesting super wank. Simon…do not complain.

  116. Renew your vows!!! I love Simon’s perspective.

  117. Wow Martina, you look soooo beautiful in the hanbok!!! Really cute!!! Love it!!!

  118. There there~ Simon. You look so bored there. I think I would sleep if have to go there. Try to put on hanbok Simon. That black bottom match well with the pink top. Which lens do you use to record this video?

  119. rockin punk fashion martina!
    where’d you get it from?

  120. Pretty pretty Martina :)

  121. OMG Martina looks really good in hanbok. Maybe you guise should try wearing Korean traditional clothing in TL;DR or other videos :D

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