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WANK – Princess Cafe

March 15, 2013


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Dear Diary,

Martina made me go with her to a princess cafe for the WANK. I had other ideas of things that would be more fun and interesting, like going to the YG building and luring out the artists with different things, like Gelatos and Turtlenecks and stuff. But nooooo! Martina wanted to dress up in pretty outfits. So, I got dragged along for the fun.

Basically, this was like going shopping with your wife/girlfriend. They try on stuff, you sit down with your iPhone or something until they’re done. Problem is, I had to pay attention because I was cameraman. Imagine having to take photos of your significant other as they tried on different outfits. Not fun! Then to

***ok Simon stop whining I’m taking over the rest of this blog post***

PRINCESS CAFE!!!! *twirls with sparkles* I’ve heard about these before but I never had the chance to go, and this was my one opportunity. I’m not sure why it was my one opportunity…but either way it was super fun! So I know, I skipped over all the wedding dresses, which I gotta ask, does anyone else think it’s weird to try on wedding dresses when you’re not getting married? I mean, nothing wrong with it but doesn’t it spoil the fun? What if you try on some wedding dress that’s awesome and then you get married 7 years later and you can never find that perfect in your mind dress and you become a huge bridzilla that has to fly to South Korea to find it? My imagination has gone wild. Actually now that I think about it, I guess it’s the same as trying on dresses for your semi-formal/prom in high school. You’re just looking for a dress that looks good on you, right? I was lucky to have an older sister with great taste in fashion so I could just borrow her dresses. BU AH AH AH!

Okay, pros and cons of the princess cafe. Pros: lots of dresses to choose from including short cosplay-like dresses, hanboks, wedding, and semi-formal style. Accessories galore, including side pin hats, gloves, pins, tiaras, and the big traditional hats you saw me in. Great option for a going away party/birthday, so rather than just eating food and taking pictures, why not funky awesome clothing? Also awesome for people visiting Korea and wanting to try a hanbok, and also awesome for married people that want to re-take photos! Simon I’m looking at you! You can just wear your suit TO the cafe and then I’ll wear a hanbok again!!!

Cons: It is a little expensive in my opinion. I know the drinks are included but spending up to $35.00 to play dress up seems like it could also be a good meal with friends, but I suppose if you think about the cost of going to a professional photography studio and renting clothing, it kind of makes sense. Another con: maybe it’s because we started out speaking Korean but the cafe worker was kind of quick to describe everything and wanted me to get started right away. She wasn’t rude and she didn’t care about the camera equipment (in fact, she was excited we were bloggers) but she tried to rush me into picking my drinks and picking my clothing, but guess what? Unless there is a huge lineup and I’m rudely taking up space, MARTINA SHANT BE RUSHED OR PEER PRESSURED!!! Especially when I’m choosing the most expensive thing on your clothing menu…it was a bit annoying. Seriously, the food menu itself was huge and since they didn’t have a big selection regarding coffee, I had to read all the descriptions of the milkshakes, and they weren’t easy to decipher. I think Simon’s was called a Tuxedo Royal, which makes me think of Pulp Fiction, but not of a flavour. And the description was for you to “feel the chunkiness” so that didn’t help. What is the flavour of chunky? Anyone? I think perhaps monkey, thus perhaps, banana, but it was not. It was a chocolate vanilla oreo shake. Of course! OMG wasn’t that obvious? The point is, I didn’t know what to get and she just hovered even when I told her I needed more time.

Besides that, once I was actually IN my costume they weren’t rushy at all, so maybe she really had to pee and couldn’t leave until I was ready. I actually really enjoyed myself but poor bored Simon. He lets everyone know what a married man looks like at a Princess Cafe, “—–I’m hungry—-” while the guys still dating were like, “YAY, you look sooOooOooOOOOoOooo pretty!!!” And when the girl left to fix her hair, he went straight to his phone in sad boredom. HA HA HA! Anyhoo, Princess Cafe FTW! I felt like I was in a Korean drama and I really wanted to call someone BI-GU-MAMA! Drama fans, you know what I mean? Eh Eh? Okay. I’m going to post up a picture of myself in my Korean gear on instagram, and if any of you have played dress up, I’d love to see the results!!! Post a picture here or tumblr or Facebook or wherever! :D

Anyhow, we’ve got some extra scenes and bloopers from the day. We cut out a scene in which Martina took pictures with some other girls there. Check it out!



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