So, basically, we wanted to spend this TL;DR to talk about how widespread prostitution is in Korea, and how the language of it versus the reality of it are at loggerheads. Prostitution in South Korea is illegal, mind you, but it’s everywhere, and it’s in your face. So much so that 1 in 5 men pay for sex FOUR GODDAMNED TIMES A MONTH. It’s not just “1 in 5 men have visited prostitutes before in their lives.” Oh no. 1 in 5 men go to prostitutes REGULARLY, so much so that if stamp cards were offered, 1 in 5 men would have boxes full of them. And it’s not just 20% of the men going to some girls who are exceptionally dedicated to their jobs to service as many men as possible. Supposedly 1 out of every 25 women in the country is selling their bodies for sex. Prostitution here is big. It’s too big for us to talk about in one video and blog post, but we’re hoping at least that we can express the scope of it.

The point of this post and video isn’t to freak you out and to make you think that every guy is a pervert and every girl a prostitute. Please don’t think that, as tends to happen with our TL;DRs whenever we say something remotely unfavourable about South Korea. What we’re trying to get across through this is the painting of a more reasonable landscape with which to understand the Se7en scandal of his going to a massage parlour. Some people are shocked by it. For others who know South Korea a bit more, it’s not really that shocking at all. The idea of “oops I didn’t know,” or “I only went there for a massage, nothing else!” is far less believable the more you understand how widespread prostitution is in South Korea, and how common it is for men to partake in it. Se7en got busted, but don’t think that your favourite Kpop bands and Kdrama actors are all pure and innocent and that Se7en’s the perverted exception. If anyone else in the industry gets busted, well…no shit.

And, yes, prostitution is illegal, but as to how much the police uphold the law is another discussion. Some nights, for example, when we leave the studio at 2AM or so, and we’re taking a taxi home, there’s one strip of the block that has tons of stairwells lit up with pink lights and lots of girls standing outside these stairwells walking back and forth……aaaaand on the next block is the police station. The lax nature towards prostitution is not even subtle. It’s everywhere, and if you know what you’re looking for, it’s in your face all of the time.

Another thing we skipped out on talking about in this video is Kissing Rooms. We just found out about these today from Soo Zee when we asked her about prostitution. There are PC Bangs, where you play PC Games, DVD Bangs where you watch DVDs (and sometimes get it on with your significant other), and there are also rooms called “Kis-suh Bangs.” Think of em this way: in a PC Bang you play PC games, but you don’t have to bring your PCs with you. The shop provides PCs for you. In a Kiss Bang, you kiss girls, but you don’t have to bring girls with you. The shop provides them for you. You can also supposedly fondle the girls as you’re making out with them. Frankly, we’ve never seen these anywhere, so we can’t say much more about them, and – no – we won’t go on a WANK to a Kiss Bang to investigate! Supposedly also outside of Kiss Bangs you can order coffee to your home late at night. A girl will bring you a coffee and some sex as well. Oddly, there aren’t any strip clubs in Korea, supposedly. I remember seeing them in Toronto, but I’ve yet to see one in Korea.

The other problem we have with the sex industry in Korea is – in the face of how omnipresent it is – the lack of legalization seems to be a harmful factor. Korea has a thriving sex industry, which – whether Korean people want to admit or not – is still happening. Because it isn’t legal, though, it allows for more situations involving people being forced into prostitution, where it instead could foster an environment in which people choosing to go into prostitution could do so under safe conditions. I read about legal brothels which provide testing for STDs for both clients and staff, provide condoms, conduct background checks, have managers rather than pimps, and set up alarm bells for sex workers in the case of a client becoming abusive.

In contrast to controlled environment such as these which would be safer for all parties involved, I’ve read that STDs are on the rise in Korea, which can partly be attributed to a lack of sex education. There are also issues of women from other Asian countries being forced into the sex trade by being promised modelling or waitressing jobs in South Korea, and upon arriving, experience having their passports taken from them by their agents, and in turn are forced into sex work. The point of all of this is, if Korea is going to have such a rampant sex industry which the Korean government is doing nothing to stop, apart from stigmatizing it by outlawing it and protecting nobody from it, the government should at least take steps towards making the industry a safer place for women to work.

No? I don’t know. It’s a big topic to discuss. It’s a big industry, and the implications go beyond what’s happening in South Korea. I’m sure we’re going to get some people defending Korea and saying prostitution isn’t big here at all, it’s illegal and the law is strongly upheld, that they don’t know anyone who pays for sex, and it’s just Americans who come here to pay for sex and not Koreans, yada yada yada. We don’t know what to say to that, really, apart from basically pointing to what we’ve read and what we’ve seen, as well as what we’ve heard from our Korean friends who have opened up to us about the matter. Also, doing this topic was very worrisome for us, because we know that the topic of sex-working is a sensitive topic for some, and so we apologize if we used language here that people find offensive. We’re not up to date with the terminology and theories on the subject. We’re not passing judgment on anyone here. What we were only trying to do is to show how widespread prostitution is here in Korea, and how silly it is to pretend that it doesn’t exist.

  1. It is so easy to find girl who will come to you hotel/motel etc
    just type seoul escort into google and bamn you have it
    pretty good services as well

  2. How to find a prostitute in Toronto…. Find a happy massage parlour… or go to a strip club blow a ton of money on lap dances and then said stripped will often offer her after hours services… It’s no different here… Super easy to find and police know about it, but can’t do anything about it. These countries really just need to make it legal so it can become safer.

  3. Korea was traditionally a conservative culture.
    But in recent years it’s been going through a sexual revolution.
    It’s a society still changing.

  4. South Korean men are also the biggest purchasers of sex in Southeast Asian countries. And they don’t just pay for sex from women. Children, girls AND boys, are used frequently. This is a dark spot on South Korea. I don’t think legalizing it will make things better though it being illegal and not enforced isn’t good either. Saying making it legal so it would be safer is like saying abortion being legal is safer, in my opinion. Anyone heard of the Gosnell trial? Yeah, abortion isn’t safe. The only way for this to stop is a break through of freedom through Jesus. And I know many people on here will probably disagree with me, but that’s what I think. The sex trade problem runs deeper than just people paying for sex. It becomes an addiction in the same way alcohol, gambling, and drugs – to name a few – become an addiction. There can be MANY underlying factors why people purchase sex; the focus should eventually go into meeting these needs to stop the outcome of sex solicitation.

    • I would have to argue with you about that and where you got that information. I’m currently researching the sex industry in Korea and related topics but from my research, I have found that though South Korean men aren’t innocent/pure, Japanese men hare the biggest purchasers of sex in Southeast Asian countries. The Japanese started the comfort women system during WWII and sex tours in Korea and Vietnam during the 70’s/80’s while eventually moving more towards Thailand. There are Southeast Asian and Filipino sex workers that work in Korea but there are more statistics showing Japanese men being the main customers of sex in Southeast Asia.

  5. i want to know about sasaeng fans. i’ve been reading articles about some
    things that have happened with different k-pop groups and i want to
    know what people are doing about them. like is anyone trying to stop
    them at all? AND WHERE ARE THE PARENTS!? i’m really concerned about it
    because of some of the articles i read about them like when an Exo fan
    purchased the same van as them and Luhan almost got in and also the
    rioting at Changsha Airport when Exo arrived. i just recently heard of
    these “fans” and i’m surprised about what these people so and it really
    concerns me. to be honest as i’m actually scared to go to k-pop concerts
    now because i know that there will be sasaengs there and i know that
    they will threaten and hurt regular fans as well as the idols. i want to
    know what people are doing about it. PLEASE CAN YOU GUYS TALK ABOUT

  6. Speaking of police stations being right next to a red light district… When I was in Japan a couple years ago, one of the university students hanging out with us wanted to take us to a particular Izakaya (Japanese-style restaurant), but we had to go near Kabuki-cho (the red light district of Tokyo) to get there. I kid you not, we walked right THROUGH the red light district to get to the Kouban (or mini-police station) at the END OF THE STREET to ask for directions.

  7. I would like to know about piercings in Korea. Is it taboo to have several ear piercings? What about facial piercings?

  8. I guess all that is left is to ask if there is beastiality in Korea. Please don;t tell me that there are pet shops where you can pet the animals and, for a little more…

  9. The talk about those little cards reminded me of Las Vegas. Walking down the main strip, there were guys standing around about every 10 to 20 feet pushing cards like that on every guy that walked by. Even if the guy was obviously part of a couple they would push a card at you and tell you to bring your girlfriend too!

  10. Could you do a TLDR on plastic surgery? I know South Korea has posters advertising it a lot, a lot of stars do it and people in general whether it be head to toe or just double eyelid. Thanks! :] (oooh you so nastyyyy ;])

  11. In SK, male prostitutes are called jae-bee-jok. Literal meaning is swallow tribe. Being a guy, I don’t know much about it, and don’t even have interest….

    • It seems they mostly serve bored house wives. Homosexuality was/is very repressed in SK. Seeking out same-sex partner, for money or real love, would be extremely risky, hence less commercial opportunities.

      BTW, swallow as in the bird, not verb.

  12. Why are you bothering to waste your time with this site if you dislike it so much?

    Please go use your time on something you actually enjoy.

  13. I feel like in Canada we’re on our way, possibly, to getting legal brothels… I don’t know if you guys have been keeping up with it at all, but it has been a warmer topic recently as sex workers fight to legalize it in order to have safer conditions. I really hope they can find a good grounds from which they can safely do what they’re going to do anyway. Also, recently watched an amazing documentary on a female sex worker in Australia who works with many disabled clients, where those people might never be able to experience sex otherwise. That feels totally important, because yes, they do deserve to have that experience with a willing partner… If that partner wants money for it, and it’s done safely and responsibly, I can’t help but support that. Not only that, but she’s going for her PhD, I believe, and is a very important advocate… Really changed my views on prostitution.

    Meanwhile, if sex-ed in S. Korea is so lacking, it truly worries me that prostitution is so rampant and easily accessible. It’s not the kind of thing people should be rushing towards with blinders on in ANY situation, but I do feel that in Canada our sex-education is pretty top-notch. At least from my experiences, growing up in Ottawa. My sister, two years my senior, found it lacking, so they obviously made huge headway during those two years, making me wonder if it’s even more intensive now.

  14. While there are obviously less women who go to these types of clubs, catering to women is much more problematic than men. For example, it’s a lot harder to force a man than a woman, women a more likely change their mind and call foul even if they paid for it, and well, condoms, stds, etc. Also, women need a whole experience, a lot more time, in order to be satisfied, most men are okay with the wham bam thank you ma’am. This also means that women have more emotional involvement in the transaction than men. I expect that when it goes past the “host” level, the number of crazy women who start stalking their “host” afterwards just causes too much trouble and it probably isn’t highly profitable.

  15. I agree with you, but I think there is another point here that, if having sex with a prostitute once a week is the norm for Korean men, doesn’t that make their sex life kind of sad (emotionally)? And what does this mean for the women? Not the prostitutes, but the ones who are supposed to be pure until they marry a man who’s become used to regular sex with prostitutes? I can’t see this resulting a lot of healthy relationships and happy people, can you?

    • I think there’s a lot of men who feel that, as a “masculine” man, they need to have experience on how to please a woman, and so being with a prostitute gives them a place to practice before they find “the one”. I know in some cultures (and this is… weird beyond prostitution by far) young men are given donkeys/goats to practice on, so that they can get their stamina up. (proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VKWLC87Uzw ) So… Yeah.

      • Haha, too true! But what I mean by “pleasing a woman” is “not finishing before he starts”. They can get their stamina up so they don’t humiliate themselves.

      • Well at least when practising with a goat or donkey, your expectations of a woman aren’t the same and if you don’t like her, you can always go back to your animal? ;)

        • I just am terrified at what kinds of diseases they could be perpetuating… ;_;

        • As am I, but I don’t think that your chances of catching something with human prostitutes is much less, and donkeys don’t mind sharing? :P

        • Well there’s a 50% less chance that during sex with a donkey asking “do you have protection?” will be yes.

        • Depends if you’re pitching or catching, the donkey won’t necessarily mind waiting while you “wrap your wacker” and I would think people would feel less self-concious about being safe?

          Okay, that’s it, I can’t talk about this any more, even if it’s kinda funny, it’s giving me the heebie jeebies.

        • I agree; at least (hopefully, god…) the prostitution situation is consensual. I can’t condone bestiality no matter how much they claim the donkeys like it. Eugh. Just glad it’s not more common these days. Humanity, what is wrong with youuuu…?

  16. I think it tends to happen because of the somehow overbearing nature of asian culture. You see, there is a strong sense of fraternal justice, honor, and responsability. Sometimes, asian people tend to bear their parents’ responsabilities, ties, relationships, or burdens, even if they haven’t taken part of it. Also, if you dishonor your work/family/relationship, r if you fail to do your responsabilities, you are often ostracized, bullied (although I think that’s not the word). All of this weighs down heavily on the person, and thus they may take that kind of iniciative…..=/

  17. I don’t know if I should say this, (or rather how to make the connection), but here’s some “facts” I’ve encountered while I was in Hong Kong, visiting family.Nowadays, Asian youth especially teens with a rather well off life living in the city tend to go for this really lax lifestyle, in which they really care about their outer appearances(hence the fascination with brands), but with little effort to get the money to buy it. Therefore, they are provided by their Sugar Daddy,and in most cases is female teenagers doing this kind of job, to get the money they want to the frivolous things they like. And it’s not even forced, they accept the conditions as long as they have the money to pay for their apperances.

  18. Guys that have completed Middle School (grade 9) then you must enter the military between the ages of 18-30. If you don’t do military service you are imprisoned for 2 years. Later on you cannot get a good job since your prospective employer will look at your military service record. You can get excused if you are physically disabled or have certain medical conditions but if you try to escape doing your military service it is a seen as a criminal offense- not even their Kpop Idols can get away with it. Also you cannot get out of military service because of religious convictions.

    Military service is seen as a duty and as akin to being masculine.

  19. It’s so bizarre how Koreans don’t talk about sex and avoid PDA but yet, based on their prostitution habits, they are extremely sexual people (broadly speaking).

    • It sounds kind of like how we hear about small town communities where sex-ed is frowned upon, and yet teen pregnancy is up. The lack of knowledge creates increased curiosity, which needs to be somehow fulfilled. And with little or no sex-ed as to the consequences, it probably would seem beyond okay to just keep going back. Like eating delicious, amazing fatty foods while not knowing you could gain weight or what have you. Maybe? Not saying for sure, but it certainly seems like a possibility.

  20. Simon and Martina, I think that you are missing the point in some cases when you blame the workers for not saying “no” to their bosses and getting drunk or getting sexual services. If it makes it more understandable, take American 60s culture (a la Mad Men) and they put it in an Asian cultural wrapper. If you want to get ahead at your job, or even to not be forever stuck in the corner and never promoted, constantly derided, and blacklisted with other companies, you have to go along with what the boss wants. There may be some bosses who are nicer, but most of them consider this drinking until passed out and getting hookers as a rite of passage, an initiation if you will and they really can make your life difficult if you don’t cooperate. You can thread that fine line for a while but eventually, this just makes your boss more determined to “get you” into it (it’s like a game of who has the power). I had a friend who worked in HK and at the top levels of his family’s own company the bosses would keep buying him hookers at these “after work socials” (where all the real deals are made). He would go with the prostitutes and then pay them off to go away and keep their mouth shut, but it became increasingly difficult to evade his bosses. This kind of culture eventually leads to a lot of
    unhappiness in day to day life. Why do you think suicide is so high in Korea? I can’t imagine being the
    wife of a person who had to sleep with hookers to keep his job, it must
    be terrible.

    Also, I really really really wonder at the hyper sexualization of kpop idols lately. No one would have suspected the famous Russian Bolshoi ballet of pimping out their dancers, I wonder if any of this goes on in the kpop industry? I mean they are kept in same sex dorms but forced to act sexy all the time, it must drive them crazy and the girls likely don’t get periodic escorted visits to the rub and tug……I’m just saying….. Your stats were quite shocking and really lead me to wonder what else goes on there.

    Great TL;DR, I just think you should be a tad less judgy about individuals that are forced to work in an overriding aspect of Korean/Asian culture that you have managed to sidestep while still living in there, especially since you are married. I’m totally not saying that what happens is right (it’s not, it’s sick and wrong) but acting like “why don’t they just say ‘no’?” seems a little naive to me.

    • I don’t think that they are saying “nobody was never really forced” (??) either but this is not the first video where they have complained at all the drunk people who say they got alcohol poisoning (i.e. barfing) because of their boss, like it was “just an excuse” for drinking too much. It’s prevalent for a reason. While I am sure that occasionally people just really like to drink and overdo it and might blame it on their boss, I don’t think that this is the “normal” scenario in Korea. Who wants to get drunk in front of their boss and potentially make a fool of themselves in such a way that would hurt their career? Who wants to be too drunk to understand or properly negotiate the deals that actually happen at the “after meetings” (instead of in the boardroom)? Pretty much no one. It’s not an excuse, it’s reality. But you will really stand out like a sore thumb and NOT a “team player” if you refuse to participate, and participate heavily. There are tricks you can use to drink less, but you’re pretty much gonna have to let (or fake) your boss getting you completely sh*tfaced at least once in order to gain his trust. The bosses like to feel they have something to blackmail you with in their back pocket. Maybe not to the level of “The Firm” with Tom Cruise, but it kind of puts more of a “feudal lord” spin on the relationship that a lot of old school bosses prefer.

  21. I think it is also worth noting the sex scandal of the kpop group Chocolate (not to be confused with Chocolat) The company producing them was accused of pimping out members of the group in exchange for money. It turned out the girls in the group weren’t being pimped out, but other girls were. This to me is ultimate creepy. A major company using sex for major transactions!

    On a side note- I also thought it was odd, because I think there was a reference to prostitution in a k-drama. In I Love You, there was a scene where a husband got caught with another woman by his wife. The way his conversation went kind-of made the implication that he paid the woman. At the time I was sitting there thinking “hmm… that doesn’t sound right” but now watching this video I wonder if it was a comment on prostitution in Korea.

  22. I agree with you 100% Winona!
    They are right Maria, whilst you may feel your ideals are righteous and true, we need to realise that to have a properly functioning society, the morals of a religious minority or even a majority do not necessitate the laws of the land.
    Human sexuality covers as wide a scope as it is pervasive; and whilst I respect your strong convictions in relation to premarital sex/lust for yourself, you must realise that these exact convictions concern only YOU. We need to stop being so concerned what other vaginas/penises/etc. are doing and focus on how we ourselves can respect our own bodies!
    No matter what, human sexual desire will ALWAYS exist – and facilitating legal business which allows for a safe and regulated transaction between clientele and worker is the best way to prevent damage to anyone involved.

    Illegalisation and ignorance solves nothing, lest not human trafficking; what will is a realisation that we are sexual beings, and that legalisation, regulation and frank discussion is the only way forwards!

  23. I really totally agree with you, Maria, and I think it was brave of you to say so.
    However, I do not think we can force our morals and ideals on non-Christians. They are intended for us. Of course I also believe God intended every tiny and big rule for our own good, but the problem of every sin lies not in the act itself, but in the fundamental relationship with God. Without that happening, I don’t see any use for preaching morals in public.

  24. Wow, you guys are spot on. We’ve been talking to our co-workers about this a lot recently because we were curious, and everything you guys said is exactly what they said too. One of the males said that in his previous office job, his company went to a host bar and often if they had a visiting important person, their company would pay the girl (“secretly”) to make sure the visiting person “had a good time.” Err, yeah. But he said that he successfully said no whenever he was pressured (he’s a pretty upstanding dude), but now that he works at a hagwon, it never happens.

    **I’m not sure if it’s true for every teaching job in Korea, but as a foreigner, you will probably never be put in that position (harhar). Maybe it’s because our school is 95% female teachers, but even the male teachers we talked to said that it’s not really something that happens at hagwons, mainly in business companies. As foreigners, we can opt out of a lot of the social pressure things by playing the foreigner card, and usually Koreans are pretty okay with that. I don’t know about public schools though.

    Any English teachers in Korea ever been pressured to visit prostitutes?

  25. I already commented on youtube, but I also wanted to add that it’s awesome that you talk about stuff like this. I think your TL;DRs are the best and this one was a good follow up to the last one. Like, does a lack of education, or talking, and being open about sex cause the sex industry to be bigger in Korea? Or is it the opposite? (because it’s rampant people counter it by trying to make everything innocent like in kdramas type of thing)

  26. this was an awesome TLDR. i’m korean but i was brought up in the US so i have almost no knowledge of korean life other than what i see in the rosy and censored variety shows and from S&M lol, so thanks for sharing this information.

    this is really disappointing honestly, you would think that with all the conservative-ness it wouldn’t be as big of an issue and would be enforced a lot more. how hypocritical as a society. the korean board of banning bans all these songs and videos over silly things when illegal prostitution is rampant and so in-your-face in the country. what the hell is the point of spending time and effort over nitpicking in music that people may or may not listen to, but ignoring the blatant problem of sexual services on the streets for everyone to see???

  27. Is it just me, but it seems drug scandals and prostitution scandals have switched places in S.Korea.

    Like here in US it’s not really a big deal if someone smokes drugs but what I’ve heard it’s a huuge deal in Korea. In US we pretty much just assume all celebs are taking it and some ppl don’t even mind but rather defend them.

    It seems Koreans have this same relaxed attitude toward prostitution.

  28. I am wondering about religion. Is there any churches there?

    • traditionally shamanism + confucianism + buddism; with Christianity/Catholic which flourished during the post-war poverty. until up to 20 years pretty much of the city kids around me used to go to church even if their family didn’t. But now (I’m in my lat 20s) there’s widespread anti-Christianity sentiment, especially in people in their teens~ 30s. This is mainly due to the corruption of many large churches and ministers, altogether with their aggressive manners in street propagation activity. People do not like the ‘there is only one way’ idea of Protestantism. Ironically, churches who wrongly twist the gospel as to give their attenders what they want to hear, eventually meets the problem of not being able to live up to what they preach. And that is what the public (aka the internet) scorns them for. However, as a Christian myself, I see several ‘real’ churches who do not add or subtract from what the Bible teaches, and there is hope in that. Summing up, there are a whole lot of churches, but even among the church-goers I think the main religion is ‘Self-centered-ism’. Sorry for this overlong reply ;) but it was my subject of interest, so ;)

  29. My question is about the friendly “uncle” fans of girl groups, and what their intentions are. When I first got into kpop, I was surprised when girls like SNSD’s Sooyoung would talk fondly about her older fans, and that most of her fans were older men. To me, that just seems really creepy. Is there a sexual tinge to it, or are they really truly just like friendly uncles?

  30. if 1 out of 5 men are paying for sex, that means 2 members at least of suju are into it, and at least 1 member of bb…LOL, prostitution may be illegal in korea and in some other asian countries, but is there really a society or community that exists without it? and prostitution, the more illegal it is, also means big bucks for the people who runs it. that may be the reason why the cops are turning a blind eye on it. i am not saying that the cops or the korean government is behind the illegal prostitution, but for all you mature people out there, you know what i mean…

  31. My best friend who taught femsex at Berkeley for a few years would be incredibly happy how you presented and handled this topic….it is seriously one of the hardest because people have very strong opinions when it comes to prostitution. So many people are against legalization of prostitution, and for good reasons of course, but in many areas of the world where the industry is so rampant and corrupt, legalization would provide a much safer working environment as you said. Its hard to see the benefits to legalizing prostitution. So thank you for expressing this alternative view.

  32. To be honest, I don’t care if celebrities go to those kinds of places. What annoyed me is that Se7en is still with Hanbyul – as far as we know, anyway. I know there were rumours that they had broken up because they didn’t get to see each other often, and part of me hopes they had broken up in private before he got caught doing this, but if they didn’t then… I dunno. But Se7en fans blaming Hanbyul for this because “you didn’t treat him well enough” really angered me. Again, anything could’ve happened between them in private, but it’s not right she get backlash for it.

  33. I’m sure things will change eventually… it wasn’t that long ago that U.S. pop stars were considered more “innocent” than what they were. Although Korea’s current state is most similar to how the U.S. was in the 60’s…

  34. First, thanks guys for mentioning Malaysia for second times in your videos. X”D

    Second, oh boy, 1 out of 5 guys out there, I still consider you guys are truly nasty boys even your ‘sunbea’ force you to do it! *pray hard for 4 out of 5 good men left, that they wouldn’t end up in any ‘happy bar’.

  35. That explains a lot… I often wondered why fans tend to repeat each other a lot lol.

  36. so are the guys that to go these places generally single or in a relationship? given your previous post on love motels, it sounds like there are places to get it on with your SO, but how common is pre-marital sex? or is it that korean guys want a style of sex that they can’t get with their partners?

    • As I wrote earlier:
      I read somewhere that married Korean men go to prostitutes and it is not considered as cheating because there are no feelings involved.

      You have to understand something : (especially with the older generations) when Korean people get married, the woman becomes a member of the family. It’s as if she becomes “a sister” to her husband. Kind of hard to see your sister as “sexy” isn’t it?

      The girls have babies and do not want as much sex as they used to. Then the husband turns to prostitution. The prostitutes in South Korea are really beautiful too… The wife KNOWS her husband goes there but pretends he doesn’t. At he same time, her husband is not demanding sex as much as he gets it somewhere else.

      Also, there is a lot of pressure in companies to drink together and go to special rooms after work. They also use prostitution to “seal a deal” between companies.

      A lot of Korean men lose their virginity to prostitutes while doing the mandatory service in the army.

      • sounds like young korean women are also under pressure to live up to a certain standard: cute, innocent, probably virginal. so i’m guessing they are not that open to experimenting with sex (pre-marriage). i don’t mean in a promiscuous way, but there is a middle ground whereby youths and adults learn about sex and their bodies in healthy, safe and consenting relationships.

  37. I’ve been to Hong Kong, and I always see outdoor ads for massage parlours ALL the time in the Mongkok area. It’s always safe to say that a lot of those ads are “happy ending” massage parlours since a lot of the girls on the ads are wearing bikinis…

  38. yeah that’s exactly what I thought of too. Ugh those guys handing them out were annoying.

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