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WTF – Psy…Deodorant?

August 24, 2013


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Ok, so here’s the deal:

This isn’t really a magical item that’s quirky. We were just out in an Olive Young, which is, like, Shopper’s Drug Mart in Canada, which is, like, I don’t know what else to compare it to from whatever country you’re from. A place where you buy general cosmetics and razors and crap. What’s that called? Pharmaceutery? Yep. That’s the name of it for sure. Pharmaceutery.

Point being, we saw a whole line up of Psy stuff, and we found this to be the oddest. Advertising the sweatiest guy in Kpop, who acknowledges his sweatiness in videos, doesn’t really seem like a good business model for deodorant, or am I wrong? Or is it smart? Wouldn’t it be like getting the lady that failed her driving test so spectacularly to advertise a car? Or is that a bad comparison? I don’t know.

Anyhoodledoodlepoodle, we tried this stuff out and it wasn’t that great. It had old man smell. Some people like that. Old men like cologne that has old man smell to it, for some reason, like wood and musk and deer piss and stuff like that. I’m not fond of it. We did a test half an hour afterwards to see how it smelled. Smelled worse than the undeodorized armpit. I’M SORRY PSY! I LIKE YOUR MUSIC BUT NOT THIS DEODORANT. I’m sure the crazy Psy fangirls will go nuts on me now. HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT PSY HE WORKS SO HARD! Shut it, ok! I have the right to say I like one thing and not like another! “Gentleman” is still my favourite song out of Korea this year.

Leigh told us something last night that I couldn’t remember all of the details of because I was really sleepy: in Chinese medicine or something there are four distinct smells that a body has, and supposedly different smells make for better love matches. There’s sweet smell, fruity smell, some other smell, and death musk smell. Death musk. Then Leigh went around and smelled everyone’s elbows. I AIN’T MAKING THIS UP OK! I smell like death musk. Martina smells like sweetness. And supposedly that’s the right combination. It makes us a better match, because of our smells. Can anyone with more knowledge on the subject tell me more? Alls I know is that Martina gets eaten by all of the mosquitos because she smells sweet and the mosquitos don’t touch me. I just go out with Martina and say “eat her” and they do.

What am I rambling about? A few things: 1) This thing was odd 2) Psy don’t hate me we can still be friends 3) Smell your elbows 4) If you like these WTF videos (next week’s WTF will be a lot more WTF-ish) click on this button below. It raises the intensity level of these videos 100 fold. Word



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