Ok, so here’s the deal:

This isn’t really a magical item that’s quirky. We were just out in an Olive Young, which is, like, Shopper’s Drug Mart in Canada, which is, like, I don’t know what else to compare it to from whatever country you’re from. A place where you buy general cosmetics and razors and crap. What’s that called? Pharmaceutery? Yep. That’s the name of it for sure. Pharmaceutery.

Point being, we saw a whole line up of Psy stuff, and we found this to be the oddest. Advertising the sweatiest guy in Kpop, who acknowledges his sweatiness in videos, doesn’t really seem like a good business model for deodorant, or am I wrong? Or is it smart? Wouldn’t it be like getting the lady that failed her driving test so spectacularly to advertise a car? Or is that a bad comparison? I don’t know.

Anyhoodledoodlepoodle, we tried this stuff out and it wasn’t that great. It had old man smell. Some people like that. Old men like cologne that has old man smell to it, for some reason, like wood and musk and deer piss and stuff like that. I’m not fond of it. We did a test half an hour afterwards to see how it smelled. Smelled worse than the undeodorized armpit. I’M SORRY PSY! I LIKE YOUR MUSIC BUT NOT THIS DEODORANT. I’m sure the crazy Psy fangirls will go nuts on me now. HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT PSY HE WORKS SO HARD! Shut it, ok! I have the right to say I like one thing and not like another! “Gentleman” is still my favourite song out of Korea this year.

Leigh told us something last night that I couldn’t remember all of the details of because I was really sleepy: in Chinese medicine or something there are four distinct smells that a body has, and supposedly different smells make for better love matches. There’s sweet smell, fruity smell, some other smell, and death musk smell. Death musk. Then Leigh went around and smelled everyone’s elbows. I AIN’T MAKING THIS UP OK! I smell like death musk. Martina smells like sweetness. And supposedly that’s the right combination. It makes us a better match, because of our smells. Can anyone with more knowledge on the subject tell me more? Alls I know is that Martina gets eaten by all of the mosquitos because she smells sweet and the mosquitos don’t touch me. I just go out with Martina and say “eat her” and they do.

What am I rambling about? A few things: 1) This thing was odd 2) Psy don’t hate me we can still be friends 3) Smell your elbows 4) If you like these WTF videos (next week’s WTF will be a lot more WTF-ish) click on this button below. It raises the intensity level of these videos 100 fold. Word

  1. I go to an all-girls school so no LYNX (I think that’s the English version of AXE) hallway for me! But we do have a changing toon that stinks of perfume (but it’s usually a nice one so it isn’t too bad).

  2. Mariam Watt

    The different smells being suited to each other actually mirrors the result of a Western experiment. The Smelly T Shirt test. The idea was that in mammals, its evolutionarily advantageous to chose a mate with certain immune elements (MHC complexes) that are very different than yours, so that your offspring will be resistant to the greatest number of diseases. Mice can tell by smell which animals have a different MHC through smelling pheromones. They did an experiment with college students to see if humans can detect those differences. They gave all the guys in the class a clean t-shirt and had them sleep in it for a night. They then bagged the shirts up, and had the girls in the class sniff each and then select those that were the best smelling. Then they typed everyone at their MHC complex. The women preferred the smell of the t-shirts of men who had MHC Complexes that were the most different from their own.

  3. This sound so like one shot manga by Yu Watase about people having scents and that find the matching the right couple means having complimentary scents

  4. Speaking of elbows, I heard that if you lick someone’s elbow when they aren’t paying attention, they won’t feel it.

  5. Who else wants to see them do a video on Korean toothpaste? I’ve heard of some interesting flavors. Not gross, really, but not familiar. One big question, which I get mixed answers on is: Is there fluoride in any Korean toothpastes? Second question: Can you show us the ingredients lists of typical Korean toothpaste?

  6. After reading your post, I felt the need to say that Loblaw’s bought Shoppers.

  7. Seeing Simon spray so much deodorant on Martine reminds me of my friend who’s addicted to it. She can spray half a bottle deo in a closed room and not die from odor.
    I should buy her that psy deodorant maybe she’ll calm down if she smells like old men kekeke~

  8. This blog post was hilarious. Simon I think you need a nap or something! :)

  9. KATHyphenTUN

    I’ll now be trying to smell my own elbow. Thank you very much…
    Then off to smell my boyfriends!!!!! muahaha!!

  10. Feygarden

    Keeping with the odd product placement, I found a bin of One Direction duck tape at one of the big box stores in USA. Not quite sure what I’d want to duck tape with One Direction…….

    • Stephanie Dubuque

      possibly for the people that make duct-tape whatever, I’ve seen leopard print and pickle print duct tape. It’s pretty much a marketing strategy hoping OD fans are also crafty with making duct-tape stuff.

  11. I remember that the high school jock hallway smelled like sweaty socks.

  12. I hope I smell fruity, I like fruity

  13. One day Simon told people to smell their elbows. Several Nasties were reported to suffer from pain in their shoulders and necks afterwards.
    Unless you mean the inside… If so, I can’t really smell anything special. Isn’t it that you can’t feel your own smell because you’re too used to it and you can only smell other people? I need to smell my family members’ elbows…

    WASH YO SMELL, WA-WASH YO SMELL? Yup, I got 4Minute’s song stuck in my head with these changed lyrics now. Seems relevant and makes the choreo look even nastier.

    I remember how I was struck by how different the smell perception can be when a boyfriend visited my roommate and she totally loved his perfume and asked me “doesn’t he smell wonderful?”… And it was that strong, intense old man smell that I hate. Ugh.

    Sidenote: I loved Martina’s hair in this video!

  14. Jordan

    Martina you look absolutely gorgeous in this video! Your hair is beautiful!

  15. I honestly don’t know what my elbow smells like…

  16. My house smells like high school hallway. My sister has a problem with using too much deodorant/perfume/aftershave/whateverthehellshecanfind. Like she uses so much it’s beginning to seem like she drinks the stuff.

  17. Ha ha ha my school was mix but the school facilities for girls and boys were separated in two buildings so I didn’t have those smelly hallways lol the privileges of being a girl.

  18. I totally just tried to smell my elbow. Now my shoulder hurts..:( Would it be weird to ask my husband to smell it? lol.

  19. I can not believe what I just saw. Simon sticks his hand under his armpit then sniffs it! Oooh, you so naaasty!

  20. Simon try to play Dota 2. You won’t regret it. :D

  21. Y’all are lucky your schools smell like deoderant. Mine just smells like sweaty football player.

  22. tiff_mash

    Martina! How did you do your hair in this video? Please do a tutorial!!

  23. so… did it last 24 hours?

  24. Gemma Deacon

    Reading the comments, it seems it is mostly the males who spray deodorant everywhere, but in my school it was mostly the females! You couldn’t go into the female loos without being greeted with a stench of cigarette smoke and too much spray. Yikes.

  25. unicornsgalaxy

    I tried smelling my elbow but couldn’t really reach so settled for smelling the inside of it, looked up only to find my cat staring at me with a huge “WTF are you doing” face….strangely, this is not the first time he has given me that look. LOL

    Now I’m really curious what kind of musk I smell like…

  26. PunkyPrincess92

    but i can’t reach my elbow!!!!!!!!!

  27. Veronika Etuta Hrbáčová

    Oh my – could Leigh please do a video about that ancient chinese smell-compatibility theory :D I really wanna know how it works and what I smell as…

  28. OMG…what are you doing to your precious Intern, do you think uncompensated workers just fall out of trees?

  29. Interesting… My dad and I hardly ever get bitten by mosquitoes. If I do get bitten it just itches a little for a day and then it’s gone.

    Also on a side note, depending on your body chemistry you can smell differently with different perfumes or cologne. For instance, if I spray certain perfumes on myself, they will smell pretty good, but if my mom sprayed the same one she smells like she sprayed herself with bug spray, baby powder, or shea butter (not what the original perfume smelled like).

  30. But did it work?

  31. The Leigh come over, smell our arm pits part was hilarious…

  32. S&M, next time when you do these WTF episodes, can you please show the product close up please? Like in the last banana holder WTF, you were talking abt the locks and stuff but I could not see what you were talking about because I couldn’t see it close up.

    Thanks :)

  33. i think AXE was created by Satan

  34. TL-DR: Simon’s comment on panther piss makes me reminiscent of Will Ferrell’s classic Anchorman.

    Time to musk up. What cologne you gonna go with? London Gentleman? Or wait…no, no, no hold on, Black Beard’s Delight? No, she gets a special cologne. It’s called Sex Panther by Odeon. It’s illegal in nine countries. Yup, it’s made with bits of real panther so you know it’s good. It’s quite pungent….OMG…what is that smell? Ugh. That’s the smell of desire, my lady. hahahaha When Simon said “panther piss,” I says to myself, tonight seems like a Ron Burgundy movie night. Stay classy, Nasties! ;)

  35. I’m always being bitten by mosquitos, like a lot in one sitting. I wonder if I smell really sweet then haha. Interesting stuff.

  36. deshi

    Wait old people deodorant? Like old spice?

  37. My old high school hallways smelled like old moldy books rather than overpowering deodorant sprays

  38. when ever I see WTF, I always think Wat The F***. oh my..

  39. Hahaha I kind of agree with everyone about the suffocating Axe hallway, BUTTTTTT *Don’t shoot me*
    There were some guys in my high school that had REALLY BAD BO, and I’m sure every high school had at least one of these boys, THESE BOYS WHO DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR SMELLL. So although I hated that Axe-smelling hallway back in the day…I would rather smell Axe all day then sniff deadly BO fumes for 5 minutes hahah. o.o This might sound like an overreaction, but I really can’t stand anyone who doesn’t have the decency to take care of themselves XD Too much Axe>No Axe at all! :D

  40. So should online dating sites be asking what your elbows smell like?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Chinese dating sites are a step ahead of us and have already implemented it. Martina and Simon should be their spokespeople XD

  41. Ewwwww. My High School had the nasty AXE hallway. It smelled like all the guys took a bath in it, why boys? Why did you do that to us? Were you hoping to make the girls pass out so you could ask them on a date, all the while she’s choking to death and cannot say “get lost stinky.”? Simon, file that deodorant in the round file (trash can).
    P.S. I feel your pain Martina. Bugs eat me alive or they follow me (bees), even bug spray is futile.

  42. Krista Gibbs-Castillo
    Krista Gibbs-Castillo

    When I was in high school (like in 2009) the guys would DESTROY the air with their abusive overuse of Axe body spray. It was horrible… Like, I have war flashbacks whenever I think of it. :C
    I do not approve.

    • Cyber_3

      I am in my 40s and my husband uses AXE body spray, but just a bit and only certain “flavours” and it works really well for him. He says the Life Brand mock up is actually better (??), he smells great though. I think it’s just a matter of teenagers overdoing it. On the other hand, “Skin Bracer” aftershave for men by Mennen, one of the oldest, cheapest ones you can get, has had me physically follow men more than once. Seriously, I am attracted to the smell that much. Can’t get my husband to wear it though because he’s too posh – LOL!

  43. …How the hell do you recognize what you smell like? *totally confused*

    • By smelling your clothes or by how your bed smell (your side if you have a somebody).

      • my husband’s side of the bed smells totally different than mine. not a stench or a bad smell, just different. when our daughter gets in our bed in the middle of the night when she wakes up you can totally tell which side of the bed she was on just by smelling her!

        • Cyrie Wilson

          It works that way. I have a VERY strong sense of smell. I had 2 kitten, for example, and I knew them by their smell. My Grandma didn’t believe me so she blind folded me and had to prove it. Also when my Mom had a daycare, I could tell who’s coats and shoes where who’s (kids would steal each others coats!)….but the worse thing in the world (other than B.O.) was I knew when someone was on the bleed….that part was a curse! (please kill me now).

      • …I usually smell like my deodorant. XD

  44. ahahhahahahahaha I’m totally going to start smelling my friends’ elbows ahahahaha XD

  45. Hannah

    What exactly does ‘Death Musk’ smell like Simon…do tell

  46. Jackie

    The guys at my high school would prank each other by spraying half a can of Axe spray into their friends’ lockers. Walking down the hallways you’d literally see clouds of the stuff!

  47. And next thing you know, there is a deodorant for elbows…

  48. But wouldn’t your elbows smell like your table?

  49. …I have no idea what I smell like… Intern Leigh, help. :(

  50. Now I’m seriously worried I smell like death musk. :S

  51. One day you will be friends with Psy…. One day!

  52. Being a Canadian raised Chinese, we were introduced to deodorant in health class. A bought a few sticks because I saw that everyone else was trying them out too but a couple weeks later I was told I don’t need them because even though I sweat a lot, my BO isn’t noticeable at all o – o”

    About the topic of East Asia and sprays: I always see these immigrants from East Asia around the city, as well and in my school AND THEY ALL HAVE THIS FRESH SCENT AROUND THEM. So sometimes, I stop and ask them what perfume they use and stuff, and I know now that East Asians are really freaking into sprays. Perfumes, body sprays, etc etc (lotions as well actually) but a lot of the people I’ve talked too aren’t really used to the idea of deodorant. “Rubbing a stick of wax like substance so our sweat won’t smell”

    THE AXE HALLWAY. We had that in middle school. MY HIGHSCHOOL JUST BASICALLY SMELLS LIKE AXE IN EVERY SINGLE LOCKER HALLWAY. The thing is though, there’s a ban on spray cans because some people are allergic or have asthma. I have mild asthma so I always have to slightly cover my face when moving around from class to class =_=” It’s really freaking annoying, especially since axe has all those wierdass scents now. “Women axe, Chocolate axe”

    My friends use me as mosquito bait TT^TT It’s so sad but it actually works. And I’m allergic to mosquitos so the normal pimple sized bump swells up to like 10x what it’s supposed to be. Freaking hate mosquitos -_-” I always have to carry around a bottle of allergy pills during the summer. Sad life.

    • Are you my twin?!
      I’m also Canadian raised Chinese.
      I always ask people for their perfumes (my school is filled with Asians LOL).
      The guys in my school think axe makes them smell godly.
      I’m bloodtype B, so I’m naturally a bug bait. I’m also allergic to mosquitos so the bump swells up my entire arm! (and yes, I speak from experience…) orz
      My Chinese nickname is TianTian (甜甜)!

    • Confession. I am totally Caucasian and don’t use deodorant because I don’t have BO. I am told I have a naturally floral perfumy scent.

      Recently, I have been inundated with how old I am getting. However, I am so freaking grateful that I was out of high school before Axe was released in 2002.

      • There was something else BEFORE Axe…..I know because the halls always stank of men’s products…what was it?

        • Persephone Basilissa

          Naturally, it depends on how old you are: as a teen in the ’80s, I was more familiar with Polo, Obsession, Drakkar Noir and Giorgio for Men.

        • Cyrie Wilson

          Graduated in 2003. Obsession…. My Grandpa (Papa) wore that!

        • like simon mentioned CK1… ugh anyone remember CKbe??? it smellede AWFUL!!!!!!!

        • Persephone Basilissa

          Thanks for making me feel old, young whippersnapper! ;)

        • Cyrie Wilson

          If I wasn’t comfortable in my rocker, i’d hit you with my cane *waves cane threateningly*. :D

        • Cyber_3

          …and here I thought it was just MY highschool. In my school in the 80s, it was Obsession (I think it’s also by CK?). Holy cow, even my jock boyfriend of the time just bathed in it. When I asked him, he said it was because he didn’t want to shower with other guys after gym/sports so he just put MORE cologne on. MORE?!!!!

          For people who worry about mosquitos here and don’t want to use the DEET, try Skin So Soft (oil) from Avon – serious, mix with water and spritz. You smell good (definitely mix it down a bit or it can go Grandma-smell) and it works. For some reason those Vitamin B1 patches makes everyone in our family start to go loopy after a few hours, we went back to SSS to save ourselves from a Battle Royale situation :/

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


        • Ashley Johnston

          Old spice maybe?

        • Cyrie Wilson

          I like Old Spice….. but it could have been, too much is a bad thing.

    • ME TOO! I have actually had to go to the er because my mosquito bites got so bad they were behind my knees and I couldn’t walk and they gave me super antibiotics to get the swelling down. I had about 18 all baseball sized. ;;

  53. my wife gets eaten by all the mosquitoes, fleas, etc. too. As an added bonus, insect bites don’t make me feel very itchy, but my poor wife scratches the bites till they bleed.

  54. Nooo highschool hallway smell! Horrible memories! /dies

  55. Stephanie Dubuque

    I’m curious about this 4 different scent thing I hope it isn’t Leigh trying to troll people T.T

  56. Is me or Simon looks more blonde in this video?

  57. thisisjustforfunval

    This is one the times I’m glad smell-o-vision does not exist.

  58. Was that a trick on us Simon? I can’t smell my elbows! *~*

  59. Simon’s randomness in the third paragraph…it was perfect lol. But seriously I smell sweet and I always get bitten so hopefully I’ll find my true love through smell

    • Your true love needs to smell like death musk

      • This would be a very weird statement taken out of context :S

      • So… about that ‘better-match-because-of-the-smell-thing’: I read something like that on a book, I can’t really remember the whole thing but basically the children immune system will be stronger if the parents ‘smells’ are the opposite. So it’s normal for people with the opposite smell to feel attracted to each other.
        Yeah, you really are a perfect match, you’ll make strong kids! ^.^
        Keep the good work guys!! :D 화이팅!! ;P

  60. Martiiiiinnaaa, we’re going to need another makeup and hair tutorial from this one! :3

  61. “4) If you like these WTF videos (next week’s WTF will be a lot more WTF-ish)” I think this was pretty WTF-ish. I mean Psy deodorant what could more WTF-ish?

  62. I can’t smell my own elbow though…

  63. I think the worst part of high school was walking by lockers that had CHOCOLATE AXE. WHY. WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS A BRILLIANT IDEA BECAUSE IT WASN’T. It totally did the opposite of the TV commercials – it repelled girls. Just watching Simon spray so much on Martina almost made the smell that you guys were smelling float through my monitor and into my nostrils. Not a good smelly smell.

  64. OMG I can’t believe Leigh smelled your armpits!! Total intern abuse LOL

  65. Exactly how does one smell their own elbows?

  66. Hi guys I wanted to watch the live chat today but I couldn’t cuz I was so sick… V-V

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