Oh boy! We were quite let down by this one. The pteranodon balloon is one of the first WTFs we bought in our huge WTF Korea stash. We’ve been putting it off for a special day. We imagined ourselves going to the park, filling this bad boy up with some straw-up-the-butt air (similar to the Party Booms we did a while ago), throwing it in the air, and then chasing it around, giggling, laughing out loud, and reclaiming our lost innocence from childhood. Oh! We had such high hopes for this guy right here…and he totally let us down.

The Pteranodon balloon is nothing more than a bag full of air. You throw it and it drops. That’s all. There’s nothing aerodynamic about it. The air doesn’t seep out the back like rocket fuel. It just passes through like a silent fart. ARGH! And we tried it so many times! It just wouldn’t work. There’s not even anything that we can say about this that’s culturally informative. Not like Korea’s mascot is the pteranodon, or that balloons like this are common. This was just a toy that we’ve never seen before that we thought would be lots of fun, and we got our hopes crushed! Boo-urns!

This wasn’t all a waste of time, though: we’re having another monthly giveaway contest! Huzzah! This time we’re giving away the Ajumma Solar Visors, the Training Chopsticks, and the Japanese Instant Boobs! And we all know that the Instant Boobs are really the hot ticket here. And so, if you want to win these three things (along with the lame pteranodon balloon), all you have to do is tell us what you would do with the Instant Boobs (apart from picking up guys). Whatever response makes us laugh the most will win!

Also, we mentioned that the contest is for our YouTube subscribers only, which is true, and that you can enter by leaving your answers in the comments to the video, which we didn’t expand upon enough. You can leave your votes over at YouTube, or you can leave them here. Woohoo! Double the chances of winning some Japan Instant Boobs! Good luck!

  1. “…with a silent P” I think I’m going to have to steal this lol super catchy :)

  2. a cup or a head and draw like eyes and a mouth

  3. maybe u can use it when ur  ’bout 2 drown…?
    u can hold on 2 them and led 2 safty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or.. u can wear a long pants and put the boob inside so when u fall
    u won’t get hurt *^^*

  4. In the event of a water landing, Pteranodon Airlines’ safety pamphlet states that your Instant Boobs can be used as a floatation device. Please inflate your Instant Boobs before helping other passengers! Since Pteranodon Airlines has yet to have a successful flight over land, the chances of ever flying over water are slim. While Pteranodon Airlines hopes passengers will never have to use their Instant Boobs, please be assured that Instant Boobs are there for you!


  5. Lol…..er stick it on some male mannequin….. 

  6. I’d probably use them for pillows. Or pterrible airbags.

  7. Epic shoulder pads.
    Oh yeah, bringing back the 80s!

  8. 안녕하시오. 저는 그것을 만두처럼 꾸며서 친구에게 선물로 줄 것 입니다. 그리고 간장에 찍는 ê·¸ 순간까지 지켜보고 있을 것이지요. 입에 넣으면 저는 친구에게 “hhhh you eating your mommy Boobs!!” 라고 놀릴 것입니다. Thanks.

  9. Um hi ^^*
    i’ve just read the instructions (im korean) and i’ve realised that the balloon may have not worked properly because you guys did not insert the straw (up the bum) fully and then throw it

    the instruction says:
    1) draw on the wings of the pteranodon
    2) Blow the air until full
    3)Push in the straw up the hole fully in and then squeeze out the air slightly

    i think its ment to then roket forward, im not sure :>
    But yeah, that may have been the reason why pteranodon refused to be awsome///
    and apologies if my translations sucks;;

  10. If I had the instant boobs, I would first go to the supermarket on the day they give out samples. Go get my samples first as a regular person, and then go put on my instant boobies and my hand mustache and then go get more samples in hopes the ahjumma doesn’t realize it’s the same person

  11. If I needed a use then I’d use it as either;
    1. A spare tire.
    2. Halloween costume zit.
    3. Clown nose.
    4. Fake muscles.
    5. Artificial snowballs.
    6. Self-defense.
    Or my favorite,
    7. The ears to the Pink Fart Clouds of DOOM!!!

    OH YEAH!!!

  12. i’m gonna stick it to my butt.
    that’s funny… right??? O__O

  13. I would use them on my dog when we go out to see the faces of the neighbours..

  14. I would use them as floatie water wings.

  15. If your doorknob is broken, HAVE NO FEAR FOR INSTANT BOOBIES ARE HERE :D
    You can stick it on the door and use the boobies as a doorknob. Only push and pull only though, twisting boobies might hurt them :’(

  16. I would attach it to myself somewhere, like my arm. When I walk into a crowded place, people would not rub against me or invade my personal bubble.

  17. I will use the instant boobs to pretend I am Spiderman and hang on to the wall with their awesome suction powers!

  18. Well first of all, I would put it on me then take it out to throw it at some random boy nd then ask him to give my boobs bak :D

  19. Well first of all, I would put it on me then take it out to throw it at some random boy nd then ask him to give my boobs bak :D

  20. Instant boobies= instant guns.

    Get the rewards of a workout with the effort of unwrapping some kimbap!

  21. It won’t actually LET me post my “What to do with insta boobs” submission on youtube, so I’m just going to post the link here.  (Honestly, I don’t WANT the WTF prizes anyway. I’m sure there’s a forever alone basement dweller who really REALLY wants those fake boobs so he can stop groping his ass cheeks and pretending their woman’s breasts. Give them to him.)



  22. another than attracting men you say? Id use them to attract women by using it as a bulge in my pants! =]

  23. Sounds like a pokemon…

  24. I would throw them at people, when they butt in line :DD or when they ignore me…totally can’t stand that!!!

  25. I would use  Instant Boobies for :
    1. Stress Balls
    2. self-defence shields eg. when I go rock climbing
    3. great substitute for life-jacket, just simply pop them when you about to drown
    4. instant buttocks, also create comfort when sitting
    5. get around faster, simply place them under your feet you can jumb higher and leap further.
    6. accessories, create a fashion look to yourself just like Lady Gaga bubble dress

  26. We could use the boobies as car air bags for dogs and cats.

  27. i would place them on my butt and then enlarge them so that i can have a ghetto booty like nicki minaj. then i would see how far i can booty bump people

  28. i not copy chantel but i would put on my dad and make him look like a girl (at the night ) or
    throw it on my brother untill it sticks on himm XD or even put it one my dog in halloween and make be a girl dog (real a boy ) haha

  29. oh … i can like put some fake blood on it and play it on halloween and maybe i can stick it on my leg or other’s part

  30. I’d take the instant boobs and put them on my brother when he’s sleeping. BEST PRANK EVER!

  31. This is such an appropriate question. My sister just had surgery a week ago and now she has great boobs!! I don’t know why she did it but to each its own. Anyhow,  If I had a pair of fake japanese boobies I would use them to catch pedobears. Police enforcement’s new tactic for catching predators. Put them on and wait for any suspicious behavior!!!

  32. i would take my instand boobies to my grandma house be like “hey grandma!! like my boobies!!?!?” and jump around in front of until i get slap by her cause my grandma evil!!! but she nice and i love her!!! loooooooooooooove you!! grandma!!! get ready from some boobie action… hmmm

  33. If I had inflatable boobies, I would tie them to my feet and make every house a bouncy house. 

  34. Have you ever been attacked by creepy old men? Never fear, the Japanese Instant Boobies are here! Just stick ‘em on, and strut yo stuff on the streets! If any creepy guy attacks you, all you have to do is swing your shoulders back and forth and FWA-BAM! In the face booby attack! The creeper will never question your abilities of self-defense ever again! :D Warnings: Don’t keep near children, or else they will question your…hobbies. And also, after using boobies for self-defense, run, because they could produce fatal results o.o  BUY NOW! *thumbs up*

  35. Hmm…If i got the boobs i would totally do so many things with it.
    1.Put it in my shirt then go to school with them (freak out my friends and teachers)
    2.put them by my hips not my butt so it it would look really awkward..
    Lastly,give one to my sister then stick it on our stomach or chest or butt and just run into each other/bump into each other and see whose one bursts first

  36. i would use the boobies to play as pool toys and like stick them to my butt then i will float!!

  37. i would use the boobies to play as pool toys and like stick them to my butt then i will float!!

  38. This balloon thing reminds me of the clappers people use in like sports events to cheer the team by ‘clapping’ 2 clappers, you know you know?

  39. I would use my japanese boobies as conversation starters.

    “oh hey look, what are those?”
    -”glad you noticed, they are actually boobies, they are fake japanese inflatable ones I won off of a contest!”
    ” . . . oh”
    -”Cool huh? wanna touch them?”
    “um no . . . . no thanks”
    -”So, Japans cool right? boobies and everything . .”
    *person gets up and leaves. 

    huzzah! I’ll be making friends everywhere!! Maybe I’ll even gift them one inflatable boob!

  40. Hahaha! I know what else I would do with the fake inflatable boobs; offer them to the French artist ORLAN (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orlan)  so she can wear them wherever she deems interesting instead of having more surgeries to add lumps randomly on her body… I found her work very out-of-norms yet somehow inspiring for defending and bringing more awareness to violence made towards women…

  41. how about bigger shoulders…or a bigger butt…awkward

  42. I would stick them to a pair of glasses, inflate them, draw on them, and then go around wearing them and telling people that I had big ugly eyes like a fly

  43. My friend recently had a dream that a giant mushroom popped up on her foot & she’s been worried about it ever since. I think I’d stick the boob on her foot under her sock while she sleeps, make it inflate and wake her up so she can see a mushroom growing on her foot ^_^

  44. i would use them for float devices cuz you know you might fall out of a boat and you may not have a life jacket on use them as a type of life percervier

  45. “Not only am I disappointed, I’m wet. And uncomfortable.”


  46. i would put them in my pants, inflate them, and stand in an elevator facing a bunch of people.

  47. I would use them at Butt cushions, cause you know…chairs arent always nice..

  48. Can you guys look into health necklaces/armbands? I’ve seen some people on variety shows wear a germanium (or whatevah ;D) necklace and wristlet tget energy from them in a weird way, so I just became curious if these really are common Korea :)

  49. Aside from the fact that I would use them to take over the world, I would start my long string of pranks by sticking them under my brother’s shirt before he wakes up, thus much terror, confusion and giggles from me as upon awakening.

  50. I just recently found you guys on youtube through my friend ( who is obsessed with your channel and now I’m obsessed too, with  good reason!)
    well, If I had instant boobs, I would use them when I’m sleeping in class as a forehead pillow, don’t you get tired of those stupid wooden desks being all hard and uncomfortable to take a nap on? just slap one of those baby’s on there and *bam* instant comfort to your face. and when your done sleeping you can use the boobs for  a dodge the boob game. :D

  51. OK, I want to win a pteranodon and try to throw it near of “Smok Wawelski” (“Wawel’s Dragon”) in Cracow and watch them fighting in the air (I bet Dragon is going to win – he has fire in his mouth) and I will stay on the ground and watch them and try not to be eatem n the end and I’m so excited… Wait wait… what was the question? Uhm, OK, so… I can use Instant boobs like a cannon balls and throw them in pteranodon if he would be going to win. Cracow’s Wawel Dragon is the best, yay!

    Paulina with very loud P ^_^

  52. I would use the instant boobs for brest cancer patients to help them feel more accepted in society.

  53. hahahahahahaha that was sooo funny lol
    erm ……. errr……..

  54. Portable pillows, yaaaay!!

  55. I would troll hungry babies >:D 

  56. I would actually paint them black and turn myself into Mickey Mouse :D

  57. I have just realized that these
    instant boobies would be the most suitable symbols for us ”Farticles”. Just
    like big bang has crown sticks, and 2NE1 has sticks with cards on them; we
    should also spread the simonandmartina love by attaching those to our
    backsides. Alright, I might have been a little inspired by the f(x) Pinocchio
    song, but hey, they look exactly like fart(s) if we could see them. F-Art FOREVA!!!

    ps: A completely other thought: I
    wonder if Martina were to put one boobie into her mouth would she be able to
    succeed in her ”moo foo” performance? kekeke

  58. I would totaly use them as bowls :)

    Sexy bowls

    AWKWARD.. :P

  59. I would use them for boobular flight :) Two lovely balloons lifting me above the Earth to help me soar through the skies. People would look up and say, “Look! There goes Boob Balloon Girl! How interestingly amazing and not sexual in the slightest way! The world is saved~” Yup…I’d be a hero with those big japanese bazonkers. Quite an inspiration. :)

  60. oh Simon, ur shirt is Fully Awesome!!!!

  61. I think  they can be used as a cushion whenever you go on a jumping castle for extra bounce or as floaters for swimming, though they might not help as much lol.

  62. Ergh, I don’t know, maybe you could use the Instant Boobies as a free condom instead? *nvm my blunt brain* :D

  63. omg i have a gay friend that would have a hay day with the ballon boobies. i think a trip to the bar with him dressed up fake boobies under his shirt hit on a guy turn around inflat boobies and hit on the same guy again and get the worst looks ever. may i point out i live in a small town and this would be so funny here.

  64.  In my quest to find something else to use the bbang bbang (bread bread) gaseum for, I thought of something brilliant! Height enhancers! Huzzah! :D
    Just place an inflatable boob onto each of your feet and have all your friends watch a you grow several inches in just a few minutes! Miraculous :D
    And then I had a lightbulb-flickering moment when I realized the balloons probably wouldn’t be able to withstand your entire body weight on them… unless maybe you’re a tiny person with barely any body weight who’s five feet tall :D in which case you’re light, and in need of some extra height, so it’s perfect! Huzzah ones again :D So, I would use this versatile Japanese invention to give to my small friend as a gift and say, “Congratulations! You can be my height now! Hooray!”
    Can i haz instant boobiez nao? ^.^

  65. I would use them to crush soda cans and make a pointless guiness world record sorta what this lady did here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2G5bldFBPY

  66. i would use them in Halloween. i would dress up as mickey mouse. i would paint them black make them my mickey mouse ears!!!!

  67. If I were to use those instant boobs, I would use them as speed bumps in the road, to save my town from having to pay a massive amount to make them…… They would be efficient…(smh), and very decorative. Then the road would grow boobs and look shmexy. :) Although I’m pretty sure they would explode from the amount of weight being pressed on them by the cars, but oh well. I’m sure our town could then use them as grenade’s. BA-BANG BANG :D LOL

  68. im almost too afraid to enter this contest… haha ><
    I would use the instant boobs for…. an asian coverup!  [: I will place them on a plate (inflated) and when my mother/brother/sister/father/other brother come by, wanting to bother me, i will simply act like im eating STEAMED. BUNS. :O They will see I am immersed in my asian culture and see how much i am enjoying myself. But when they ask for a bite, i chuck it at their head and proclaim "You've just been boobed" Thank you Japan for creating small projectiles~

  69. I could almost imagine the image you painted on having fun with that balloon. Too bad.

    Now about those boobs, I could use a couple of wrist rests while working on my computer. Any chance I could win those? =D

  70. Other than attract guys? I assume attracting girls is too obvious?
    But no, I like multi purpose things (minimizes clutter and all that), so besides cross-dressing dads and not-yet-there daughters, I bet they could be used as floaties for kids in the pool, and they would be great for floating around and chilling the punch bowl in the hot summer (you did say the got cold, right?? If not, nix this part :D), and what would be better than a boob to help you puff up that ’50s hairstyle?? And you wouldn’t need to use the bottom of a glass to shape your nutty/sugary dessert basket thingies if you had boobs to throw them over! 
    Speaking of which, I have to make those basket in the near future…. ;P

  71. “No wonder you’re extinct!” “Silent P is the dumbest letter out there.” “Not only am I disappointed, I’m wet…and uncomfortable…” and “Pterrible with a silent P” should be made into t-shirts!

  72. I will use it with my friends to con creepy old guys on Chatroulette… It’s going to be epic to see their faces..

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