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January 29, 2014


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Holy smokes! Look at me writing a blog post! I feel like I haven’t done that in ages. This vacation was weird. It was our first real vacation since we opened up the studio in January of last year, and it felt weird not doing video or website stuff for so long. The studio’s not fully open yet. Soo Zee’s still off until February, but that’s not too far away!

Anyhow, for the packages today, special thanks to:

RYEOOOORYEEEEOOO, Audrey, Vicky, Dainese from Singapore
Joanne and Katrina from Canada

Ah! Sorry for the bad quality! But at least it didn’t kick us out, right? That’s a first. The quality was bad, I think, because we were uploading a video on YouTube, and our Dropbox was syncing videos as well, so as soon as we turned all of that off and had a one-on-one with our internet and the LiveChat, the LiveChat started doing better. Speaking of the video we were uploading:

Anyhow, we came back to Korea to a lot of generous packages, but we felt guilty because we couldn’t open all of the packages we had BEFORE going to Canada, and now the amount of packages we have is greater than before. So we decided to film us opening the packages on their own without a LiveChat, simply because doing so many LiveChats for all of the packages would have us doing LiveChats every day of the week. So here’s us opening a few packages on our own. We’ll do another video of some more pre-vacation packages soon as well. We’ve just got a bunch of things we’re pre-filming. Till then, special thanks to:

Jamie from Newport
Sherry from Maryland
Alison & Annue from SW Oklahoma City
Victor from Vancouver
Maro-ssi from Greece

Why pre-film, some of you might ask? Well, we know our schedule is always crazy. We haven’t even started back on regular hours yet and we’ve already got one interview almost confirmed, one trip to Japan set, and one ULTRA HUGE thing that we’re working on as well. And that usually means that some videos get lost in the process. And we don’t want to do that, so we figure it’s best to get as many videos ready beforehand, rather than filming everything last minute, you know? It makes us more…….responsible? Well, let’s see how long that lasts before we get back into weird habits.

Otherwise, YAY! Welcome back to Eatyourkimchi, to Simon, Martina, Spudgy, Meemers, Leigh, Soo Zee, rarely DW, a few kpop people from time to time, and a bunch of Nasties! If you’re new, hope to see you around here more; if you’ve been here for a while, thanks for coming back!



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