Holy smokes! Look at me writing a blog post! I feel like I haven’t done that in ages. This vacation was weird. It was our first real vacation since we opened up the studio in January of last year, and it felt weird not doing video or website stuff for so long. The studio’s not fully open yet. Soo Zee’s still off until February, but that’s not too far away!

Anyhow, for the packages today, special thanks to:

RYEOOOORYEEEEOOO, Audrey, Vicky, Dainese from Singapore
Joanne and Katrina from Canada

Ah! Sorry for the bad quality! But at least it didn’t kick us out, right? That’s a first. The quality was bad, I think, because we were uploading a video on YouTube, and our Dropbox was syncing videos as well, so as soon as we turned all of that off and had a one-on-one with our internet and the LiveChat, the LiveChat started doing better. Speaking of the video we were uploading:


Anyhow, we came back to Korea to a lot of generous packages, but we felt guilty because we couldn’t open all of the packages we had BEFORE going to Canada, and now the amount of packages we have is greater than before. So we decided to film us opening the packages on their own without a LiveChat, simply because doing so many LiveChats for all of the packages would have us doing LiveChats every day of the week. So here’s us opening a few packages on our own. We’ll do another video of some more pre-vacation packages soon as well. We’ve just got a bunch of things we’re pre-filming. Till then, special thanks to:

Jamie from Newport
Sherry from Maryland
Alison & Annue from SW Oklahoma City
Victor from Vancouver
Maro-ssi from Greece

Why pre-film, some of you might ask? Well, we know our schedule is always crazy. We haven’t even started back on regular hours yet and we’ve already got one interview almost confirmed, one trip to Japan set, and one ULTRA HUGE thing that we’re working on as well. And that usually means that some videos get lost in the process. And we don’t want to do that, so we figure it’s best to get as many videos ready beforehand, rather than filming everything last minute, you know? It makes us more…….responsible? Well, let’s see how long that lasts before we get back into weird habits.

Otherwise, YAY! Welcome back to Eatyourkimchi, to Simon, Martina, Spudgy, Meemers, Leigh, Soo Zee, rarely DW, a few kpop people from time to time, and a bunch of Nasties! If you’re new, hope to see you around here more; if you’ve been here for a while, thanks for coming back!

  1. hi guise! When will the next live stream be? I want to make sure my package got there.

  2. Ooh Ooh Ooh do more box openings!

  3. S&M I believe a myself and a group of friends are getting together to send you a package. May I ask what size t-shirts you guys wear? x x x

  4. funny thing was….while watching the opening of the boxes, I was in my pajamas, while my daughter was doing her homework, and we were eating lollipops. haha (yea so we watched this late so. january sucked majorly….)


    Haha, the ass-less sexy pants! For going over doorways! I put the one we have over our balcony door, it’s great since we have no screen door, it helps the wasps figure out to stay out of the apartment!! :D

  6. You guise are going to JAPAN!!!!! AWESOME!!!!
    i can already see Martina’s face when she sees all of the Sailor Moon merchandise being released this year!!!!

    Hey Martina! You’ve heard about the new SailorMoon anime that is coming out in July?!?!?!?!?!?

    (from what i read, they are going to start from scratch and will different from before!!!!)

  7. Why in KMM TVXQ and Rain’s videos are in 70 when the got more vote than the GOT7 (at least TVXQ with 10200 vote just in vote with out count the fb, twitter, google+ and coments)?? Did you guys move them to the button?? I hope someone can tell me about this =S

  8. That moment when you can’t tell if your computer is lagging or if the recording had been. XD

  9. you can take a selfie without your hands! A webcam or tripod and a timer!

  10. When Simon mentioned about talking selfies with your feet, all I could think of is that picture of a female idol who was doing JUST that XD lol x x x

  11. Being that you are YouTube partners and all, do you think you can get some training from the mother ship on how to go live without all this thrashing about? After the Quattuordecillion-th time, it gets irritating. Just letting you know.

    • I’ve asked the YouTube mothership MANY times. So…so many things just go wrong so many times…

      • one idea would be to setup a cellphone to monitor the feed off the cell network (not on the office wifi) with one person on an earbud.. Open with an empty shot of the room. once the video is acquired on the phone then the non-earbud person says something like “our live chat with start in just a moment.” If you have video and audio, earbud person rips the bud out, gives the high sign and you both step on screen.

  12. Yay, your back! Even though I’ve been too busy to check, I’m glad I didn’t miss anything! Moving is stressful…speaking of which, how difficult was it to move to Korea, regarding visas, finding work and leaving behind friends and family? This year I am completing my cert 4 in TESOL and I am thinking about working abroad, hopefully in Korea. Hopefully you can answer this :)

  13. Aaaa, missed you two so much!! I started just after new years to check out your old videos, because I’ll be in Korea IN TWO MONTHS!! Landing in Seoul March 24th, staying until June ^^ So I’ve started to write down all the places you have recommended (not you toast cafĂ©!), cause I’m gonna get FAT with all the Korean food you guise have tortured me with your jummy videos!

  14. I know you have heard this a million times! But we all missed you guys!! Seriously EYK withdraws. It’s worse, now that I have my guy hooked on watching too. Hope you guys had an amazing holiday!

  15. Yay! I’m so glad you’re back. I’ve been checking in every few days. I for realzies tried to watch the livechat vid but the quality hurt my feelings. So I just switched to another window and listened to the audio for a while. S&M fighting!

  16. Simon you looked so shiny today. Pixels give you an extra glow aparently.
    Missed you guys! So glad you’re back, I’ve missed your shenanigans! However I do not appreciate that I now have Rain’s song stuck in my head. I’ve only heard it once!

  17. Not great video quality :/ Can you go back to the old youtube streaming

  18. Ok couple things:

    1) Martina mentioned working at All Fired Up pottery studio in the Kimbap FapFap! Hardcore Nasties know this. (psh not that i’ve watched it a million times….)

    2) Please use those masks to dance around next Chuseok.

    3) It took a few months to cure my cat of pooping out of the box, i put a litter box in the places my cat liked to poo, and then i switched to a box with a lid on it so she was a bit trapped and I cured her!

    4) *bursts out crying* I MISSED YOU DON”T LEAVE US FOR SO LONG!!! And I hope you enjoyed your trip to Canada.

    • Hahaha! I had no idea that we mentioned it before. Ha! That’s a great memory you have. I can barely remember my own phone number!

      • It’s easy to remember cause Martina made a little song about it…

      • Well it’s easy to remember when Martina makes a little song about it-

        “This is really toasty and makes my fingers burn a little
        but that’s ok cause i worked in a pottery studio
        so my fingers are like oven mittens!
        thank you All Fired Up
        located in Etobicoke for pottery fun
        pretty sure I still remember the phone number
        416-233..don’t remember the rest i lied….”

        ….The point is I missed you…

  19. So happy Ya’ll are back!!!! ^_^

  20. We would have also loved to have heard more stories about your vacation! Especially about how was the Black Out and stuff! ^0^

  21. I really missed you guys! I’ve been watching some of your older videos just so I could get my EYK fix. I also watched the live chat today. :) I’m glad you guys are back.

  22. I missed you guys so much!! Welcome back :)

  23. omg i missed you guise so much, hope you had a very relaxing, family filled vacation. lots of frozen love from within the depths of the deep freeze in New York City.

  24. Damnnn! I didn’t know that there was going to be a live chat :(… Big Love from tiny Malta

  25. Have you guys ever thought of doing a live chat at a time that’s suitable for US and Canadian nasties? I never get to watch these. :( I’m pretty sure the last time I watched a live chat was a year ago.

  26. I couldn’t handle the livechat because of the quality but I watched the extra unwrapping video and THE OCC LIP TAR IS MY FAVORITE LIP COLOR EVER. Those little tubes will last about 10 years. At least. Even if you used it every single day because you only need the smallest dot on a brush to cover your entire face. Super jells.

  27. I want to kick myself! Can’t believe I missed it! I knew I should have set my alarm with so much on my mind.

    P.S. Welcome back!!!

  28. So I’m totally wearing pyjamas eating from a bowl while doing homework and my room is in a state of half cleaned… Martina you’re scaring me!

  29. HEY GUISE!!! MARO-SSI HERE!!! <3 <3
    Thanks for opening my fanmail even if this wasn't done live…
    Inside the babble wrap there are some extra (tiny) gifts for all of you, not just SooZee… I guess you might have figured that by now… Or else just unwrap them! <3
    As for the illustration, I hope you'll like it… :) And hope to hear from you…. TAKE CARE my nasties!!!! *hugz* ^_^

    P.S. Sorry the letter was SO huge…

  30. Any Vancouver area nasties out there like Katrina, toss me a note on twitter @TheOneDeej

  31. Welcome back! I missed you guys so much!!! And I understand why you’d want to record a bunch of things ahead of time. I would go crazy making videos at the last minute (though I suspect that’s exactly what I’d do if I made videos XD )

    Super glad you’re back! :D

  33. I looked up how to fix your Peep problem and discovered that you should microwave them (next door at the convenience store of course) for about 20 seconds and just before they explode, pull them out and eat them. Or, cut them up and add them to a hot beverage (tea since they’re lemonade flavored).

  34. Hey guys! I’m so happy that you got something up, because crappy quality is at least something and better than nothing at all. I enjoyed the fluffy bunnies very much, my friend is the queen of them though. She can stuff around nineteen in her mouth. (IDK how she does it!) Anywhoodledoodlepoodle, can you tell me if a package from New Zealand arrived, just so I know that it got there safely? Thanks!

  35. Welcome back you guys! You have been greatly missed!

    I have a question for you all regarding your Live Chats. First off, where does the most traffic from your site come from? I would imagine its the US and or Canada simply because its a bigger population and it usually always is the US. If it is, I want to know if you guys have considered doing your live chats at a different time before. You all seem to always do that in the afternoon Korean time but that falls in the wee hours of the morning here in the US/North America. If the US is your biggest demographic, have you guys considered doing them just a little bit earlier for us? Maybe you guys can alternative depending on the fanb packages you get by doing live chats earlier when there are more North America ones and later when there are more from other countries.

  36. I missed it! We had a freezing rain storm that cut the power off! So sad because I woke up for it. And, Martina, I do agree so much that white chocolate isn’t really chocolate. It’s BLASPHEMY!

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