I originally bought this hair treatment with the intention of doing a WTF with it because it just seemed like a wonderful find. But after reading the instructions I realized it would be pretty hard to accomplish that on camera at the studio. No shower and all! What was I thinking? Well now it’s an Open The Happy find! WAHOO! There are so many neat things coming out in Korea cosmetic wise that I really want to be able to do more product reviews. I just saw a Dust Off spray or something like that at Etude House which is supposed to be able to keep off pollen and yellow dust. HRM. But this will become an expensive habit if I’m just buying stuff to try and then finding out I hate it…so luckily I didn’t hate this mask! YEAH!!!

Okay, so as I mentioned in the video, I think this treatment is good for people who find that oil treatments are too heavy for their hair. I remember the first time I tried to do an intensive coconut oil hair treatment. Even with my current level of hair damage (due to everyday hair drying and the bleaching for the pink) the coconut oil was just too intense for my hair. I ended up with heavy flat hair, that looked smoooooooth but also greasy. I was like, Snape 2.0 without the scowl and magical abilities. So I wasn’t like Snape at all. But I wish I was like Snape ‘cause he has some serious eye stare abilities. And he’s a wizard. Okay, focus Martina, focus.

So yes, those of you with fine wimpy hair like me, or those of you with just normal – not great hair damage, I think this mask would be great. I left it in longer than 15 minutes out of pure neglect because I was watching a TV show, but it didn’t seem to cause any problems. I also tossed the hair dryer on my hair while under the cap because I also find heat and hair treatments to go hand in hand. Who knows if it helped out? All I know is I usually can’t brush through my hair after a shower if I don’t super duper condition it. Since this hair mask was the only product I put in my hair after shampooing, I was very hesitant. I actually considered adding conditioner to my hair after I rinsed out the mask but in the end thought that wouldn’t be a very fair test. So science fair project of me, right? Just picture a colourful poster board below.

Project Title: Will The Hair Mask Suck?
My Hypothesis: the hair mask will suck.
Testing My Hypothesis: use the hair mask.
Conclusion: the hair mask did not suck.

A++ right there people! I’ll even include some diagrams of me ripping the mask open. I’ll even demonstrate my hair washing abilities with a barbie doll in a bathing suit and a mini shower equipped with real water through a squeeze tube. This is getting out of control. I just really liked science fair projects and was very good at them. Kindof want to enter a science fair project again now…

OKAY so that’s my story! Anyone else use this hair mask and have anything to say about it? Do you guise know my feel about oils being too heavy for your hair or do you have think and supple hair that can take it? My hair is SO fine that even gel and hairspray can murder the curl out of my hair. Hours of hair curling murdered by one bad spray.

Also, we’re publishing this now because our Music Monday is going to be a bit delayed, as some people might already know. It’ll be out tomorrow early afternoon. We didn’t want today to be totally empty, though, so hopefully you’re ok with this video. And, if you like it, you can always subscribe for more, you know?

  1. Or can you do a list of recommended products you should buy. This will help so I don’t buy the whole store! I cannot thank you enough!

  2. Dear Martina,

    I am coming to Seoul during the summer and I can’t wait to check out Etude House. Can you please do an etude house favorites video? Thanks

  3. i’m using the same product too now..it feels good after the whole treatment..i think u guise can review bout the foot mask from etude too.

  4. The oh so familiae sound of a kakaotalk message ^^

    It seems nice though (the product, not kt, even though I love that ~~), I saw it when I was in Hong Kong ^^

  5. It’s not good to be washing your hair every day.

    Try a dry shampoo (http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/best-worst-dry-shampoo) or when you do wash your hair in the shower, use a little bit of baking soda. You put a small amount of the product in your hand dry, then add a few drops of water to make a paste. Then rub it into your scalp. Then another small amount, blah blah blah, until you have enough to give a coating on your scalp. Scrub it in like you would if you were using shampoo. Rinse, then you’re suppose to use an apple cider vinegar/water rinse to the ENDS of the hair. I have super oily hair and found this helps keep down the damage and also i don’t have to wash so often. This is a trial and error thing but using less is better, you can always add more ;) I like this because it’s cheap, or at least cheap in North America….

    Hopefully you’ll find something to help out your hair. Girls’ hair is important to us!

  6. Wow, Martina! I always love your makeup but I think you look even more beautiful without it! You actually remind me a lot of Scarlett Johansson suddenly – the face shape, cheekbones, and eyes. I swear! Very jealous.

  7. I’ve used this as well and I found it didn’t do very good for me.
    Plus I found it very inconvenient to have to STOP Your shower and dry your hair and then use this. Did not like that aspect.
    I, also, have super thick hair that is half coarse half smooth (kind of does it’s own, wild crazy curly, maybe wavy, i’m not sure) thing that is really annoying.
    However! I have found that the argan seed oil treatment that Etude house sells actually works VERY well for my hair (not the scalp unfortunately, but the hair it works wonders on) and it smells very good too.
    To keep my color vibrant I only wash my hair once every 5 to 8 days (i know, gross, to some people, and others are like ‘wtf how!?’ but it took about a year of training my hair to be able to do this. Also my hair is naturally VERY dry. hair and scalp. So even by the end I’m not very greasy. Just the bangs–anyway) . Only wash every 5 to 8 days and maybe every other week I will use the mask/treatment. If I use it two weeks in a row my hair gets TOO soft and feels like it’s going to break any second. (did that once, didn’t like it).

    I have also tried a lot of other Korean brand shampoos and conditions. ^^ I have a super dry scalp that itches and flakes (it’s not dandruff, just dry scalp) and I have found that Innisfree’s Jeju green tea shampoo and condintioner while it SMELLS very good… Just made the itchy-ness worse.
    OnL! (i think is the brand?) had some Red Gingsing intense moisture shampoo and conditioner treatment on sale.. Tried that. Works all right, but it smells like .. Earth? Dirt? when I use it.
    Lastly. The best shampoo I have found is actually Very Berry (i think?) from Tony Moly. Their hair dye also works very well! best red I have found yet.

    Anyway~! I wanted to add this too: Martina, it feels like you’re slowly, slowly, slowly making more and more of your hair pink lol. In a few years will it just all be pink? ^^

  8. So are you saying it may not be a great product for thick hair? because I have insanely thick hair and dye my hair pretty often :/

  9. I have yet to try a hair mask, as my hair sounds a lot like yours, Martina! So hard to manage with the thininess ._. *le sigh*. I love chocolate strawberry face masks though :D

  10. Yo Simon! I heard you’re playing Lightning Returns. Caius should be your last boss battle until the end, so you should go finish all the other main missions as well as a lot of side quests. You shouldn’t fight him until your magic is over 900 and your strength is at least over 800. I fought him when my strongest magic schemata was around 1300 and my strongest strength was like 1000, and he was a chew toy for me! Hope that helps :D

  11. …… Um….. PLEASE TRY LUSH PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bleach and dye my hair blue ALL of the time and I have that fine, stick straight hair as well and let me tell you, without LUSH I would have hair like hay. Try it Martina. Try it. Just do it already. Please.

  12. Between the ending of this video and the screen shots of the zits, I’m dying over here! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! :D

  13. Thank you for doing this review/demo! I would love to see more like this :)

  14. Aaah! Whenever Martina tries out a beauty product I get the urge to try it too. But alas, Etude House only exists in Korea :P

  15. Hey, Martina! Where do you get your hair bleach in Korea? Or do you still get it professionally done?

  16. i was wondering in the world of youtube and i end up in the weird side yet again HOWEVER i found a quite awesome + weird + funny + i don’t know what the hell i’m watching mv its japanese doe xD so yeah i wanted to share it.

  17. I love your open the happy videos ^^ I’m really sick today and this video made me smile (: especially the ninja escape attempts and funny sound effects (love the editing and sound in your videos~) Thank you guys! I hope Meemers is doing well!

  18. Argan oil also works miracles for the hair! It’s a bit pricey, but definitely worth it! It saved my hair after dyeing the tips blue :D

  19. this was hilarious. it made my day! :))

  20. where are the diagrams of the hair washing technique? or was that a joke? [i’d actually really like to see those; i’ve been growing my hair out from ultra short and i’m realizing i don’t remember how the hell one washes long hair ;A;] i’ve also got super fine hair, and every time i’ve tried styling my hair and spraying it, 5 minutes later it’s flat again. grumble grumble.
    hope the meemers is feeling better

  21. I LOVE hair masks! I actually love all kinds of hair products and currently have bout 6 different sets of shampoo and conditioner that I cycle through on a daily basis.

    I tried that Wen ‘cleansing conditioner’ that you’re supposed to use as shampoo and hated it! It leaves my hair flat and makes it greasy too fast. By the end of the day, my hair was one big greasy mess. yuck.

    I might have to see if I can find anything like this or ebay it! YAY!! I really do love hair masks. ^^

  22. Dumb question: I would love to try this product, but i live in Cali. Do you know if Etude House might to do international shipping?

  23. Is “Silk Scarf” a brand name, or just a weird name?

    I hope that Dr. Meemersworth feels better soon. It’s super good that you caught it early. I had a 14-year-old cat die from the same problem (in the big melamine catfood recall of 2005) because we didn’t realize she was sick and not just getting older until it was too late (she had been given special “treat” food since she had recently come out of spaying surgery and it turned out to be in the recall). Take your kitty home as soon as you can, being at home helps them get better faster and most of the time cats are just left alone in cages overnight with no one actually there supervising (despite being there for “observation”).

  24. This was the cutest video I have seen in a long time. Holy smokes, you guys >3<

  25. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH the ending killed me

  26. Hmmm… a hair mask. While I colour my hair (mine’s been greying in weird patterns since I was 19), I haven’t really considered needing a mask because it was too dry. It’s something to consider though as I get older. Dying it takes almost an hour and I do that only when needed, I’m not sure I could shower-sit and wait-shower very often. You take great care of your hair Martina! Maybe it would be great in the summer though. Also, there are a lot more chemicals in the water in some places in the world (to the point where you can’t drink tap water) so this may make it harder on your hair, or if you swim in the ocean often, I could see getting dry hair easily then. In any case, I love these videos. The ripping/brains part was so funny!

    My whole life, I found that my chin is where I get most of my pimples (I have ridiculously sensitive skin, can’t even share towels), but I also recently found that it was because I was drooling without realizing it (it’s dry when I wake up). Since I started washing my face right when I first get up (or just swiping my chin with teatree oil soap and then rinsing), I don’t get them any more. Even waiting until after breakfast is too long for some reason. Since Simon claims you drool, it might be something easy to try ;) .

  27. I’ve yet to have chance to watch the video, but did read the blog, funny how that worked out. Anywho, heat helps to open up the hair follicles and allows the conditioner or oil treatment to better be absorbed into the hair. I’ve had a few hair stylist tell me this and they have recommended before that when you condition your hair do it with warm water and when you’re done hit with a moment of cold water to close the hair follicles back up. Like the reverse of why you shouldn’t use hot water on recently dyed hair.

  28. I just use this thing on occasion. Don’t ask me what it is, because I have no idea. It just says that it’s a hair mask for shine and deeply moisturising with coconut and hibiscus. All you have to do is, after washing your hair, apply it like you would conditioner (massage), leave it in for 2 minutes and then wash it out. It worked like a charm for me, but I also just have hair that’s naturally really silky and soft, so it ends up nicely after just using conditioner, as well… Hohoho~

  29. On my part I really love using Lush’s haire treatments. I use the Jasmine & henna fluff eaze. It makes my hair soooo soft, shiny and control my curls, waves, straight hair (because it seems like my head can’t decide what it wants). And the smell. . . I love it ! my hair smell jasmine for daaaays <3. I guess the Marilyn hair treatment for blonds would be a fit for you :P

  30. Simon’s rant in the description box is always something to look forward to each time Martina posts a beauty related video. XD

  31. My mother is a professional hair stylist and she always put the client under the dryer for about 30 minutes while conditioning or doing a protein treatment. Also DON’T RINSE YOUR HAIR WITH HOT OR WARM WATER IT WILL STRIP THE CONDITIONER instead use cold or lukewarm it will fuse the conditioner.

  32. Im from texas, the heat and humidity alone kill my hair. I have yet to find any good hair treatments, glad you were able to find one that works for you. Sending good vibes to meemers, cant wait to hear more news about him…Go Meemers!!!!

  33. i think i heard a ‘KATALK’ in that video…
    hehe that ending!

  34. use an oil treatment (coconut oil, hot oil, whatever) overnight and in the morning wash your hair with either clarifying shampoo or if you don’t have one (anyone who regularly uses hair products should tho!) wash your hair twice with your current shampoo! follow with a very light conditioner (or possibly none at all depending on how it is!) depending how fast your hair gets oily you may have to wash it again as soon as the following morning to get the last of the oilyness from the treatment out but you still get the benefits :3 nature republic has an aloe gel (for like 4,000won) that i like to use on my scalp when it’s acting up! just pure coconut oil is also great! also mixing raw egg, mayo, and honey together is a really intense treatment! tho egg alone will do the trick :3 adding a mushed banana can be great too but it is notoriously annoying to get out haha
    but since you’ve recently dyed your hair i would suggest trying an egg treatment! :3
    since you guys film like everyday it may be difficult, but even going on like a 3 day binge of hair treatments (even if it’s just coconut oil) will make a huuuuuge difference! :3
    there’s tons of other natural remedies to scour on youtube where the ingredients are easy to find at the local supermarket~ i don’t trust treatments from stores tbh, unless they cost a pretty penny (like salon quality)! but i’m also kind of a hair snob so :l haha

  35. Hello! I tried that mask a month ago. My hair is super dry and even damaged so when I bought this I thought it will become healthier. So I put this mask on my head (which smells sooooooooo good) and when I removed it my hair was soft and shiny. BUT it doesn’t last forever… 1 week later it was again damaged and dry. I think you need to use this at least once a week to have really good results.

  36. Can i just say i totally love videos involving your hair, like the one where you showed us how you dyed your hair pink, because i think i am in love with your hair. It always looks perfect! @_@
    I made the poor decision to cut off all of my hair, and now i spend most of my time oogling other people with long hair while i wait for mine to grow back again.

  37. The 47 failed attempts to jump out of frame were hilarious!

    BTW you failed because forgot to say “NaNaNaNaNaNaa” as you did it.

  38. I really want to know what the idols us for their hair.. Especially Snsd, it’s always really shiny. And I want to know what kind of extensions CL and Bom use..

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