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Review: Etude House Silk Scarf

April 7, 2014


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I originally bought this hair treatment with the intention of doing a WTF with it because it just seemed like a wonderful find. But after reading the instructions I realized it would be pretty hard to accomplish that on camera at the studio. No shower and all! What was I thinking? Well now it’s an Open The Happy find! WAHOO! There are so many neat things coming out in Korea cosmetic wise that I really want to be able to do more product reviews. I just saw a Dust Off spray or something like that at Etude House which is supposed to be able to keep off pollen and yellow dust. HRM. But this will become an expensive habit if I’m just buying stuff to try and then finding out I hate it…so luckily I didn’t hate this mask! YEAH!!!

Okay, so as I mentioned in the video, I think this treatment is good for people who find that oil treatments are too heavy for their hair. I remember the first time I tried to do an intensive coconut oil hair treatment. Even with my current level of hair damage (due to everyday hair drying and the bleaching for the pink) the coconut oil was just too intense for my hair. I ended up with heavy flat hair, that looked smoooooooth but also greasy. I was like, Snape 2.0 without the scowl and magical abilities. So I wasn’t like Snape at all. But I wish I was like Snape ‘cause he has some serious eye stare abilities. And he’s a wizard. Okay, focus Martina, focus.

So yes, those of you with fine wimpy hair like me, or those of you with just normal – not great hair damage, I think this mask would be great. I left it in longer than 15 minutes out of pure neglect because I was watching a TV show, but it didn’t seem to cause any problems. I also tossed the hair dryer on my hair while under the cap because I also find heat and hair treatments to go hand in hand. Who knows if it helped out? All I know is I usually can’t brush through my hair after a shower if I don’t super duper condition it. Since this hair mask was the only product I put in my hair after shampooing, I was very hesitant. I actually considered adding conditioner to my hair after I rinsed out the mask but in the end thought that wouldn’t be a very fair test. So science fair project of me, right? Just picture a colourful poster board below.

Project Title: Will The Hair Mask Suck?
My Hypothesis: the hair mask will suck.
Testing My Hypothesis: use the hair mask.
Conclusion: the hair mask did not suck.

A++ right there people! I’ll even include some diagrams of me ripping the mask open. I’ll even demonstrate my hair washing abilities with a barbie doll in a bathing suit and a mini shower equipped with real water through a squeeze tube. This is getting out of control. I just really liked science fair projects and was very good at them. Kindof want to enter a science fair project again now…

OKAY so that’s my story! Anyone else use this hair mask and have anything to say about it? Do you guise know my feel about oils being too heavy for your hair or do you have think and supple hair that can take it? My hair is SO fine that even gel and hairspray can murder the curl out of my hair. Hours of hair curling murdered by one bad spray.

Also, we’re publishing this now because our Music Monday is going to be a bit delayed, as some people might already know. It’ll be out tomorrow early afternoon. We didn’t want today to be totally empty, though, so hopefully you’re ok with this video. And, if you like it, you can always subscribe for more, you know?



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