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Riding the Garden Taxi

May 9, 2013


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Ok! So this is a bit of a more bizarre WANK, and one that very few people will be able to experience themselves if they come to Korea. We didn’t even know about it until Daily Planet contacted us like “hay we wanna make a video with you about this in Korea” and we were like “THIS EXISTS IN KOREA?!”

So, yes, this taxi driver has pimped his ride in a very bizarre manner. He put a noraebang in it. He put in massage chairs. He put in a fountain with a garden. And you wouldn’t even be able to tell from looking at the outside of his taxi, because it looks like just any old taxi. I’m sure that if he had a more conspicuous taxi people would be like “I ain’t gotta go anywhere but I’ll sure as hell get in the taxi for…umm, to go up the street!”

It was a lovely experience. Taxi rides are usually very stressful for us. They drive like freaking maniacs a lot of the time. We’re always like “why is our car moving so much faster than all the other cars?” with rare exception. This taxi ride, though, was totally smooth and relaxing. No rush, no fuss, no muss, just lovely, smooth driving with a sweet old man singing us songs we don’t understand. That happened once to us a while ago, back when we did that shoot with Groove Magazine. No, there wasn’t a garden, but a sweet old man sang traditional Korean music in notes a bit louder than whispers. He didn’t sing for us. He didn’t sing to us. He sang for himself, beautifully, and we were lucky to be in the car with him. I don’t remember much more about it because we dozed off so freaking hardcore, but I remember waking up when we got to the location and not wanting to get out of the car. This Garden Taxi had more razzle dazzle than that taxi, which was completely unadorned, but the feeling of having the most relaxing and enjoyable taxi ride of our lives was definitely there, compared to the bad taxis we usually get.

Ok, now that story time’s over, there’s going to be Asia Tech Week on Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel Canada. It’s going to air from Monday to Friday as of next week. It should run anywhere between 4 and 7 PM, depending on your city and time zone. Point is, we’re on TV yo! We, ourselves, won’t be able to see the program, but if you do happen to watch it on TV let us know! Send us picture or something or TIVO it or pull out your iPhones and show it to us! We don’t have access to Canadian TV!

I think it might also be on the Daily Planet Website afterwards, for those of you non-Canadian Nasties. We’re going to be asleep when it airs – Canadian evenings are Korean mornings for us, and we don’t wake up till the PM, so we won’t know till afterwards. We’ll check in Tuesday morning our time to see if it’s up.

Side note: thanks to the Discovery Channel team for being so professional. Whenever we shoot things with TV shows, they’re usually like “we’d like to film for an hour” then film for gortdamned three, and then ask for more, regardless of if we have a schedule to keep or not. Daily Planet here was in and out exactly when they said they’d be, and – for people like us who don’t have free time to do anything – we really appreciate it. Really. Thanks guise!

Also, we’ve got a few extra scenes just if you’re curious :D



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