A long time ago we wrote briefly about Martina’s maddening experience with buying rubber gloves. Essentially, Martina wanted rubber gloves for washing the dishes, because her hands dry out too much or some other girly reason along those lines. She bought a pack. They weren’t good. Then she had to buy another pack. No difference at all. Then she had to buy a third pack. What’s wrong with all of the rubber gloves in Korea, you ask? It could be our own fault for not being able to read Korean, or it could be HomePlus’ fault for ridiculously selling only one glove at a time (honestly! Who needs only one glove, apart from people with only one hand, of course!).

  1. hmmm… a single glove? that is odd but then again I only use one rubber glove when making large batches of kimchi. You'd typically only need one hand to be covered which you'd use to mix the chili base with the vegetables and you'd have a clean hand to maneuver as needed. That is just the way I do it but my guess is that many Korean household also only need one glove for this use.

  2. You could have turned the other one inside out:P

  3. That's odd.

    They supposed to sale a package of two pairs..

    I guess… That package of only one rubber glove is…. for the … kinda re-fill thing?

    When one pair is teared apart… or something.. its just my guess. ^^;

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