Huzzah! A few days ago we posted our behind the scenes footage for our episode of Running Man along with out chat with Nichkhun, but we didn’t post the video because, well, we didn’t have the video. And we can’t post it on our YouTube page anyways because of copyright infringement. So thanks to kjkglobal76 for putting it on their Dailymotion page instead! Sweet! Now we know what they were saying on the show! Our part starts around the 5:30 mark.

We’ve had some people ask about our impressions of the food, and whether we actually liked it or not. To be honest, the food wasn’t really good at all. In fact, it was quite bad. We didn’t mind, though, because the whole even was quite fun, and we were laughing most of the time as well. Also, I’m pretty sure that if the everyone making the food could do so under more reasonable conditions (like, not at 4AM with no prep time or idea of what they’re gonna cook beforehand) they could have done a better job. And, hell, they’re celebrities! Celebrities shouldn’t have to cook for themselves!

On a side note, we kept on trying to say our site’s name as much as possible. When someone put out the Kimchi, we said “oh we should eat your kimchi” like five times, but it was cut out. Bummer. Couldn’t stop Simon from wearing the Spudgy Shirt, though. Viva La Spudgy!

EDIT: The video is dead now, but here’s another source for it.

  1. I couldn’t get the video in the link to play but I managed to find the whole episode subbed in HD on youtube.

  2. It was really shocking, because I didn’t know about this at all, but I just so happen to be watching Running Man from the beginning and suddenly saw Martina and almost had a heart attack

  3. I was watching the episode, and then I saw you two and freaked out! So I automatically had to Google it, to see if I was just hallucinating or not…

    And I know that that this article is really old, but OH MY GOODNESS! What was Song Joong Ki like!?

  4. Hey, not to complain but id like to see the episode.  But the video does not work.  Please?

  5. I just saw you on Running Man.  Completely surprised and delighted to see you.  Then I thought I must really be obsessed with Korean entertainment if I recognize all the guests.  So lucky to be on the show- you’re living out my fantasies.

  6. it’s episode 19, just search on youtube for it. 

  7. i just pulled up the vid and its gone! nooooooo

  8. OMG! I recently became a fan of running man…  and I was just viewing episodes when you two came out! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was like, That looks like Simon, omg! IT IS SIMON! and MARTINA! XD I’m so happy right now

  9. I didn’t know it was you guys in the episode :O Running Man is so much fun to watch :D

  10. The video above doesn’t work, but I found this http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/v1/yW/r/reIZTdNTHIS.swf?v=479744671181&ev=0

    they come in at around 18:50 mark. Sorry if I’m not aloud the post links =X Just delete.

  11. meeeeeesh! I can’t watch it D:< It's like a black box, no video TT_TT

  12. I totally forgot you guys did this! See you did this before I even knew who Nichkhun was or what awesome shows Korea has. I’m now completely addicted. You guys live such awesome lives! =)


  14. where can i watch whole episodes of runnimg man?

  15. I just checked your How to Dance Kpop Style 2010 and I thought you guys looked really familiar! LOL now I know because I had watched Running Man before! Wow you guys are really famous but I kind of feel bad for you because the food really didn't seem good, though the episode was hilarious.

  16. This was a really funny episode! Kwangsoo is the funniest for me! Nichkhun should definitely speak English more on shows, he totally deserves a 5 ;)

    I hope you don't mind that I feature this again on my blog (your Nichkhun experience) — I also asked permission before to post your KPop dance videos :) Anyhow, a very merry Christmas to you both!

  17. haha just finished watching that episode ( i had no idea you guys were gonna be in it) and i was like just WOW hey i know these two!!!! :D

    did you guys really film that late?

  18. Haha ! i really enjoy that episode of Running Man ! When the red team said "Sauce is life" , yellow team saying their food name is "kimchi octopus flour" and HaHa saying that the meat is not the main thing of the dish , it's freaking funny ! I hope i was there .. did you manage to speak to the other members ?

  19. This was excellent. Thank you for sharing I quite watching the teams compete and the judges taste the food.

  20. XD Love Running Man, even though I've only seen one episode, but still. WOW You got to go on something that I've heard of. But 3 hours in early morning ouch… T_T It's not easy being famous. Haha. But lol, Martina, I love how to told Simon to put more sauce on it. Was the sauce really spicy?
    At 08:15 I was reading the Viva la Spudgy shirt the whole time.
    “oh we should eat your kimchi” Sounds like joke they would've like if only they knew your blog name. Plus it sounded chaotic, the random English & rooting.
    Mhm, so funny. ^^ Congrats on being guests to a variety show. kekeke

  21. I love that show!!!
    and OMG u guys were awesome XD

  22. Omg, that was epic :D! Nickhun's team won ^ ^ Woooot~ It was great seeing you 2 on, keep on the good work<3

  23. u guys r sooo lucky!!! gonna become famous!!!!!

  24. Wow, you guys are so lucky and your expressions are priceless. I hope you have more chances in the future to do more things like this, and let them know that people outside of Korea love Korea more than they think ^^.
    After watching all your videos, it makes me want to go to Korea even more ^o^

  25. waaah~
    You both were looking so good there :D So exciting XD it was so lol to hear matina's voice as well as jaesuk's at the same time XD its awesome!!!! :D
    Im so glad you got to be on this show XD :D Martina when you told simon to dip more the meat on the sauce it was so funny ;D You guys've got talent for this ;D If you knew fluent korean you'd be perfect regulars haha :D

    Fighting!! :D

  26. You guys are probably the coolest English Teaching Couple in Korea right now!! There aren't many student who can say there teacher talked to all those famous people and got into exclusive shoots^^. I watched the running episode recently, it was really cool seeing you guys on tv. I also told some my kids repeatedly that I got the games they play from you guys!! haha =D

  27. LOL XD that was hillarious, I was laughing so hard XD I thought that the way that everyone was trying make their dishes sound amazing was funny and when they were trying to talk to you guys in english. I also love all your reactions to the food XD. That was so awesome to see you guys on that show and judging the food. Congrats for getting on :)

  28. I was watching this show on Saturday with my Korean family and when i saw you two i flipped out, lol! You guys are practically celebrities now! I'm so jealous~

  29. wow that's awesome! running man is a pretty popular show right? oh man, i love yoo jaesuk. and this is mainly directed towards martina: was song joongki as cute as he looks on screen? (:

  30. that was funny. I was surprised to see the blue team win, since it seemed as though the judges enjoyed the yellow's team food more.

  31. Oh my gawd, that was hilarious. I have to watch it again! You guys are great! <3

  32. jennifer's korean is good

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