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Samchi Gui and Budaejjigae

March 15, 2012


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So some of you might be surprised we are FapFaping and not WANKing today. Well we’re going on vacation at the end of the week and we’re so crazy busy trying to set up a Spudgy sitter and pre-film our playlists and so on, so we realized we just didn’t have enough time to properly WANK. You don’t want to rush our WANKing right? Also, we have an opinion to ask of you fellow blog readers. We’ve been getting a lot of requests to keep the FapFap segment so we’re thinking of doing WANKing one week and FapFaping the next. What do you think? I know we do a bit of eating in our WANKing but it’s not nearly as detailed as when we FapFap, but we don’t want people to feel bored by our eating only videos. I don’t know! Let us know what you think!

Forward ho!!!! Today we went for grilled fish which is basically a gutted fish that is grilled under a super hot salamander and served with a watered down wasabi sauce and soy sauce. It’s so simple and so unbelievable delicious but it took us over two years to actually sit down and order one. The reason why is that Korean seafood restaurants are really intimidating. We can honestly say we’ve never seen English on the menu, and trying to translate Korean seafood into English can be daunting. I essentially had to drag a Korean friend to a seafood restaurant and take out my notebook to write down all the possible translations everything on the menu could be. On top of that, half the seafood items I have never seen or heard of in my life. Let me tell you, Koreans are a resourceful people who could create wonderful meals even if you dumped them in the woods with nothing. There should be a reality TV show on gourmet Korean grandmas fishing in the ocean and preparing stuff you’ve never seen before. Now the reason why it’s so intimidating is that not all the seafood is delicious, I know, everyone has their own opinion, and our opinion is that things that taste like peroxide should not be consumed willfully. Remember this TL;DR a while back? I talked about that terrifying fish…anyways, the point today is not about terrifying fish, but sinfully delicious ones.

Going to a place that grills fish has a similar level of intimidation because we used to be unable to know what to order, but after fumbling around and making bad decisions, we’ve found restaurants like the Bear-Nom-Beaver-Friend. Yes, that is what we call it, and if you’re wondering why we call it that, we’ll explain at the end of the video today. Epic battle. There are only two types of fish on the menu, and after various searches on google we came up with Japanese Spanish Mackerel and just plain ol’ Mackerel. We prefer the first one because it takes really buttery and just falls apart, almost like it’s been poached in a salted butter but it hasn’t even been seasoned. Just grilled to perfection. The other mackerel is good as well, but it’s a much firmer fish and has that fishy tasting aftertaste. I can just hear some people going, “um don’t all fish taste fishy” but they don’t all taste fishy. Some of them have their own distinct flavour, like salmon or tuna. I know this because my mom (Martina here) is a pescetarian, one whose diet contains seafood but not meat, so I’ve tasted a lot of different types of fish in my small lifetime. I’ve also smelt a lot of fish being cooked in my house, so it’s nice to be able to go to a restaurant and have someone make the fish for you.

Fish Restaurant Menu

Fish Restaurant Menu: click to see it in full size

I don’t really want to say anymore about this since it’ll give away the whole video (spoiler: we nom fish) but we wanted to make this video to encourage more people visiting or living in Korean to adventure out and eat more then just the typical dishes that are advertised (i.e.: bibimbap and bulgogi). I translated the menu so hopefully it will help you be less discouraged, and to those of you that already love eating this fish, HUZZAH! Let’s drink soju and eat fish together! :D

And lastly, what good is a video if there are no bloopers?! Of course there’s some silly stuff we excluded. There was a woman with a bird on her shoulder behind us, and we were amazed that she had a bird on her shoulder, but then it got loose and she started chasing it and…yeah. Fun times :D



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