So some of you might be surprised we are FapFaping and not WANKing today. Well we’re going on vacation at the end of the week and we’re so crazy busy trying to set up a Spudgy sitter and pre-film our playlists and so on, so we realized we just didn’t have enough time to properly WANK. You don’t want to rush our WANKing right? Also, we have an opinion to ask of you fellow blog readers. We’ve been getting a lot of requests to keep the FapFap segment so we’re thinking of doing WANKing one week and FapFaping the next. What do you think? I know we do a bit of eating in our WANKing but it’s not nearly as detailed as when we FapFap, but we don’t want people to feel bored by our eating only videos. I don’t know! Let us know what you think!

Forward ho!!!! Today we went for grilled fish which is basically a gutted fish that is grilled under a super hot salamander and served with a watered down wasabi sauce and soy sauce. It’s so simple and so unbelievable delicious but it took us over two years to actually sit down and order one. The reason why is that Korean seafood restaurants are really intimidating. We can honestly say we’ve never seen English on the menu, and trying to translate Korean seafood into English can be daunting. I essentially had to drag a Korean friend to a seafood restaurant and take out my notebook to write down all the possible translations everything on the menu could be. On top of that, half the seafood items I have never seen or heard of in my life. Let me tell you, Koreans are a resourceful people who could create wonderful meals even if you dumped them in the woods with nothing. There should be a reality TV show on gourmet Korean grandmas fishing in the ocean and preparing stuff you’ve never seen before. Now the reason why it’s so intimidating is that not all the seafood is delicious, I know, everyone has their own opinion, and our opinion is that things that taste like peroxide should not be consumed willfully. Remember this TL;DR a while back? I talked about that terrifying fish…anyways, the point today is not about terrifying fish, but sinfully delicious ones.

Going to a place that grills fish has a similar level of intimidation because we used to be unable to know what to order, but after fumbling around and making bad decisions, we’ve found restaurants like the Bear-Nom-Beaver-Friend. Yes, that is what we call it, and if you’re wondering why we call it that, we’ll explain at the end of the video today. Epic battle. There are only two types of fish on the menu, and after various searches on google we came up with Japanese Spanish Mackerel and just plain ol’ Mackerel. We prefer the first one because it takes really buttery and just falls apart, almost like it’s been poached in a salted butter but it hasn’t even been seasoned. Just grilled to perfection. The other mackerel is good as well, but it’s a much firmer fish and has that fishy tasting aftertaste. I can just hear some people going, “um don’t all fish taste fishy” but they don’t all taste fishy. Some of them have their own distinct flavour, like salmon or tuna. I know this because my mom (Martina here) is a pescetarian, one whose diet contains seafood but not meat, so I’ve tasted a lot of different types of fish in my small lifetime. I’ve also smelt a lot of fish being cooked in my house, so it’s nice to be able to go to a restaurant and have someone make the fish for you.

Fish Restaurant Menu

Fish Restaurant Menu: click to see it in full size

I don’t really want to say anymore about this since it’ll give away the whole video (spoiler: we nom fish) but we wanted to make this video to encourage more people visiting or living in Korean to adventure out and eat more then just the typical dishes that are advertised (i.e.: bibimbap and bulgogi). I translated the menu so hopefully it will help you be less discouraged, and to those of you that already love eating this fish, HUZZAH! Let’s drink soju and eat fish together! :D

And lastly, what good is a video if there are no bloopers?! Of course there’s some silly stuff we excluded. There was a woman with a bird on her shoulder behind us, and we were amazed that she had a bird on her shoulder, but then it got loose and she started chasing it and…yeah. Fun times :D


  1. This is a wonderful video for two reasons. First, Martina does a bad ass job of de-boning that fish! Good job! Second, the argument at the end about the logo was hilarious. I give this video FIVE STARZ! 

  2. Umm can you give me the address of this place. You can send it to claidistar123 for youtube. Thanks!!! xD

  3. It’s 12:28 AM and that 삼치구이 totally made me hungry…..

  4. I want to know if Natalie Tran of CommunityChannel saw this. I love that sexy fish time part. I’m guessing you watch those vids.

  5. Is요기요 not more informal that실례한데요. Especially if you going
    to interrupt a conversation? (i am not Korean so its just my feeling for the

    By the way I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv
    you food-reviews !!! (And I am Vegetarian but I still watch them >.<)

  6. wow, that looks great.  What’s in the dipping sauce for the fish?  

  7. Haha I can relate to how Martina feels when having to call someone to order stuff. The restaurant logo looks like a beaver to me too, but I think a bear makes more sense haha.

  8. thatssumgoodcurry

    So…I usually skip over your FAP videos, because the first couple I watched were just about meat and restaurants that serve meat, and I don’t eat meat. So, when my friend was like, “Hey, did you watch their pescetarian video?” I was like, “WHAT!? WHEN!? WHERE!?” Because, yes, I’m a pescetarian and every time I tell people that they give me the derp face. So, I’m super happy you guys finally sat down and ate fish! I was getting kinda worried that it would be hard for me in Korea, because meat is used in so many dishes, and vegetarianism isn’t common.  But I know they also eat a lot of fish, so I wasn’t sure if it’d still be AS hard for me. Its good to know that there are places that serve just seafood. I’m a bit less nervous about traveling there now that I know I won’t starve. :)

  9. waaah fapfap & wankin is a good idea :) it’s nice to know new korean interesting places AND food :D plus that word martina uses for ordering… i was kinda wondering… i duno if u did the vid like that before or not, but it’d be nice if u in one of ur fapfaps make some kind of tutorial ‘how to order in korea’ P:

  10. looks so good… i love fish…i hope one day i will be able to go and eat all the food in korea hihihihi >.<

  11. I like the idea of keeping both the WANK and FAPFAP videos! :)  We get to experience Korean food, and locations that way! 

  12. Alternating Fapfap and WANK would be awesome!!! My sis n I always look forward to ur videos!!!

  13. First, I must commend you on your awesome videos. All of them. I like all of your different themes and I’m really impressed that you are able to maintain your filming schedules to keep everything running smoothly.

    Second, I really love the fapping vids. Alternate them with wanking or anything else that floats your boat (yes, I’m totally over 40). Wanking makes me long to go to Korea but fapfapping inspires me to track down awesome korean recipes and share wonderful food with my family. We had the shabu shabu last weekend and it was amazing. Even my highly suspicious of every Korean food teenage son liked it and thats really saying something.

  14. the food videos make me hungry… :P

  15. It’s sounds like a good idea to have alternating fapfap & wanking weeks! Besides that, I really, really, really would like to see more TL;DR videos, since they are my absolute favourite because they’re so interesting and informative. It’s fun to hear your opinions and views about things, and just general information about life in Korea, since I might be moving there this year.. Even though I like Music Mondays and K-Crunches, I find the culture side still more interesting than music. However, I’m very thankful for the videos you make and I know you put lots of effort into your work and I really appreciate it. Thank you~❤

  16. Is this place in Bucheon?? Where?! I want to go!

  17. agree!~ switch between them! maybe u can tape the review of food while WANKing then jst edit it for FAPFAP Go wild on your trip!

  18. Welllll….you could do both fapfap and wank……please? :))) I love fapfap wank and tldr!

  19. yeah fapfaping one week and wanking the other sounds great! even though you’re going to be on holiday in japan, i still hope you can make some small videos for us :)

  20. I vote for alternating WANKing and FAPFAPing!! XD Have a happy vacation in Japan!! :3

  21. Totally fine with alternating WANKing and FAPFAPing. I enjoy WANKing more, but FAPFAPing is enjoyable too. I understand that WANKing requires more energy from you, and I don’t want to see a tired-looking, saggy skinned, with dark circles darker than a black hole Simon and Martina in my monitor. Heehee. And regarding the no Kpop Music Mondays for a week, I think it’s fine. Just do 2 Kpop Music Mondays next week. Heehee. If that’s not asking for too much. Enjoy your Japan adventure (and hopefully not misadventure). I’m too envious right now. If you don’t mind, I’m gonna sob in the corner for now. T.T

  22. vaxanne

    Reiteration- Whatever floats your boat, Simon and Martina. 

    When, how, where to WANK or FAP or FAPWANK or WANKFAP, exclusive of each other or integrated. It provides the segment with flexibility and adds an element of surprise to eager beaver readers. 
    Thanks for sharing your discoveries with us. Enjoy Japan!

  23. FAPFAP week 1
    WANK week 2
    WTF week 3
    TLDR week 4– my fav (since im Korean-american its nice to hear from a non Korean’s pov and i also think its very interesting hearing other’s compelling questions about Korea.) I’ve lost interest in Kpop Music Mondays b/c of how much I’m dying to watch this- I still watch Music Mondays b/c i admire all your work

    I feel like if I don’t watch you guys.. I really die inside.
    I seriously love them all… less stressful, you get to do more stuff and more insightful culture of Korea..

    Have fun at Japan! kinda sad you guys are leaving but really you guise deserve it.. you both work really hard. 

  24. Although I like WANKing episodes more, I don’t have a problem with the FAPFAPing episodes. WANKing requires a lot more effort from you, and I don’t want you to exhasut all your energy, eventually sacrificing the quality of your videos. And about the no Kpop Music Mondays for a week, may I suggest that you should do 2 reviews for the next Monday. So the missing episode can be covered. But that’s just my idea. Thank you! And enjoy your stay in Japan. God, I am so envious right now. Maybe you could shoot some Open the Happy videos there perhaps? :)

  25. Question! I see you guise left quite a bit of fish flesh uneaten there. Is the rest not supposed to be or not pleasant tasting to be eaten? Cos i would have probably polish of everything!

    Am loving the FapFaping so would be eternally grateful if you guise could alternate FapFaping and Wanking! :)))

  26. THANK YOU!…for bringing something to the table for Pescatarians ! (yay Martina’s Mom)…I went *pesca* a decade ago and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for my health. The benefits are amazing…hope your Mom enjoys it like I do. The extra fabulous bonus is that I can eat as much as I want, whenever I want…NO weight gain.

    As a *southern* North American — the traditional diet can only be described as “heart attack on a plate”….I was raised on having bacon/fat added to vegetables and it wasn’t until college that I was able to shake-off having *meat juice* added to ….well, just about everything.

    I’m REALLY enjoying these food segments ~ it’s nice to *share* a meal with you two ~

  27. Im so down with the idea of Wank one week and FAPFAP one week! It would be awesome! alternating the two would keep us viewers interested and not get bored! :D

  28. I’d love to watch both in every other week! I must say I enjoyed FAPFAP videos as much as I did with WANK. God, I love you guys and your videos, even though making me homesick time to time :P. I admire these work you guys do and I always get amazed how well-adapted and knowledgeable you two are with regard to various aspects of Korea. Seriously, you keep me updated with how things are back in home more so than anything.  Thank youuuu Simon, Martina…and last but not least Spudgy <3 

  29. thanks so much for this! i always love your videos, but may i make one tiny request? it would really help if you indicate directions to the restaurant, maybe in the blog post or in the video. it was only after lots of digging and Google Mapping that i found out that the Bear-Nom-Beaver-Friend restaurant is in Bucheon! not sure if you’ve mentioned this somewhere? thanks, guise!

    • Can we get the google map location to the Bear-Nom-Beaver-Friend restaurant in Bucheon? We will be going to Korea next week and would love to go try it!

    • 경기도 부천시 원미구 중1동 1151-3 — This is the closest address I found which is closest to the Bear-Nom-Beaver-Friend restaurant although map.naver.com has not updated it yet but the surroundings is identical. Hope you all find it useful!

  30. whatever videos you were making…..YOu look great with it guise! It brightens my day after seeing your videos. Fighting!

  31. You should most definetly keep the FAPFAPS up!! You should also do a vegetarian FAPFAP for all of us vegeatrians our there that want to visit Korea :) Thamks for all the AMAZING videos!!!

  32. yes, love the FAPFAPing videos too.. alternating the videos is a great idea.. can still see you guys WANKing and FAPFAPing in Korea..

  33. I like the idea of alternating, since FAPFAPing and WANKing have something different to offer.

    FAPFAPing is great for people who plan to go to Korea and don’t want to go all confused foreigner and miss out on the great food. 

    WANKing is great for when those people realize that yeah, we have no money so we need some vicarious sightseeing and general silliness (love the challenges, punishments, engrish, idols) with Simon and Martina to cheer us up. T__T  

    In other words, I like both! ^^

  34. I Love ALL the videos that you post and the stuff that you tweet is really informative so I dint have a problem with you guys wanking ond week and fapfapping the other but I’d prefer 2 weeks of wanking amazingness a 1 of Fap fapping yummyness (or something) anyway, this is my opinion. Your videos always make my day a lot better. Greetings from the other side of the world .

  35. Please, please keep the Fapfap!!! Love this series, even a slight more than the Wanking. Every other week with the Wanking would be glorious!!

  36. this week I didn’t make the mistake of watching the video hungry,lol. Alternating weeks of FAPFAP and WANKing sounds awesome. 

  37. WANK and FAPFAP, defiantly a great choice. And the waiter/chef guy can cook for me anytime…he had a cute smile….

  38. Love the idea of WANKing one week and then the other FAPFAPing !!

  39. Can’t you do both in one day? What I mean is, you have to eat while you are out doing WANK anyways, just split it up into two videos and upload it on different days (or however you do it). It’ll be easier and less stressful than dedicating a day to WANK and dedicating another day/afternoon/whatever for FAP.

    I’m personally not a fan of that KPop Cocktail thing and for some reason, I’ve stopped watching Music Mondays… I’m sure your popularity comes from Kpop-related things and maybe 99% of people who watch your videos come for the Kpop related things, so I’m sure saying this makes no difference to you, haha.

    I personally miss the WTF videos, and I think the WTF videos were easier to make, right? I also like TL;DR videos too. I know you guys wanted to get out more, so those were pushed back, but I prefer those kinds of things rather than the overload of kpop stuff. I guess I care more about Korea and the culture than Kpop, even though I am a fan of kpop.

    • This one do sound like a good idea and some times and efforts for Simon and Martina to save up!! I also miss WTF and TL;DR videos. Now I look back into archives and watch old videos that they’ve made, it was really fun and informative. I would def like to watch more of them.

      •  I don’t know how Simon and Martina make their videos, I know for the kpop related ones it’s scripted for sure, but the other ones don’t seem to be, so it should be easier, or at least, more stress-free for them to make them, For WTF, it doesn’t even have to be a weekly segment. Maybe during their WANK, they found something and give a quick spiel about it and make it it’s own WTF video and put it in the bonus channel. It wouldn’t be as thorough as in the past WTF videos, but it’s better than nothing.

        For MM, it feels like it’s very stressful to make. Not only is it scripted but they often have little scenes that they have to act out as well. In addition, angry fans bombard them with comments like “why didn’t so-and-so get reviewed?” and “how can you say that about so-and-so?” and “you’re opinions are wrong!” and you can tell that Simon and Martina are exasperated at times… but i think it’s the centre of their popularity so they can’t cut it. I just hope that fans just chill the heck out sometimes.

  40. Wank and fapfap switch off is good! Although I do like wanks more personally, the switch off is fine. Man, you guys are great! We get so much variety out of you two, more than a huge majority of youtubers. Kudos <3

  41. The food looks fantastic. I enjoy your outside adventures but the restaurant visits and food reviews are extremely enjoyable and informative. I think doing both is a great idea.

  42. i like wanting more since for me its more interesting and funny. and I just like to watch it more :3 also because the food makes me to hungry

  43. I like the idea of alternating as I loves the food. It’s fun seeing different areas in Seoul and it’s surroundings but it’s also glorious to see good food.

    Also any chance we can have our curse word back? Briefcase wanker would not have become nearly so quotable if the word wasn’t so genuinely offensive. In exchange should you be going to Tokyo/Yokohama in your travels I can give you some great foodie tips. I left not so long ago and I built up a great mental list of places.

  44. I know this is more of central Korean, Daegu dish, but I would love it if you guys could go to a macchon (pig intestine) restaurant.  Mmmmm so tasty :)

  45. i want to eat everything you guys have eaten so far. WANT.

  46. I love FapFap! I’m interested in Korean culture, and what better way to introduce food than sexy food times? I like WANK too, ofc, so a switch-off is a great idea :)

  47. Of course you can prerecord Music Monday, just do it on whatever song Big Bang is releasing this week… :) On the off chance that you’ll go for the sugestion of doing a one-off Jpop music tuesday I am trowing my vote in for this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZjG3lTOvrg&feature=player_detailpage

    Personally I prefer WANK over FAPFAP but I can see why you would like to do both and I am also guessing that FAPFAP takes a lot less time and work to do so I am fine with the alternating week schedule. Obviously if feasible I’d like both, any day without a new EYK video is somehow lacking something. Perhaps the reduced time (at least that’s my theory) of making FAPFAP rather than WANK makes more time availible for TL;DR which is by far my favorite segment.

    Happy hollidays in Japan…

  48. Do both and alternate! You should also tell us where these delicious noms are located!

  49. Amyaco

    also, you guys should have gone up to the bird lady and talked to her!!

  50. Amyaco

    you should definitely keep doing both. mmmmhhhhh, the food looks so delishus…. i’m usually a picky eater, but when you present the food so sexily (lolz) i think that i wouldn’t mind a fish head staring at me.

  51. irritablevowel

    That fish looked DELICIOUS.  I’m really wanting grilled fish now.  
    I think alternating FapFap and Wank is a really good idea for both the viewer and you.  Alternating will keep you from getting bored, and the viewer gets a more thorough glimpse into Korean culture.  

  52. Watching you guys alternate between WANK and FAPFAP would make my fantasies* come true.
    *Fantasies about visiting Korea, but not missing awesome opportunities by my inability to read Korean. Why? What else would I have meant?

  53. I like that idea of alternating WANKing and FapFaping

  54. I vote yay for keeing FapFap every other week! In Wank, we are presented with the places-to-go and the acticivties to try out, but without some knowledge about the Korean cuisine and what is good to stuff oneself with, how would we have the energy to take it all in?! :D

  55. Alternating between WANK and FAPFAP sounds good to me. One suggestion, how about doing FAPFAP in a vegetarian restaurant ?

  56. I think I’m being pretty selfish with this but seeing as my hussie and I will be in Korea in 5 months I am really learning a lot with the FAPFAP! But I am also learning a lot with the WANKing…yes.  Scatter them! 

  57. Yes! Please do the rotation of FapFaping and WANKing! I love seeing both the sights and foods in detail. Personally, I think you’ll be able to cover the topics more in detail if you do both, rather than a general summary if it were just one segment. I assume that there’s bound to be some Engrish and idols wandering around the restaurants.  Plus, a swap between FapFaping and WANKing can be healthy!

  58. I love you guys….I am pretty sure I just bombed my Business Stats quiz…but then I came back to my dorm room and this glorious video was up…^^…HUZZAH!!! You guys totally just made my day better….but now I’m hungry….

    Anyway I think every other week would be awesome!! And if when you go to Japan you guys have to visit Odaiba….that is my favorite place in Japan….so jealous you guys get to see the cherry blossoms!!! No fair!! When I was in Japan I didn’t get to see them….have fun on your vacation…^^

  59. I don’t like fish, but if I did that would look delicious.

  60. I definitely think you should alternate between WANKing and FAPFAPing. For any of your viewers and subscribers who are (like me) planning to go to Korea, the food videos are a great way to get to know what kinds of food there are. 

  61. since you guys are going to japan,  does this mean you’re gonna do a jpop music tuesday?  please?  just one?

    • OMG if you do please do 2NE1′s SCREAM !! Anyway have a great time Japan guys, oh and I also think you should do one week wanking and one week fapfaping.

  62. Yeah, I like the idea of alternating WANKing and FapFaping episodes. While I like the WANKing, FapFaping is what really gets me going! RAWR! More sexy food time, plz! ;)

  63. I think y’all should do Wanking on wednesdays and Fapfap on Fridays :] I think the Wanking will help a lot of tourist (like me who is traveling Korea this summer) where to go and how to get there, and the Fapfap is like a food review for people already living there and tourists who don’t know where to eat! I don’t want less Wankings so please keep it going! And then add Fapfap on Fridays :] 

    • Though I like both equally and prefer to have both as well, you got to be a bit realistic here….simon and martina are doing a bunch of videos lately anyways….it will be hard to have an official/scripted/filmed/edited and so on video every other day basically…..our poor simon and martina will have no time for sleep, food or anything else…. so doing the fapfap and wanting every other week, like switching them is the best choice =)…

  64. Yay! Something I can eat.

    Don’t worry Simon, I also see a beaver…a very weird beaver that likes to hold dead fish.

    Have a fun and safe trip! Even though it’s more work, I’d love to see a video of Japan during your vacation there.

  65. Personally I prefer wanking I find it more interesting but fapfaping is a great insight to different foods in S.korea. So maybe you could wank every 2 weeks than fapfap for just the one week? That way everybody is happy and it keeps things interesting. Hope this helps ( ^u^ )

  66. I prefer WANKing one week and FAPFAPing in another. I love WANK, but I feel like it can get old sometime. Adding food section in WANK video is just gonna make the clip way too long. Plus, I really enjoy watching FAPFAP since the foods you’re presenting aren’t the typical stuff that have been advertised or featured in series and stuff and I like how you guys have very in-depth information about the food and it’s not just watching you guys eat jealously. So, I think food does deserve a section(or program) specifically for it. :D

    ps. I might be going to Korea in summer so I wanna get myself prepared for MEGA tasting session as well lol

  67. Please just do w.a.n.k.ing, it has a lot of fun, with the challenges ,the famous places,  the idols and the  eating places .
    F.a.p.ing is just food ,and that is boring .
    I say this  because  a lot of EYK fans  live in diferent countries and propably don´t have the enough money to travel to korea and go to those restaurants.

  68. I really  like grilled mackerel from Korean restaurants. Had my first one cooked like that in Dallas …. and it cost $15 vs 9,000 won. I felt better after watching Martina taking the spine out. But you two didn’t finish it! Some of the best parts are the eyeballs and skin. ;) (And its a fish high in oil like salmon, so probably why the fishy smell).

  69. You guys should do a video on Loving Hut. It’s a vegan restaurant with several locations in Seoul and around the rest of Korea.  Please do it for us vegetarian/vegans ^^

  70. LOL @ The Lady with a bird! We have a Congo African Grey named Gina. We take her out occasionally to the store with us (only pet friendly stores!) and it always causes a huge ruckus. Everyone always come up to us and want to touch her. She bites pretty hard and will draw blood so it’s kind of a hassle! But I was like, ooo! when the lady had a bird!

    • Oh and I like FapFap! I love food porn though. AND I want ideas to bring to my Korean Meet up friends. *oh side note! the native Korean who came to our meetup was a HUGE fan of you! I was like OMFG! A S&M…er EYK fanboy!!!*

  71. I like the alternating idea :) Awesome, looks yummy. But yeah I’m a typical North American and  whole fish kind of freak me out. 

  72. I like the FAPFAP because it lets me know about other Korean foods. I’ve actually been wanting you guys to do a food-based video, like FAPFAP, since I first started watching your videos last year. When this segment first started I was super excited. In America you only get exposed to certain types of Korean food (bulgogi, bibimbap, sundubu, and various forms of Jjigae), and FAPFAP has shown me that there is so much more. 
    I also like the WANK because it shows me different places I can possibly go to in Korea. My opinion is, I think you should continue doing both.

  73. I vote for the good old WANKing every week! I need my weekly fix of Engrish, idol posters stalking and random challenges, and I already have serious withdrawal symptoms!

  74. I’d like to see the women with the loose bird. :D

  75. i think Wanking one week and FapFaping the next week is a great idea ^-^
    because if you’d do FapFaping every week, i’d get really~~ hungry every time xD
    and I love both so alternating would be awesome ^^

  76. I think alternating FapFaping and Wanking is a great idea! 

  77. It’s times like these that I’m unbelievably thankful for having a Korean grandmother to make all this for me:3 can has noms now?

  78. punkyprincess92

    Martina i love your brooch!!!! i love brooches like that!!
    if i went to a place to eat and i had to call like that i would definitely be a total fail!!! i am so shy even when people are next to me they tell me to raise my voice!!! 
    i thought that man that served you was about to record you guys but it turned out he was calling someone!!
    anyway……*shocked face* Simon did you just kill off Nemo??? i hope that bear attacks you!!! (okay not really)

  79. I have to admit that I like FapFap better ^^

  80. I personally prefer wanking, since I find it to be more interesting…and yeah, you also eat when wanking. But I can totally understand why you’d prefer fapfaping xD…I mean wanking is a lot work with carrying around equipment and everything, while fapfaping…is less exhausting and you get to eat delicious food, so…I guess I could just settle with one week of fapfaping and then one week of wanking? :DD XD
    Vacation? Japan? :DDDDD Guuuys~, have loooads and loooads of fun there. :D!
    (And wae you go to all the places I’ve always wanted to visit…gimme a sec to envy you……………..okay, done. XD)
    Anyway, does that mean there will be no Music Monday next week? o: I mean you can’t prerecord Musc Monday…can you? o:

    • Yeaaaa….we’re not sure about Music Monday. We 100% cannot pre-record it, so it’s looking like a no…*ducks from rotten fruit* BUT we’re still going to try but I have a feeling we’ll collapse at home and fall into exhaustion. 3 days in Japan = crazy

  81. I think you should wank one week and fapfap the other. Even though it makes me jealous, I love seing you guys eating and explaining everything about the food.

  82. I think only wanking is okay because like you said you also present korean food and I find it funnier :) Maybe you can detail more the food segment from the wank series?!?!

    • See, we thought about that, but the WANKing episodes are already 16 minutes long usually.  We can’t really add that much more to it without driving ourselves crazy and making a mega-movie every Wednesday.  So food would have to be sacrificed for our WANKs

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