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Say Hi to Megan Lee!

June 29, 2014


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So, this video might seem a bit odd and out of place, so let us explain a bit about why we did this video:

Last year, we met up with Dan Matthews when he visited Korea. He’s a Korean adoptee, and back then he was shooting a documentary on finding his parents. Turns out that he actually had a twin brother as well, and that he was the one that was given up for adoption, while his brother stayed in Korea. Amazing, no? Check out the documentary if you haven’t seen it yet.

We also met Megan Lee for the first time while shooting the documentary, and we traveled around Hongdae and showed them both around. This wasn’t our first time talking with Megan Lee, though. We’ve been speaking with her via email for quite a while now, since before she came to Korea. We just never had the chance to meet up. We were happy that we could finally do so for such a cool cause!

Anyhow, we filmed the documentary with Dan before Megan debuted. That was a while ago. And now she finally debuted! We didn’t have a chance to do anything with her debut when it first came out, but we’re happy to be able to bring some light to it now :D

Even though Megan Lee isn’t really indie, she’s not really Kpop idol, either. Where do you label someone like that? K-Indie is the best place that we could think of. We should probably have more categories for the site. But, let’s be honest, so many of our categories bleed into each other that it’s difficult to label any one of them.

We actually liked her debut as well. She plays her own instrument, and that’s something that we value profusely. And she’s a YouTuber, which we also value profusely! So check check out the video we shot with her, and check out her video as well. Let us know what you think. So, even though this video isn’t a full production of ours, we’re just happy to support different Korean musicians, you know?

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