So, this video might seem a bit odd and out of place, so let us explain a bit about why we did this video:

Last year, we met up with Dan Matthews when he visited Korea. He’s a Korean adoptee, and back then he was shooting a documentary on finding his parents. Turns out that he actually had a twin brother as well, and that he was the one that was given up for adoption, while his brother stayed in Korea. Amazing, no? Check out the documentary if you haven’t seen it yet.

We also met Megan Lee for the first time while shooting the documentary, and we traveled around Hongdae and showed them both around. This wasn’t our first time talking with Megan Lee, though. We’ve been speaking with her via email for quite a while now, since before she came to Korea. We just never had the chance to meet up. We were happy that we could finally do so for such a cool cause!

Anyhow, we filmed the documentary with Dan before Megan debuted. That was a while ago. And now she finally debuted! We didn’t have a chance to do anything with her debut when it first came out, but we’re happy to be able to bring some light to it now :D

Even though Megan Lee isn’t really indie, she’s not really Kpop idol, either. Where do you label someone like that? K-Indie is the best place that we could think of. We should probably have more categories for the site. But, let’s be honest, so many of our categories bleed into each other that it’s difficult to label any one of them.

We actually liked her debut as well. She plays her own instrument, and that’s something that we value profusely. And she’s a YouTuber, which we also value profusely! So check check out the video we shot with her, and check out her video as well. Let us know what you think. So, even though this video isn’t a full production of ours, we’re just happy to support different Korean musicians, you know?

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I had seen her song and video before and I thought it was amazing. Something about it (especially when I looked up translations and English lyrics), kinda brought a tear to my eye. I am also super excited to watch the akaDan documentary, he seemed really awesome from the segment filmed with you two. I hope I can find what ISA was filming, when you guys were walking around Hongdae and such, I’d like to see it from both sides!

  2. i SO wish i had seen this before the convention! i totally would have played this during my kpop panel. maybe next year OTL

  3. It’s amazing watching Megan’s journey from Youtube to the kpop industry :’)

  4. Woohoo! Megan Lee! I like many it seems on here, heard 8 Dayz on Inkigayo and automatically attached to it. It literally stopped me in my tracks because it stood out from pretty much everything else on the show. It’s been a few weeks now and I love that she’s still there performing. Actually I was also pleasantly surprised by another group on last week, Cherry Filter! Do artists like this normally perform?! It’s only been recently that I’ve been watching the full show, so maybe this happens more often than I know.

    By the guys, I started watching Dan’s documentary about finding his biological family and it had me crying so much. It give me a little bit of insight on my eldest brother’s perspective. My mom was very young when she had him and her dad forced her to give him up for adoption. We grew up always knowing we had a brother out there and when he was 33 (this was 14 years ago), my mom finally found him. I could never put myself in his shoes and imagine what it was like for him meeting us the first time, so hearing Dan talk about it gives me a different perspective. I will say that much like Dan and his brother, my brother and I bounded very quickly. It seems odd to say but I feel like it’s a little bit easier for the siblings to get footing. You compare lives, and stories and see how you are similar and different. My brother’s found they had, had very similar lives and my brother and I found we are exactly the damn same, you can’t separate us when we are together. Being with him reminds me that I am actually the youngest sibling, and I loved that he was so happy to find out he had a baby sister. Actually he found he had two siblings, a step sister on mom’s side and I think four siblings from his dad’s side. Okay I’ve gone on for too long. Thank you for sharing the links to Dan’s story is what I really meant to be saying.

  5. Yay for Megan Lee!! I actually like her song, especially the English version too!
    Really, congrats for Megan Lee that she finally debuted!

  6. i apologize for what i am about to say…

    how shiny was megan’s face! i think u guys should dim down your lights and do a test shoot with her before actually filming… the lighting is making her look weird on camera.

  7. OmG I never knew she was a youtuber, I stumbled across her music video when it first came out and fell in love with the song. I blast it in m car with windows done and people looking at me funny :)

  8. I’m so excited you guys are promoting her! Her song is the kind of music that I’ve listened to for years before I ever got into K-Pop and I still love. When I first heard the song I was ecstatic and loved it immediately not simply as a Korean song or an American song, but just as an awesome song! I absolutely love songs like this that have a simple yet happy sound. I’m very much looking forward to other songs she releases!

  9. Funny enough, I actually found you guys BECAUSE of that documentary. I was curious who you were after I had watched the documentary and decided to look up some of your videos. Since then I have spent a portion of every single day catching up on all of your old videos (nearly half way there, whoot!)

  10. Wow I loved her MV, the sound was so different than what we are used to in kpop and it was extremely refreshing!!!! I am sooooo jumping on her fandom wagon, yeeee haaaaaa!!! Sending some Texas Nasty love out to EYK and Megan Lee, I love you guys!!!!!

  11. So good to see Megan Lee out on the kpop scene, had been watching some of her videos way back when I first saw her duets with Sungha Jung.

    Starting to watch Dan’s documentary, such an amazing story, have you met his brother and parents in Korea?

  12. GUYS! Thank you so so so SO much for linking that documentary!! I really needed some context for my school essay (regarding reality) and now I have an idea which will fit perfectly! -EYK, helping students pass-

  13. Omg Martina you looked sooo nice on the episode you guise were featured on “Discovering My Seoul”!

  14. Megan seems to be Kpop with cred so maybe it’s . . . Kredpop?

  15. cuuuuute :D I like her song, it has a Jason Mraz-y kind of vibe which I love and Junhyunggggg.
    It’s 1am and I should go to bed but now I have to watch that documentary…

  16. Gotta say, whoever thought to have 이젠 and “It’s a” in their respective versions is a genius. Though I much prefer the English version because, well not every song needs a rap. Btw having a country-ish sound didn’t stop 2Yoon from being kpop :P But labels aren’t important. What matters is the song is awesome! Also ::insert spazzing about how cute she is:: Yeah I’m like that lol

  17. I remember seeing her performance on Inkigayo ( i think that was the one ) and absolutely loving this song. She has such an amazing voice!
    I am so glad she did an Eng. version as well, so we non-korean speaking ppl, can sing along too ^^
    Good Luck Megan Lee. You definitely have one more fan :D
    And lastly Thank You so so much guys for sharing. I have discovered some amazing artists (kpop and non-kpop) through your videos ( ~Kamsahamnida~)

  18. OMG! she is a total cutie, love her song and voice plus he speaks english …GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!
    She is the perfect korean girl. I will listen to her also from now on!

  19. Shes “INKPOP” (geddit, in kpop, indie kpop?!) …. -crickets- On my 3rd time watching this video i realised who megan was (id seen her videos before) and was so surprised!! I love this dong so much and didnt know there was an english version :’)

  20. I saw Megan open for Inkigayo (I think it was June 22nd’s show?) and loved the song. It’s so rare to hear music like this on Inki, so the melody immediately caught my attention. I hope to see you on more shows, and I hope you get to play your guitar live. Megan, fighting!

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