Quite a while ago, we gave you a tour of Jung Ang Park on our bikes. Times have changed since then, and we’ve moved on to bigger and better things. Now we have a scooter and can ride a lot further (with a lot less energy), and our camera doesn’t suck as terribly as before! So, this time, we drove around the streets of Bucheon, Korea on our scooters and filmed the whole deal, including any important landmarks along the way. Sure, we couldn’t film ALL of Bucheon, but you’ll see the parts we know and are familiar with. So check out what our city looks like!

  1. cool ,i wish it was longer like way longer!!still LOVE YOU guys

    i want to visit Korea !!!!!

  2. Very cool video. I know you get this a lot but you make a really cute couple. God bless you always.

  3. OMG!! I never knew that Home Plus is apart of Tesco! O.o Tesco is a HUGE supermarket here in the UK, I thought the layout of Home Plus was familiar! XD haha Love your Videos btw! :3 

  4. Wow guys awesome videos! My girlfriend is from Bucheon and I am going to visit her hometown soon so before leaving, I wanted to learn some more about her neighbourhood and I found you website! It’s a great help for people like me who have never visited South Korea before to familiarise with its areas so big thumps up! Keep up the good work

  5. Hello! I really love your guys taste in music! Every video I’m always tapping my feet then searching youtube for the song haha! I was wondering if you could tell me the name of this song? (sorry i know this comment is about a year+ late) Anywhoo love your videos! You guys are living my dream! I hope one day I can achieve this dream and move out to South Korea soon! ^-^ Much love from the US

  6. HI guys! Wow – I lived in Bucheon for 2 years, on the main road that runs past Bucheon Station. I just watched your video and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so amazing to see the areas that were my home for such a long time. Can’t thank you enough. (Also, now I am missing the ROK more than ever) 

  7. Love your videos. I'm going to be up there in Feb. so it's nice to see what I can expect. I've heard awesome things about Home Plus! Woot Woot! :D

  8. I just got a job offer at the Elementary School there (I applied through Korvia- Gepik) called Bucheon Yewul Elementary School– I have been watching your videos for so long but I didn't have a clue that I would end up living there!
    is it easy to get to Seoul for the day? I'm a big city loving kind of girl.

  9. Hi guys!!I am so bored in my lab today(I am working at Seoul National University)so I am watching all of your videos!!They are amazing though!!
    And as well I am amazed with the song that you have in this video.I am from Spain and I love listening to spanish in this ,somtimes,difficult and hard to understand country.

    Thank you guys!

  10. Dang, I was born and grew up in Bucheon. I used to live in Podomael! I know exactly where you came out from with your scooter. Did I locate where you guys live? hahaha
    Thank you for the video. It makes me miss my hometown.
    I love your videos! You guys are very talented!!

  11. Whaaa~ love your videos. Love the song you played by Café Tacuba, it sounds fun indeed as you say ^^
    By the way, I always wondered what software you use for your videos??? they look so~ profesional

    Grettings from Mexico

  12. Found your site and loved the packing video! Format of your blog is great, too. Thanks and keep it up!

  13. Hi:: I just ran into your blog while surfing the net. Although I am a Korean born Korean, I grew up in the States. Reading through your blog, I think you know more about Korea than I do! Enjoyed much. Thanks!

  14. This video makes me happy.
    I may just be in a good mood for the rest of the day thanks to this video!

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