I haven’t had the chance to do a makeup tutorial in a while, so I decided to try out the new makeup room and do one! It was actually a little difficult to apply my eye liner as usual because I usually apply my makeup standing up with my face mashed up against the mirror since I’m super blind. This time I tried sitting down like a civil human being and in retrospect it was a bad idea because it made my hand shaker and I noticed my line wasn’t as straight as it usually. That or I was just nervous to put on eyeliner in front of you guise. *blushes nervously*

Onto the tutorial! I love using crazy colours and having my eyeshadow act like an additional accessory to my outfit, but sometimes I just want to do a simple look so that I can play up my lips with a bright colour or so that I can use huge chunky accessories. So even though I called this a cat eye tutorial, it also includes my basic eye makeup look. I mention in the video that I’m using white (or sometimes a light pink) as my eyeshadow, but depending on your skin colour, you want to use an eyeshadow that is similar to your skin tone, but lighter. That way it makes your eyes look brighter and bigger but without drawing attention to the eyeshadow colour. Of course, if you want to draw attention to it, any bright colour will work perfectly with this cat eye look as well!

Now I totally know liquid eye liner can be intimidating, the first time I saw it I thought to myself, “only professional people can use that crazy stuff” but I realized that isn’t true, it just takes practice. I mention this in the video, but I’ll say it again: even when you’re not leaving the house or just before you take a shower, practice putting on your eyeliner. Everyone seems to have a different technique for what will work for them, so you need time to figure out what you’re doing wrong/right.

It also takes time to figure out which eye liner you like the best. I tried a couple different brushes before I found the Kat Von D tattoo liner “Trooper”, and even though I love the particular one I’m using, I don’t like her other liquid eye liners because they use a really stiff felt tip that doesn’t flex while I paint. Yes, I just referred to applying liquid eyeliner as painting. So before I buy a liquid eyeliner I usually try it out on my hand and see if I can easily make a nice steady not splattery line. Then I try out a couple more brands and after five minutes I run my finger over them to see if them smudge. Sometimes they claim to be smudge free and they just smudge instantly even after a good 5 minute break! Then I lick a finger and run that over my paint swatches and to see if they smudge with water. Yes, I look crazy when I shop for makeup, but who cares! Makeup can be so expensive and so different for each person that you really never know how it will work for you until you try it! Recently I recommend the Lee Hyori sponsored CLIO brand gel eyeliner to my friend Whitney because it works super awesome for me, it’s pretty cheap, and has awesome colours like neon green and purple, but after she bought it on my recommendation she said it smudged SO terribly on her! I’M SORRY WHITNEY! I WAS WRONG, FORGIVE ME! AHHHh AHHH AHH AHHHHH…파도처럼 부숴진 내 맘….wait…isn’t that a Big Bang song… Anyhoo, the point is you really never know until you test it.

So I hope the tutorial helps out, I’d like to hear other tips from you guise about your liquid eye liner mad skillz. NO! BAD autocorrect, stop trying to correct my spelling with a z at the end of it, it’s trendy didn’t you get the memoz? Geez. Also, what other tutorials should I do? A hair one perhaps? I know some of you liked my messy poof poof bun, but is that too easy? Let me know! Martina out! *pink smokebomb*

  1. why i would never get liner tattooed… they would mess up and i would be forever quizzical xD

  2. Hurrah! This is a mighty friendly brush tutorial so I’ll be trying out wingtips more often. Now, this is me just being curious, but have you ever tried using brushes to apply? Or just pencil and liquid liners Martina?

  3. So much work…

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  4. I started wearing mascara for like the first time in 2 years and my friend says to me ‘you’ve got really nice lashes’. I was raging inside lol. You’re not the only one with invisible lashes!

  5. Buhah! I got tha invisible eyelashes too :D and hardly any eyebrows (invisible and like 2 hairs in a cross, I dont know WHY ARENT THEY GROWING!) SO I gonna need pencil /brown eyehadow to do them as well or else I look a bit idiotic ;P So you can always think “oh lucky me, I still got my eyebrows” ;P

  6. Comment:

    There’s actually new video that just went up on YouTube about *Makeup*:

    It’s exciting to be talking about Spring fashion already – can’t wait to
    ditch my winter clothing!

  7. you should pull a jenna marbles, and have simon do your makeup for a video o_O

  8. when i try to make the wing with my eyeliner it comes out looking all funny…..BUT! now that i saw this it makes soooo much more sense to do it Martinas way!! THANKS MARTINA!!! so so helpful ^^

  9. LOL XD Loved the tutorial Thank you~!

  10. Thanks Martina! I’ve actually been wanting to ask you to do the ‘cat eye’ tutorial, but know that you are always super busy. I’ll have to try it out now!

  11. I’m a fan of the sticky-tape method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBteOfqeyEA

  12. Hahaha I also do the wing first. I used to get fancy schmancy and break out with a note card to try to keep them even but then I learned to use your trick too and have been doing it for a year or so. It really works =] Is the Kat Von D liner work really well, or does it melt off? I haven’t tried to Kat Von D eyeliner but if it ever gives you trouble try Stila stay all day waterproof. Love the tutorial <3

  13. Martina im so jelly i wish i was as pretty as you! so pls dont be bitter or sad cause then us fans would be sad too! Fighting!

  14. Awesome thank you so much actually i have wanted to know for the longest time how to do that. this is awesome now i won’t look stupid when i put on makeup

  15. Martina, don’t be bitter about having blonde eyelashes! i think they’re pretty ^w^ and thanks for the tutorial, i needed to learn how to do them wings right XD

  16. martina is soooo purtttyy~
    you don’t need bigger eyes. kekekeke. only us asians do.

  17. Haha I shop for makeup like a crazy lady as well. Always walk out of the stores with a hundred different swatches on my hands! If you don’t mind the suggestion, to make your eyes even bigger, add a light skin-toned eyeliner on the waterline. I use the Rimmel Scandal’eyes, it’s awesome! And, if you have any black gel eyeliner you can put that on the top waterline and make the line super black (and it sets so it doesn’t transfer to the lower waterline where you have the light color). Much love, Martina! Keep doing the tutorials, they are super fun! =D

  18. Thanks for that wing tip! I use liquid eyeliner almost every day (and usually it’s pretty much my whole make up) and wings are my biggest problem.

    Next tutorial: definitely hair! Today I tried to make braids similar to those you had in introducing the EYK Crew video :)

  19. Martina! I’m bitter about your perfectly smooth skin! Don’t do like I did kids, trying to look like a sun goddess when I’m more like a vampire. Always use sunscreen! But yeah my moles and freckles aren’t pretty. :( Anyway, you look so beautiful and I love these makeup tutorials. It’s like girly makeover time, woo hoo!

  20. Mooooore Hair & Makeup tutorials moooooore

  21. Hey!! I Think You Will Look Really Pretty When You Cut Ur Hair 단발 O_O

  22. Martina please make a video of you going shooping !!!

  23. Dear Martina please do an eye shadow tutorial of the one you had in the live chat!!! it was so pretty and rainbowly and adorable <3
    and I challenge you to do it all with your mouth close! mwahahaha

  24. Thanks a lot for this video, Martina! I’ve been wondering how you get the wings so greatly done for quite some time now. I’m going to try and find out if your method works for my inconvenient lid form ^^

  25. Have you ever seen “my spoon story” by sasakiasahi? It’s a make-up tutorial/mini drama on how to put on your eyeliner and do your eyelashes with the help of a spoon! It’s really interesting ^^

  26. My eyeliner is something that I always hesitate doing because if I mess up then it messes up my eyeshadow as well and I wouldn’t want to start all over. However the times that I have done it, it comes out pretty good. I haven’t ventured into liquid eyeliner yet, that’s even more intimidating to me. lol. But I do like Kat Von D’s eyeshadows so I wouldn’t mind trying her liquid eyeliners. There’s a first time for everything right. :)

  27. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahaha that thumbnail reminds me of Key and when he talks about how he’s seen female idols putting on their mascara, and they make a weird face in the process!!
    ….i don’t even know why i watched this vid…..i don’t wear makeup! haha!!

  28. another tip is just plain tape, follow the same line you did but mark with tape and you never mess up

  29. I do not own a liquid eyeliner pen, I have this stick brush type of liquid eyeliner so when i put it on it brushes against my eyelashes and clumps them all up so I think I will invest in a pen.

  30. When you said ¨even¨, I remembered one of your videos . MY FACE IS NOT EVEN!!! lol

  31. Martine, you are totally like a magician…I fail at liquid eyeliner and have practiced many a times…but someday I will conquer the eyeliner and then the world will never be the same….muwhahaha.

  32. I’m terrible on drawing the edges of my winged eyeliner. They always come out as thick and… well not winged :D. That’s before I found the gel liner and the angled brush. I still have my bad days but it’s not a war in front of the mirror every morning at least ^^^

  33. This looks great! Martina you are awesome! I’ll have to attempt it in the future. (I’m not good with eye liner. I have a shaky hand, so it always comes out wobbly.) I have super long eyelashes, but I’m so fair skinned (use to be super ginger when I was a kid) that they are really light. I can’t use certain mascaras because they make my lashes too long and they get stuck on my glasses. But my lashes are also really thin and sparse. So, it evens out.

  34. KATHyphenTUN

    I can relate to your no eyelashes rage Martina! I have stubby light red lashes and even after i put on mascara they are so thin it looks like normal people’s lashes. *sigh* i guess it’s falsies for me :P

  35. Your face. Is very even.

  36. Hey martina! :) Which mascara do you use and how much does it cost? I am looking for a good one because my mascaras always crumble and smudge a lot.

  37. I know what you feel, my lashes are totally blond too, along with my eyebrows T.T
    i look like a ghost without mascara .-. *sobbing*

  38. I’m so glad you did this video, Martina. I wear winged liner everyday but it still takes me a couple of goes to get it right. I’m sure I can cut my face-painting time down now. :)

  39. An idea for another tutorial: Martina, your skin almost always looks flawless on camera. What are your skin makeup techniques, especially including covering the occasional blemish and then seamlessly blending that coverup with the rest of your skin? :-)

    Also, does Simon ever wear MAN MAKEUP (read that in the manly man voice) on camera? @hironyx:disqus commented with a suggestion to have Simon do an April Fool’s makeup tutorial (which is definitely an awesome idea), but it got me thinking maybe he actually does sometimes wear it since y’all are video stars and everything. If so, I’m guessing the techniques involved are pretty minimal, but it would be interesting to know if he does and how y’all make it look natural since guys wearing makeup is rather taboo in our culture, and I bet it could be useful for other guys who have occasion to be in videos.

  40. lol I have long dark eyelashes so I don’t need mascara :P

  41. i had a crazy idea…. post a video of simon doing a make up tutorial on april fool’s day. but i’m afraid it wouldnt be as funny if people read about the idea here…. so…. do something for april fools guise!

  42. I’m a liquid eyeliner maniac and your wing tip is something I figured out only like a month ago. Years of crookedness could have been avoided!!! Lol

  43. Just did my eyeliner! It’s a little off but I don’t think it’s that easy to get them to look the same on both sides!

  44. Yaay! I’ve been waiting for this like forever… Thank you! :>
    But maybe someone can help me? My eyes are not really big and the skin around them is like really elastic so when I try to draw something beyond my upper eyelid (? don’t know if you get what I mean) the line gets stuck on some wrinkles that are made when my skin screeches. Any tips on how to deal with it? Maybe a base would help?

    • I have the same problem, except it’s only one eye that has really elastic skin. I usually just close that eye and pull the side out to stretch the skin out so that when I fill in eye shadow, it fills in all the crinkles. I’m assuming that would work with eye liner. (I usually avoid eye liner, because I do NOT have a steady hand and it usually ends up wobbly and half way up my eye lid.)

      • A pencil may help you. Close your eyes and lift your eyebrow. Use a few (three or so) dots to indicate roughly what line you would like the eyeliner to go in. That way you will see what line it will take when you eye is “relaxed” after applying makeup. Gently put a hand of the outside of your eye and ease the skin so the area is smooth. Apply your eyeliner in a join the dots fashion. Keep your hand on your temple for a couple of seconds so the liner gets a second or two to dry and doesn’t smudge. I hope this works for you – I use this technique on a friend who has the same problem.

  45. Every day I’d watch your videos and fancy your eye liner. I tried it one day too but ended up in a complete mess of black eyeliner pool. Martina thank you for teaching us the technique. I love you honestly. I am so trying it now and gonna look SOO NASSTTYYYY :-p

  46. Nice! I actually use tape to do my eyeliner along the corners because I don’t have a steady hand. I also use it for eyeshadow since it seems to want to make a mess sometimes and then when I take the tape off, I do whatever blending is necessary.

  47. Open the Happy vids make my day! I have used the same method but I have a second in case anyone wants it. Run your finger from the inside of your eye to the outside feeling the bone on the socket. If you take a kohl or eyebrow pencil (one that will remove easily with a quick smudge of your finger) place a dot just under the bone at the outside of your eyes on each side. Then, when you do your eyeliner you aim for this dot (once your eyeliner is finished just remove the dot). You can either extend all the way to the dot or just use it as a guide for the direction of the flick if you want a more subtle look. Start the diagonal flick up from just after the halfway point of your iris. Draw a sidewaysish “v” on the inside corner of your eye (following the line of your lid and matching it to your bottom lid) if you want to look more feline. After a while you won’t need to draw the dots as a guide because you’ll know where to aim.

    Hope that makes sense – my english crashes out whenever I comment on this side despite the fact that at all other times I can speak and type perfect english. I have no idea why!!

  48. I’ve given up on wearing make up other than BB cream and mascara. I try and try and it still just makes me look terrible. :/

  49. Waaaa you make it look sooo easy … :/ … I can’t get past the raccoon eyes stage. Guess I need more practice. Lots more practice.

  50. Martinaa!!! i love your tutorials!! well i know this will be a question i should have asked in another video but anyway…
    i wanna know where do you buy your hair dyeing products????? i also live in korea but dont know where to buy them .. pleaseee help

  51. I lost my nervs once while trying to do something like that… I couldn’t see from my eyelashes -.- and then finaly I gave up and decided to just make them stand out alittle more xD

    I’m a girl…and make-up is not my best friend… *lol*
    But this is cool, I know a friend who will like/love this ^-^


    … nah im kidding… there’s not much of us anyhow

  53. watching this actually made me miss you filming in your kitchen of your Bucheon apartment. T^T

  54. princess braid?? or how to cover acne :)

    I really like how you tell us your technique with the wing part, and I’ll definitely tried it out. I’m starting to use makeup now.

  55. hahahha awww its cute of you to make a video of this!!
    thank you so much!!

  56. Martina is my kind of makeup guru since I’m a complete makeup noob. Confidence booster rooster!

  57. Each time I wear eye-liner, it will ‘print’ onto the top part of my eyelid (esp when I look up [even if I take care to not look up for ages until it dries]) … if that makes sense. How frustrating :( And when I blink black stuff smudges next to the outer corner of my eyes… :C
    /sucks with make up *sigh*

  58. thank you for your tip on buying makeup! you didn’t mention them in the video, but i think it will be very useful! my sister and i are planning to go shopping soon and i’ll totally try the liners on my hand first them lick my finger to test if they smudge. haha! even if you look crazy, at least now you won’t be the only one! :D

    • We can all shop like crazy lizard ladies together!!!

    • The official term is swatching (y’know, like paint colors)! You can do it with eyeshadows, eyeliners (pencil, gel, liquid), foundation, etc. to test for staying power and skin tone matching. Professionals and people very familiar with makeup do it, so in actuality you will look like you know what you’re doing to the shop employees rather than crazy ;)

  59. Isabel Ruby

    uuuu my eyes aren’t symmetrical at all, so cat eye never works….. if only i were denzel washington…. super symmetry man!!

  60. I had to rewind and watch “WHAT LOOK AT MY SMOKY EYES WHAT” so many times. Thank you for making me giggle. :B

  61. Really Awesome tutorial Martina! Always wanted to se how you did this makeup style. ^-^ Thank you so much for showing us! :D

  62. Yeaah! I’m so happy you made another tutorial Martina! :D
    By the way I love how you guys wrote ‘Bourjouis’ instead of ‘Bourjois’!! xDDDD
    (‘Jouis’ means ‘to reach orgasm’ in french :p)

  63. You’re the cutest thing ever Martina! I personally learned how to do my makeup by watching youtube videos and although you are not an expert.. if you would do more makeup videos I would sooo watch them cause you’re cute and adorable and you actually do give good tips ;) heehee :3 Do More More Please! :3

  64. Nice one Martina!! Nice trick, I’ll try it!! Cause every time I use liquid eyeliner, I do kinda look like Changmin when he mismatches his eyes….. (just not that pretty!) :)

  65. Messy poof poof bun tutorial yesh pleaseeeeee~! =D … And a ‘all-of-the-above’ to any other hair tutorial ideas~~ … I know that’s not helpful at all but I really like the different styles you do so I would be happy with anything ^^;;;

  66. I have a dog called Trooper. I feel like I ought to buy that eyeliner simply because of it’s name.

  67. This is a great tip! Thank youu! :D
    I do have very long eyelashes… but they are ginger… so you can’t see them… so I need mascara even though I then look like I’m wearing falsies every day, hah. (:

  68. Haha, and once again you helped me a lot. I learned from you how to do milkmaid braids and now I know how to make my wings even. Thanks my lifesaver. n___n ♥

  69. I use the same trick! LOL :D Find that a light grey shadow with an angle brush just lightly swipe the corner and BOOM! Cheat complete!

  70. OMG You look so sweet even without makeup Martina!

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