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The Eatyourkimchi crew is currently on tour! This means all orders placed before August 17th will take a bit longer than normal to get to you! Please keep that in mind when placing your order! ^^

Martina Meems
Meemers Whole ToteMeemer close up smallMeemers Toteinside-toteinside-tote

Meemers Tote


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Product Description

Dr.Meemersworth is quite the refined kitty. Indeed! Show your love for kitties, top hats, monocles, and all around gentlemanly cat behaviour with this classy tote bag. The inside of this tote bag also has two small pockets that gives you easy access to your cell phone, pens, wallet, single-slice cheese, and more.

Printing Method : This design is printed with DTP(Digital printing) on canvas.

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Weight 170 g
Dimensions 36 x 39 x 10 cm