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Simon’s New Office

June 17, 2008


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Today started off pretty poorly for me. To begin with, I forgot my Starbucks Double Shots at home. I usually pack two in my bag to make through the day. Without them, it’s a wonder how I survived (actually, as I write this now after lunch, I feel like I am going to collapse). Secondly, I forgot my keys at home. These were the keys to the English Room, my classroom, and my desk. I borrowed a set of keys off someone else (the lady who took us out on Sunday) so I was able to get into his class. Unfortunately, this set of keys could not unlock my desk, where I had all of my handouts for the day and cables for my computer. So, there was only one thing left for me to do: rip open the bloody desk. It turns out that the desk offered little resistance. A good, solid tug at the drawer popped its plastic lock off, shown above.

Anyhow, the rest of the day worked out perfectly well. I had a pretty rough day on Monday, and Tuesday was pretty bad as well. Today I tried something new, and the students loved it, and every class went by swimmingly. Good for me! Now if I could just not fall asleep, everything would be ok. Anyhow, I also made a new video of my new office. I have a room all to my own, and this is where I teach. I even have my own desk. They just bought it for me this week, and I just broke the lock on it today!


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