Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we came to Singapore for! We’re taking part in the YouTube Fanfest powered by HP, and Day 2 of the festival was the day that we went on stage. That was yesterday. And now that it’s done, we can show you what our day was like.

But first, here was our event, in case you missed it.


If you’re interested in watching the whole event, and you have 4 hours to spare, here’s everyone else, including Ryan Higa, Boyce Avenue, Nicko’s Kitchen, Joseph Vincent, and more!


Phew! Now that THAT’s done with, we could go on to do other things! You’ll see what we ate today when we publish that video tomorrow (tomorrow? I’m not sure if we’ll have time for it tomorrow. We’ve got another big event we’re going to!), but soon you’ll see it! Soon.

Anyhow, after the event we hung around with a bunch of cool people, like MyChonny, David Choi, Ryan Higa, Chester See, Nicko’s Kitchen, Wesley from WongFu, and other people. Everyone’s really nice! It’s odd for us, because – though we’re YouTubers – we don’t really feel that connected with the YouTube community, because we’re so far away from other countries where the community is really thriving. YouTube Korea’s growing, yes, but when you talk about the big names in YouTube, it’s mostly people from other countries you talk about, you know? So we felt a bit out of place at first, but talking to everyone was really awesome and inviting. Ryan’s really jetlagged, and has been working a lot on other things. Wesley’s a really fun guy, and Chonny’s hilarious. Nicko and his family are lovely, and we asked them a lot about Australia and where we should visit, if we did happen to visit this year. Joseph Vincent’s really ultra friendly as well. His manager’s freaking awesome, though, and knows comics as much as we do, it seemed! We also met Joe Perry in the green room while we waited to go on. Didn’t talk to him much, but he was pretty cool as well!

Also, hope you like the never before seen footage from our interviews. We’ve been holding on to that for a while now, and thought that this was gonna be a cool time to share it. Ha! We’re already seeing it giffed on Tumblr.

That’s it for now! See you guise tomorrow for our LiveChat, hopefully! We’re off to prepare for stuff. I’m thinking that Friday might be a free day for us, finally. Hopefully. We’ll see!

  1. You were great on stage :) I know I’d probably scatter on the ground XD Thank you for the BTS! :D They were awesome!! :D


  2. Also, the Asian American youtubers also have their joint project/channel YOMYOMF. Actors like Sung Kang ( Fast and the Furious) and others are also involved in that channel. And they also had they Next Youtube star show, and they also travel together to do shows all around the country. They seem to all be pretty tight. Whereas in Korea, it is just Simon and Martina who do this sort of stuff related to youtube.

    Kpop uses youtube a lot to promote to the outside of Korea fans. I also know that mnet america tries a bit to push their shows ( jjang, DFLA) on youtube as well. But there is usually a lag between it being shown on TV and being published on youtube.

  3. The amount of Australian kpop that have gotten cancelled is just ridiculous.

    But then again….maybe their coming isn’t kpop related?

  4. My family, on the host:

    My mom: Is he half white?
    My sister: uuuuggggh can we skip him already. He’s so annoyiiinggg
    My dad: They should’ve gotten a youtuber to do the hosting too. Isn’t there a youtuber that does interviews? *cough cough*
    My friend: (when his mic died, and he offered to repeat himself) NO NO NO NO just frikkin get the artist already!
    Me: I wanted a Singlish accent :/

  5. Ah!!!!! You so NASTY!!!! Thanks guise for being awesome. And that BTS footage was daebak!!! Block B – I ❤ those derp faces!!!

  6. Lol, yes actually we are quite aware of those sites and blogs. We, the mods actually try to read them ever so often to see if there is some valid criticism that we can use to make ourselves better ( we mods also get hate too). Of course, it still sucks when all you read is hate all the time, so I know that sometimes I take a break from reading it.

    It is really hard to get away from the hate comments. Actually even when I was looking on twitter for pictures from Singapore that the fans took, I saw hate comments speaking about EYK and Simon and Martina. I think people often don’t realise and sometimes don’t care that Simon and Martina are just normal people who can read those comments quite easily. It can make them sad.

    When something becomes popular, then there are always people who will dislike it and believe that it should not be popular. So we take it all with a grain of salt, and step away from it if it makes us feel bad. That’s why it feels awesome when nasties are really nice and say positive things to us. It washes away all those icky feelings. Videos like the fans meeting S&M and being so nice make me feel really happy.


  7. to sat the truth i wish u didnt say it otherwise eyk will start to go on the internet

  8. Block B derp faces, I love the part were someone says “The interviews about to start” while ya’ll are all seriously goofing off. Eric Nam giving Spudgy treats, come on guys seriously your interview with him is how I fell in love with him and this just made me fall even more so. uBeat talking about the infamous Soohyun lack of forehead shots. I love it, I’m one of those who spazzed on this very blog about Soohyun’s three second forehead shot. It’s like seeing the glowing light coming out of the brief case in Pulp Fiction for me. Great interview guys! Love it!

    • Ever since I found out Kevin is an EYK fan, I’ve always suspected him of reading comments here. Possibly even some of the other members doing so as well. Oh gosh the idea still makes me blush that my Soohyun forehead love spazzing got back to him via Kevin. Makes me blush even more thinking that comment in some off hand way lead to their conversation about it in their interview. Ok, they internet just made the world small and my head slightly big hahaha. I’m going to go stare at Soohyun forehead and come back down to reality XD

      • ^_^ Feeding my fascination! Thank you!

        It’s still mind blowing to know that it really is possible that one of them may be reading our conversation at this very moment :-O

        • Thank you! I re-blogged it since it didn’t show the second one. The more Soohyun forehead the better. It has been gifted to us and we should enjoy it in all it’s glory. LOL! Oh gosh, I think my fascination is an obsession. He needs to fluent his forehead more often.

          Don’t worry, I’m horrible at posting gif’s on tumblr. I think I’ve only posted one of my own gif’s ever and it was a giant headache at that time. Thank you again for the Soohyun forhead gif’s! ^_^

  9. I agree. I just got to watch this on my lunch break and it totally got me amped up for the rest of the day. Pure awesomeness! XD

  10. Free food tastes best? Simon might just be Dutch, we love us our free stuff!

    But it sounds like you are having a blast. And good to see so many nasties from Singapore!

  11. Martina as Hyori!? Can’t wait!

  12. Oh I saw @soluiz!! She was the second person to take a photo with you :D

    So since I’ve met Soluiz, and she’s met you, and you’ve met MFBTY, and MFBTY has met Tony Stark, and Tony Stark has met Jeremy Renner…..doesn’t this mean that I’ve kinda met Jeremy Renner? :D

    ok don’t mind me just delusional fangirling

    Yeah so it was really cool seeing you chilling with other youtubers. Glad to hear you had fun with Wesley too, he’s such a cool guy!! (not that I’ve met him, but just from the videos I’ve seen…yeah.)

    I’m kinda proud of all the Aussies there. My friend met Joseph Vincent at Monash Uni once. And Chonny’s from Melbourne – did he give you any suggestions of where to go? :D

  13. Haha you met David Choi. He came to my university with a bunch of other youtubers (Joseph Vincent included). His friend drew a penis on a jug of water >_>. Surprised there was no Clara C! I’m super jealous you guys got to meet Ryan Higa.

  14. The bug is back. #comeback season

  15. when I watched you guys live I didn’t see u guys holding a camera? ..spy cam? .. great job guys!

  16. Already looking forward to your next Singapore update! Hope you really enjoy the trip!! :D

  17. that’s right Martina!! make average things look cute!!!
    my sister thinks i’m weird that i like to decorate things with stickers and stuff!!


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