YESSS! Finally! Food video, in Singapore!

See, apart from being really excited to see all of you lovely Nasties in Singapore for the HP YouTube Fanfest, we were really excited just to eat food. FOOD! We dieted so freaking hard when we were in Korea, and were getting all ready for the day after our presentation on stage, so that we could eat WHATEVER THE EFF WE WANTED TO while in Singapore. Yay! We kept on hearing about how Singapore had amazing food, and it was time for us to try it out :D

So, this video isn’t really the best quality, or even all too comprehensive. You won’t get a lot of info from this video. Instead of us being like “ok, let’s make this video, and talk about the food” we were more like “BARRGH FOOD IN MY BELLY NOW! Oh snap! We gotta film this stuff before we eat all the foods!” So our footage kinda sucks, but we wanted to share it with you, nonetheless, and hopefully convey our sense of joy and excitement.

We’re a bit confused about food in Korea. Korean food is great! We love it. We eat it a lot. Foreign food in Korea, though, is not that great. It’s often times Korean-ized, and becomes its own thing, which sometimes isn’t bad, but oftentimes leaves you us still hankering for the cuisine that you actually wanted to eat. We’ve been to a bunch of disappointing Indian restaurants. Chinese food here ain’t Chinese food! Sushi oftentimes comes out frozen! Pad Thai and Springrolls? Hard to find good ones, by our standards. And we’re not sure why. Korea’s so close to other Asian countries. Why can I get better Chinese in Canada, half a globe away, than in Korea, which is right beside China, well, except for North Korea getting in between them. You know?

In Singapore, though, the foreign food was phenomenal! Fish Head Curry? Damn that’s delicious! We didn’t eat the eyeball, though. We won’t do that on our own. We’ll need someone holding our hand and guiding us through it. Doesn’t it taste like crunchy jelly? That’s what I’d imagine. ERRGGHHHBBBLLLLRRFF. Not really appetizing. Chicken Rice! We had that too, but…it was a bit lame. I thought the rice in Chicken Rice was supposed to be boiled in chicken broth? Our rice just tasted like plain rice. Didn’t really stand out too much. And the chicken, though yummy, didn’t have the nicest skin. We should have got the roasted chicken rice, it seems!

Chicken Rice, Fish Head Curry, Lime Juice and Coconut Juice. So damned good!

DIM SUM! Holy kicking donkeys! That was amazing. We went to a super popular one, Tom something something, in the Plaza Singapura. This place is supposedly ridiculously awesome, because the lineup is insanely long. We got there, mid-afternoon, with only a 20 minute wait, but by the time we left the lineup was well over an hour long. JUST MADE IT IN TIME! Anyhow, we ordered a whole bunch of different things, like, 12 items or so, and loved just about all of it, though the carrot cake was a bit boring for us. Then we saw a Nasty sitting behind us, who asked us if we had the BBQ pork bun, and we said we didn’t get it, so she strongly recommended it. We ordered it, then, even though we were full. OHMAIGAT! It was the best BBQ Pork Bun I ever had in my life. The inside was great, but the bun on the outside was this sweet, cakey bun with a crispy top of something, I don’t know, but it was glorious. Next time we’re there, we’re gonna get 10 orders of it. Holy hell it’s delicious. Really, really delicious.

Aww yeah BBQ pork bun coming in for a landing!

We also went to Lau Pasat, which I don’t know how to spell. I just remember how it sounds. We went there at lunch, and it was crazy busy. We tried to follow the rule of waiting in the longest line, because that suggests what food is the best. I tried a fishball soup, which was pretty good, but now what I felt like at the moment. Then I went to a Chinese Food place, and it was GREAT! I saw an Indian Food lineup, but I didn’t feel like that at the time, but I kept it in mind for future reference, for when we’d go back. We did go back on Saturday, when it was pretty dead, and had the Indian Food there. UNNGHHH that was so good! We even actually spoke with the restaurant owners, and they were telling us about how they get their spices directly from India. Now THAT’S what I want to hear!

Otherwise, we also went to Little India, to a place recommended by the Concierge, Banana Apollo Leaf. DAMN THAT WAS GREAT, TOO! You know, we’re starting to think that maybe Indian food might be our favorite kind of food. Give us Palak Paneer, Mutton Korma, Butter Chicken, and some Naan: we’ll be really happy. I’m not sure if that’s us just saying it because we haven’t had it in so long. I’m sure that if we didn’t live in Korea and we had nothing but crappy imitation Korean food, after having a good kimchi jigae we’d be like “DAMN KOREAN FOOD’S THE BEST!” Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

On a sad note: we didn’t get the chance to eat any Chili Crab. Don’t kill us, ok?! We really didn’t have that many free days. We flew in late Monday, did the Fanfest on Tuesday, then ate a lot on Wednesday, prepped for the Social Star Awards and did a livechat on Thursday. Friday we ate a lot, and Saturday was our last day! Not that many days to try all the foods. It’s a shame, I know. Let’s make a deal, then: Singapore – you bring us back to Singapore, and we’ll eat more of your foods and make videos for it. Sound fair? Singapore Tourism Board! You read our blog, don’t you? Bring us back! We’ll make mooooovveeeess 4 youuuuuu.

Ok, that’s it for this blog post. We’re working on another video about our experience at the Social Star Awards, as well as some other stuff we did, outside of eating. Booya! It should be up soon, hopefully!

Oh, and lastly: remember our LiveChat in Singapore? We did some extra footage for HP afterwards, where we do short interviews with MIB, Spica, and Eastern Sidekick. Check it out here:


  1. Guys, have y’all heard of other amazing food like sambal sting ray and Assam fish head? BECAUSE IF YOU HAVENT YOUVE GOT TO TRY IT!
    NOTE: Sambal stingray is really spicy so… Take caution!

    Source: I’m a Singaporean!

  2. Just an FYI for those traveling to Singapore….the Lau Pa Sat Hawker center is closed (gutted) for renovation. The sign says it will open in spring of 2014. (just got back this morning)

  3. Hey, I really enjoyed your videos! The next time you come to Singapore, maybe you can ask us to recommend some good places and you can compile a list of places to go. While the food scene in hawker centres do not change so quickly, the various hip places like the dim sum restaurant you had visited may “go out of fashion” in a year’s time. So when you plan to visit Singapore again, do ask us for tips on which “fashionable” places you should go. We’ll tell you where the hidden jems are. :)

  4. I’m going in August! Can’t wait! Not looking forward to the 13hr flight though…
    What would you recommend doing? Eating? Anything really. I’m gonna have the chilli crab! ^_^ eeek

    I love your videos by the way! :D

  5. The cake at the dimsum place it taro or radish cake. Oooo my favorite!

  6. Yeah Indian food is the best!

  7. Valerie Blaze Chompre

    Hey I love that ddukbokki video. I watched it when I was making ddukkbokki, it really helps a lot :)

  8. Someone must’ve said this already but the chicken rice you guys ate must’ve been an imitation lol. Chicken rice is the only kind of rice I don’t mind eating because I personally dont like how plain…plain rice tastes. So it’s not supposed to taste like normal rice for sure.

  9. wait why don’t you guys ever try the Din Tai Fung in Korea? At least the ones in the Cali are good…


    Would love to know how you guys feel about this amazing dimsum megachain place, and how the locations in Korea compare!

  10. OMG you guise are living part of my dream… To go around Asian countries and gorge on their awesome foods!

  11. please please please please please…..say that you ate Chilli Crab…..or Black Pepper crab….or any crab.

    ALSO! if you DO go back to Lau Pa Sat. Go late at night when most of it is closed (like 10pm…thats when i normally went) and eat SATAY! the satay there is incredible. As is the crab.

    Grab a couple Satays of each and a chilli crab. Tiger beer.
    i will spam you these if you do ever go back to Singas.

  12. We have a lot more kinds of those buns in Canada Edmonton :3
    You guys would love them, there is curry buns , sweet and sour buns , and sweet buns. :3
    And way more + custard

  13. ahh i just remembered, next time you guys can check out ‘ladyironchef’ he’s a Singaporean food blogger! I’ve always referred to his blogs to find nice place/cafes to eat at! :D He has a list for Korea too! Maybe you guys may want to check it out :)

  14. i might have cried just a little bit when the dim sum portion came up holy sweet baby jesus let me love you down, dim sum, for you are the love of my life

  15. You guise, I don’t knoe if you’ve heard about this since you’re such Mexican food lovers, but have you been there/have you seen this : http://vimeo.com/49484917?

  16. I fell in love with Indian food when I went to India to do volunteer work teaching English. OMG INDIAN FOOD IS SOOOOOOO GOOD.
    In other words, I agree that Indian food is the best!

  17. These videos always make me sooo hungry!!!

  18. kpopfan123

    First of all HAPPY EATYOURKIMCHI 5 YEARS ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! *******__________******* oh gosh I’m like 10 hours late – . -’ (“I blame you sleep!!! > . <") Also I've been meaning to make something for you guise, for this occasion, (since I've never made anything for you guise ever!) but I didn't have time to make something properly (and I can't accept half-effort jobs!) so hopefully soon… but *yey* It's your anniversary!!!!! ^O^

    *yey* It's another Singapore video!! ^____^

    I don't know about others, guise, but I hope that you'd always stay fit… when you were dieting you helped me stay motivated and help me lose weight as well… not to mention you feel better when you do stay fit (at least I do) and as you get older you kind of lose that capability of losing weight fast (sorry I'm kind of a buzzkill – . – )

    I'm glad(though) you had a great time there :) Thank you for the Singapore videos guise!

    I haven't been with you guise from the very beginning but it's been quite a while now ***^____^*** Happy Day! *_______*



  19. Wait until you visit China and try their Dim Sum nomms :]

  20. When are you guys making those segments you promised in the donations video? Are you guys continuing WTF?

  21. I had never thought about going to Singapore before, but you have convinced me that I should definitely add it to my list. If for no other reason than to make my stomach happy.

  22. Emilie

    The entire time you guys have been talking about your Singapore trip you kept mentioning “hocker centers” and I was hoping you’d finally explain what that was in this video… but I still have no clue. >.< I'm getting the sense that it is some sort of food mall? I'm not even sure if I spelled it correctly. Could some Singaporean Nasty please help me out?

    • Katie

      A hawker center is a place that sells lots and lots of food. Kind of like a food court. :)
      I’m not from Singapore so I could be wrong but I think they’re incredibly cheap too.

      • hey you’re right, a hawker center is kinda like a food court! though most hawker centers are not air-conditioned though.. most food courts are located in shopping malls, but some hawker centers (particularly the one simonandmartina went to as shown in the video) are not part of another building..
        Most hawker centers sell cheap food ranging from SGD 2-5! (: but this laopasat that simonandmartina visited is quite a popular place for tourists to visit, so people tend to get ripped off there.. x:

        • Emilie

          Thanks! It sounds kinda interesting. How does it differ from a food court that you would find in a mall though? Is it just the fact that it is in its own separate location?

  23. 2:28- meet Martina, the new member of SPICA :3

  24. the brown cake is called “ma lai go” in cantonese and it’s not carrot cake, it’s just a regular steamed cake ^^

  25. The thing you didn’t know what it was at Tim Hou Wan is a turnip cake or a taro cake, pretty sure. It’s one of the things I alwayyyys get. :]

  26. Well, I’ve finished torturing myself for the day. I’m gonna get something to eat…

  27. thisisjustforfunval

    NOMS! I’m so hungry! I need a one way ticket to Singapore now!

  28. Simona and Martina! The first dimsum item you didn’t know is called “Lo Bak Gou” in Cantonese, it is like a steamed then fried turnip cake. It is one of my favorites!

  29. Isabel Ruby

    oh god i’m so hungry.. ;^;

  30. The food looks so delicious!!! Nom nom nom~~

    I don’t know if anyone answered but, from 3:58, I didn’t know what it was called in English (“low-bat-go” — Sorry, this is my horrible attempt in Chinese romanization), but I think it was some type of Chinese radish. I googled it and ta-dah~ It’s called Turnip Cakes. http://www.bostonmagazine.com/2013/01/asian-dining-dim-sum-chinatown-boston-photo-guide/

  31. you should travel da world like Anthony bordain woot

  32. Lau Pa Sat means old market in Hokkien i think ^^ You should’ve tried the oyster omelette, fried carrot cake (it’s mashed radish or white carrot or something and fried with egg and preserved radish and soooo good) and and and DESSERTS. BECAUSE THE DESSERTS ARE LOVELY.

    Everyday i go to school and wonder what to eat because of the sheer number of stalls the school food court has ><

  33. 4:52 Follow the croissants XD

  34. Please tell me you guise have tried Everest Restaurant in Seoul it has the best Indian/Nepalese food EVER!!!! SOOOOO GOOOD!!!!

  35. *DERP FACE*
    This was from the SHANK episode :))

  36. I am so judging you guys right now!! /hipster voice

    Just kidding!! My inner fat kid would be unleashed if I was in Singapore right now XD One of my many cousins and her mom are from there, and she’d sit there and brag about the food… She is my fave cousin, but OMJ, I’d wanna Superman her every time she started talking about food >_>

  37. PunkyPrincess92

    i hate watching you guys eat food!!! (just like the man vs food guy!!)
    it looks so delicious!!! T_T i want some!!

    it’s okay that you guys didn’t actually talk about the food!! it’s just nice to see you both enjoying your time and finally being able to stuff your faces!!! yay!!

    “would that be like blasphemy? like picking between YG and SM?” ahahahaha!!

  38. looks sooooo good!! by the by, why does your bug not have a name? he gets more screen time than Spudgy and Meemers…

  39. I eaten at that exact hawker center so many times when on transit.
    Simon Martina, i was flying in from Sydney once, and ordered for about 30 Singaporean $ for two people to eat at that hawker center…you know because thats usually how much you would dish out for a lunch for two.
    Oh boy was in in for a surprise…..spent nearly 2 hours finishing all the food.
    You have nothing to worry about, that the whole video is about food.
    Its one of Singapore’s Pride and joys.

  40. No BBQ stingray? bak kut teh?? laksa? char kway teow? & chilli crab?? I think you guys will love the mantous (fried buns) dipped in chilli crab sauce. Sorry to hear that the chicken rice was disappointing!! The non-roasted kind you had is a bit of a hit-&-miss because some stalls make it too tough/dry, but the good ones are really good! The best chicken rice shops also have secret recipes for their rice and chilli sauce!

    I think you guys have to return to Singapore again.

  41. w(°o°)w


  42. Martina! That white, square potato cake you ate is actually made of mashed daikon radish flavoured with tiny dried shrimp! It’s one of my favorite dim sum item because it’s so deliciously fried and soft :D

  43. i can assure you there are much more nicer chicken rice out there! and its a real pity you missed out on chilli crab! or even salted egg crabs! and bak kut teh! its a peppery pork soup that you should not miss too! come back! and laksa! omg so many nasty food you’ve got to taste! I’ll definitely bring you around if the timing allows me to! (:

  44. It’s a pity you couldn’t spend more time in Singapore:( But if you want to come here frequently, summer may not be the choice cos it’s kinda hot. Haha. Hope you loved our sunny island!
    But other than food there’s still a lot of places to explore. The Marina Bay view is lovely isn’t it? Next time you come find a Sinagporean Nasty to be your tour guide^.^ How was Changi Airport? It’s actually the best after Incheon Airport.
    Anyway I love you guise<3

  45. you should just have a big gathering with all your nasties in Singapore and order EVERYTHING IN SINGAPORE so everyone can share!!! EAT ALL THE FOOOOOOOOOOOD

  46. Karina Shum

    ….poor souls.
    I eat sweet and sour pork buns..everyday, for breakfast :D

  47. You guys are making me miss my own home food here in Korea T.T

  48. so distracted by that bug~ Its there every time you film overseas!!! I remember that bug from your Japan trip and I think its the same bug. Poor bug.
    Pity you didn’t get good rice for your chicken rice! I’m a big chicken rice mania and the rice in chicken rice is the most important part of chicken rice!!

  49. DIMSUM IS SO DELICIOUS argdfgfhfhf

  50. Simon! In your fishball soup, those are squidballs

  51. Been waiting for this! YAAAYY

  52. Homahgawd look at dat sexy dim sum. ( °٢° )

    Pity that you had to have the chicken rice where the rice tasted plain! D: !! Next time you try chicken rice in Singapore you should try the one in the hawker centre just outside Queentown MRT station :) Best chicken rice I’ve had so far ^^

  54. Hope you guys enjoyed Singapore!!!! As well as the chocolate banana pocky I passed to you guys at the airport on Saturday :D Come back to singapore soon! Singapore has soooo much more food to offer ^^

  55. Charmz

    I’m drooling ㅠㅡㅠ

  56. I know what you mean about foreign food in Korea… just not that good. Sydney, Australia however, has really really great Asian food, so if you come to Australia you have to try lots of food! There is a lot of really great Thai and Malaysian food. Also the Taiwanese Din Tai Fung is sooo good! The Din Tai Fung in Korea was disappointing when we tried it, Koreanized I guess, but the Sydney one is so good there is always a really big line. But it’s worth it. Come to Australia to eat!

    • Totally agreed!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

      Yes, yes, Australia has amazing international food – I even heard that Melbourne has the best Greek food in the world (even better than their home country son!). I was quite surprised to find that in big Australian cities, the foreign dishes are actually amazingly authentic. It’s partly because of the huge amount of connoisseurs picky eaters who were either born overseas or have lived overseas (and thus know how things should taste); and also the tough competition, creating a ‘survival of the fittest’ kind of atmosphere. Eating out is pricey here, so if they don’t make good food – they’ll go out of business preeeetty quick.

    • really? i freaking love din tai fung, how is it possible to localize that very much though? isnt it basically a chain restaurant? although i did notice differences even from the one in taiwan and the one in singapore (for some reason their soy is alot less vinegary than the one in singapore) so i suppose anythings possible

      • Yeah it’s a chain but the menu varies from place to place. The Korean and Japanese ones were definitely a bit different to the Sydney one. I have heard the one in Korea has Korean staff (and we only saw Koreans working there when we ate there, not sure about the chefs though) but in Sydney I think it’s all Taiwanese chefs and staff, which I think makes it better. In Sydney it is extremely popular and the “world’s best dumplings” is really hyped up, but in Korea it didn’t have the same hype or the same amazing taste.

  57. Patricia황은민Bunny

    i’m so distracted by… SIMON’S CHEST HAIR!!!! XD

  58. awwwww!! too bad i didn’t get to see you guys!!

  59. You released this at almost noon, Paris time. You did it on purpose. Don’t deny it.

    It reminds much soooo painfully of what I ate (and drank, for the fresh coconut) on a daily basis in Vietnam! The yummiest country in the world, if you want my opinion.

    Nawak is now out (to the kitchen)

  60. eehhhhrrrrmmmmmmmmaaahhhhggaadddd… i need it. o(*O*)o

  61. martina’s face when she was eating the ‘bug’! EPIC!

  62. what’s with the bug on the camera?

  63. Charmz

    There’s a restaurant in Korea that sells Singaporean food called “Yummy Kampong” owned by my friend’s dad which is located at 서울시 서초구 반포동90-12 전빌딩1 층. Maybe you would like to visit there when you have time :) Quite a few Korean celebrities visited the restaurant before ~ ^^

  64. 1st thing that you didn’t know. The potato cake is actually shredded/mashed radish then pan fried.
    2nd thing is called Mah Lai Goh in cantonese and directly translated to be Malaysian Steamed Cake.

  65. You should try some local desserts next time! Like chendol and ice kachang. For chinese food not just chili crab but black pepper and salted egg crab too! And char kway teow, bakuteh, satay beehoon and popiah. And all the malay food and indian rojak… and the normal rojak. omagerd I can just go on and on about food in sg.

  66. “The lady was like “What do you want?” and I said “Yes!” SIMON LOLOLOLOL

    I think this pretty much sums up anyone’s reaction to delicious food in a foreign country for the first time. /drooooool/

    P.S. Thank you guise for working so hard to share your experiences with us! It’s something I always really appreciate. You both manage to really enjoy yourselves in new places and still keep the Nasties in mind. I know it should be a given, but I’m still insanely thankful for it. :)

  67. ☆pallavi☆

    I’m going to SIngapore too in August! So I’m glad you guys are posting this stuff ^^

  68. gosh, the next time you guys are back in singapore, let us singaporean readers bring you around to eat all the delicacies we have here. we’ll make sure you return back craving for more ;)

  69. Yay Singapore ^^ Did you guys get to try bak kwa? It’s like these squarish pieces of meat that is sort of sweet. ^^ It’s similar to jerky but not as dry. I think they do sell the vacuum packed ones and I can send some over if you like them~

  70. oh no i’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the chicken rice! some places do serve plain rice instead of the real deal, or don’t have rice that is really soaked in that chicken broth flavor, maybe because it’s healthier. chicken rice rice is supposedly mad unhealthy, with all the sodium, oil and stuff :/

  71. What a huge pity that you didn’t get to try nice chicken rice here. :( The authentic ones would never have rice that tastes like plain rice!

  72. Banana Apollo Leaf is my friend’s dad’s restaurant. LOL glad you all had a nice ‘vacation’ in Singapore! Please come here again for a longer break another time!:)

  73. Looks like you sampled some goodies! We Filo Singaporeans have a name for the stall you went and ordered those foods at around 1:40: ‘turo-turo’, basically it means ‘point-point’ xD Shame the Chicken Rice ‘rice’ wasn’t cooked in the broth, otherwise it would’ve tasted delicious! No desserts? Or is that reserved for another vid? You’ll definitely need to go back for more.

    • No, we didn’t have desserts. OH WAIT WE DID! We had the ice cream sandwich outside, but ate it too quickly to remember filming :D

      • lol the humidity would’ve melted it in a jiffy, so I can understand why you ‘nommed it in one go. Damn… Singapore Nasties, send Love letters, Pineapple Tarts, and Kueh Lapis Cake!

      • Ice cream sandwich is the bomb *O*

        lol I get weird looks here (Australia) when I put my ice cream on a slice of bread. But seriously. It’s awesome XD

        • O/ Bread and Ice cream is the best! If you could get chocolate bread and chocolate ice cream *excuse me while i salivate over here* XD why not? it saves me cleaning mugs or chucking paper/styro cups in the bin!

  74. Shelley Beh

    aww unfortunate that you didn’t enjoy the Chicken Rice.. perhaps for your next visit you need to go to a well known popular one? next time just go for an epic food-marathon haha the endless things you could have without having to worry about diet.. for that period anyway haha

    • See, I thought this one was gonna be a good one. Anthony Bourdaine recommended it. I TRUSTED YOU, TONY! Yes, we’re on first name terms now (no, actually, we aren’t). I did love the fish-head curry there, though!

      • Shelley Beh

        Actually I noticed the really good Chicken Rice places are those that specialize in just Chicken Rice. Locals generally know which is the best chicken Rice place. The first time I went to Singapore was with no local connection and the food was good but I never got to try the real good stuff -the hidden gems- till I went the second time and stayed with some Singaporean friends and they took me to some of the best places for chilli crab, frog-porridge(sounds horrible but it’s tasty, not normal frogs u see in swamps haha), chicken rice, soy-chicken rice, small desert places.. mmm foooood…

      • honestly i cant stand chicken rice, its sooo boring, its the kind of thing i ate less than 10 times a year, and always under duress, like crapnothingelseisopenineedfood kind of duress, so it might just have been that it was a good example but you just didnt like it like me, rather than just the chicken id get it with chopped up char siu and fried pork belly,ssjfl ksfsjfdds so good

    • yeah man! the rice is supposed to be awesome! so good that you can even eat it on its own! its a pity that the place served u plain white rice, what a shame.

  75. STARVINGGGGG. Btw you guys went to Tim Ho Wan! :D

  76. WOW you guys sounded like you had a lot of fun here in Singapore. :) To be quite honest, you’ve just grazed the tip of the HUGE iceberg of Singaporean food. Hopefully you get to try more variety of food the next time you come back! :D

    • I know. I felt like there was so much we missed out on! I hope that, when we come back, we’ll have more time to explore more different things :D

      • Suprisingly, one of the most memorable foods I’ve had in Singapore was a vegetarian dish. What was novel about it was that they made full meat dishes, like fried chicken thighs, or rendang beef, fully out of tofu skin(?) and it looked SO REAL o_O it even tasted really similar. So yeah. Fake meat. Do it :p

        • Seems like we have another solution to keep the cow farts from destroying the world!

        • Is fake meat available in Korea? There are a few brands here in US. Some are questionable with GMO soy and artificial flavors, but some are made out of amazing mushroom proteins. I am getting better at cooking tofu, but the chinese restaurant in town cooks it in some magical way that I haven’t figured out yet. Until I do, fake meat is still easier for me to cook than tofu.

  77. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Singapore! :)

    • It was absolutely lovely, and I really want to visit there again, soon. Can we make it, like, a once a month kind of thing. Guise? Anyone?

      • Yezzzz of course! We can all eat happy and be round and roll around ha!

        PS I was the one who bumped into you guys at Clarke Quay on the first day of Music Matters Live when you just got to the cab stand. Sorry I was so overwhelmed I didn’t even get to start a proper conversation heh

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