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Singapore Day 4 – FOOD!

May 29, 2013


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YESSS! Finally! Food video, in Singapore!

See, apart from being really excited to see all of you lovely Nasties in Singapore for the HP YouTube Fanfest, we were really excited just to eat food. FOOD! We dieted so freaking hard when we were in Korea, and were getting all ready for the day after our presentation on stage, so that we could eat WHATEVER THE EFF WE WANTED TO while in Singapore. Yay! We kept on hearing about how Singapore had amazing food, and it was time for us to try it out :D

So, this video isn’t really the best quality, or even all too comprehensive. You won’t get a lot of info from this video. Instead of us being like “ok, let’s make this video, and talk about the food” we were more like “BARRGH FOOD IN MY BELLY NOW! Oh snap! We gotta film this stuff before we eat all the foods!” So our footage kinda sucks, but we wanted to share it with you, nonetheless, and hopefully convey our sense of joy and excitement.

We’re a bit confused about food in Korea. Korean food is great! We love it. We eat it a lot. Foreign food in Korea, though, is not that great. It’s often times Korean-ized, and becomes its own thing, which sometimes isn’t bad, but oftentimes leaves you us still hankering for the cuisine that you actually wanted to eat. We’ve been to a bunch of disappointing Indian restaurants. Chinese food here ain’t Chinese food! Sushi oftentimes comes out frozen! Pad Thai and Springrolls? Hard to find good ones, by our standards. And we’re not sure why. Korea’s so close to other Asian countries. Why can I get better Chinese in Canada, half a globe away, than in Korea, which is right beside China, well, except for North Korea getting in between them. You know?

In Singapore, though, the foreign food was phenomenal! Fish Head Curry? Damn that’s delicious! We didn’t eat the eyeball, though. We won’t do that on our own. We’ll need someone holding our hand and guiding us through it. Doesn’t it taste like crunchy jelly? That’s what I’d imagine. ERRGGHHHBBBLLLLRRFF. Not really appetizing. Chicken Rice! We had that too, but…it was a bit lame. I thought the rice in Chicken Rice was supposed to be boiled in chicken broth? Our rice just tasted like plain rice. Didn’t really stand out too much. And the chicken, though yummy, didn’t have the nicest skin. We should have got the roasted chicken rice, it seems!

Chicken Rice, Fish Head Curry, Lime Juice and Coconut Juice. So damned good!

DIM SUM! Holy kicking donkeys! That was amazing. We went to a super popular one, Tom something something, in the Plaza Singapura. This place is supposedly ridiculously awesome, because the lineup is insanely long. We got there, mid-afternoon, with only a 20 minute wait, but by the time we left the lineup was well over an hour long. JUST MADE IT IN TIME! Anyhow, we ordered a whole bunch of different things, like, 12 items or so, and loved just about all of it, though the carrot cake was a bit boring for us. Then we saw a Nasty sitting behind us, who asked us if we had the BBQ pork bun, and we said we didn’t get it, so she strongly recommended it. We ordered it, then, even though we were full. OHMAIGAT! It was the best BBQ Pork Bun I ever had in my life. The inside was great, but the bun on the outside was this sweet, cakey bun with a crispy top of something, I don’t know, but it was glorious. Next time we’re there, we’re gonna get 10 orders of it. Holy hell it’s delicious. Really, really delicious.

Aww yeah BBQ pork bun coming in for a landing!

We also went to Lau Pasat, which I don’t know how to spell. I just remember how it sounds. We went there at lunch, and it was crazy busy. We tried to follow the rule of waiting in the longest line, because that suggests what food is the best. I tried a fishball soup, which was pretty good, but now what I felt like at the moment. Then I went to a Chinese Food place, and it was GREAT! I saw an Indian Food lineup, but I didn’t feel like that at the time, but I kept it in mind for future reference, for when we’d go back. We did go back on Saturday, when it was pretty dead, and had the Indian Food there. UNNGHHH that was so good! We even actually spoke with the restaurant owners, and they were telling us about how they get their spices directly from India. Now THAT’S what I want to hear!

Otherwise, we also went to Little India, to a place recommended by the Concierge, Banana Apollo Leaf. DAMN THAT WAS GREAT, TOO! You know, we’re starting to think that maybe Indian food might be our favorite kind of food. Give us Palak Paneer, Mutton Korma, Butter Chicken, and some Naan: we’ll be really happy. I’m not sure if that’s us just saying it because we haven’t had it in so long. I’m sure that if we didn’t live in Korea and we had nothing but crappy imitation Korean food, after having a good kimchi jigae we’d be like “DAMN KOREAN FOOD’S THE BEST!” Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

On a sad note: we didn’t get the chance to eat any Chili Crab. Don’t kill us, ok?! We really didn’t have that many free days. We flew in late Monday, did the Fanfest on Tuesday, then ate a lot on Wednesday, prepped for the Social Star Awards and did a livechat on Thursday. Friday we ate a lot, and Saturday was our last day! Not that many days to try all the foods. It’s a shame, I know. Let’s make a deal, then: Singapore – you bring us back to Singapore, and we’ll eat more of your foods and make videos for it. Sound fair? Singapore Tourism Board! You read our blog, don’t you? Bring us back! We’ll make mooooovveeeess 4 youuuuuu.

Ok, that’s it for this blog post. We’re working on another video about our experience at the Social Star Awards, as well as some other stuff we did, outside of eating. Booya! It should be up soon, hopefully!

Oh, and lastly: remember our LiveChat in Singapore? We did some extra footage for HP afterwards, where we do short interviews with MIB, Spica, and Eastern Sidekick. Check it out here:



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