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Singapore Day 5 – Social Star Awards and Stuff

May 30, 2013


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Guise: we’re sooooo totally not celebrities, or in any way appropriately behaved in socialite situations. The Social Star Awards was our first ever red carpet event, and we felt totally out of place. Let us tell you our story about the event.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, the Starcount Social Star Awards was, like, the first ever social media awards show (kinda, I think?) where they give awards to social star people. We didn’t get nominated for anything, which is obvious. We’re not top-tier YouTubers, nor are we celebrities otherwise. We were just invited to attend as guests.

So, we're gonna be part of something really cool tomorrow...

Anyhow, we immediately knew we were really out of place because, for starters, everyone had nice clothes on. We didn’t pack any nice clothes, because we didn’t know about this until AFTER we arrived in Singapore. We packed clothes for hot weather, not for social events! That’s why we looked rather casual for the event. Embarrassed!

But, more than that, before the actual awards show, there was a VIP room, which is where you saw us Pokémon-ing it up for all the foods. We should have been talking to others, networking, meeting new people, but we were just like “ME HUNGRY PIGGY! MORE FOOD NAO.” Or, it could be that we just hid behind the food to hide our awkwardness at the event. Though, being on the prowl for the food did, in many ways, accentuate the awkwardness. Ah well. The food was great, at least!

We didn’t meet any of the top-tier YouTubers at the event. They were in an ultra-vip room. The creators from Asia Pacific, apart from Hikakin, who beatboxed with Aerosmith, were all hunting for foods, though I’m sure we were the most obvious one prowling. Ha! We did get to meet Pewdiepie and Nigahiga outside of the event, though. We talked to Ryan Higa more than Pewdiepie, who we just shook hands with. Ryan drank with us and chatted a bit, though he was jetlagged as hell. Chonny is ultrafun, as is Nicko. Joseph Vincent’s manager, Tom, is just awesome. He’s a Marvel nerd like us! Yay! And Wes from WongFu was loads of fun as well. Though, we didn’t speak with many people at the Social Star Awards, apart from Chonny and Nicko, who were great to hang out with at the event, as we all sat together during the show.

At the awards show, we sat right beside the teleprompter, so we were reading along with the whole show. Jeremy Piven was great at hosting, though, because he strayed from the teleprompter for random funny lines from time to time. One guy shouted something out, and Jeremy – we’re on first name terms now, by the way (no we’re not) – said something along the lines of “Ah. I remember what my first beer was like. Enjoy yours!” Ha! That made me crack up.

By the middle of the show, we’d go out with Chonny to get more drinks. The show was better with drinks. Not that the show was bad; it’s just that, well, if drinks are free, then – you know how I feel about free food (nothing tastes better than free food). Free booze, though, isn’t the same. Free booze are often watered down.

After the event we didn’t make any videos, really. There was an afterparty on the room of the Marina Bay Sands, which we attended as well. It was similar to the first VIP event, with a lot of people mingling and stuff, and there was lots of free food there, too, so we pretty much just did the same thing and eated all the foods. We met the guys who made the Harlem Shake. They were cool and we drank with them a bit. Then we got tired and went home.

Want to hear a story that makes me really sad? The next day was the Social Star Concert, which we had tickets to attend as well, but we didn’t attend because we just wanted to eat. I’m noticing a pattern here. Socializing vs Food: Food wins always. Anyhow, we didn’t go to the concert, and we just walked around and ate stuff. My phone died while we were out. Came back to the hotel room and plugged it in, and saw a message from one of the organizers saying “hey where are your I’m trying to get you backstage to meet Psy.” FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! I wrote back, but by then it was too late. OH GOD WHY!!! But it might not have happened. You know? We might have ran down there and have not been able to see Psy. That’s ok. The night before, at the Social Star Awards, Psy performed, and I was right up close to the stage and singing along with him. He looked me in the eyes. I saw it. We had a moment. He was like “so this is the guy that made that godawful Eatyourkimchi Like a Man song!” I saw it in his eyes. It was there.

@psy_oppa was amazing at tonight's #socialstarawards!

Other than that, we went to Orchard Road on our day off and had ice cream sandwiches outside, but I’m not sure if they’re called ice cream sandwiches in Singapore, though, it’s as literally an ice cream sandwich as possible. Get ice cream. Put it between bread slices. That’s as technically an ice cream sandwich as possible. We didn’t get the bread version, though. We got it on crackers.

You know what I just realized? This video was supposed to be about the cool fancy pants things we did but instead we just went for more foods. We have an eating problem.

OH WAIT! We did something un-food related. We went to see the giant spitting Merlion. Martina superimposed herself to make it look like she’s spitting the water herself. No, wait: that didn’t sound glamorous. Let’s make this Kpop gossipy. Ahem. “MARTINA TRANSFORMS INTO MERLION!” Ha! I always find it ridiculous when I read those “transformation” headlines. THEY PUT ON A HAT IT’S NOT A TRANSFORMATION YOU FARTSUCKERS!


Umm, I just realized that we were by the Merlion because we went to Glutton’s Bay for foods. Hmm…I feel like every country we travel to is just for foods. Question, just for future reference: what food should we eat in Australia, if we were to visit. We won’t accept any answer that has “mite” in it, for the record :D

Oh! And this is the second last Singapore video we’re uploading. We’ve got one more exporting right now, of our departure. Our last Singapore vlog! We’ll put that up later tonight, along with one more video afterwards. Three videos today. We’re pretty hardcore!



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Singapore Day 5 – Social Star Awards and Stuff


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  1. Bwahahaha I was literally turning the volume down already when I saw the intro… Glad I continued to do so ^^’

    And now after watching til the end I really feel like eating dim sum while singing… I’m up all night for dim sum, we’re up all night to get fatty…

    6 years ago
  2. aww poor Martina didn’t get to meet Jenna, I would of loved to see that happen =) You guys are both socially awkward so it would of been fun to see!

    6 years ago
  3. You guys need to go back ASAP. Bourdain just tweeted that he’s on his way to Singapore for the World Street Food Congress. I didn’t know that even existed, but it sounds like something that I want to go to, and clearly from your trip highlights, something you want to go to.

    6 years ago
  4. aaww Chonny!!
    “Simon and Onew should be like bff’s” YES THEY SHOULD!!!! TOTALLY!!!! and you just said you’re a big “dubu” fan Martina!! ahahah!! …….okay…..
    haha i like the dimsum song!!

    6 years ago
  5. They have done several Tim Tam Slams because people have shipped them some.

    6 years ago
  6. Damn it Simon! You’re only suppose to ruin Korean songs for me not Daft Punk’s Get Lucky which I’ve been playing on infinite loop! I’ll forgive you, but only if you give me some dim sum :)

    6 years ago
  7. Every time I travel I will have an event or main reason but the after that it is ALLLLLLLLLL about the food. My friends and I will pick out all the restaurants we want to eat at, as part of the itinerary. Eating is a huge part of enjoying another city, state, countries diversity. You can’t understand a place without knowing and enjoying it’s foods. Food for thought.

    6 years ago
  8. I think it’s a matter of perspective. Famous entertainers would say “how can you skip a major concert for food? ” famous chefs would say “It’s Singapore! You did the right thing. ”
    As a lover of eating experiences,I also think a trip to Singapore is actually an eating vacation.

    6 years ago
  9. Personal introduction for food in Australia being a foreigner in the country for 3 years:

    – Definitely try italian cuisine. They serve really really good italian pasta here! (And when I say here, it means here in Perth. Ciao Italia rocks!)

    – Dim Sums! They are awesome because you get real HongKongese making those oh-so-delicious foods.

    – Chinese restaurants are awesome too

    – Have lotsa bubble tea

    – Drink a lot of A&W here. Haha

    It would be so great if I could meet you guys while I’m here!

    6 years ago
  10. ? Have you tried playing it on YouTube?

    6 years ago
  11. I would like to chat it up with Ryan Higa! :P awesome

    6 years ago
  12. YOU MET PEWDIEPIE AND YOU DID NOT BROFIST HIM O.O?!!?! And Marzia?! Apparently they put him in the Marina Bay Sands hotel D:

    6 years ago
  13. You guys! I know you’re huge foodies, but you should socialize a bit more. . . Then again I would probably do the same as you, cause I’m pretty socially awkward as well and love free food. But, I think I would feel even mooore awkward cause I am usually alone at events and functions. At least you have each other to talk to, so it’s not as weird. . . But, I find a lot of the Youtubers I watch confess to being socially awkward as well, so you might have more in common with a lot of them than you think. . .

    Anyway. I live in Oz (Australia), and I suggest: Meat pies, sausage rolls (these are different to pigs in a blanket; it’s minced meat in pastry), pavlova (meringue cake!), and lamingtons would be more the ‘junky’ stuff. And I suggest a good BBQ place (I’m not entirely sure of one to recommend, as my Uncle is a great BBQer and we just do family BBQs) with lamb and kangaroo (it’s good trust me, and one of the leanest meats you can eat). I would also say give Vegemite another go, but this time put it on slice bread/toast with 2 parts butter to 1 part Vegemite, or even less, so it’s not so strong and you can actually get the taste.

    You guys might be coming for VID INC in Aug, hu? D-Trix is coming too, apparently. . .the only Youtuber I know out of the current line up atm.

    6 years ago
  14. How EYK survive at Social Star Awards? The answer is FOOD…!!! >.<;;;

    6 years ago
  15. To get an idea of eating in Sydney, just browse through Grab Your Fork. You’ll find what you need there. http://grabyourfork.blogspot.com.au/

    6 years ago
  16. Food, food FOOD! I really want to go to Singapore as well now, just to try all the things you have in your videos ^__^ It’s kind of sad that you didn’t get to meet PSY but maybe there will be a next time? Hope your trip to Australia will be as good as this :)

    6 years ago
  17. I was already happy when Simon sang Daft Punk’s song but that it’s on the playlist too!! :D I approve!!
    Good to see you guys could eat a lot again! haha

    6 years ago
  18. which city of Australia because each one is different, some more scenic things rather than food

    6 years ago
  19. LOL Australian food “not anything that ends with mite” The seafood restaurants do a good job… theres more to Australia than the Timtams and vegemite… just have to go searching alittle… HOMG EYK coming to Australia $)(&%)@**^!(^$!$)!&$&! the possibility %)@&%)*%)*&%!*)

    LOLLed my way through reading the blog post. Must of been so awkward (oh the food goodness) and… you guys missed out seeing PSY, could of totally sold your parody to him~

    6 years ago
  20. Nic

    Australian BBQs can be quite disappointing after being used to Korean BBQs, so I don’t recommend a standard aussie BBQ unless it’s someone who is awesome at cooking. I do really like Australian lamb. Where my parents live there are the farmers markets and you can buy amazing tasting lamb- my sister makes amazing lamb shanks. There is also salt bush lamb where the lamb graze on the salt bushes in the outback. Very tasty.

    Australia doesn’t really have national dishes… like we like meat pies, and some desserts like lamingtons were invented in Australia, but mostly we like every other country’s cuisines! And because Australia is so multicultural you can get authentic food here.

    6 years ago
    • lol….sad but true about the plainness of Aussie barbies.

      You know what my dad said?
      “Aussie food is crap, which is why everyone travels overseas and appreciates foreign food so much. Unlike, say, the Thai people, who grew up with the most delicious food in the world, and thus have no desire or need for anything else.”
      (fyi, my dad is Australian and my mom is Thai ^^;)

      6 years ago
      • Hi-5, fellow kinda-Thai-kinda-Aussie person!! :D

        Haha, I found it ironic when, on my last trip to Thailand, everyone there was like ‘let’s eat pizza!’ ARE YOU KIDDING ME :p

        6 years ago
      • Each time I hear about Australia, I find it a new common point about South Africa. Just the same: strong barbecue culture, local food just meh, but awesome Asian/Indian restaurants ^^

        6 years ago
  21. I love how you asked about what foods to eat instead of places to go XD
    not very specific, but fresh seafood by the beach
    macadamia gelato (omnomnomnom)

    otherwise, we’re quite multicultural, you can pretty much find anything here.

    6 years ago
  22. I just realized there’s no Singapore Day 3.. xD
    You guys hung out with Chonny!! :D Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a KMM featuring Chonny in it? I’m sure it’d be hilarious xD
    And if only I was in Singapore(I’m in Malaysia!).. I could’ve met you guys since I always walk around Orchard Road.. D:

    6 years ago
  23. Highlights of the video (for me):

    – Chonny’s butt
    – Chonny’s butt again
    – OMG that nakers wine lady is so flexible *O*
    – damn that food looks so good
    – When it was raining, someone said ‘hujan’! It’s Malay/Indonesian for ‘rain’ :D
    – ooooh was that Chonny with you at Orchard Road? I recognise his voice ._.
    – DAMN that food looks so good!!
    – stop making me hungry T_T
    – I WENT TO THAT FOODCOURTTTT with soluiz!! We ate yummy foods!! :D hey maybe you even sat at my table!!! (you didn’t) I didn’t go at 3 am though.

    Isn’t Singapore totally awesome *O*

    Sure you’re not gonna open a ‘Eat Your Chilli Crab’ branch? :p

    6 years ago
    • I don’t feel so sad for being like “Was that Chonny’s butt?” and checking to see if indeed, that WAS the outfit he was wearing, and confirming that he indeed was the possessor of said butt…lololol. Oh well, I guess it gives his self confidence a boost if he reads this sort of thing. At least I’m not saying I want to drink his sweat ;P. Glad S&M had someone so great to hang out with :)

      6 years ago
    • Singapore is a really tempting place for us to move. We really, really liked it there. Like, really really!

      6 years ago
  24. I have a suggestion here! You guys should just create one more channel, ‘Eat Your Kimchi Food Channel’. xD

    6 years ago
  25. Oh no! You could’ve had an interview with PSY! D’: Oh well, don’t worry about it. Eating lots of foods when travelling is a must! XD
    Also, about Australian food, we don’t really have anything very fancy. You guys might like Pavlova? But if you’re asking, you guys must be planning to come here, huh? ;D Please come! It would be so awesome if you guys came here! (Sydney is where most tourists visit but the Gold Coast is the best! XD)

    6 years ago
  26. FOOOOOOOD! Time well spent—not much of other things to see/do in Singapore anyway ha

    6 years ago
  27. “…we didn’t speak with many people at the Social Star Awards, apart from Chonny and Nicko, who were great to hang out with….”

    Well you know what that says about Australians. MWAHAHAHAHAHA

    And since you brought it up, Aussie food? lol BBQ? xD
    Oh and flies. Can’t have a decent Australian meal without a few dead flies in the gravy :D
    #loljks #lolactuallynotjoking

    6 years ago
    • Ha ha! They add flavour mmm ;)

      but seriously guise there is so much better food than maggot bags (pies) in Australia. Come to Melbourne its the foodie capital of Australia and you can have just about the BEST food in any culture. You wnat excelent italian cakes? go to Brunettis? you want great street food? go to the laneways and carts all over town. You want the best Chinese from Sichuan province? You got it! You want unique cocktails and drinks at cool themed bars? Then go to the Berlin bar, the institute, the carlton etc. You want awesome Thai you’ll get it and so on.. You can can go to Sydney but you’ll pay through the nose for a decent feed and its nowhere near as satisfying (its pretty exclusive if you like that sort of thing) :D You know where you have to go!!! Decision made!

      6 years ago
  28. i love that you guys just totally live it up when you go travel! :) I hope you had tons of fun!

    6 years ago
  29. I love how the majority of the Singapore videos are just like FOOOOOOOD! x)

    6 years ago
  30. if you’re ‘game’ (badumtsss), there’s kangaroo to eat >< but after playing with them at the wildlife park, I wouldnt be sure if you wanted to nomnomom on one

    6 years ago

    6 years ago