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Singapore Day 6 – Goodbye Singapore!

June 1, 2013


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Awww! And here’s our last day of Singapore. We really had an awesome time in Singapore and we wish we could have stayed longer as a vacation, but alas, we had to come home to our snuggly puppy and kitty! As this video unfolds you might notice Simon’s super dorky excitement at having a new toy. You can’t see just how awkward and nerdy this monopod stabilizer thingy is, so I included a picture.

Monopod 2013

Yes, we walked around with that like super geeks and Simon was so so pleased with himself. On the plus side, it really does do a great job. As you might have seen in our other vlogs, my head was so chopped off due to holding the phone too closely to my face, but this magic beanpole saves us! But doesn’t save us from a world of awkwardness…

So after we finished the makeup video and uploaded it, we left our hotel for our last hawker centre meal. Simon was hankering for an indian food platter that he had seen at so many places and he finally got it. It was so freaking good. Deep flavours and tender meat, as well as much missed lentils, beans, and chickpeas. Korea has some delicious food but it’s not really into making full meals out of beans and strongly spiced sauce. Maybe the closest is fermented bean paste being using to flavour soups, but it’s still watery. Even the rice was flavoured so wonderfully! I could have just eaten the rice straight up. Also, I don’t know why we didn’t record it, but I ended up getting these amazing banana leaf steamed “dumplings”: one was a salted dumpling and one was an egg dumpling and it was awesome! It had little bits of meat and nuts in it and a whole hard boiled egg. NOM NOM NOM! I attached a picture off the internetttttt so someone could help me identify it properly.

salted dumping

We had a great chat with the guy running the food stand and he gave us all these meats and sauces to try; they were just lovely people. In fact, it was a family run business! Husband and wife and brother-in-law and they travelled between Singapore and India to get real spices. Cool! Legit Indian food in my belly!

When we arrived at the airport we ran into a group of awesome people there, and we took pictures together, but they were ACTUALLY waiting for M.I.B. Hahahaha! That’s when we found out we were on the same plane as M.I.B. I was really tempted mid picture taking to be like, “OMG MIB!!! AGHHHHH” and point in some random direction…but I didn’t do it. Besides that, we did run into M.I.B near the boarding gate and we chatted for a bit with KangNam who was super nice and despite his protests, has fantastic English. Also, I didn’t realize he was Japanese! Cool guys.

So that about wraps up our Singapore adventures, we had a chance to meet some amazing YouTubers that we’ve now become friends with, met our awesome and supportive Singaporian Nasties (I’ll never forget that airport greeting, I seriously had to hold back tears), and filled out tummies with delicious noms. It really feels amazing to see you guise face to face and to interact with you on a real-time basic because we’re used to interacting with just text comments. Hopefully you enjoyed our little vlogs and we’re hoping to travel to more countries to meet more people.



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