Awww! And here’s our last day of Singapore. We really had an awesome time in Singapore and we wish we could have stayed longer as a vacation, but alas, we had to come home to our snuggly puppy and kitty! As this video unfolds you might notice Simon’s super dorky excitement at having a new toy. You can’t see just how awkward and nerdy this monopod stabilizer thingy is, so I included a picture.

Monopod 2013

Yes, we walked around with that like super geeks and Simon was so so pleased with himself. On the plus side, it really does do a great job. As you might have seen in our other vlogs, my head was so chopped off due to holding the phone too closely to my face, but this magic beanpole saves us! But doesn’t save us from a world of awkwardness…

So after we finished the makeup video and uploaded it, we left our hotel for our last hawker centre meal. Simon was hankering for an indian food platter that he had seen at so many places and he finally got it. It was so freaking good. Deep flavours and tender meat, as well as much missed lentils, beans, and chickpeas. Korea has some delicious food but it’s not really into making full meals out of beans and strongly spiced sauce. Maybe the closest is fermented bean paste being using to flavour soups, but it’s still watery. Even the rice was flavoured so wonderfully! I could have just eaten the rice straight up. Also, I don’t know why we didn’t record it, but I ended up getting these amazing banana leaf steamed “dumplings”: one was a salted dumpling and one was an egg dumpling and it was awesome! It had little bits of meat and nuts in it and a whole hard boiled egg. NOM NOM NOM! I attached a picture off the internetttttt so someone could help me identify it properly.

salted dumping

We had a great chat with the guy running the food stand and he gave us all these meats and sauces to try; they were just lovely people. In fact, it was a family run business! Husband and wife and brother-in-law and they travelled between Singapore and India to get real spices. Cool! Legit Indian food in my belly!

When we arrived at the airport we ran into a group of awesome people there, and we took pictures together, but they were ACTUALLY waiting for M.I.B. Hahahaha! That’s when we found out we were on the same plane as M.I.B. I was really tempted mid picture taking to be like, “OMG MIB!!! AGHHHHH” and point in some random direction…but I didn’t do it. Besides that, we did run into M.I.B near the boarding gate and we chatted for a bit with KangNam who was super nice and despite his protests, has fantastic English. Also, I didn’t realize he was Japanese! Cool guys.

So that about wraps up our Singapore adventures, we had a chance to meet some amazing YouTubers that we’ve now become friends with, met our awesome and supportive Singaporian Nasties (I’ll never forget that airport greeting, I seriously had to hold back tears), and filled out tummies with delicious noms. It really feels amazing to see you guise face to face and to interact with you on a real-time basic because we’re used to interacting with just text comments. Hopefully you enjoyed our little vlogs and we’re hoping to travel to more countries to meet more people.

  1. Hello かあちゃん, とうちゃん !!! > . . . <

    Actually that monopod stabilizer would be a good way to find you guise in a big crowd ^^ …well Simon stands out but what if there's another giant around :)

    I'm glad you had a nice time :) (but hopefully next time you visit another country you'll be more restrained ね? ^^' )
    That Nasty crowd at the airport could make anyone cry… at least I did… I hope you'll never quit doing livechats guise…


    P.S: I wonder if you can guess why I changed the heart number :) (6 instead of 4 )

  2. I love how everyone in the background was looking at you when you where vlogging in the mall. Ha they must’ve thought you were odd! But props to you, I wouldn’t have the guts to walk around public holding a camera attached to a pole.
    I want to go to Taman now! xD

    I love how Martina is like “got a list of things to eat next time”
    food is the main concern.
    i love it.
    I also eat out farrr too often

  4. Haha, the dumplings are actually called dumplings here in SG! And btw, you might’ve misspelled “Singaporean” hehe. Glad that y’all had a great time here, and I hope that y’all will be back soon!

    p/s: I died at taeman

  5. I was literally screaming when I saw you guys on Day One when you guys arrived. Me(KpopingForLife)and my friend, Cheryl missed your departure flight (T.T) BUT WE SAW MIB. I was really happy when you guys stayed there so long just to chat with us and sign our phones and take a picture with us. I love my phone to death now because you guys signed it. I am really happy you guys enjoyed your trip here and will continue to travel to singapore because we adore you guys too much. Next time, I can assure you that the welcome will be crazier because when you guys came, it was a school day and not many of us could make it. So, TRUST ME. IF YOU GUYS COME ON A WEEKEND…YOU’LL BE TRAMPLED OVER. Fanclubs are scary like that. Haha. I love you guys to death and you guys inspire me SOO MUCH. <3 THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST <3

  6. OMG! LOL AT THE CRAZY STICK! I burst out laughing when Simon started playing with it! :D

  7. My grandma makes me ZongZi for breakfast every once in a while! You can eat it with sugar! I like adding lots of sugar to mine! TASTES AWESOME ^-^ I think most Chinese supermarkets will have ZongZi!!! and if you guys ever come back to Toronto, you can find it everywhere in the Markham area or in Chinatown!!!

  8. Oh….didn’t I include the bit about him being half Japanese in my email? Mah bad….I actually wrote a super long essay all about MIB, and then changed my mind and just sent you the basics :p

    He’s really good looking, ain’t he. I’ve said this before, but I’d say Kangnam is up there in my top 3 most-good-looking-guys-in-kpop, along with TOP and Yonghwa. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/mib-gdm/#comment-374098806


    • L was the one in KSK and K.Will’s MVs yea? He seemed like a nice boy. Maybe if I was a bit younger I might find him attractive.

      Jaejoong….is very pretty. More pretty than handsome, imo. And if we were going for pretty, I’d sooner pick Ren from Nu’est or Teo from Lunafly. Dunno. *tilts head* I like JYJ and TVXQ’s songs, though. :)

      I guess I just don’t like guys who are prettier than me HAHAHAHA xD

  9. LOL the way you guys said papadum cracked me up. it’s actually more like pup.ah.dum.

  10. My grandma makes them sometimes. I call them 粽子 (zong zi) and my grandma calls them Ba Zhang because she prefers to speak in dialect. :DD

  11. I think this was the best video about your trip to Singapore out of all the other ones! It actually made me think “Hm, I’d like to go there one day”. :)

  12. Don’t know why, but the camera stick looks like a police baton (judging from the picture above). Great video as always. Loved the ending with Spudgy! You can tell that he was so happy to see you!

  13. :P I remember as a little kid, I always hated zong! It tasted gross to me, and I preferred plain rice much more. Now I question what was wrong with me when I was 7.
    Pffft Taeman is everywhere!
    And lol I love how Kangnam saw the camera stick and was just like “What is this?” xD

  14. lol Simon, you’re like a kid at Christmas xD and yeah the traditional rice ‘dumplings’ are ‘Bak chang’ in Hokkien but yes, they’re called zongzi in Mandarin.

  15. sooo…. next time you visit a country we will just have to search for you in random restaurants or food courts :DDDD too bad i live soooo far away ;( i want to meet you sooo badly!!!!

  16. Hmmm this looks good. Spudgemeister and Meemersworth looked very happy to see Umma and Appa.

    • Yay!! TuT soo happy right now! You better not be trollin’or I’ll be so sad….Ok so I’m going to have to get to work on some artwork and food recommendations. Two places spring to mind, Crossways Hari Krishna buffet for delicious veggie curries and Brunnettis Italian cakes and caffe latte ( they correct you if you say otherwise). Ooooh it’s so nasty delicious!

  17. well that’s call bak cang! :) you should try the one that filled with dried shrimp or what we call EBI. it taste goodddd!

  18. That crazy stick is called a monopod, lol. Get it? A TRIpod has three legs, a MONOpod has one leg hahahahahaha.

  19. I didn’t manage to catch you guys this time round :'( so PLEASE COME BACK AND VISIT US AGAIN!! PLEASEEEEE *POUTY FACE*

  20. Those are bamboo leaves! Not banana :) The leaves give the dumplings a nice aroma. Urrrgh…i want one now…..

  21. i am just going to say is that most of the food you guys have ate in the Singapore in these past few days are chinese food even the “banana leaf steamed dumplings”

  22. So… when’re ya’ll coming to Barbados?

    I’ll be waiting… and waiting…

    and waiting…

    …and waiting…

  23. KangNam from MIB, me thinks…

  24. Simon swam through oceans of people to get fried chicken, that’s dedication ^_^

  25. i miss you guiseeee D; me and my friend actually mistook your flight back for a day earlier and when i saw your post on google+,we were like: :0.HAHA XD then on the night of your flight,we waited for you but it turned out that you guise had already went in :< we wanted to pass you guise some stuff but ii guess we will be mailing it x3

  26. Lol TAEMAAAAAAN!!! Singapore looks awesome. Although all you really showed us was food…. But I love food so AWESOME! Can’t wait for you guise to come to Australia!!!!

  27. just wanna ask…do u upload the vid u go to msia long time ago?

  28. The stability of the stick was so amazing!!! or maybe Simon was just talented at holding the stick! :D

  29. Crazy Stick is AWESOME! :)

  30. First Comment!

    Hello guise. :)

    I’m majoring in English at the University here. (Y)
    It’s cold here in New Zealand. It’s like almost 3am.

    I don’t have anything epic to say..

    Oh, my friends got puppies and called them TOP and Taimin, So I sing “Tai-MAN” a lot. Won’t be long till I bring out the Gelatto and Doritos.

    Simon, stop playing with your stick in public.

  31. the “dumplings” are actually called ZongZi and they are a kind of traditional chinese food (:

    • oh yeah. i still remember my school days when we were taught the folklore behind the rice dumplings.

      story about a poet during the warring period in ancient china named Qu Yuan who apparently committed suicide by immersing himself into a river. villagers then brought rice dumplings on their boats on the river and started beating drums, splashing water with their paddles and dropping the dumplings into the river to keep fishes away from his body.

      and that’s why we now have the Duan Wu festival where people eat rice dumplings and race dragon boats =)

    • They’re also referred to as glutinous rice dumplings!

    • And the dumplings are also known as “bak chang” thanks to different dialects in Chinese. Zongzi is Mandarin. Casually, more people refer to it as “bak chang” I think? Which is in Hokkien, if I’m not mistaken ^^

      • Actually zongzi is more accurate since it originated from China. This is eaten every year during dragon boat festival aka duan wu festival. There’s actually an interesting story to the origin of this rice dumpling. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zongzi you might wanna check it out:)

        • that may be the technically correct answer, but over here i singapore and malaysia, it is known as bak chang.. if u go up to the stall owner and say “can i have a zongzi please?” he’d give u a wtf look! :D

        • yeah zongzi is probably the proper mandarin name i think but nobody in singapore refers to it like that, iv only ever heard people saying ba zhang or zhang for short

        • Bak zhang is 肉粽 / meat dumpling in hokkien. There are also other “zhangs” like nyonya zhang etc. zong Zi is just the general term for all types of rice dumplings. Ok now I’m hungry. Haha

          Btw, Simon & Martina, the dumplings are wrapped with bamboo leaves, not banana (although there are some other rice dumplings wrapped in banana leaves too). The leaves are actually dried but they are “washed” & soaked in water before wrapping. Then after the dumpling is wrapped, it is boiled. Quite tedious to make them! Glad you got to try them.

    • OMG THEY WERE SO GOOD! I want moooooorrrrreee!

      • they’re one of my fave things to eat! so sticky and savory and delicious! there’s many different styles depending on what culture makes them, but i don’t discriminate…THEY’RE ALL GOOD! my mom calls them ba chang though, instead of zongzi.

      • They are amazing!!!!!! My Taiwanese boyfriend’s mom said she is going to show me how to make them because I seriously can not get enough of those delicious bad boys!!! *drools*

      • Apparently these are top class gourmet items(?) but a Chinese Mom in Toronto once taught me how to make them and it’s not really hard at all. The key is apparently soaking the rice and meat (separately) in a concoction largely made of tea (orange pekoe or whatever) as the “stock” and that’s what makes it so nice and red. While I’m not too sure on the spicing, throw in something vinegar-y and something oil-y and something spicy/salty in the marinade and it’s hard to go wrong. Even the classic student beef marinade of equal parts Coca-cola, soy sauce, and a handful of Montreal Steak Spice would probably do in a pinch. Make a cone with the leaf by folding at the 1/3 mark, put in rice, put in meat, put in more rice, fold over top, tie with string, and then steam it. Voila! Apparently they are better the next day (like lasagna or curry). I’ve never heard of putting nuts and other stuff in there (in my very limited experience) but that sounds so delicious too. Thanks for putting this in the blog!

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