Ok, so this was such a special Wonderful Treasure Find that, even though it was a bit beyond the pricerange we want to spend on our WTF items, we just had to buy it. It’s a sleep muzzle! It helps keep your mouth closed when you’re sleeping. Um. Yep!

Unfortunately, I’m not necessarily sure how to do any more research on this. I don’t know what to call it apart from a sleep muzzle. A night muzzle? Google’s only telling me about animals, but not humans, and I’m not sure if this is something that humans necessarily need. Or is this a Korean thing I don’t know about? Korean people: do you find yourself thinking of creative ways to keep your mouth closed at night? Well look no further, because this device is here to answer your prayers! I’m not sure why there’s a white girl on the cover. Maybe this is a European thing? Russian ladies: do you find yourself in dire need of keeping your mouth from dangling open at night? Do you see the onset of Flaccid Jaw Syndrome starting to set in? This here is going to help you survive!

Ok, no, really, I have no clue about this. Someone, please explain. Martina drools in her sleep. I yell in my sleep. Neither of those conditions for us would merit the use of this contraption. If there’s another reason you know, like maybe you get sore jaws at night, let us know, because we’re flummoxed.

Side note: maybe this is the anti-device to the mouth stretchers we saw a while ago?


Anyhow, if you don’t know the answer, then the best you can do is to click on this button below here, if you haven’t already. And if you do know the answer, you should still click on this button anyways. You’ll never know when you need a sleep muzzle in your life…

  1. OMG!! When I visit S. Korea next summer I have got to get one of those for my lil sister because she needs it. She has a problem with keeping her mouth closed and causes her gums to swollen..plus she also sleeps with her mouth wide open LOL

  2. I think it’s for snoring…


  3. and deprive people of all that protein?? pish, posh

  4. 1. With so many mouth related WTF products in Korea, I wonder if many in Korea have not developed past Freud’s oral fixation stage of psychological development.

    2. This muzzle makes the icky head gear and retainers of my childhood seem like a holiday.

    3. I can’t help but think that waking up and looking like sausage face would not be a welcomed event in any bedroom no matter how much love was present.

    4 . Could Hannibal Lecter have been the key designer in this particular piece of sleepy time torture device? In which case anyone named Clarice should avoid this product!!

  5. Are they not doing K-pop chart updates anymore? :(

  6. Hahahahahahhaa MARTINA – your sleeping story ROCKED :D When you told about the calculator I cried so much from the laughter! :)) IT was AWSOME!!! HAHAHAHAH – oh and i also drool, sometimes! ;)

  7. In conclusion, these are used to keep vampires away! LOL
    Oh boy! that mouth stretcher episode I remember watching that and being in tears from laughing so hard!!! Maybe I shouldn’t re-watch it at night when people are sleeping…..

  8. Sleep apnea is terrible. Sorry to hear that. I hope you can (or are currently) seeing a sleep doctor for it. BTW~ My mom has sleep apnea too but she uses a medical device that is like an oxygen machine which is hooked up to an oxygen mask that is plastic. It looks nothing like this mouth muzzle. I believe this machine she uses is the only type of medical device allowed to be used that I know of (at least the US) to help sleep apnea. My mom (like most sleep apnea people) stops breathing at night and that mouth muzzle (that is in the video) would make it harder for her to breathe and it would probably kill her. No one should use this mouth muzzle to help with sleep apnea. My mom suffers a lot too so it’s got to be horrible for you. I hope you can get the help you need. :)

  9. Oh Si-moon and Mars-tina (Space nicknames!!), this video was hilarious! I wonder whose idea it was to make the “muzzle” in the first place? *Ponders Deeply*

  10. But what about the “who can find the best use of Engrish” and “who can find the best Kpop idol?” I loved those parts of the WANKs. :/

  11. A truly original sentence that has never been uttered before: “We’re low on drool, lets make more”.

  12. This week’s and last week’s crazy contraptions created a merger in my mind of Hannibal Lecter and What Every Happen to Baby Jane. They should make that a film.

  13. That is the t-shirt I sent (the Avengers one)! Must of been to small for you, Simon. Oh well, it looks great on Martina.

  14. Martina, you cut your own shirts, don’t you? You should do a Open the Happy video about that.

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  16. Wow, what a creepy device. I’m not sure how it could stop you from snoring (since that’s through your nose) and if your nose is stuffed up won’t you keep waking yourself up because you can’t breathe? I wonder if this actually gives you sleep apnea so that you can look cute while you are asleep? Weird.

    On a side note: though it’s not an incredibly close shot, I’m pretty damned sure that the model on the package is Asian and not “white”. You are making the assumption because she has blond hair but if you look more closely at the eye and nose shape, I think you’ll find that she’s like SooZee – Asian with blond hair. Does bleaching your hair give you night time sleepy troubles? ;)

  17. 으르렁? Sorry. Kinda confused on the relevance of EXO…

  18. So funny story how my dad and grand mother both have to wear something similar to bed it has to do with there sleep apnea and using c-pap machines when they sleep because both of then have the masks that only attach to the nose. using a strap in conjunction.reminds your body to breath through the nose and helps them breath better threw the night. maybe it has to do with snoring?

  19. Keeping your mouth open at night could cause problems I guess. Dry throat, more susceptible to sickness, irritation, bacterias etc. Drooling is just a minor problem, snoring.. Don’t see the reason how it would help with teeth grinding, maybe discourage it, which is very bad for teeth. I want to buy this for a family member :D

  20. It looks like something to prevent a double-chin. But I checked Amazon & it said this:

    “The Mouth Strap is designed for those who breathe through mouth during sleep.
    Finds relief from snoring / Puts a stop to dry mouth / Prevents a saggy and unhealthy looking face
    Simply wear the mouth strap on your chin and hook the strap around the ears
    Comfortably supports your jaw while sleeping / It is handmade by professionals. / extremely lightweight / Adjustable Strap / One size fits all / Made with 100% Cotton for Skin
    The Mouth Strap is the ideal solution to prevent mouth breathing during sleep.”

    Still am not exactly sure what the point is.

  21. Hey guys!
    I’d like to know if the T-Shirt Martina is wearing is the same one that was in one of your fanmails? If yes, did you cut the sleeves off yourself? It looks really cool! :D

  22. Definitely DO NOT wear that if you’re drunk, lest you “Jimi” yourself after you pass out

    But if your mouth falls open unattractively when you sleep, go crazy

  23. Keeps the spiders away :D

  24. Although, in the US, another not-so-nice word for nerdy kids is “mouth-breathers.”

  25. Guess it’s a good thing for people who drool a lot.. as for me.. friends told me I speak from time to time.. funny thing though.. we were 3 girls in a hotel room and our friend told us we hold a conversation for like 2 minutes.. but she didn’t understand what it was about.. xDD

  26. Haven’t even watched the video yet, but the video icon brings a whole new definition to WTF with S&M. Whooo! Hahaha.

  27. Sleep Muzzle: To help k-pop stars who always have their mouths hanging open.

  28. this thing is really nasty :D

  29. Hm… I think you should test it when you’re sleeping before giving it the final verdict! It might work… Maybe it could stop snoring too. (I could buy one for my dad then. haha)

  30. I say it’s meant to keep your mouth closed so bugs don’t crawl in while you’re sleeping. I have arachnophobia and every time I tell people that they always have a need to inform me about the statistic on how many you eat in your sleep during a year. This is a perfect prevention device…if you can handle the weird lines in the morning.

    • Don’t worry about that, it’s a myth. Do some research on it and you will find that out. There are so many factors that just make this not probable at all. One, a spider isn’t stupid and isn’t going to walk into this damp humid hole that is breathing, they know that’s another creature and it will be killed. Two, your lips and tongue are super sensitive and if something were to brush up against them at night your brain would kick into defensive mode and you would automatically brush it away, or turn your head, or maybe even wake up from the startle. I could go into more, but that’s not really the point of this thread. I just thought I would allay your fears so maybe you would sleep better at night :)

  31. Actually many idols use this thing, like all the time :P

  32. i thought this was some sort of torture device at first ._________________.

  33. OMG Finally. Sydney-ers I have got access to the main website :D HOORAY!!! Been a while :D

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