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WTF – Sleep Muzzles

August 10, 2013


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Ok, so this was such a special Wonderful Treasure Find that, even though it was a bit beyond the pricerange we want to spend on our WTF items, we just had to buy it. It’s a sleep muzzle! It helps keep your mouth closed when you’re sleeping. Um. Yep!

Unfortunately, I’m not necessarily sure how to do any more research on this. I don’t know what to call it apart from a sleep muzzle. A night muzzle? Google’s only telling me about animals, but not humans, and I’m not sure if this is something that humans necessarily need. Or is this a Korean thing I don’t know about? Korean people: do you find yourself thinking of creative ways to keep your mouth closed at night? Well look no further, because this device is here to answer your prayers! I’m not sure why there’s a white girl on the cover. Maybe this is a European thing? Russian ladies: do you find yourself in dire need of keeping your mouth from dangling open at night? Do you see the onset of Flaccid Jaw Syndrome starting to set in? This here is going to help you survive!

Ok, no, really, I have no clue about this. Someone, please explain. Martina drools in her sleep. I yell in my sleep. Neither of those conditions for us would merit the use of this contraption. If there’s another reason you know, like maybe you get sore jaws at night, let us know, because we’re flummoxed.

Side note: maybe this is the anti-device to the mouth stretchers we saw a while ago?

Anyhow, if you don’t know the answer, then the best you can do is to click on this button below here, if you haven’t already. And if you do know the answer, you should still click on this button anyways. You’ll never know when you need a sleep muzzle in your life…



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