Ok, so we weren’t very PC in this TL;DR. Yes, yes, we know that we were a bit harsh in our treatment of smokers in this video. It’s something we take a strong stance against. If you, yourself, happen to be a smoker, we don’t hate you, or think you’re an evil person or anything like that. You’re just following a life choice that we think you’d be much better off abandoning. And you know it, too!

GODDAMMIT. I’m at a coffee shop right now writing this blog post while Martina gets her tattoo colored in (we’ve been teasing pictures on our Instagram – you should follow us there!) and somebody is smoking behind me…indoors! YARGGHHH! And in this video we were all like “oh yeah! It doesn’t happen that much indoors anymore” and a few hours later BOOM. I was in a couple of other coffee shops today working as well, though, and none of them had anyone smoking inside. This is just the exception. Still, it’s an exception that isn’t permitted in Toronto at all, so it’s something we have to get used to.

I think our reasons for not liking public smoking are fair. Smokers are making the choice to breathe in smoke, and they’re making the choice for us as well. If you want to smoke, fine, by all means do so, but please don’t make me smoke with you. Smoke in your home, in your car, in your own privacy. If you’re outside and need to smoke, do it so that you’re not affecting others who don’t want to smoke. Step outside and smoke. Don’t smoke right in front of me, so that I have to go outside because you want to smoke.

The hallway to our studio is a major culprit of this as well: people hide there to smoke in private, so that their bosses or friends or whatever don’t see them, but then we’re walking in to film something and get a mouthful of ass. FFFFUUUUUU! But we see a lot of this kind of hallway smoking. So, to answer the question of what it’s like for nonsmokers in Korea, there’s our experience of it.

GORDDDDAAMMMITT and now a second person in the coffee shop just lit up a cigarette. Really, it doesn’t happen this often to us, usually. Things have stopped being this bad. It’s a fluke incident, really, but I find it hilarious that I pretty much jinxed myself into getting surrounded by smokers today. Screw this I’m outta here. Going to a new place. You see that, coffee shop in Hapjeong? I’m not coming back!

Ok. Where was I? Still on the topic of smoking, we especially don’t understand the smoking of Kpop idols. We’ve met many people in the Kpop industry before, and have seen many of them smoke. We’re not here to name names or to out any of them, but we can say that a high percentage of the male idols we’ve met smoke. For Christ’s sake…why? They’re singers, aren’t they? Smoking ain’t good for your career. Not only your health, but your livelihood. No? Any smoking singers here? If you’re going for a smokey voice, THEN I think that smoking might not be that detrimental to your career, but if your career is about being young and energetic and singing all happy and dancey love songs, smoking doesn’t really fit that WHATSOEVER. And it doesn’t really suit an idol’s image, either, to be honest.

Ah. I don’t know. I’m too invested in the topic to speak about it calmly. I’ll just try answering the question summarily here: being a non-smoker in Korea isn’t fun. There’s smoking everywhere, even indoors, and though it is getting better, it still isn’t ideal.

So that’s it! If you want to hear us talk more about topics in Korea, you should click on this pretty button here. Solidarity, bro!

  1. I’m from South America and it’s pretty much like Canada, there is a ban on smoking indoors, like in restaurants and stores, and the money you have to pay if you do is A LOT, 10000 and 100000 re adjustable units (right now they are about 130 dollars each unit), so do the math. You DO NOT smoke in doors. In every store or restaurant there is a sign that it’s prohibited and there tends to be a sign that says according to which law it is. Also the cigarretes packages are like in Canada, it’s covered in disgusting images of what will happen to your mouth, your lungs your face, and the name of the brand, and in stores, if they have adversting for the brand it’s this huge sign of this horrible image and the brand, like I DARE you to want to smoke. A lot of people still smoke, but there used to be more. The ban has been in place for a while now, about 4 years I think.

  2. Awesome! Don’t be ashamed about being against it.

  3. Why with all the hate? Anyway, moving away from that. Just say, I don’t know, I hypothetically… potentially smoke rollies, do you know whether or not it is considered culturally acceptable for a female to smoke in public, or is it a super private affair (when you guys mentioned the bathrooms, I kind of freaked out). Just based on your experience and all.
    Another question I had for you guys that isn’t really smoking related, but is teaching related; what sort of cultural expectations do Koreans have for teachers, are they crazy, are they simple or do they just involve people being super polite?

  4. My boyfriend smokes and I do not. Sometimes I just can not take the smell! He is pretty considerate about it though(especially since I said something), he won’t do it around me, in doors or in our car. Still.. it would be good if he quit. It’s just never a habit I got into. I was in band and choir so it wasn’t in my best interests!

  5. Raine

    I’m a musician and a LOT of the opera singers and wind players I know SMOKE. It baffles the hell out of me.

  6. I’m from Germany, and Germany is huge on the whole DO NOT SMOKE thing. They were one of the first countries in Europe to ban smoking in restaurants and bars and stuff, so sometimes you’ll see a sad group of people standing outside a restaurant in the rain and smoking, but many of them either quit or do it rarely so they don’t have to freeze just to smoke. Also when you buy a pack of cigarettes, it usually says SMOKING KILLS or SMOKERS DIE YOUNG or SMOKING HARMS YOU AND THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU and sometimes statistics and stuff. But then I moved to Poland, and then the Czech Republic, and now Russia.
    It’s so annoying. I’m used to going into a restaurant and being like “I can smell the food, this food smells really good, I should try this food” but now I’m like “what the eff get me out of here”

  7. Oh my gosh… I never thought smoking was that intense there! :o but even in Montreal, people still smoke in your face while waiting the bus. Like, NO. Even my clothes smell afterwards and even my mom asked me ”Are you smoking?”. I was in the line for 5 minutes. 5 MINUTES. God. But what surprises me is to hear that ‘many’ male idols smoke… Like what the hell. Why are you paying to rip your throat out. It’s basically what you need to have to actually have your career. I seriously hope it’s not the MAJOR idols, though I do think it may be…. Anyhow, thank you guys for informing us about things like these :) It’s fun to be updated!

  8. Which one is easier to learn, Japanese or korean? Which one should I learn?

  9. I have a question, I don’t know what to learn, korean or Japanese. Which one is easier?

  10. I thought that the reason why many celebrities (not just Korean) smoke was kinda…obvious (NO OFFENSE DONT KILL ME)? It’s pretty much a stress relief for these people who work so, so much. I’m not trying to defend them smoking or smoking in general, but that’s probably the main reason why. It’s more accessible for them; I doubt they can go/have the time to take a bubble bath or buy/make some tea…So yeah (I don’t smoke myself, but I like to look at things objectively, so yeah).

    This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but I remember when GD posted a picture on IG of him and TOP smoking hookah/at a hookah bar, and no one (the picture is deleted now though) said anything negative in the comments, but when CL posted a picture of her smoking everyone went CRAZY FOR NO REASON!! It was such a dumb controversy! I mean, all people focused on in GD’s pic was “omg oppa!! come to __!!” or “top oppa so handsome~ i miss him!!”, but everyone decided to become CL’s manager/parent and lecture her for her choices in life? Totally uncalled for.

  11. Hi u have a question for TL:DR what do you think about Seasang Fans ? Who are they? And how do they know every sced. of a celeb. that easy even it is a secret. Please tell me more about it?

  12. …Miss TL;DR’s …

  13. Just a question that I have always had in mind about smoking in Korea: I have been to Seoul twice, last Autumn and Spring and one thing I noticed is that more people around me tend to smoke more “to keep themselves warm”(or at least that’s the vibe i get from them), throughout your years of stay in Korea do you notice a flux in smokers in cold seasons or anyone who gives out reason of that sort?

  14. I lived in Wonju (in Gangwon-do) for a year and I noticed MANY of the middle-aged/older men smoking, maybe saw 3-4 middle-aged/older ladies smoking. Some smoking in restaurants, but for the most part, no. Cafe’s would have a glass room area for smoking. I saw maybe 3-4 young ladies smoking. The area of my city had elementary-hs aged kids, but not tons of people in their twenties/thirties that I saw…so that changes the stats a little, too.

  15. Shallow question XD but do you celebrate Halloween in Korea? I grew up in the Philippines and Halloween there’s just basically ghost story telling. The costumes and trick-or-treating are just for kids usually about 12 and below. Idk maybe because most Filipinos find it childish to dress up or ask for candies from neighbors. Back home Halloween’s mostly families visiting deceased loved ones in cemeteries and card games and gambling done by old people. So when we moved to Canada, it was kinda shocking for me to see Canadians take costume parties and trick-or-treating very seriously. Even as early as now, some people are even walking in broad daylight wearing bloody make-up that was so realistic I thought it was real O.O So I was wondering how it is in Korea XD pretty pretty please? ^^;;;

  16. My housemate is Korean and she’s a smoker. French policy toward smoking is similar to the Canadian one so she smokes outside, not in public areas and no one cares, she does what she wants to, as long as she is respectful . At school (Art School) many students smoke outside, in front of the entrance, she smokes with them. During parties, a lot of her friends smoke, she does it with them. At home she does it outside, on the balcony. So when she came back in Korea she did it without thinking… in Seoul it was ok even if she heard some comments, depending on where she was and who was there (“a girl shouldn’t smoke, she’s not pretty when she does”, “you won’t be able to have healthy babies” and so on). Anyway she is accustomed to these comments. But when she went to Daegu (her town of birth), or near to Daegu (15 miles), she was shocked by harsh comments… She was smoking while walking and people despised her, even calling her “sl*t”! No wonder why they found only 5%, girls just don’t admit smoking…
    She thinks people tend to be less and less open-minded… Even if she has been a smoker for 5 years, she had never heard this kind of comments before ( in France or Korea).

  17. How much does buying clothing typically cost in korea? Everyone in Korea seems to dress so nicely, but is it just that the cost of nice clothes is much cheaper in Korea than in America?

  18. I have question about what happens to the KPop bands after they run out of their success. In Taiwan and Japan the really famous ones turned to acting but this was years ago before they started creating so many bands. What happens in Korea whan they grow older and are not having much following?

  19. What is the foster care system in Korea? I live in a place where many children are place into a foster home. I have talked to a few Koreans and many of them have a negative view of the subject. Like “why should we take care of a child of a drug addict?” Please tell me not all Koreans are like this. Thank you for answering my question and provide any other information you might know.

  20. for TL:DR, even if you don’t personally scope out health food stores, how easy is it to see organic food at restaurants and local grocery stores? Are there any organic markets? What is the attitude in Seoul about organic eating?

  21. Ash3070

    Hi Simon and Maria ^_^ I love you guys so much :) Is plastic/cosmetic surgery as popular in Korea as the media portrays it to be? Other than double eyelid surgeries, what are the popular treatments? Does the accessibility make surgery affordable? Love from Ireland <3 x x x

  22. Dear Simon and Martina:
    What’s it like living in Korea if you have food allergies? Is it difficult to find food that is free of whatever your allergic to eg: milk, soya, eggs, nuts, wheat etc. Are people in Korea very aware of allergies? I’m a ceoliac (see-lee-ac) which means I can’t eat gluten, so this would be an important thing to me. Thanks! ^v^

  23. I have a question for the next TL:DR I’m planing to visit a Korean restaurant what foods would you recommend me to try?

  24. I has question pertaining to foreigners in kpop. Not like Asian foreigners, like Caucasians or African Americans in kpop, like Lee Michelle from kpop star or Olivia who will be debuting in the new group “The Gloss”. What are your guys perspective on it?and how do you think Native Koreans will think about the ordeal? ‘Kay, thanks! :D

    • Oh btw, Michelle Lee is not African American. She was born in Korean to a Korean mother and black father. Not every black person is African American.

      • Btw, I am well aware that shes from Korea and has lived in Korea her while life, but im talking about Black and whites auditioning for Korean entertainment companies in the hopes to be an idol. Im not narrow minded enough to think every black person is african american, I just worded my previous question wrong.

        • That’s ok. It’s just a pet peeve for me as a black person who is not African American. When I go to the states I get lumped in. The African Diaspora is huge.

  25. xuan6793

    Hi, I would like to say something about smoking in China, since I think its smoking ” culture” is somehow similar to Korea, I come froma chinese family and almost every male in our family smokes, it is kind of a given. It kinda translates to ” becoming a man” in chinese society. In nightclubs and karaokes the sting of cigarettes smells even from outside of the building, or maybe the hall. But curiously, they do smoke outside of restaurants, particularly family restaurants, the kind with large table and you go there with your whole family, because they do it for their kids/wife/elders/nonsmoker family; whereas, in cafes or bars, they still smoke inside.
    As for the countryside, they do smoke, more hastily and frequently than in a busy district, but in chinese countryside, theay hace this kind of RUSTIC cigarette made from a special kind of bamboo, with a special branch sticking out so you can lit it.
    I personally dislike smoking in genreal since it’s bad for your health and you’re ruining people’s choice to breath, and I’ve lost my grandfather and one of my uncles suffers with lung diseases caused from smoking. u.u

  26. Purely out of curiosity: Do you guys meet anti fans in Korea? I so want to know how that would go down!

  27. So Martina, you’ve said that you’re allergic to a lot of stuff that you get exposed to on a regular basis. I’ve heard that severe allergies aren’t as common in Korea, so what kind of allergy solutions are available there? I myself am pretty allergic to seaweed and I have horrible seasonal allergies so i’m a little concerned that i won’t be able to eat out as much or be outside when there’s Yellow Dust without making myself sick.

  28. I agree when I visited Korea I was aghast to see people smoking inside! I am a very big advocate of clean air for nonsmokers. I think you guys were very fair in this video considering how rude smokers are in general.

  29. Many of the issues in your TL;DRs are also talked about in a fantastic blog dealing with gender issues in Korea called “The Grand Narrative”. It has also talked about smoking as a gender issue in Korea at http://thegrandnarrative.com/?s=smoking&submit=Search

  30. Idols smoking is stupid. Sure it’s their choice but it sure does shorten their career and ruin their health.

  31. I admit to smoking every couple of months… but only when I’m drinking. According to all the comments that makes me a terrible person. I don’t get why everyone is so judgmental. If someone smokes in a designated area away from people that are bothered by it then it should be fine. People don’t smoke just because they like inhaling smoke… it’s for the effect. It gives you a rush. I know it’s not good for me but everyone does things that aren’t good for them sometimes. Everyone picks their poison. Just my opinion.

    • LinZi

      I understand your point. I think the reason people still get annoyed is that cigarette smoke is something that lingers about– if only smoking in another room meant that no one was exposed but it tends to stay on clothes, in cars, and seep out of smoking areas even. I get equally annoyed when people wear really strong fragrences (Most of which are actually like breathing in pollution from car exhaust in terms of health effects). People think these “smell good” and enjoy them but often they trigger migraines for me. (Yay!). Unfortunately in public it is a fine balance of personal rights versus respecting other people. So probably people that are more bothered by the smell and decreased air quality are more likely to see smokers are not nice people– in their mind smokers are being selfish and inconsiderate of others. Same way I get annoyed at co-workers at my hospital– we are supposed to be a fragrence free environment for our patients health but some people still where very strong smelling perfume/body lotion etc that can be smelled from a mile a way. Unfortunately they are more concerned with smelling “pretty” (I say in quotes since I think chemical fragrances smell absolutely awful) than with our work policy or their patients/co-workers health. Why? Beats me.

      I am guessing in both cases maybe the people doing it don’t realise how strong the smells are or how they can really affect air quality.

  32. where do electric cigarettes fall on your smkoing is evil meter? :P

    • LinZi

      “Not so fast, said Tobias Schripp, a researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany who has studied electronic cigarettes.

      “It is a common misunderstanding that the exhaled vapor is ‘just water vapor,’ ” Tobias wrote me in an e-mail. A recent study he conducted found that nicotine and propylene glycol — a compound used in fog machines — can be found in e-cigarette exhalations. He did not find formaldehyde, which is common in real cigarettes.

      But Tobias pointed out that some people are sensitive to propylene glycol.

      So, e-cigs are better than real cigs, but possibly not as good as no cigs at all. Or, as a study by the German Cancer Research Center concluded: “Adverse health effects for third parties exposed cannot be excluded because the use of electronic cigarettes leads to emission of fine and ultrafine inhalable liquid particles, nicotine and cancer-causing substances into indoor air.”

      On our side of the Atlantic, an Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman e-mailed: “Further research is needed to assess the potential public health benefits and risks of electronic cigarettes and other novel tobacco products.””


      • LinZi

        I have had parents caught sneakily smoking e-cigs in their hospital room all around their newborn infants. I had one dad who kep smoking a lot…. sneaking even when I was in the room (any tobacco products are banned in my hospital)– it took me a bit to figure out what it was but there was an odd smell and when I came out of the room I felt really weird and woozy for like 20 minutes. That is about when I realised what it was (it was weird and blue and kind of looked like a gaudy pen).

  33. Oh gosh yeah, the first time I heard about the smoking ban was from a Korean classmate of mine. He was complaining that when he went back to Korea, he had to go outside to smoke and it was cold. (He’s a big baby when it comes to being cold.)

  34. I have a question: Would it be cool if you talk a bit about saesaeng fans? How is it normally dealt with, is it something sorta normal(maybe not?), and all that. Since I have only heard and read a bit about it online, yet am not that knowledgeable about it. Thanks, love ya guys x3

  35. Hi I would like to see you do a TLDR on Sasaeng Fans I know many K pop groups have had trouble and we ( fans not in Korea) don’t get the whole story on it. What do you think?

  36. GAH NOW I’M LEFT IN THE DARK ABOUT WHICH IDOLS SMOKE. xD It’s bugging me that I can’t know. But judging by you saying “male” I guess I could just think about all the male idols you’ve met and make my assumptions lol (Not really a good thing, I know. I’m just so curious. .-.)


  38. lmao religious debate on EYK?

    I was shocked to see how cheap a pack was here. Cheaper than a damn cup of coffee, I might add -_-
    Have you guys ever gone to a club in Seoul? Holy crap, I came back smelling like rotten cigarettes o.O I had to wash my hair four freakin times before the smell was gone and I didn’t even touch a cigarette. It’s crazy.

  39. I have a question for the next TL;DR

    What are high schools like in Korea? Are they like in dramas? Is there a lot of gossiping? Have there been any scandals that you think are minor but students think are scandalous in the schools that you worked in?

    P.S I love you guys (^o^)

  40. Can you do a TLDR on Korean winters? I’m going to visit during Christmas
    and New Years and am super confused on what to wear. Please and thank

    PS. I posted on the video too. Doesn’t hurt to post twice, right?

  41. The unofficial smoking spot at my uni is this one walkway that’s just before the entrance to the cafeteria. It’s not a great experience to have to walk through clouds of smoke every day to get yourself something to eat :/

  42. LinZi

    Thanks for sharing this topic. I am very similar in my views about smoking as you guise! It’s just not something I am good at being nice about. Sometimes I feel mean but seriously. Why do I have to breathe it in? I work in a hospital and I see parents all the time smoking and then coming in and cuddling their babies. In the medical world, we actually talk about “third hand smoke” http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/third-hand-smoke/AN01985 which is the residue from smoking that clings to everything. Studies have found that babies children, etc can still ingest the toxic residue from clothing, carpets, and the skin. Yuck! Not only that, but I have seen newborn babies withdrawing from nicotine after birth because their mom chose to smoke while pregnant. Poor babies scream and are very irritable and hard to settle. It may not be life threatening like withdrawing from drugs but do people really want their child’s first experience in life to be withdrawal? Muufff

    • LinZi

      Here is the nitty gritty of third hand smoke… just think what everybody was (and still will be) getting exposed to in all those retuarants, etc where people were allowed to smoke:

      Studies show that thirdhand smoke clings to hair, skin, clothes, furniture, drapes, walls, bedding, carpets, dust, vehicles and other surfaces, even long after smoking has stopped. Infants, children and nonsmoking adults may be at risk of tobacco-related health problems when they inhale, ingest or touch substances containing thirdhand smoke. Thirdhand smoke is a relatively new concept, and researchers are still studying its possible dangers.

      Thirdhand smoke residue builds up on surfaces over time and resists normal cleaning. Thirdhand smoke can’t be eliminated by airing out rooms, opening windows, using fans or air conditioners, or confining smoking to only certain areas of a home. Thirdhand smoke remains long after smoking has stopped. In contrast, secondhand smoke is the smoke and other airborne products that come from being close to burning tobacco products, such as cigarettes.

  43. omg, I totally agree with you!!!!! I live in CA, USA. I see smoking and I absolutely hate it too! Don’t worry, Martina I used to talk with my relatives who used to smoke that smoking is bad and I don’t want to lose them. Thanks for your opinion on this topic!!!

  44. I live in Asan, which is about a 2 hour subway ride from Seoul, so I’m pretty sure it’s considered very very rural countryside. I haven’t noticed too much smoking, but I think that may be because I live in a dorm on the campus of my university, which looks down on smoking, which I’m grateful for. But I have seen restaurants outside have ash trays in their outside seating areas. And there have been jerks who blow out their smoke RIGHT when I’m passing by (hell, that just happened to me today). I’m from California, and they’ve got really strict laws as well.

    Though it makes absolutely no sense that a singer would smoke. That’s, like, the ONE occupation that has immediate effects. Stupid stupid stupid (I’m a singer as well, so it irks me a bit more than usual). *shakes head in disappointment*

  45. Ahh, I was so happy watching this video – mainly because you guys are as passionate about not smoking as I am. I absolutely detest the habit, have never and would never try it. I have friends who smoke but they’re aware of my views so they don’t blow smoke in my face or have the wind blow it anywhere near me. Luckily the rest of my family share the same views so we don’t have problems with smoking inside households and my country’s pretty strict about smoking inside buildings and when you’re walking around you don’t see many people smoking outside as much (unless it’s a lunchbreak somewhere close by and you get the smokers who come out and form groupies to smoke and destroy themselves). But ya, nothing against the smokers but smoking’s pretty darn disgusting.

  46. Does any idol close to you( like ukiss or amber or other) smoke?

  47. i have a question for TL;DR,lately there has been some chaos about k-pop ‘copycats’.I’m pretty sure most of the idols know about these so called ‘copycats’ because i remember it being talked about on entertainment programs. so,does this issue affect Korea in anyway?What are their opinions on these k-pop ‘copycats’?

  48. i have a question for TL;DR,lately there has been some chaos about k-pop ‘copycats’.I’m pretty sure most of the idols know about these so called ‘copycats’ because i remember it being talked about on entertainment programs.so,i want to know,does this issue affect Korea in anyway?What are their opinions on these k-pop ‘copycats’?

  49. I’m a little bothered by the comments not because I smoke or advocate smoking. I hate smoking. I have asthma and there have been so many times when rude people who SEE me struggling to breathe and continue to blow smoke into the air. I had to stop walking and break out the inhaler because a woman would not stop blowing her smoke no matter how much I tried to avoid it an ugh. But the shaming of people and calling them disgusting and whatnot is just rude in itself too, not by S&M but by others. I mean I have to admit saying things like “I wouldnt let someone in my house if they did that” is just kinda woah. I mean its up to choices, but what about the people who have family members who smoke and their entire houses and clothing smell like soap. Ah, nope. Not all up my house sorry friend, to the porch.

    People who smoke know how fully well dangerous it is to them and people around them. but people seem to conveniently forget how addicting nicotine is and how the layers of difficulty to quit vary from person to person. My dad has been trying to quit for years. This one lady quit in like a month. I feel like there are people who are rude and do it in front of others out of rudeness and lack of tact, but shaming someone for smoking even if they do their best to not do it around others can be rude in its own way.

    Maybe its just me and I think you shouldn’t really be like I wont try around someone because of a bad habit when could really be helping them get over it or maybe just ask them politely if they would not engage in that bad habit around you. If they do choose to engage in that bad habit around you after you ask and explain why you don’t want them to then you should question why you would want them around you.

    Also, I really don’t get why people are saying designated smoking areas and smoking rooms are stupid. Everyone complains about how rude it is to b e smoking out in public around people who reasonably and fairly would not want to be affected by the smoke. And yet having an area for people to engage in that bad habit without unfairly dragging people with them is somehow bad too? I mean yeah it’d be good if people would just not smoke until they are completely private , but isn’t that better than someone blowing smoke right in your face as you struggle to breathe?

    I guess the shaming is just bothering me not the anti-smoking (as I said I hate smoking and actually any type of tobacco use because chewing tobacco can be just as bad) because its like people let that habit or define what kind of person they must be beyond that. And even if it is based upon something like smoking it kind of makes it seem like its okay to define people by other things they do as well.

  50. Oh wow, I thought it will be a lot better in Korea regarding how ‘advanced’ they are in other stuff. But anyway, this is really sad to hear. I really hate smokers as well! I have to be going back and forth for a week to the hospital after unwillingly trapped in a room full of smokers, not a good memories u__u I guess I have to get ready for a smokey taste of Korea when I go there lol

  51. Laura Gabrielle Stouffer

    I spilled coffee all over my keyboard and caused the computer to flip out. Right now my computer is behaving again but that scared me and made me wonder where I should go to buy a new computer in Korea. I have had this computer for nearly 4 years and I keep having to repair it. Since I will be here for 5 more months, I am considering buying a new one. Can you recommend a place to purchase computers in Korea??

  52. “why would you smoke when you’re a singer” –> THANK YOU THAT IS MY QUESTION. i understand that it’s their personal lives BUT COME ON. your livelihood depends on your throat condition, why the hell would you directly fuck that up?? i will never understand.

  53. Oh.. in my uni is supposed to be prohibited but.. everyone is smoking, even teachers! Really annoying.. -.-’

  54. KATHyphenTUN

    OMG! I feel your pain!! Even as an adult I will still cover my face with my shirt or a cloth if someone around me is smoking! and then I’ll just glare at them while they do it… It smells soooo bad!!! T.T

  55. thisisjustforfunval

    Martina, I agree with you 100%. I could never date/marry a smoker. I hate the smell, I hate kissing smokers and I hate the lack of fresh air. I feel a bit hypocritical because for one year in my crazy life I smoked but I know that it is something I could not accept in my life. My parents were both smokers and I could never subject any future children I may have to that kind of environment. At times I wonder if the allergy induced asthma I’ve developed as an adult is not a direct result of my parents smoking habits. Nothing shuts down my respiratory system quicker than just the smell of a cigarette, and that’s quite the feet considering I’m allergic to the whole planet.

    As for idols smoking. I’ve never comprehended it either. How can they do that to their voices and lungs? Yoochun, I’m looking at you. He’s my JYJ bias, but every time I recall that he’s a smoker (an asthmatic smoker at that) my attraction to him drops significantly. It’s quite the turn off to imagine your “oppa” smelling like an ashtray. I want them to smell like cologne, hell I’ll even take sweaty over ashtray.

  56. Yup, I totally agree with S&M. If smokers have the right to smoke, I have the right to breathe clean air.

  57. FINALLY somebody who feels the same way about smoking as I do. I am ALLERGIC TO TOBACCO. I live in Vienna, Austria, and well,… even thought they are pretty strict with non-smoking areas here, it´s like EVERYBODY is smoking. It is next to impossible to go out for me. Or even take a walk to grasp some “fresh air”. And yes, I pretty much feel the same way about dating smokers: http://blog.vanillerygarden.com/2012/04/why-i-dont-date-smokers-anymore.html

  58. S+M you should introduce electric smokers to Korea, and maybe those rooms of death won’t smell or have nasty ash all over you food.

  59. it kinda sounds i might not last a day without an anti smoke mask in Korea because I effing HAAAATEE people who smoke everywhere and dont even try to control their urges til they get home. People very dear to me smoke and to this day I cant stand it, I wont harm myself because aside from the fact that the smoke at times gives me headaches, the smell itself is awful. Its kinda random but thats one of the reasons I dislike clubs.. most of the clubs over here have a little patio/an area for smokers and then non-smokers are inside with a door dividing both areas but due to people coming in and out the smoke leaks and it doesnt matter if youre inside or outside, you´ll end up “smoking” anyways.

  60. Regarding Kpop celebs, no matter singer or actor, smoke due to high stress and lack of sleep. Nicotine supposedly able to keep them awake. In Singapore, probably like 50-40% smoke and mostly due to peer pressure at the beginning and later just plain addiction. Govt do go school to promote non-smoking and laws are set to only sell cigratte to adults. But there are just some shops that sell to underage secretly, at least I heard of this shop near my school selling to students in uniform back in my secondary school days. During my one month start in Korea, smokers are really everywhere, totally deprive of fresh air when I’m walking on the streets.

  61. The thing I hate most is walking down a busy street in Korea and the person in front of me is smoking and the smoke blows back at me but it’s too crowded so I can’t escape!!! Or there will be a long row of people coming at me and again I can’t jump out of the way and the person coming at me closest to me is smoking and I have to dodge getting burnt or ashed with the cigarette. Oooohhhh!!!

  62. I feel exactly the way you guys do about smoking. I have never tried smoking before and I am hellbent on keeping it that way. Growing up as a teen, I had been surrounded by so many friends smoking. Even these days, as a 24 year old, many people around me are chain smokers or social smokers. OMG that’s one thing I super hate.. it’s like, I either miss out on socialising because I wanna stay indoors and not smoke with my friends, or I go out to the smoking section with my friends to socialise but end up smelling terrible and get a migraine instead. FFFUUUU!!! Social smoking. HATE IT! Smoking in general.. DESPISE IT!

  63. Halophila

    If you too would like to have lovely skin like Martina and Simon, Then you should not smoke. Smoking causes blood vessels to contract; Thus, overtime creating wrinkles as well as discoloration. Smokers have 10 times as many wrinkles as non smokers, and you get those awful mouth wrinkles that smokers always seem to develop overtime.

  64. Hi I have a question. Are korean celeb. In the public friendly?

  65. I am happy to Say I have been a free smoker it will be a year and soon to 10 months this October!!
    YAY me!!

  66. I have a solution! Get everyone on Running Man and see what happens to smokers. Hehehe~

  67. I can’t be neutral about smoking because I watched my mom struggle with her addiction most of her adult life. She tried to quit four times and then relapsed each time. She eventually passed away due to lung cancer.

    I did try smoking for about two weeks in college with menthols, and because at the time I was severely stressed with studying and activities and lighting up with other smokers relaxed me. What made me stop and never look back was that I HATED that the smell clung to my fingers! Gah! Not to mention my hair and clothes. That and the overall expense.

    Here in the Philippines the cigarette industry has such a bad rep. They aren’t allowed to advertise anywhere (no billboards, no magazine/newspaper ads, etc), they need to put giant-ass warning labels on their packaging, and this year the government passed a “sin tax” for goods like cigarettes and alcohol.

    I echo Martina’s sentiments about secondhand smoke. I think that is about the worst thing for non-smokers to tolerate.

  68. the truth is out there

    I don’t think I could ever get use to having people smoking indoors, that’s so rude! Non-smokers unite!!!!!

  69. Being a non-smoker, I know it is bad for you. And I do know a few people who do smokes, and it is fine with me. It’s their choice, and I told them that. And they know not to smoke in front of me or blow puff at me. I’ve my moral and they’ve theirs. I don’t care as much really, and I don’t go around tell others to stop either, they won’t. It’s an addiction. People don’t just smoke for the heck of it, which I learn, there is always a reason behind it (stress, family etc..)

    I do hope that Electronic Cig become popular so we can have the best of both world :)

  70. IIRC some of the reason people pick up smoking during military service is that you get to take smoking breaks – if you don’t smoke then you don’t get to slack off as much (this certainly applies to other military service things, I think Koreans have told me this too).

  71. Marian Quah

    HUMANS DON’T SMOKE ANYMORE!!!! I’m a cancer nurse and lung cancers are one of the nastiest (and the fastest deaths) types of cancer. It makes me sad because I’ve seen people get diagnosed and 2-3 months later, they are in to be palliated because there is nothing else we can do. :(

  72. Ely

    ”Girl Smoky Girl Smoky Girl Smoky Girl Girl Smoky Girl Smoky Girl Smoky Girl…” Sorry… xD


  74. I live in Koreatown LA and smoking is EVERYWHERE. I was especially surprised at how many Korean women would do it. They all ignore the laws and it’s kind of annoying. OK, really annoying. My favorite Korean bar totally lets smoking inside. And noraebangs as well. I’ve quit over 3 years now and have no desire to go back. I just wish people would enforce it more.

    And some women have these weird cigarette holders so they won’t stink. GUESS WHAT, YOU STILL DO.

    Also, I would venture to say about 95% of my korean friends smoke. Like, STOP already.

  75. at the same time I wonder if idols smoke……HOW DO THEY STILL SING SO WELL HONESTLY. I mean yunho and jaejoong both smoked(or still do I dunno.) and pretty much almost every dbsk fan knows this, seriously, but they still sing….so…well. I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND.

  76. I’m from Ottawa, now living in Toronto, and I have to agree with you guys 10,000% (and I don’t usually go over 100). I sometimes think it’s from being raised in this community where our schools have such adamant programmes to deter us from smoking at an early age (biannual assemblies, anyone? As well as classroom discussions and exercises on overcoming peer pressure?), but then I see people who went through it all the same as I did who /did/ choose to smoke, and I get confused all over again. (Of course, the home environment must have a lot to do with it, and when I was four my grandfather passed away and it deterred much of my family from continuing to smoke, and my mum often blamed his death on his smoking habit.)

    Anyway, I DO remember when I was younger and my parents were saving to buy a second car for my dad to drive to work. Nowadays that’s pretty standard, but back then it seemed like a huge luxury. I asked him why, and he said he couldn’t stand getting other people’s cigarette ash dropping right on his head every day on the city bus. O_O HOW FAR WE’VE COME. I honestly ADORE Ontario/Canada for the incredible anti-smoking laws we have in effect, and the amount of time I pass through somebody else’s plume of smoke is pretty freaking rare these days. It’s hard to imagine going from this wonderful Canada-bubble of mostly-fresh-air to an environment where smoking is allowed ALL OVER THE PLACE, let alone indoors and in any kind of eating establishment.

    I definitely side with you guys and relate on this topic for where your personal stances are. Hope you don’t get too much backlash for your personal preferences and opinions! I’m right there with you!

  77. “Smoky voice, smoky voice, smoky voice, smoky voice. Voice, smoky voice, smoky voice, smoky voice…”
    - Smoky Voice by M Black-Lungs

  78. TOTALLY get ya!! When I was younger (brings out my walker), it was allowed to smoke on clubs! So when you went out to P A R T Y you came home totally drenched in smoke :( :( It was either to hit the shower directly – or go to sleep and the day after shower and wash your bedclothes/linens! But now, they have changed so you cant smoke on either clubs or in restaurants! THAT is one of the best things we´ve ever decided here in Sweden! Theeeeeen, of course – people smoke everywhere else….! So in the morning it is T H E best that you waiting for the “tram” (?), and beside you a smoker place him/herself! So when you stand there and get the smoke in your face at 7/8 in the morning – you feel like your gonna throw up :( NOT NICE/OK.

  79. Gemma Deacon

    We’ve had a smoking ban in the UK for a couple of years now. No one is allowed to smoke in pubs and restaurants anymore. Also in shops, the cigarette packets are now locked out of sight. Personally I don’t care if you’re a smoker or not. It’s your choice. The thing I do hate is if you spark up in a house or a car, a confined space where the smoke can’t go away easily, and I’m there or other non-smokers are there. Yey for passive smoking! Not! I’m a non-smoker btw. I really hope that electronic smoking becomes more popular because that is odourless and obviously less harmful.

  80. Well I broke up with a boyfriend once, because I found out he’s a smoker. TO HELL WITH SMOKERS!!

  81. This is coming from a non-smoker, actually I’m allergic so I’m pretty much anti-smoking around me.
    I think the reason behind idols smoking is because supposedly it gives you a small high? Obviously not enough to actually be high but it makes you feel better, which is why typically when most smokers are stressed (especially at work) they go and have a smoke. Since idols are known for having rather hectic lives I’m pretty sure they’re doing it because it helps them a bit with the stress – and I’ve heard weed is much more expensive there and there is a bigger fear of being caught with that so they’re probably not gonna switch over or anything and stick with ciggs.

  82. Thank you! Oh I didn’t think there was another person on the planet who felt the same way about smoking. I just started college and I am beginning to think there is not a single person on campus who doesn’t smoke. I have to hold my breath to walk from one building to the next. I find smoking to be an automatic turn off, like Martina, I would turn anyone down if they smoked. Nice to see it isn’t just me. :)

  83. I don’t smoke myself, but I see no reason to scold other people for choosing to. For all I know, they smoke in order to deal with massive amounts of stress that I know nothing about. My mother, for instance, smoked in moderation when I was in elementary school. After she shattered her L1 and L2 vertebrae in a horseback accident, she used smoking as a way to cope with the stress and the pain that resulted. (Literally shattered. They had to surgically remove the shards, which barely missed her spinal cord. She now carries ten pounds worth of titanium in her back, in the form of rods, hooks, and screws.) The smoking is actually healthier for her than the massive amounts of morphine, codeine, and oxycodone that she has had to take since, especially since she rolls her own cigarettes.

    Because I don’t smoke, I stay away from bars, restaurants, shops, etc. that are not well-ventilated and that are frequented by a large number of smokers. Being mindful about the environment that I am putting myself into seems much more productive than wagging my finger at other people for their habits. Smoking is not going to disappear from society any more than drinking will. (I’m fairly sure we all know what happened when prohibition was in place.) And as for the idea that second-hand smoke can make people other than the smoker sick, I am personally far more concerned with the fact that massive amounts of estrogen have found their way into our water supply via pharmaceuticals and agricultural byproducts. The fact that my child may be drinking EE2 and God only knows what else alarms me far more than the neighbors’ annoying habit of smoking in public. I can always make it a point to avoid smokers, after all. Finding water that I know has been properly filtered to remove harmful chemicals is much more difficult.

    • So if I love a particular bar/cafe/building I should just be mindful that it has poor ventilation and avoid it?
      It’s absolutely possible to simply ban smoking indoors, and it’s healthier for everyone – including the smokers to do so.
      Passing the buck to “estrogen in the water supply” is simply changing the topic here. Because you’re more concerned with it doesn’t make second-hand-smoke less of an issue.

      • If you actually read my entire post (and thought about it critically), you would understand that my point in the second paragraph was that we have far bigger health issues than public smoking, e.g. contaminated water, and that these health issues should take precedent, because they are much more difficult to avoid than secondhand smoke.

        And yes, you should be mindful of the poor ventilation in your favorite bar/cafe/building. (Might I point out that if you’re in a bar, health obviously isn’t what’s on your mind anyway? Just a thought.) You should also be mindful of their food preparation practices, clientele, and general environment, for that matter. In the end, it all comes down to personal responsibility. Go ahead and insist that everyone, everywhere ban smoking in privately owned establishments, but don’t expect the owners of said establishments to just sit and take it. It should be, and where I am from it is, their right to provide or deny service to whomever they like so long as they are not discriminating against a protected class. If someone wants to run a smoke-filled biker bar or a hookah bar, all the power to them. It does not impact me in any way.

        Seeing as you ignored it, I am going to assume that you either did not read or did not understand the first paragraph. Your blanket statement that “it’s healthier for everyone- including the smokers to do so,” is not entirely accurate. The fact that you sincerely believe that you know what’s best for *everyone* demonstrates a lack of maturity that I hope is due to age and/or inexperience. In cases such as my mother’s, nicotine can actually be very helpful. While it took a few minutes for her pills to relieve her pain, nicotine gave her immediate relief. Another perfect, real-life example: She worked on the sixth floor of a building. The company performed a surprise fire drill, so she was forced to walk down all six flights of stairs. By the time she reached the bottom, she was in agony. She took as many pills as she could safely take and her manager, once he realized what had happened, allowed her to smoke one cigarette on the spot, in violation of company policy. (This company, by the way, was a well-known health insurance company.) More than once I have told off grown men and women, who had the same “holier than thou” attitude that you have, after they gave her the stink-eye for smoking in designated smoking locations.

        • Why are you assuming I didn’t read the entirety of your comment OR reflect on it critically? Obviously I read it, else I wouldn’t have replied, and I was obviously critical of it, or I wouldn’t have disagreed. Are you being willfully ignorant to appear a step above it all, or are you simply posing the question to attack me for disagreeing?

          I happen to pop into pubs (bars) infrequently, although when I do I happen to go for a meal, in general, or a cup of tea, as I do not (and can not) drink alcohol, so I beg to differ that health is obviously not on my mind for going into such an establishment.

          (Also, what about travellers, or people who do not know these places – they can’t be expected to know the ventilation practices, truly.)

          And simply because I chose to largely ignore your thoughts on water contamination does not mean that I do not think it an issue; the fact that I ignored it was based mainly on the fact that it’s not actually the topic of discussion here. That being said, we have pharmacists and well-respected establishments like pharmacists’ associations /because/ people kept “wanting” crap that either didn’t work or was harmful for many, many years. Does that mean that because the public continued wanting to buy poison to ingest for their bellyaches and alcohol and drugs to keep their babies quiet that we should just keep on selling it to them? Seems rather backward.

          What I meant by “healthier for them as well as non-smokers to smoke outside” is rather that they are not being kept in a room full of smoke that they have all just exhaled, not that they shouldn’t be allowed to smoke at all. Sorry that was unclear – the reason I passed over your mother’s issues is because I truly have no perspective on her personal illnesses and had nothing to add to it, as you put it quite nicely. I have, in fact, an uncle who has severe depression and the only way he can deal with it, as anti-depressants work as “downers” for him – is to smoke pot. I have nothing against medical adaptations of these things, you see. I simply prefer that they remain in areas that do not subject others to their effects. I have similar views on perfumes, incense, and other items which can have adverse affects on those who are not accustomed to them. For heaven’s sake, feel free to do it in your home, but designated smoking areas, etc., are healthy, helpful, and not terribly troublesome. That is all I am saying. I’m not taking any kind of “holier than thou” stance, much as you seem determined that I am – but I do choose to disagree with some of your points.

        • “Passing the buck to ‘estrogen in the water supply’ is simply changing the topic here.” My last two sentences: “I can always make it a point to avoid smokers, after all. Finding water that I know has been properly filtered to remove harmful chemicals is much more difficult.” I that it’s fairly obvious that you did indeed miss the point behind those two sentences. Since you apparently need me to spell it out for you, I will. While you’re in a tizzy over tobacco use, which is not nearly the threat that you have been taught to believe that it is, pharmaceuticals are poisoning your water supply. (Now that’s backwards.) You honestly think that doctors and pharmacists ensure that people are not needlessly putting drugs into their system? I guess that explains all the people who have been misdiagnosed with anxiety and panic disorders, who are now dependent on Xanax! lol. What you apparently fail to understand is that everything that you put into your body, from vegetables and water to soda to progestin to fluoxetine, will inevitably have some sort of side-effect. Each person must calculate the cost-benefit ratio for their personal situation and act accordingly. Because we live in communities, these personal decisions will inevitably impact our neighbors. Your concern about secondhand smoke pales in comparison to the fact that you are drinking artificial hormones because, as I pointed out, you can limit your exposure to secondhand smoke. You can easily avoid places frequented by smokers and choose to patronize only businesses who do now allow smoking on their premises. Finding safe water is much, much harder to do. Yet, you never see people making a fuss about it because they have not been instructed to do so.

          Thus, the underlying issue of this entire debacle is that pop culture and politics have taken the place of science in our society. The majority of studies conducted in regards to tobacco use are faulty in their methods and focus on correlation rather than causation. Nothing upsets me more than the fact that the average citizen no longer has the basic knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about their own health. (If a shoddy study comes out suggesting a correlation between eating eggs and high cholesterol, people panic and stop eating eggs. What kind of sense does this system make?) Most people seem unaware that a) it is the additives that tobacco companies put into the cigarettes that have been proven to be harmful, not the tobacco itself and b) prolonged exposure to sunlight is far more likely to give you cancer than breathing in a bit of mainstream smoke as you pass a smoker. It is past time that people stopped buying into whatever they’re told and started thinking for themselves.

          Along those lines, I am seeing a lack of continuity in your logic. “I have similar views on perfumes, incense, and other items which can have adverse affects on those who are not accustomed to them.” Are you implying that cologne should be banned as well? After all, cologne and perfume are just as likely to set off someone’s asthma as a cigarette. If so, what you are suggesting is a complete overreach of authority by the government. If they can tell you not to smoke and not to use perfume in public, what can’t they force you to do?

          And no, you are not thinking of your health if you go into a bar to buy food. The food sold in such establishments is generally abnormally high in both starch and fat, so that people are able to drink more. I’ve never seen tea offered in a bar, either. When traveling, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that the businesses you choose to patron are up to par. Check for general cleanliness, for one. If they don’t care enough to dust or sweep, they probably don’t clean out their air ducts regularly. Check to see what they scored upon government inspection. Observe the people that they are currently serving. In short, just be aware of your surroundings.

          If you were offended by anything I said, that is your problem. You choose to be offended. I merely took what you had written and drew rather obvious conclusions based off of that. I have never been one to sugarcoat anything, be it in person or on the internet. If I think that you are acting irrationally, I will tell you. If I think that you have an unsavory attitude, I will not hesitate to point it out. (Perhaps I should have informed you that I drew that particular conclusion not just from your response to my post, but from your own. Sorry for the confusion.) You sound young, based on your syntax and idealism. The fact that you trust your education system to provide you with accurate information suggests that you have not seen much of “the real world” or done too much independent study. The fact that you see no instances of corruption in the health care system displays an innocence that cannot last very long unless you are sheltered and inexperienced. I’m rather inclined to think that my initial conclusions are accurate. (I may be off on the age, though. A good number of adults seem to be just as naïve as the most sheltered child.) The only remaining possibility that I can think of is that you are gullible because you are stupid. I do not think this is the case, however. It has been my experience that stupidity is not as widespread as pessimists like to believe. And, my respect is earned. It is not given out like Halloween candy. We may very well be friends, or friendly, in real life, but I would also be this blunt in real life. Honesty, in my opinion, is more important than being nice.

        • When I say “please respect me enough not to fling these accusations at me,” you read it as, “I really hope you respect me and like me because that is important to me.” What I intended you to read it as was, “good manners are free. You are welcome to begin using them at any time.” Not respecting me does not mean you must automatically DISRESPECT me. Subtle difference, I know, but semantics. There they are.

          Seeing as you are obsessed with your view above all others, and refuse to employ manners or courtesy, I see no reason why I should continue to engage you with either, which means I’m going to respectfully agree to disagree on many of these points, though not all. You, I’m sure, will not be bothered by this, as your esteemed opinion presides over all others, in your mind. Go forth telling all who will hear you that they are naive and childish, while the world develops it develops slowly and God forbid clean, treated drinking water and smoking issues should be developing slowly as well. Does that make you naive or childish to expect them to be perfected just yet? I’m not the one to say. Why? Because i’m not so quick to judge as you, based on limited information, limited context, or a hair-trigger on jumping on the defensive.

          But know this: If you want tea at a pub, simply ask and ye shall receive. I’m sure they even serve coffee. Heaven forbid! Go have yourself a cuppa, unless you’re too terrified of being poisoned by the food they are not forcing you to eat.

          (Also, good manners can also come in the form of not wearing smelly perfumes in public work places. Yes, I live in an area where that is considered common sense, and not a breach of personal freedom. Take it up with the government, not me.)

        • In addition, you accuse me of having a “holier than thou attitude,” that I “did not read or did not understand” (either lazy or ignorant?), and a “lack of maturity.” Has it ever occurred to you that a human being can respectfully disagree with you and that you DO NOT NEED to attack them on a personal level because of it? Personally I believe that’s far more upsetting than anything you’ve said, and I hope you’ll consider it a bit more deeply next time. Being brief and to the point, having an opinion that differs from yours in a forum full of opinions, and remaining behind the anonymity of the internet does not these things make. Please do start considering that while people may have opinions that differ from yours, it does not mean they think you are anything less than human, and that they are not trying to dehumanize you, Therefore you do not need to attack them so fiercely, if at all. I imagine you’ve probably (and I may be wrong, feel free to ignore it) met a lot of people who have strong opinions and are rude and cruel as they fling them around, however don’t think I have been cruel here. Please respect me enough not to fling these accusations at me. We’re all Nasties here, we obviously have plenty in common, and we would probably be friends – or friendly – irl.

  84. I had this problem in Japan, too! They smoked heavily in the restaurants and I would want to shoot myself from all of the smoke… especially in tiny restaurants. I feel like all I taste and smell is smoke, no bueno!

  85. I totally agree with you guys on the smoking. Smokers keep on saying, it’s their choice, it’s none of my business, I shouldn’t care. But it IS kind of my business and I do care when I don’t have the choice to not inhale their poisonous smoke. I’m a heavy anti-smoker and avoid having any contact with smoking. In my city there are plenty of smokers outside but it’s forbidden inside buildings. I usually hold my breath when I’m passing through smokers but it causes problems if the smoker line is the length of two blocks and I can’t inhale -why would I voluntarily want to digest that disgusting thing?

  86. if the girls go to the bathroom to hide that they are smoking, how do they explain to their boyfriends the smell after? kkkkkk really, how? I’m not a smoker, I ‘m not against it, really, if you want to fuck your life, ok, but please, away from me ^^ my ultimate bias smoke and I think he should stop cuz it isn’t healthy and I’m really worried if he isn’t already with some problem in his lungs and when you are a singer, after your are old, if you are a smoker your voice is gonna suck

  87. I hope nobody from U-Kiss smokes T_T

  88. can’t agree more on this TL:DR… let me name it, my ultimate bias that i’ll forever idolize smokes. THUS, i am very torn here TT_TT i don’t think a smoker deserve to be idolized….. but i can’t help but idolize the other aspects of him.. i’m just so sad that he smokes……

  89. “Kpop idols that smoke”

    Kim Heechul. First person to enter my mind (followed by a rumour of VIXX’s Leo …)

    • Wow, it would be really bad if Leo smokes because he’s a main vocalist >_<. I sometimes hear him straining his voice when he sings so any added damage from cigarettes certainly would not be helping.

      • Yeah it is but… like I said it was rumour created by apparently Byoungjun (The guy with the Taeyang like hair from Mydol). He and Hyuk apparently are still following on twitter but further it stops. And he spread some bad things about all trainees being gay and some sort of stuff like that.

  90. When I went to S. Korea in 2008, I was appalled by the amount of smoking going on in the country!! It was insane! So I asked the tour guide what’s the reason for all the heavy smoking (he had to smoke on every break we took), and he said it was also due to the cold weather.

    And I was like “REALLY? Because in other extremely cold countries, you don’t see that many smokers.” (not that I said that into his face ahem…)

    Just like you guys, I find it really inconsiderate of people to smoke, ESPECIALLY ADULTS IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN!!! Like what the hell are you doing!?!?! It gets me SO SO SO angry that they don’t even care about their children’s health. Another pet peeve of mine is designated smoking areas in open-spaced eating spaces. Really? I’m sure if they smoked in that area, the smoke will just stay there because air is still and air doesn’t move. Wind doesn’t exist. Why not have a peeing zone in the pool too? Don’t people realise how dumb a ‘smoking area’ is? if they want to implement a smoking area, just create a box and all smokers can go into that box and have a god-damned fun smoking party, inhaling each other’s second hand smoke. WHEEEE. Sounds like fun!

    -end of rant- Ugh.

  91. Martina, can you please tell me where your shirt is from? I suddenly see
    this image of the cat with sunglasses appearing everywhere: in
    graffiti’s on the streets, on your shirt…

  92. I’m still on the smoking question…are there hookah bars in Korea?

  93. Emely TheReaper Ramirez

    YESS!!! I totally agree with your stance! I’ve been against smoking, drinking,drugs,etc since i was BORN. I think that none of them have any good qualities and if they do, like getting high, the bad qualities just out weigh the good. I’ve gotten better about drinkers, my drinker friends know to just not do it around me or not ask me to drink with them.
    But I really hate smoking. I know awesome people that happen to smoke but I still hate SMOKING. I have very bad asthma, and my throat and lungs are just super sensitive to smoke which makes it worse. At my college they’ve set into place “permitted smoke areas” and you aren’t allowed to smoke outside of that area. Of course some people don’t mind the signs and smoke in front of the buildings that my classes are in. It was REALLY bad yesterday because i was walking in the pouring rain on this small path to my class when the chic in front of me decides to light up. For the next two minutes i couldn’t breathe. Why do I have to suffer because you are trying to kill yourself,why?
    I don’t think people realize how bad smoking REALLY is. You do irreversible damage to your body on the inside even if you can’t see it. All those poisons and toxins that people breathe in and then release into the air so everyone else suffers as well. Its not fair.

  94. Thank you for covering this. I think it was a bit harsh too but it was needed, honestly. Because I grew up from BIRTH in a chain smoking household, with parents who didn’t care about inflicting their second hand smoke on me. They didn’t think about the repercussions and they just got worse and worse with their smoking as they got older. Now they buy POUNDS of tobacco a month and roll their own cigarettes to save money and end up going through upwards of 1200-1600 cigarettes a month EACH. Because they never quit when they were younger by the time they had me they were cemented in their ‘need’ for it.

    What happened to me? I have asthma attacks/bronchospasms frequently, my lungs look like that of a casual/mild smoker’s, and for all of my life everything I owned smelled like smoke, my walls were orange, I had to clean up tobacco dropped on the carpets every single day. Every piece of furniture has tobacco caked on it, especially now. I had a poor quality of life because of their selfishness, they wouldn’t even simply smoke outside to help me out. All they care about is themselves and their addiction – and it IS an addiction, after all this time. If I even bring up quitting or their spending, I get degraded as a person.

    So I think it’s extremely important to convey your disapproval to the younger generations who watch you, before they have children and either pass along the habit and genuinely in turn take years off their lives, or degrade the quality and longevity of their lives in general. Thank you for being awesome and really pointing this out, I hope it reaches people in the US ;/ we still have MAJOR problems.

  95. I have a question and i think Martina is going to like this one: There is going to be a American version of BOF. What are your thoughts about it and what do you think of the crew they choose?

  96. Yep, I’ve turned down guys who were smokers too! I kissed a guy once who was a smoker, it was not pleasant! Never again I said. So that was also one of my rules, I won’t seriously date/marry anyone who was a smoker. My husband had the same rule so it worked out well, hehe.

  97. I’m not from Korea nor have I been to Korea but I guess since smoking is so wide spread there they feel less of a need to practice “smoking etiquette” (e.g. blowing smoke away from people, smoking outdoors, etc.). Those are things that I’m use to even though my dad and several of my friends are heavy smokers.

    Just curious…if you guys are so against smoking because of the health risks, why do you drink alcohol? Alcohol is a poison too (hence the toxic in intoxication). Is it because smoking effects people in the general vicinity whereas drinking is on an individual basis?

    Thanks for the video guys.

  98. A high percentage… hmm I’d read that as you trying to say most male idols smoke without making us look back on whoever you’ve met and think that most of them smoke.

  99. I’m 100% with Martina on this one. My father was always a heavy smoker for as long as I can remember & he died of lung cancer
    around 8 years ago, so like both of you I take a strong stance against this issue as well. Here in Australia your not aloud to smoke anywhere inside buildings any more & you have to be 100 metres away from a building entrance or you cop a fine. And you can’t smoke in a car if there is children in it either. I agree with your reasons for not liking public smoking and I think that they are totally fair. Before I go out anywhere I shower, wash my hair & put on clean clothes The thing I hate is when I’m walking down the street & people blow smoke in your direction, by the end of the day I smell like a ash tray & I have to shower again when I get home. There’s nothing worse then having something important like a job interview to go to & smelling like smoke when you don’t smoke yourself.
    The smell of the smoke I think is also worse for non smokers because my daughter use to have a lot of sleepovers when she was younger & one of her friend’s mum use to smoke inside the house & every time she came home every thing that came home with her always had a strong smell of smoke & I had to wash everything clean or dirty including the bag & my daughter had to shower as soon as she got home.

  100. Cyber_3

    I wonder if there is still smoking in office buildings in Korea…..that is the worst. It’s not like you can escape or that you are choosing to be there, you have to be there for your job and just…..ugh. Back 2005 I was in Shanghai for work and the workers would wouldn’t smoke in the offices but would in the washrooms and also, in the hallways of rival offices (to make their workers look bad) – LOL!

    Living in Ontario, I grew up in a small town and my high school had that “smoking area” out front that you had to tread every morning while holding your breath to get into school. When I moved to Toronto half-way through, I was so happy to no longer have to do that. I guess that there was a smoking area, but it was on the side of the school where no one used that door. Even in uni, I rarely saw smokers. However, I went on a co-op term to Montreal. Whoa Nelly! While smoking was “not allowed” in office buildings, so many people still smoked in the stairs AND executives seemed to think it was okay to smoke in their offices. My job was in IT so I was always getting under people’s desks and in their ceilings for wiring and not one NOT ONE had the courtesy to stop smoking for an instant while I was jammed up in close quarters with them, even when I asked. Sigh. Apparently people will believe that computers have the ability to spontaneous combust if you misuse them but won’t believe that smoking will harm them…..go figuere ;). So yeah, I know the feelz of suddenly having to deal with the yuckiness of smoke again just when you thought that you had escaped….

  101. Martina, I’m the same way about not dating people who smoke. I’ll be like “Oh, that guy has potential! Oh, wait…is that a cigarette? Ok, never mind…”

    I teach English in Japan, and I’ve had similar experiences. In America – at least, where I lived – you can’t smoke in restaurants anymore. Some – but not all – also have rules against smoking directly outside a building. In some restaurants in Japan, the “smoking” and “non-smoking” sections are separated by a little divider – so, not really separated, and I can still smell the gross cigarette smoke when I’m sitting in the non-smoking section. When I’m out walking or biking, it’s not surprising to all of a sudden find myself near a smoker. I’m not saying it’s some huge, rampant thing , but it’s definitely more common here than it was back home. I almost feel like I’m back in college sometimes (okay, that was like 6 years ago. *feels old*).

  102. I have a question: In light of the whole Hyeri/ Tony Ahn and now Sulli/ Choiza situation, what are the attitudes to big age gaps when dating in Korea? Because I’m around the age of Hyeri and Sulli and if I started dating someone in their mid 30′s nobody I know would approve.

  103. You said it sir !!! I totally agree with you. I really hate stepping outside and having smoke all around me. It make me nauseous. Also i don’t have any problem with people smoking, if it’s not in a public place when people, who don’t, still have to smell cigarettes. I mean i don’t come in smokers areas why does smoker come in non smokers areas then. Apart from that if people respect this, i have no problem with them
    Anyway , thank you for the video !

  104. I’m in college, and sometimes when you’re walking from place to place on campus, there’ll be some asshat in front of you that decides to smoke. Of course, all of that smoke wafts behind them and slaps ya in the face like a brick wall of cancer, so I just start coughing and hacking and wheezing and fanning the smoke away with my hand while giving the smoker a dirty look.
    When people are smoking carcinogens and are making OTHER PEOPLE absorb that second hand- that is a step higher than inconsiderate. =____= Smoking is their choice, but second hand smoking is NOT mine.

    • Yeah i know that feeling. In my college, during pause, people would smoke just in from of the amphi’s door. Apparently people don’t think about wind ……. -____-’

  105. I know a lot of dancers who smoke. They say they do it to keep their weight down (substituting it for meals). But too me that seems so stupid because to be a dancer you need your lungs to be in tip-top shape. But it’s frustrating because even my old dance teacher used to smoke.

  106. Watched this while my neighbor was having his morning cigarette. Sure Guy smoke outside so it doesn’t affect your kids, not. Your smoking near air vents genius. I really want to turn the hose on him!

  107. Smoky girl Smoky girl Smoky girl Smoky girl

  108. Can’t you guys name some bands that have smokers?? Infinite??? Mblaq?? Ukiss?? Super junior??? I’m curious now

  109. I think this goes into my pile of things I think Korea has in common with 50s-60s North America. It wasn’t that long ago when most every actor, actress and singer smoked, it’s just that those of us that are under 40 grew up hearing about how awful it is.
    This is actually one of the three things I’m worried about when I enact my plan to move. I quit smoking 2 years ago so I always worried about back-sliding.

  110. Here in Germany there are so many smokers too. I’m in last year of school and basically 90% of my year smokes OTL I hate being around all these stinky people.
    And it’s really bothersome people don’t care about non smokers. Only once in my life I was asked by a smoker if it would bother me if he’d smoke sitting next to me at the bus stop and he was nice enough to go a bit away to smoke. Those smoking cabinets should be everywhere and nobody should be allowed to smoke outside of them ò_ó

  111. I love how riled you guys are on this topic! It’s a huge pet peeve of mine too. I live in a smaller city outside of Seoul, and while most restaurants and bars enforce the smoking ban there are a lot of rule-breakers out there. My officetel has non-smoking signs in the corridors and stairwells, but every afternoon, those places are full of smoke and littered in butts. I think people who go to the businesses and hogwons in the building go out for cigarette breaks but can’t be bothered to actually go outside. I try to take the stairs to my 7th floor apartment every day (y’know, for the fitness), but they’re always full of smoke, butts, and gobs of smoker-spit. NONSMOKER RANT!

  112. Here in Germany it is forbidden to smoke in restaurtants, clubs and bars for so many years, I think since 2005 or something.

    On train station you’ll see this yellow squares, where the smokers can stand in to smoke. It is like 1 or 2 meters long, so that is really good!

    In my school are way to many smokers.. It is like a business school and its only grade 11 and 12, and I think 70% of the students smoke. Many of them are under 18. The intellectual level of the students isnt that high..

    In the student body I am in, we designed a lot of posters against smoking, hanging outside the school where the smokers are, and some even in school busses, but I dont see any change :(

    It is so disgusting, in every break I need to stay inside because you can’t take a step outside and not smell like an ashtray.. URGH

    And the teachers DO NOTHING about it. “Oh we tried” “Oh it won’t work” BLABLA maybe you shouldn’t allow a company to put up a cigarette automat in front of the school??? Like WTF?

    I hate the situation I am in here everyday.. Why do nonsmokers always have to suffer from the smokers? :(

    Everytime I see someone smoking near me I cough as loud and disgusting as I can, and most of the time I get the attention of the smokers to preach about the dangers of smoking.. works for me. :)

    I am very happy you guise made a video about this and made this point so clear!

  113. My dad used to smoke few years back but my 2nd brother and I would always find all his cigarette boxes, take out the cigarettes then break them all and put them back into the box. We told him we’d keep doing it if he keeps on smoking.. few months, close to a year later, he finally stopped. I think it was pretty “mean” to do that but it was pretty fun and entertaining breaking all those cigarettes. xD
    And I find it funny how those cigarette boxes have those large disgusting rotten lung picture that takes up more than half of the box.. I mean why don’t they just ban cigarettes instead of putting that disgusting picture. .___.


  115. One of the BIGGEST singers of our generation is a heavy smoker…Adele . For me as long as you don’t huff and puff in my face or close to my bubble i’m good. What idols do in THEIR life is THEIR life, they are old enough to know the consequences of their actions so if they feel like they wanna smoke by all means just make sure you don’t get caught lol

  116. Marzia Matalone

    Well, my parents are both smokers but I’ve never ever smoked in my entire life, since I hate it even more for this reason!
    I tried to convince them to stop multiple times, but once you start it’ll be difficult to put an end to this bad habit!
    However they have never smoked inside, nor in the car, nor near me and other people!
    It is indeed a question of sensibility and good manners, I think, and something polite people should do by themselves even if the law doesn’t impone it!

  117. I really hate smoking as well, perhaps not as passionately as you guys, but pretty strongly. As I am an asthmatic it’s frustrating when people are careless with their smoking and it triggers an attack. ;A;
    Australia is getting pretty into the anti-smoking promotion – by chance, you didn’t see our cigarette boxes while you were here? It’s heavily taxed due to healthcare costs for smokers and to get interest away from it, many people quit because how expensive it is.
    My mum and step dad were heavy (were is the key word!) smokers at the beginning of the year, but when my mum was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer she stopped immediately (she’d rather not let her lungs end up in the situation) and she’s never looked back, my step dad following soon after – seriously, they really hate smoking now, it’s kind of funny. The smell, the ash, everything. c:
    The k-pop stars… that’s unfortunate. As singers, it’s pretty dumb, but I can kind of understand where they’re coming from. Y’know, stress and demands and stuff… still not really the greatest idea.

  118. Jonathan Michael Baker

    I wanted to let you guys know the historical reason why one doesn’t smoke in front of one’s elders in South Korea. As Neff & Cheong (2009) point out in their book, Korea through Western Eyes, “Yangbans, the nobe class, were to retrain from puffing hard on their (tobacco) pipes as it was seen undignified and in 1614, King Kwanghae’gun forbade anyone to smoke in his presence. This eventually evolved into a custom that is yet followed today, not smoking in the presence of socially senior people.”

  119. hapagirl

    I’m pretty much anti-smoking. My dad and aunty were. Smoking’s kinda a thing in my family, like drinking. My dad quit and my aunt I think got lung cancer or something. I’m one to also be like, hey don’t fine the guy for smoking or make him find some ridiculous place to smoke. I was up in arms about them banning smoking on the beach, it’s kinda ridiculous and just put more trash cans on the beach. However, I really hate it when people just throw their butts everywhere. My dad did it, I always had to clean it up, and then I had to pick up butts during my summer job. I’m 90% sure that’s why I never wanted to pick up the habit.

  120. I totally feel you guys on the ‘they take away other’s choices’ par.
    Here in Germany there is a ban on smoking in public buildings AND also tram or subway stations but until this day there never was a day with me going to university and not having had disgusting cold smoke been blown in my face! – I hate that.

    Also there is a SMOKING AREA in FRONT of my UNI, and I mean in front of the main entrance. you have about 6 glass doors next to each other and 2 meters in front of them there are 3 big ashtrays positioned.
    Well ISN’T IT NICE, to arrive at this institute of higher knowledge and being welcomed by one heavy cloud of stuff even the smoker’s body wont allow final entrance?
    + there is always a multitude of people uselessly standing around, which means some sort of American-football training, when avoiding them.
    — All that just to enter a place you don’t want to really enter in the first place!

  121. I totally understand Martina. There were guys who were atractive and seemed to have an interesting personality but , when i found out they were smokers, the image was instantly crushed.
    I don’t care about their personality anymore, if they are smokers…it’s done…

    On the other hand, if you’re a classmate / ” friend ” then I will say it once that I do not like smoking ( seriously, even the slightest smell makes me feel weird and stronger ones cause nausea -.- I really can’t stand ciggarettes and smoking).
    Don’t get me started on the clothes >.> ….
    But, so far when they smoke I would move to the side where the smoke does not reach me.

    And sometimes it is hard to do so…

    Which brings me to the part about my country and smoking.
    From what I have seen, there are smokers. Everyone smokes outside and all. One day they did bring a plan to ban smoking from cafees and restourants. It ended in protests from , what a surprise, smokers. So, I am not sure if the rule was used or not.
    In shops, they sell ciggarets. They are hidden behind the counter and only the one working there can give you some (in form of little packs which are not cheap).

    For younger looking people, they ask IDs to check if they are 18+ (since in my country you are a so called adult when you reach 18 ).

    All in all, I can tolerate alot of things but, I do not tolerate smoking. And I clearly show that, no matter how rude it may look like.
    I don’t care: you smoke, you die. End of story.
    ( when I was little – under 5 or so – I told my mom that smoking made me sick and feel really bad so she placed a firm rule to our house -> no smoking , if you want to smoke then go outside. No matter if it is winter and cold , you’re not smoking in the house. So if you still like smoking then go freeze outside. )


    My parents were smokers ( they pay it now with in their own way – my mom gets out of breath easely and not just because she is anemic . But I do think it made it worse so…Plus, they both have bad teeth… ) but they decided to stop when they decided to get married.
    And they did…so if people have a strong wish to stop smoking, they can do it.

  122. I live in the country and I’d say that smoking is very much accepted here everywhere but most restaurants. Bars and the sidewalk outside are totally okay for smokers though. When I asked some Korean friends what the appeal of smoking was, they said they like to look independent?

  123. This reminded me of the time I was like “I should take a deep breath of air in Korea/Korean air” once I stepped out of the airplane and the smell of smoke just slapped me in the face ._.

  124. In the UK they have a very strict ban of cigarettes indoors, they’ve got little smoking shelters that are really out of the way of the general public, so they’ve actually made it annoying for people to smoke since they have to cut themselves off, which I think is genius.

  125. I live in Suwan south of Seoul. An I’m a smoker. I haven’t noticed any clubs that have enforced the smoking ban. But I have noticed new bars opening within the past few weeks enforcing the smoking ban. Yeah you two are right about girls smoking. Its not 5% LOL! An OMG smokes in U.S. are 9$ Korean 2,700WON ~! I do feel conferrable smoking in Korea its everywhere. But I don’t smoke around kids and not while eating that’s just rude. Also I think a good question would be to ask your Korean friend is “Yes smoking is bad/nasty but would that be a deal breaker for a guy or girl in Korea” Never once has smoking affected my relationship. An they were all non smokers. Anyways love your show. c’ya

  126. Totally agree with Simon and Martina! Many smokers aren’t aware of other people’s health. I’m so glad that I live in Australia where the percentage of smokers in our country is the smallest; only 15%! Still there are young high school kids wanting to smoke, and that’s absolutely stupid. I’ve been to Japan, Italy, Indonesia (Bali) and France; in all these countries I had to wear a mask because so many people smoke there and it’s DISGUSTING.

  127. i remember saw Lee Min Ho smoked while he was filming “The Heirs” at Huntington Beach, CA. but its not a big deal for me, he was too hot smoking like that

  128. well, from my experience from singing in a choir, there are some singers (especially) who believe that smoking will help them to keep their voice more low, deep and husky (TOP?!). that’s why they keep smoking. I hate smoke and I dont smoke, but I admit, somehow this myth is true.

  129. I was having a really bad day but this video brighten it up. :)
    Especially Martina’s raging lol

    If you wanna die, go smoke in your house and suffocate yourself. I don’t want to be the victim of those second-hand smoke.
    Give me the reason you’re smoking because you’re stressed up, seriously, go f*** yourself.
    As if non-smokers doesn’t have problems, we are even more stressed up because smoking exist!

  130. I’m the same way about smoking. My mom was a smoker and sent me to the store at 7 years old to buy cigarettes on credit and what not. I HATE smoking! And I run away from it and scold other people to get those cancer sticks away from me.

  131. Speaking of smoking, Indonesia has their fair share of smokers too. Like you can find them everywhere: in the bus (yes, can you believe it??), in the cafe (the waiters would shoo them out, but still…), in the street, while driving, while walking. Ugh… We can find them in an air-conditioned room as well (obviously trying to kill all the people in the room). I just… Ugh. I’m sharing the same frustration as you, Simon. Really.

  132. I am a new teacher in Uiseong this semester (and loving the countryside) there are still ashtrays in some of the restaurants with random people lighting up. Also just came back from Busan during Chuseok and everyone was smoking everywhere bars, clubs, restaurants. Also both guys and girls were smoking openly not caring about who was watching…. they could have been Asian-American tourists being a holiday and all. The none-smoking signs are not enforced from what I’ve seen. At the Lotte Giants game there was a group smoking right under a none-smoking sign.

  133. I agree! Like we know that being a idol; singer,dancer is hard sometime BUT there is other ways to release Stress,too. Smoking won’t solve anything but make everything even more worst because smoking will only make that person feel happy or stratify for a while, but once it’s GONE reality hits them in the face again.

  134. Oh man, this post brought back memories. My country was actually one of the first in Europe to ban smoking in public places and since then it has been a paradise for us non-smokers! I don’t even remember what it’s like when clothes stink after you’ve been to a bar or restaurant.

    • Ohmigod, I envy you. Our country has been encouraging people to not smoke (and if you want to smoke you need to go to the smokers room), but you know… Bad habit die hard. -_-

      • Well, it took us a while, too, perhaps a couple of years, but today there are even town centers where smoking is prohibited. Like, entire freaking main squares where it isn’t allowed to light a cigarette. I think that’s amazing!

  135. Being from the Colorado in the US, where you can’t smoke anywhere indoors unless you are in a special sealed off little room in the airport and where you can’t smoke within 20 feet of a business, I almost never see smoking. Like EVER! The only people that openly smoke are those teenagers who think they are cool and they smoke like by an outhouse or a random field! and they are mostly smoking… POT because its Colorado…. I live in a suburb so its not a big deal. but sometimes when I go to the bigger cities I’ll get a whiff walking down the street, but its not a big problem. This just seems outrageous to me.

  136. what are your experiences for being stared at? I have lived in Busan over a year and sometimes I am stared at so much and in very disturbing ways that I flee for my apartment. Mostly it is older men that do this and I find it very rude especially if I am with my husband. I visited large cities in Japan and China and did not experience this. Does it happen often in Seoul? Does it bother you?

  137. Hey! Just to throw something into the mix

    Number 1: smokers NEED to be courteous about their smoking — always smoke away from others

    HOWEVER: 2. Non smokers need to remember that cigarettes are HIGHLY addictive. Many of the people you see smoking (however rudely) are just trying to get through their day with a habit they most likely cannot control.

    You may not know that addiction is actually considered a mental illness according to the DSM (what edition are they on now?)

    I think we need to support non-smoking campaigns, encourage courteous smoking and/or encourage our friends and family to get help so they can quit but also remember some understanding.

    To sum up: While I believe that smokers must FIRST be courteous, we as non smokers should give a little understanding to the seriousness of addiction as well.

  138. TL;DR: Sulli from fx and Choiza from Dynamic Duo are spotted together, and their age gap is pretty big in my standards. I see a lot of korean celeb relationships that are like 10+ years apart, so is all of Korean like that? What is the standard for age differences in dating? Because in America, we got the cougars and gold diggers….

    • Their age gap is pretty big in korean standards too.

      I think the Korea standard for age differences in dating is similar to America.

      I don’t know why. But in case of celeb there are more couples that have big age differences than non-celeb couples.
      I only assumed that most of celeb take care of their own appearance so well that they look like more younger than other people in their age. So they can have relationship with big age difference.
      Well, about 10~20 years ago, we have more conservative standards in dating or marriage. For example, Guy should not be younger than woman or Big age differences like Sulli & Choiza are absolutely not allowed. But in these days there is no absolute thing.

      Big age difference is are still look a little weird to most people in Korea but no one blame other couples for just big age difference.

      • it’s either for these reasons:
        1. older men are more mature, so they can understand women better.
        2. they have more money than younger men.

        i have seen number 2 happen to someone i know, and he was damaged pretty badly after he met
        the younger woman..

    • What’s even more interesting is how gender plays into who can be older/younger in the relationship. I guess I get it, but I was watching Mamma Mia and the girl was just a year older and it was such a big deal.

    • “I see a lot of korean celeb relationships that are like 10+ years apart, so is all of Korean like that?”
      that’s not the case at all, with these relationships the first thing korean comment about is the age gap

  139. I use to always think that everywhere was like Canada where you assume everyone’s a non-smoker until they say otherwise. Buy then Jaesuk and Haha (from Running man) both announced they were quitting smoking because it was hindering their ability to keep up with the pace of the show. And then in a later interview it came out of the 7 members, 5 had quit smoking (including Ji hyo), Gary was the only remaining smoker and KJK was the only one who had never smoked and that’s when I realized that Korea it was the opposite where non-smokers are the less likely ones.

    and i know it’s dumb but i’m still disappointed the running men use to be smokers :S

    • this logic is wacked! why be disappointed in them? They don’t smoke any more get over yourself .You should be happy they stopped ! Not anyone is perfect ya know… just because someone did something once in their past should not make a judgement on who they are now…. be happy for them they had the strength to stop ! ITS NOT EASY !!

      • Hey mate, I’m disappointed with the fact they cast Ben Affleck as the next batman; Does that mean I’m not going see the World Finest movie, love the World finest movie and buy the worlds finest movie and praise the Word finest movie? Nah. Just means reality deviated slightly from my subconscious ideal and I feel slightly disappointing. You can only be disappointed by things and people you love. I still love the Running Man members as much as I did before I found out. Unconditional love is unconditional.

    • i am not surprised kim jong gook never smoked. he takes really good care of his health!

  140. I was actually surprised to hear that smoking in public in Korea got
    prohibited so recently! And from what you are saying, people still do
    that in cafeterias and so on… I really can understand your feelings
    about smoking, Simon and Martina, because I live in Greece and it’s very
    hard not being a smoker. EVERYBODY smokes in Greece!!! And the bad
    thing is that they don’t even bother asking you if it’s ok to smoke
    right in front of you! Even professors during class at the university
    smoke (WTF??) When I come home after uni, I stink of smoke and all my
    clothes need to be washed!!!!
    (I know this is not relevant to the question you made in the video, but I had to get this out my system…I’m sorry…)

  141. Forcing smoke down my lungs is pulmonary rape. It’s against my will and it’s not fair

  142. My respect for you guys just increased a million-fold. I absolutely hate hate hate smoking, I CAN NOT STAND IT, it’s possibly the most disgusting thing a person can do to their body (in my opinion lol). So it’s just nice to know that you guys agree as well :)

  143. クリスティナ(Kristina)

    This has surprised me considering that I heard this song some time back…
    But Germany isn’t much better…they even take breaks during meetings for smokers :(
    I somehow like the idea of torturing them with not letting them out to smoke :/


    • From my experience, Germany has gotten a lot better in the last 6 or 7 years. Back then smoking was allowed pretty much everywhere except in hospitals and the age when you are allowed to smoke was 16. Since then they raised it to 18 and nowadays if you want to buy cigarettes you have to show your ID if you are not looking older than 35. Sure there are still kids and teenagers who get others (sometimes even their parents :K) to buy them but generally the number of young smokers went down in the last years.
      I think a big factor is that along with raising the age from 16 to 18, the government banned smoking in public buildings and in public transportation. Restaurants can now only allow smoking inside if they provide seperate rooms for smokers and non-smokers and they have to be seperated in a way that the smoke wont get into the non-smoking areas.
      Commercials for cigarettes are banned from TV and there are warning labels on the packs. (which usually cost around 5€).
      When I started university several years ago, there were several professors proposing a smoking break during classes and lectures. While the number of such proposals has gone down, there were actually some cases where the majority was against taking such a break and from what I’ve seen, the number of students smoking in front of the buildings went down as well. However during exam period there are a lot more smokers than otherwise.
      Some cities are also fining people for throwing cigarettes on the ground but the enforcement of that depents on the city.
      The enforcement of the indoor-smoking-ban is pretty good from my experience. I can’t remember being somewhere that wasn’t labled as “smoker-friendly” and have someone even try to start smoking indoors.

      And those nice boxes of death: I was once in a bar in the Netherlands and they had such a glass box in the middle of the room. While there were people going inside to smoke it also exposed you quite a bit and I personally would have found that really uncomfortable.

      • クリスティナ(Kristina)

        I can’t say, it didn’t get better…I love breathing fresh air in restaurants and other buildings.

        But only recently I’ve seen a group of 12-14 looking children smoking.
        And even though there is a 20€ (I think) fine for throughing the cigarettes on the ground, most people still do it.

        I’m studying in a rather small university (Hochschule) but we have plenty of smokers here :(
        And there is no way of going inside a building without walking through that big fat smoke cloud >.<

        Hanover Airport only has the area in front of the building for smokers…
        They really should make those boxes air-proof though….^.^"

  144. i agree with the whole smoking when your job is a singer.. cigarettes will harm your voice the thing that makes you money the thing that you should have a passion for.. shouldn’t you want to protect it at all costs? When fans say “oh its his choice to smoke he’s an adult” i get so mad. Sure adults have the option of smoking but when your career, your passion, your life revolves around something smoking can easily destroy i dont understand how you can defend him.

    • Still their decision as an adult, even if they are a singer. Most probably do it for stress relief.

      • excuses. they can find other methods of stress relief one that doesn’t harm their voice which is their life. im pretty sure they know the effects of smoking does on their voice yet they still will continue to smoke.

        • Excuses? If it’s not you making the choice it doesn’t really matter what they choose to do. Yes, they probably do know the effects but still they smoke. So what? Just because you disagree with something doesn’t mean that another person’s choice to agree with it is wrong. Nor does it affect the joy/relief/happiness/etc they get from it.

        • i dont understand. yes adults have the options to smoke and its their choice and i am an understanding person, but in idols case their job is to sing. Smoking ruins a singers voice yes? If i had a beautiful singing voice the last thing i would want to do is to ruin it by smoking. idols have many fans that love hearing their voice but eventually that idols voice will not be what it use to because of the effects of smoking.. how could you do that to fans? its like a slap to the face for people that respect and love them

        • It’s an idol’s choice to smoke, fans or not. If something made my idols happy/relaxed I would hope they wouldn’t stop doing it just because I didn’t like it. Especially since their lives are already so stressful.

          I don’t see how an idol choosing to smoke is harming me? If they want to smoke then let them. It’s not like our opinions on the matter is REALLY going to change anything. Besides, idols our having their voices ruined anyway from all the practice and singing constantly.

  145. i think idols smoke due to stress, rather than trying to sabotage their careers XD I don’t approve of it but I’d imagine it’d be nice to be able to sneak away from everything every once in a while and just smoke a cigarette by themselves you know??
    either way, smoking is icky >~<!!

  146. I’m a violinist and my violin instructor smokes. He has the courtesy not to smoke during my lesson, but I almost vomit every time we meet for my lesson. He reeks of smoke. I hate it!

  147. just watched your TLDR! And thought of this video when Martina talked about not dating a guy he smoked. Take a look.

  148. Being Retired military and when I first came in, those that did maintenance jobs got breaks if they were smokers. If you did not smoke, you kept working. So glad the climate has changed in that response.

  149. Paris (파리 스미스 )

    I agree wholeheartedly about smoking. It’s a terrible, TERRIBLE habit and I personally have watched my mother lose her beautiful singing voice because she smokes. And to me, it doesn’t matter if it’s weed or cigarettes or cigars or whatever else. Smoke is SMOKE and I’m pretty sure that any amount of smoke, no matter what the source, is bad for your lungs. In America, they have a lot of laws against it but people still do it anyway.

    When I was working at a University, I noticed that a lot of international students seemed to smoke (they particularly smoked cigarettes) more frequently than the American students. Most of my American residents, however, were much more likely to smoke weed. I don’t hate smokers but I do find it to be a super gross habit, one that I would never do myself.

  150. When my government (Australia) introduced new laws so that all cigarette packets would not have any colours or attractive patterns, featuring a giant picture of a foot missing toes or mouth cancer, and only a beige or olive section on the bottom for the name of the brand, cigarette companies actually tried to sue the government, claiming that the changes would affect their sales and company livelihood.
    Yep, hypocritical.

    I work at a university which about 1/4 of the population are international students from all over the world. Some of the bigger numbers are from China and South Korea, and boy, those guys can smoke up a storm! The number of times I have helped out a student, the second they come into my vicinity, I have to remind myself not to visibly gag. They’re such lovely students to work with too, but the habit is so awful!

  151. For next TL;DR: Can you talk about Sports Culture in Korea?

  152. I completely agree with everything you guys said. I HATE 2nd hand smoke!!!!! It’s not only gross, but it gives us non-smokers health problems! My mother was raised in a smoking home and had asthma and allergies because of it. I personally have a lot of medical problems that make me feel sick and give me a headache every time I walk through somebody’s smelly cloud. BLEEEGH!

  153. i met gukatsen at a concert in LA. they were continuosly smoking. i was backstage for FIVE HOURS. all of the members of that band always had a cigarette………….five hours of bad air – – . i was soo disappointed at them. if you know gukatsen, the leader is known for his high pitch screamings(?) and vocals, but i thought about it. HOW THE HECK IS HE STILL SINGING!!!! ridiculous.
    *gukatsen is a rock band who became famous in South Korea through the reality show I AM A SINGER SEASON 2.
    P.S simon and martina: are ecigs and hookah popular in Korea? in my opinion, theyre gaining popularity among many smokers.

  154. I live in Cheonan, and they do seem to be cracking down on the smoking thing a bit more here too. I’ve only been here for 8 months, but just recently, they started cracking down on people smoking in this park area outside the big shopping mall in downtown. I’m pretty positive people still smoke in noraebangs, but most restaurants I’ve seen seem to have a smoking area…its not necessarily closed off from the rest of the place, but it is maybe slightly more contained? Maybe? But yeah, the streets, pedestrian shopping areas and markets– full of smokers. There was a study done at my school (middle school) on one 3rd grade class, so like 14-15 yrs old right? There are students smoking at that age already. It ticks me off that there’s no education about health risks of smoking here. …or really much health education in general. >:(

  155. haruchi

    In Finland too many men start to smoke during their military service
    (it’s compulsory here too though 6 months is the minimum). My brother
    was a non-smoker but in the army he started to smoke. The biggest reason
    is that army is a lot of waiting, you wait for this and you wait for
    that so what do you do in the meantime without any phones or books etc,
    you socialize and smoke. It becomes a bad habit and they should do something about it in Finland and it seems in Korea too!

  156. HOW does korean people react towards american celebrities & their perspectives on OUR slangs like “twerk” or “yolo”? Do they even know them? Do they think they(the celebrities) are slutty? Are American celebrities popular in Korean? :D!

  157. LongClawTiger

    Question for Next TL;DR : What are some common birthday traditions that are done over there that might be different from western birthdays?
    As for this TL;DR, I love the discount poison comment! XD I hate being around smokers. I have so many awful memories of going to my friend’s house and my light clothes would be darker after an hour there from all of the smoke and tar in the carpet and sofa. BLEAGHHHHH!

  158. I live and teach in Nonsan so it is extremely rural here. I have visited numerous restaurants in the area and I have seen very little evidence of smoking. I have yet to encounter any smoking in restaurants the entire time I have been here. I was recently staying in Bucheon and was chilling in the park with friends when an older couple next to us lit up. In a matter of minutes another nearby family started yelling at them to put out their cigarettes. My friend explained to me that Korea had recently put rules in banning smoking in parks and other areas. The only other time I had a problem was on a recent train ride from Busan to Seoul where there was an extremely drunk man smoking in between the cars and thus filling both cars with distgustingness. So far, I have noticed that while people do smoke more here than I am used to seeing in America, it has never been particularly bothersome to me. I did note to my friend that I saw a ton more smokers in Busan than I ever saw in Seoul, Daejeon, or even Nonsan.

  159. idols are smoking??? So next time I see an idol’s voice crack on stage, I’d know why….

  160. It used to really tick me off when I had different jobs and there were people that would go have a smoke break almost every hour! I always wanted to have a fit about it, but a lot of the time the managers were doing it too, so what do you do…deal with it or find a new job.

    • thats an annoying thing, all the “time” people spend not doing their jobs because they’re off for a smoko while non-smokers are left to pick up the slack :S

  161. Indonesia, where I’m from, also has such a strong smoking culture. Sadly, since the cigarette companies are rich and powerful, smoking will never be banned. Some buildings, like malls, fancier restaurants, some office buildings, etc. have banned smoking although the parking lots usually smells like gasoline and cigarettes. Also, there’s peer pressure to smoke, some even starting as children! Cigarettes are also pretty cheap, although I’m not sure how much they cost since I never buy any. Some people would rather buy cigarettes than buy food. How sad is that!
    Smoking is horrible because of secondhand smoking. Did you know that secondhand smoking is actually more harmful than smoking the cigarettes yourself? I always say, if you want to give your body cancer, don’t make my body do it too. And if I’m especially frustrated, I would say I’d rather someone do drugs than smoke because, at least when they’re doing drugs they damage only their own body, whereas when you smoke you harm other people too.

  162. With my job the problem isn’t so much people smoking around me but cutting hair on long time smokers is the worst. even if they haven’t lit up for a while its still hard to breath around them. gag I will never understand why they felt the need to develop such a disgusting habit to begin with. and have hyper sensitive eyes so if i am exposed to smoke for to long my eyes look like Simon and Martina’s after k-con last year. yuk totally agree with you guise on this one.

  163. Misa Shim

    Here in Venezuela is forbidden smoke indoor, the place would be fined. And every commerce need to have a big ad saying that place is 100% free smoke and is forbidden smoke there. The cigarette companies have to add unpleasant pic of how your teeth are going to look at, baby unbirth, and stuff like that~ The only problem, that they can smoke outside everywhere they want, for example while there walking and the throw their smoke to one, that walk behind them… That really upsetme…. I always think like you, if that people who smoke whant to do it~ great for you (?) do it if that make you happy, but don’t kill me too…

  164. this might come across weird, but is there a queuing culture in korea? in singapore, we do have a queuing culture, is like people will queue for anything and everything. whether its queuing for food, queuing to withdraw money from atm, queuing for bus/trains, we queue for everything. i believe people in japan also have a queuing culture, so is there one in korea?

    • oh boy does japan have a queuing culture. any reason to queue they’ll take it. they love it… orz

    • tatiana lopes

      what do you mean? those are all situations people normally would queue for.

      • I can understand this question. queues at LEAST in japan are very common – that is to STAY in queue, and people dont generally push in (unless sometimes on the train there are old japanese men who are like to hell with the rules im old im getting on first) but people line up to enter trains, busses, to buy tickets. I remember once in a japanese train station everyone was waiting in line to buy tickets (this was after a concert and a international soccer match finished in similar proximity) and I saw some foreigners trying to just cut and push in line, the japanese weren’t saying anything besides giving them stink eyes because they wouldn’t speak up about that kind of thing, and these were BIG male foreigners, yet I spoke up and said “no guys :/ can u not see everyone lining up, go to the back of the line thats rude..” like they genuinely didn’t realise that i guess in ‘japan’ queuing is taken more seriously and u cant just cut in like other places where people just cut in front of people all the time. (I know this happens in australia a lot.. )

        I’ve also stood in lines for over 5 hours for events, it seems people don’t really complain about queuing for seriously long amount of times in japan. –

        so thisis kinda of a queuing culture, or so how I see it. thus, Hironyx want’s to know if its similar or diferent in Japan :P

        in addition I remember people queuing in huge queues for a 100yen mister donuts discount. (like the queue was out the door down the street) it just seems like Japanese people have a lot more patience than (im going to use my own example) as Australians. (Australians have no patience :X )

        • tatiana lopes
          tatiana lopes

          It’s pretty much the same in Portugal as well, and I think I can say in Europe as well, or at least all the countries I’ve been in. We queue for everything as well, buy tickets, atm, grocery shopping, waiting to get in the bus. And people only cut the line if they’re in extreme rush, otherwise they’d be told off. It’s really frowned upon to cut the line in queues.
          I’m just a bit confused, do people in other countries just not queue and push each other like dothrakis to get what they want, or are you talking about something more serious?

        • oh wow if you come to Australia you’ll be in for a rude shock. people in australia will just all “cram” into buses and trains, and if they’re made to wait a few minutes in line they’ll get very impatience. not to say that there aren’t patient people in Australia -BUT… the majority are.. kinda rude. I’m saying this on experiance between australia and Japan there is a huge difference, a huge difference to people’s behaviour and such in line. People are going to wait in a line in Australia to get $1 off a donut for example. the only time australians wait in long lines are for promotional or huge events. Maybe this is all similar to say Japan in europe, I’ve never been but I can see a stark difference between Australia and Japan for example ^^”

        • Something similar happened (still does) at my college. But when someone tried to cut the line to get some information from the information department, the rest of 20 or so people who waited for more than 1 hour before the doors opened would shoot them down, instantly.
          In my country, in general (from what i noticed ) where there could be crowds and all, people would stay in line and respect the order…

          Banks and police stations have these tickets with numbers which you get when you come in so only the person with the exact number on screen can come to the counter. I think they used that because people used to cut lines alot at those places.

        • yes, that’s also what i meant. STAYING in queue, people here generally will stay in queue for very long. there was even times where hundreds of people queuing for hours outside a mcdonald (very much like people queuing for iphones, where they queue outside the venue overnight) just to get a hello kitty toy.

      • oh well, i dont know if it also happens in other countries, but here we also queue to buy property (houses), queue to enroll children for education (schools), queue to get in concert venues, queue to meet politicians, etc. i probably sound really stupid if its common everywhere, since i have not traveled overseas at all for the last 20 years.

        • tatiana lopes
          tatiana lopes

          Oh I see… yeah that doesn’t happen here, at least that I know of. We do queue for the 1st reasons you named and grocery shopping, going to the bathroom, the main things. But not like that, never heard of people queueing to buy properties or enrolling children for education (maybe because we have less population, idk) But one thing I know is when someone cuts the line of queue it’s a big thing and considered very rude, unless they have good reasons.

  165. YES idols!! If you’re going on these tight diets and crap why the hell are you smoking?? aghhhh so stupid I really don’t get it. I understand its to deal with stress and that but there are safe alternatives :( I don’t want to hear that one of my favourite idols (or anyone for that matter) has been diagnosed with lung cancer. But, it is their decision I suppose…

  166. I just don’t get how u guys can be so enthusiastic talking to a video recorder….I cant do that…so hard. T^T

  167. I grew up in Myanmar/Burma and every friday, my dad would take my brothers and I to an arcade and i remember that upstairs where we’d play some gambling for amusement (he’d always remind us that it was for amusement and we never got hooked to real gambling just to assure you guys lol XD) and there would always ALWAYS be people smoking there..

    Although I disliked the smell, it wasn’t as bad as when I went to uni and there were a whole bunch of smokers after 6 years in Australia where i attended high school where there was obviously no smoking =P Then I went to Japan in Dec-Jan 2012-13 and my goodness the smell was horrible….

    Well TL;DR, i kinda got used to the smell when i was younger then i spent 6 years with very minimal smokers and then now it’s absolutely horrible

  168. In Mexico,tv commercials about cigarettes were banned 12 years ago, and in 2008, no one is allowed to smoke in closed places, like clubs,malls, restaurants, universities (near classrooms,and offices at least). Since then,I felt like I breath more fresh air~~

    Also cigarettes here have a high tax on its price (and pictures of lungs with cancer,yellow teeth and the label) in order to reduce the intake,and goverment considers to rise it from time to time.

    Even if it’s not in topic,about alcohol, companies are allowed to announce their products with one condition: models for the tv commercial cannot be shown drinking the product,no matter what it is.

  169. You will like it in Norway. Cigarettes are freakingishly expensive (ca. 13 USD) for 18 to 20 cigarettes (depends on the label). 10-packs are banned to keep the threshold for buying high at 13 USD. Smoking indoors is banned and seeing people smoke in public is not very common in the cities. Some places you have these squares painted on the ground where the smokers have to stand in order to be allowed to smoke. Not many use them because it is kind of intimidating. Smoking has become a very non-glamourous activity because of all the measures to prevent people from smoking. The packaging is covered with nasty pictures and warnings and all retailers selling cagarettes have to hide the cigarettes from the customer (covering the shelfs with grey metal covers). Commercials are banned as well.

    • Sounds like Australia as well.. Although I’m not sure about the price since I don’t look at cigarettes =P

    • Melbourne too you can look to pay about 20usd-25usd and are going to be rising in the next few years and can be expected to pay at least 5$ more by the end of 2016. good and bad deterrent if you ask me. People who “can’t quit” are forced to pay more out of their daily living expenses … but it does stop people from smoking for those who “can quit” :S

      (in japan they’re like $2-$4 as well -__- I was really mind blown by that.. )

      • Wow! That is even more expensive than in Norway! At least in Norway we have an additional source of nicotine (and in higher consentrations). It is only allowed in Norway and Sweden of the European countries. It is called “snus”. It is tobacco which you put under your lip (loose or in small bags) which injects nicotine directly into your bloodstream. It is flavoured with a rather strong flavour (smells kind of bad) and is highly addictive. However, scientists have not yet found enough supporting evidence to say that it is bad for your health. And the good thing is that it does not harm the people around you. The price is around 14 USD for a box which lasts for about a day. It became very popular when the anti-smoking laws came in the early 21st century.

        • wow, do you guys have the patches and gum as well?
          in australia they market those as “quit smoking with patches!” where it just gives u the nicotine without the chemicals and smokes, and you’re supposed to ‘wean yourself off cigarettes and nicotine’ by using less dosage less dosage over a period of time.. :S lol

          btw I think Norway and Australia are really up their for “expensive places to live” xD ahaha so it’s no surprise right? XD

        • Yes, we have those. And they are marketed as products to help you quit smoking. The snus may destroy/distort your gums after prolonged use (5-10 years) and make your teeth dark yellow, brown or even black. Not very appetizing. But it doesn’t hurt anyone else than yourself, that is the upside of the snus.


        • oh boy :S well yeah so long as it.. doesnt affect other.. people ^^”

  170. Do they have health insurance in Korea? Sorry if that’s a dumb question but I really don’t know. If they do it seems like the premiums would be high because if all the smoke related illnesses.

  171. I feel the same way! I hate smoking and extremely hate it when people walk in front of me, puffing it out and all that nastiness gets blown into my face… And that’s why I walk on the opposite side of the street

  172. Ooh interesting that some idols smoke (i suppose there are a lot of idols, it’d be weird if all of them didn’t smoke). I find smoking REALLY unattractive. Like seriously, even if you are a Channing Tatum lookalike, if you smoke, you lose major points :P

  173. I just hate having a conversation with someone, and then that conversation gets cut off because they have to go outside and smoke :/
    Elecigs suck too, they smell like chemicals.

  174. I love this video. I absolutely DESPISE smoking, I can’t breathe whenever people smoke on the street, and I get all wheezy later. It’s such a selfish addiction. It’s so unfair! I don’t care if smokers want to smoke and ruin their lungs and ruin their teeth and fingers and every other part of their body, but the thing with smoking is that the second-hand smoke is so much more dangerous to passers-by than to the smoker him/herself! It’s unfair!

    It’s also such a revolting sight. Seriously.

    And with the smoking singers topic, I AGREE. Just WHAT. Why would you smoke if you’re a singer?? It affects your breathing and your singing and just… just what.

    I’m always thinking to myself when I see people smoking, “Please, find yourself a cubicle.” (As in not a toilet cubicle, becaues that’s unfair for people who need to use the restrooms, but like an airtight glass cubicle of some sort. There, smokers. Now you can immerse yourself in the filthy smoke you so love.)

  175. Jordan

    THANK YOU for not tip-toeing around this topic and just letting it out. I feel the same way about smoking and sometimes people act like I’m being racist or something when I complain about it (if smoking peoples was a race). Don’t get so offended when I tell you that you’re killing me too with your smoke, go take your death trap elsewhere please.

  176. lady_kire

    When I first went to HK, I was shocked at how people would smoke inside public malls. To me, it was something you can’t do in Canada. However, the second time I went, being a few years later, I noticed there was less smoking in the malls. I’ve heard that they are trying to put warnings on cigarrette boxes in HK, ads on the subway etc. So, I think a lot of countries in Asia are making an effort to get people to stop blowing smoke in other people spaces.

    I’m in university and the one I go to has special benches where you are supposed to be smoking. These benches have red on them and are away from the buildings where people go to classes. However, a lot of people don’t follow that rule and smoke really close to the buildings where we study. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised that they are too lazy to walk to these special benches. Also, on Wednesdays at 4:20 pm, a group of people get together to smoke cannibis. You can smell that stuff from far away.

    I can’t really go after people for smoking. Yes, I hate smoking. It smells like shit and caused my mom to lose her friend. However, I’ve been wanting to go out and try smoking cannibis because I don’t believe that it’s bad to human health as there have been some great results from it. Also, it could help relieve my stress and anxieties.

    I agree with Martina. WHY ARE ALL THE HOT GUYS SMOKERS??? I’ve seen sooo many gorgeous Asian guys and I always see them outside smoking. Even this really cute guy, who I had a crush on, was my favourite customer, and dressed like Shinee, took out a cigarette box. Then again I always saw him while he was on lunch break…

  177. I was soooo glad when I met my husband and found out he was not a smoker. I’ve never smoked in my life and cigarette smoke makes me sooo sick. I’m so anti smoking and I get angrier and angrier about it every day. Australia has a lot of educational stuff and laws about smoking BUT the Sydney city area is very multicultural meaning people haven’t been exposed to that education or laws and holy crap do people not care about any one else. It actually makes me physical sick because I have some throat problems…

    Besides from the disgusting smoke in my face the other thing that drives me crazy from an environmental point of view, okay there are laws about littering but smokers drop their cigarette butts on the ground ALL THE TIME and are never fined! Those toxic chemicals wash out to the ocean and poison marine life. Why is this not more strictly enforced? There has been talk of banning smoking in the city area for ages… but nothing has happened yet.

    Okay our experiences in rural Korea….most of my husband’s friends smoke but he’ll be quite blunt with them and say “Don’t smoke near my wife” and he hates it too… they are nice about it. Some restaurants in that rural area have banned smoking inside, but the type that are more for drinking late at night still allow it. So even though my husband’s friends weren’t smoking inside there are still ahujussas one table over smoking…. it sucks.

    Also I think you are right about Korean girls smoking more than that. They definitely smoke out in the open when they come to Australia and I think even more pick it up here (even with high cigarette prices) because they feel like they can do what they want away from older Korean people. There is a lot of peer pressure among Koreans. We have a friend who quit smoking years ago but then a co-worker started pressuring him so he started again. And now he looks like crap! And is feeling sick all the time. So stupid.

    One good thing though, my father-in-law has stopped smoking. Pretty much because of my husband telling him constantly “We don’t like you smoking, you are going to get sick”. He gave up and feels so much better.

    My husband says a lot of people start smoking in military service because if you are a non-smoker you don’t get a break! Smokers can stop and have a break but if you don’t you have to just keep working. Completely unfair.

  178. I agree that I don’t agree with smoking at all for more than one personal reasons. One case deals with my sister, who has dated two smokers in her life. An ex boyfriend was pretty much a chain smoker and over a period of time, my sister did develop health issues from second hand smoke. Thankfully she got past it and is A Okay now. Poo poo to him since he wasn’t careful of how often he smoked around her. Ahem, but anyhoodledoodlepoodle.
    Her boyfriend now does smoke, though rather rarely. A good thing though is he does have “nice” smoking etiquette. He’s never smoked inside, never in the car and he always freshens up afterwards. As far as she’s told me, this helps from kissing an ash tray. >.>

  179. I HATE smokers, I have the same thing as martina, when a guy who seems like prince charming says he smokes, its over. It happened a few years ago, and my mother always reprimands me for it (cause I could be married by now bla blah blah, but a smoker? NAY!)

  180. Martina, could you move your mic up on your shirt next time? Simon sounds a lot clearer! :P

  181. Nat

    Geez, even America has laws restricting where you can smoke (essentially the same as in Canada I think) and they are FOLLOWED. At least they are where I live….
    Nasty stuff…. not nasty meaning good but nasty meaning bad y’know? (CL anyone? no? ok….)
    Anyone else rifling through their brain trying to remember all the male idols S&M have met trying to guess who all smokes? Lol force of habit…..
    And WHAT THE HECK it really does make absolutely no sense for them to be smoking. My drama teacher smokes and her voice literally sounds like its broken into pieces when she talks and laughs and she breaths funnily too…. smoking DESTROYS your voice I’m sooooo terrified about those idols’ health now it’s not even funny….

    • Not in my city, is full of armenians and russian people, where seriously, I swear ALL the men smoke. They say its a rite of passage thing O_O

      • Nat

        Yeah, I assumed it would depend on where you lived and who lived there. My city is mostly suburban so maybe that’s why….

        • Oh lucky! these people come from countries where everything is very corrupt, laws are not followed, cops are easily bribed, and they bring that over, instead of respecting the laws. Ill leave it at that though LOL

  182. I’m from the States (Georgia) and I guess there’s more smoking where I’m from, but when I lived in Korea I didn’t really notice more smoking than usual. This may be because I lived in a smaller city in Korea and there weren’t as many people bustling around to blow smoke in face. I never really saw much smoking in public places either. Cafes usually have the separate smoking rooms that are glassed in, but that’s all I ever really noticed. Outside, mainly at places such as bus terminals, I would see people, men and women, smoking off to the side in secluded areas. No one was ever really freely walking down the street tainting the air from what I remember.

  183. DaYoung Yun

    Agree with you so much! I go to UCSB right now and I’m happy to say all UC’s are going to be smoke free next year, HALLELUJAH! Last year one of the biggest pet peeves on campus was when someone started to smoke in front of me and I had to walk behind them in order to get to class, it was horrible. That trail of smoke would directly hit my nose!
    And for Korea my dad is a smoker and I know a lot of other Korean dads that smoke too. A lot of times they would become smokers because their sunbaes would pressure them to smoke with them like with drinking especially in the army. I don’t know if it is relevant today but maybe it can help to understand why so many Korean men become smokers during and after their service. It is also a stress reliever.
    Another thing I know is that back in the 1980s when Korea was going through a very political turbulent time, young men and women would smoke as an act of rebellion against the conservative regimes at the time as well as to rebel against their parents.
    Today a lot of kids in Korea start to smoke to either rebel against their parents or try to relax themselves from all the stress they get from their parents and society to succeed in school or it can be for both reasons.
    But in the end it sucks to be a non-smoker in S. Korea right now. I wish I can send you air purifiers to you or strong mini-fans so you can repel the smoke. Just think at least it’s not the smell of cheap skunk weed.

  184. Norway was really early with banning smoking from all kinds of inside buildings 1 of June 2004. So I was still young when this happened, and boy was I relieved! I have quite agressive asthma, and my mother HATED not being able to bring me around at cafés and concerts without having to worry about me not being able to breathe properly. So when that rule came around, it pretty much stopped at once. People would stare at you and probably get you kicked out if they saw you smoking inside somewhere.

    Ah, S&M, I agree with you so much. I HATE SMOKING. I have myself turned down guys because they smoke.

  185. Just cough REALLY loud so they can notice you! since Simon has a big manly voice!

  186. I just quit smoking two months ago after smoking for 7 years. My mom said she wants to out-live me. so I told her I would quit…..but dammit do I want one most days.

    • well done, stay strong, distract yourself!

    • Right there with you. I quit a month ago yesterday. I think it is hard for non-smokers to see smokers as anything BESIDES smokers, which is sad because we are (or in our case, were) PEOPLE who smoke. It is just one tiny part of our personalities and is not who we are. Almost everyone has something society tells them they should be ashamed of, a bad habit. No one is perfect. This habit just happens to be more blatant. And for whatever reason we picked up the habit, it is just that…a habit and physical addiction. A habit that is just as hard or harder to kick as a heroin addiction. It’s been a DAMN hard month and I miss it at least once a day. I find that I am succeeding not only because I am determined to get healthy and save money, but because the people I surround myself with are not rude about my smoking and my quitting journey and are snide with me and tell me I am a terrible, stinky, horrible, weak willed person who is dumb because I knowingly do something that can kill me, but instead tell me they are proud of me but they understand if I slip (I haven’t), they ask me how I am doing and give me words of positive encouragement (but leave out the “see? it’s not THAT hard to quit!” or the “it’s so great you aren’t doing something so DUMB and GROSS anymore), a few of them even brought me healthy snacks to help with the cravings. Negativity only makes me want to pick up a smoke again and tell them to f**k off. People who have never smoked will never understand, so I generally smile and nod and say you are entitled to your opinion. I have always been a polite smoker, never smoked around kids, move away from high population areas, never stand near doors or windows, blow my smoke as far away from other people as I can. I loved when I lived in Washington State and they banned smoking indoors. People I met were shocked when they found out I was a smoker. I am not quitting for anyone but myself, and that’s why I am being so successful at it.

      Anyway, there’s my rant for the day. I understand why people hate smoking, but please don’t hate the SMOKER. We are only human and all humans are flawed.

      *Edit: just an FYI, I was a smoker for 16 years. You do ANYTHING every day for 16 years, whether it is an addictive substance or not, and you would be cranky when trying to stop too! :)

      • Man that definitely is some encouragement. 16 years…..congrats to you too. Im glad I quit. at first it was for someone (mom) but now that I haven’t picked one up in a while, I feel some much better, health wise, even though in the beginning I slipped up a couple of times. I was very cranky and snapped at everyone, but my family and friends were patient and understanding. I try to surround myself with positive people but I still get the occasional “See, it wasn’t that hard now wasn’t” I just smile and tell them “Yeah it was hard”. Whenever I crave for one, I have my stash of Starburst Jellybeans on hand to keep my away from it. Im the same as you, being a polite smoker. i’d used to go out of my way so I wouldn’t be near anyone, especially kids. ………….But man breaking the addiction after 16 years, you my friend are an inspiration. ;-)

        • Thank you Angel. I am glad that I can help and be an inspiration to you! I am getting to the point that I don’t think about it all the time and barely crave a smoke at all. Even survived a night of drinking (SO HARD) a few nights ago. YOU CAN DO IT!!! I have completely faith in you. :) If you need any further encouragement, please let me know and we can trade emails. Having positive support is important!

  187. I live in country side, Gyeongsang. and I am on your side! I hate smokers. and the image of korean guys destroyed as watching them smoke all day long. But I never encounter anyone smoking in the restaurant in my area. or maybe I always in the same area. and 1 more thing when I went to Seoul I kind of shocked to see women smokers as I never saw in my city. Until recently I saw they secretly smoke at the back alley of Yok. and I saw some cigarette box in the ladies in my school.

  188. Germany has these beauts! Smoke in the box of death in the airport!

  189. At my university, smoking is not allowed inside the buildings but when you’re going in or leaving the building, there are groups of people smoking right next to the doors and you can’t help but walk into a cloud of it. Whenever I see them, I just hold my breath and, if it’s a lot of smoke, stare at them through narrowed eyes.

  190. Seira

    Yes. OMG. Smoking every freaking where! And yeah, I do feel like I see quite a bit of girls who smoke, especially in the Hongdae and Sinchon area. It was icky clubbing in Seoul because there would be smoking rooms in the clubs but people still smoked on dance floor anyway. I left feeling suffocated.

  191. -posts on a more serious note- What to the younger generation think of smoking? As you’ve said you’ve seen some K-Idols smoke but did you guys as teachers see your students smoking? Or what views did they express about the subject? I know in the US there is some weird dichotomy where smoking is seen as bad ass and cool but also people acknowledge how bad it is. Do Korean teens see smoking as something that is social acceptable or something that makes them a pariah or makes them look cool in the rebellious sense?

  192. Being in the Military definitely has an influence with smoking. My husband picked up smoking while deployed because his peers/ random higher ups said, “why not?”. I absolutely hate smoking and it took me a long time to break him of the habit when he came back. Bleh

    Right now I live in Japan and, at least where I live, public smoking is a big no-no. There are signs everywhere that prohibit it. On the walls, floors, ceilings, cars, plastic fans and tissue packages that they pass out w/ advertisements lol… I’ve rarely run into anyone in an open area that even smelled like smoke. I developed asthma due to second hand smoke from my family and friends that used to smoke around me, so I try to keep away as much as possible. Not fair that I’m the one who gets short end of the stick when I haven’t smoked a day in my life.

    • My sister also has asthma and cigarette smoke really affects her to the point she wants to vomit and she needs to sit down and use her inhaler.
      :( *protective bubble*

      • I totally understand. I used to be really athletic, but when my asthma kicked in, I had to quit everything, and that made me hate it even more. I can’t even visit my parents house without feeling queasy because it reeks of smoke. What’s sad is that I didn’t even realize how much my parents house, and even myself smelled like smoke until I was asked by a teacher in high school if I smoked. I started washing my clothes separately from everyone else’s and even made my mom quit smoking indoors,

        • One of my best friends in high school had smoking parents. They were like pack a day smokers too & they smoke in their apartment with all the doors & windows closed. So everything in there smelled of smoke. I could go in there for literally a minute & come back out smelling like an ash tray. When she slept over – after she left – I’d have to change my bed sheets & febreeze everything. It was insane!

        • It really is. I was really embarrassed since I was quite adamant about my hate for both smoking and drinking, just for it to come back to me. Sigh, after that I spent as much time as I could over at friends houses, even leave my clothes there so they wouldn’t smell anymore.

  193. I really don’t like smoking too I’m so glad my parents quit a few years ago (they say it’s quite expensive here in NZ). But yeah I understand why some people pick it up and all but I still don’t like it. I just wish smokers are mindful where they unleash their poison. My sister was waiting outside the library when people started smoking. They asked her if she smoked and when she said she didn’t they moved away. I wished more smokers were like that (or just quit).

  194. THANK YOU
    For the last few years the city I live in has taken a harsh stance on smoking – especially in public areas like restaurants and outside of businesses where everyone has to walk through so it’s relatively nice because AHHHH FRESH AIR.
    But me and my sister often have to take public transport to work and back and bus stops and train stations are AWFUL.
    People stand there and chain smoke while waiting for the transport and just blow it around in your face.
    It’s so rude and gross!
    If you’re going to do that, at least you could stand downwind so that the smoke doesn’t suffocate non-smokers.
    And I’m not at all sorry that all those rules make it more difficult for smokers to enjoy their cancer-sticks but I’ve made a choice not to smoke and they’re taking my own health out of my hands and that’s way more unfair than smokers having to walk a few feet away.
    Also, where I work a lot of the employees smoke – they do it outside, of course, but when they come in they REEK.
    To my co-workers: Y’all are nice enough people but please don’t talk in my face after you’ve had a cigarette, I’m trying to keep my lunch down.

  195. I have the exact same view as you two on smoking!! Much like Martina, I used to be that annoying kid that would bug people to quit. I made my mum quit, friends, co-workers etc…
    Although Australia has strict laws on smoking, I still encounter the travelling street smokers… ITS SO ANNOYING! When you’re stuck walking behind someone who’s smoking and forced to breath in their crap!
    I think I’ve taken up my own campaign because at my work (I work at Woolworths a supermarket) and have to sell smokes to people, I always ask them ‘are you sure?’
    This, for me, will be a big obstacle to tackle when I move to Korea

  196. One time my friend and I were in Ktown and we played a drinking game for every time we saw a cute Korean guy walk past us while he was smoking we took a shot. Needless to say, we got drunk. Fast. So fast we switched to water and then ended up making trips to the bathroom. Seriously it is super popular.

  197. I have a question for next TL:DR What is religion like in Korea/what is the main religion in Korea? I noticed in one of your earlier videos that you had a Cross up in your apartment(?) (I’m not sure if you’re christian or catholic) but I guess what is it Like to be a christian or catholic in Korea?

    • I wanted to ask that too!!!! Also are there any other religions in Korea? Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc.?

    • People are predominately christian in Korea, while still respecting buddhist/traditional customs. Churches are everywhere. I taught elementary students for a year and they all got mad at me when i said I didn’t go to church.

      • thanks for your reply (still would like simon and martina to do a tl:dr on this hehe ^^”). I’d still like to know what general religion is like and like ori just replied too, also about other religions such as Jews, Buddhists and muslims and such~ :D

      • i wouldn’t say predominantly… most koreans are ATHEISTS or believe in some form of SUPERSTITION.

        • LinZi

          whoa what’s up with the caps? it feels so tense in here. And I don’t think it is very nice to say people believe in “superstition”. Every culture has some sort of cultural practices like that.

        • Except of course that religions are superstitions, which makes it true to say it. One cannot therefore pull out the “feeling card” and say that it’s “not nice” to say it. The truth is the truth, whether one likes to hear it or not.

        • LinZi

          Except that using a word like “superstition” is a word loaded with negative connotation. Yes– every culture has some superstitious beliefs– I am just saying wording is important here to be respectful of different people and cultures. I don’t like people would appreciate someone calling their religious beliefs superstitions– especially since saying that sort of implies the speaker/writer is “above” that kind of thing and belittles the other person’s beliefs.

      • Hi, I was baptized under the church of England when I was a baby, but I am not religious or follow any religious activities at all. I thank you for bringing me to the attention of the history and branches of Christianity, but don’t hold it against me for not knowing this to begin with as along with me, and a lot of people who attend public schools in Australia do not learn religion in their curriculum :)

        also although various religions branch from one particular religion it doesn’t mean that all their beliefs and religious activities and traditions are the same as each other today right?- thats how I distinguish differences in religion. it’s like saying Australians and decedent from the english, but english people today and australian people today still have their differences – this is how I see it at the very least~

        • I think the problem here was with the phrase “Catholic or Christian” because all Catholics are Christians (but not all Christians are Catholics)

        • I think you missed the point. What they Richard was refering to was your saying “christian or catholic”, when catholics are christian. (is also australian, didn’t grow up religious and is agnostic)

          I find it super odd you didn’t know (but i guess it happens, obviously), especially since you grew up in a branch of the christain church. :o

        • Actually it does happen sometimes from people of some christian religions to not consider catholics christian. (Because we “worship the saints,” which we really actually don’t.) I can’t say if this is the case or not Coming from a catholic myself. Not to get into a relgious discussion/debate, but just fyi haha.

        • I really have no idea about the history of religion – im not religious myself. I’m not sure why people are expecting people to know about something they’ve never been apart of in their life? ^^”

          btw I didn’t say I didn’t regard Catholics as christian. I just never knew their connection. :/

        • Whooo, Catholic Nasties unite! *Waves*

        • never been to church in my life. I get what he’s saying tho.

      • thats a really good diagram! also a pet peeve of mine

      • Woah! Holy Shisus! lol
        I’ve always thought there’s only 3 branches in Christianity [Catholic, Orthodox, Protestants]
        I was baptized under Orthodox when I was a kid, but I never go to church coz I don’t like & don’t trust it (church = ppl, and ppl say whatever they want), yet I do believe in Someone up there (whatever hes name is) who watches us~^^

        I believe going to church is just wasting of time (aren’t they one of the richest ppl out there?) – Sorry for those who think otherwise, it’s just my humble opinion~

    • I think they did this already.

    • I have asked a similar question twice I think and it got a few hundred votes each time, so I’m pretty sure it’s a subject a lot of people want to hear about. But at the same time it’s probably a very touchy subject and so Simon and Martina probably want to stay away from it, or at least I would understand if they did.

      • hmm i see. ah well I was just curious It’s my first time to uh ^^” ask a question… lets think of anotehr good question then ^^”?

        • I have also asked this before and it’s got a lot of votes… but I agree maybe S+M think this is a risky topic that they may want to avoid generalizing on.

        • thats fine. I was just curious for the sake of one who wants to go to korea and still practice their own religion. I guess they won’t do this subject so vote something else up? not this? I just asked out of curiosity (this is the first time I’ve ever commented on their site ^^”) it’s other people voting this up ^^”?

      • Religion in Korea in not really talked about. About 50% of the nation doesn’t claim any religion. The next majority of religion is Christian (split between protestant and catholic) and then the next major religion is Buddhism. There are a few other religions as well, like shamanism, and different types of Christians. From my experience most people aren’t really anything. My students (now that I teach) tend to fall into the 50% that aren’t really anything. When I was here as a student, my classmates were the same–though you did occasionally find a few that felt strongly one way or another.
        As someone who is NOT Christian it is really interesting and kind of comforting to be in a place like this. I do not feel like I am constantly hounded about religion by people.
        However, now being here as a teacher, I have had an interesting experience with people coming door to door about religion (Jehovah’s witnesses). I get a visit about every other week or every 3 weeks from someone in regards to that.
        Otherwise, religion isn’t that big (from my experience).

        • Laura Gabrielle Stouffer

          Based on living here and having taken a course exactly on that subject at Yonsei, I concur. I have had Jehovah’s come to my door as well!
          A lot of the older ladies at school are Christian but they don’t really judge you for not having a religion. They will ask if you are Christian and maybe invite you to church but they’re not at all pushy about it.

        • Jessica Kovalets

          I wonder, how about religions such as Judaism and Islam??

        • Sara Suzanne Berg

          They’re small, but they are around. In Seoul I do spot people wearing the headscarf but I can’t tell if they live here or if they are just visiting lol.

        • Nabilah Othman

          there are. Im a muslim, so sometimes i got shared videos regarding islam, ramadhan or eid, so one time they actually did a coverage regarding ramadhan… n muslim koreans, and how to get halal food. I forgot where but the first mosque in korea is still there.

        • I’m surprised! From my experience most Koreans are Christians, especially Korean Americans. I even met one who believes I’m going to hell. I feel a great gap between the Chinese and Koreans just b/c the former are non-Christian while the latter are.

        • Sara Suzanne Berg

          I was just going by statistics in the first part, but yes a lot of them are Christians. My students asked me if I was going to Heaven or Hell (which was difficult because I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell, but reincarnation) but I think what it is .. is that those who are Christian are vocal about it. But I don’t go around asking peoples religions either. /shrug.

      • uh thanks. this girl is a bit scary but okay ^^”

        • shes not scary she is awesome its one of many characters she does different videos every week about Korean culture etc etc you should check out her channel beyond that one video :-)

        • Dyania ハナーフィ

          I love Professor Oh! Her channel is like awesome if you wanna know more about korea and their cultures.

        • My professor played one of her videos in lecture the other day!

    • well i know about islam and theres like a big mosque in seoul and 1 others. Also there are halal restaurants too. So i guess its a good thing for me.

    • As far as i know *I was a student exchange in Korea for 5months or so*
      mostly older people in Korea believes in traditional Buddhist and the second most believed religion is Christians/Catholics. A small percentage of Korean population still believe in Shamanism also. But for the younger people *since I’m a University student*, almost all of them are atheist. It means they don’t have any religion and don’t believe in God. About the facilities, there are a lot of churches in Korea and also a lot of temples (as you may know). Also there are several mosques in Seoul, since there are a lot of Muslims foreigners in Korea. And again this is based on my observation for around 6months. Hope this help you out, guys :D

    • Koreans are mostly Christian and Buddaism … The majority are christian tho… But if you go ” i dont believe in god” or i dont go to church they look down on you.. No matter what you kind of have to say oh i go to church.

    • I remember seeing on Wikipedia that there are actually more Christians in Korea than Buddhists- but that said I am sure there are tons of people who say they don’t have a religion but have a lot of Buddhist morals and celebrate certain major holidays. Sort of like how in the US there are many people who don’t go to church but still celebrate Easter and Christmas. I remember someone saying that the high percentage of Christian is kind-of a cultural backlash from when Japan occupied Korea. But I am no pro at this information.

    • I am a religious studies major (meaning I take a ‘non-confessional’ viewpoint, sometimes called comparative religions) and a Catholic. I had a long, thoughtful comment to add but disqus ate it :(

      Basically I agree with everyone who has statistically broken down religious affiliations in Korea as 50% have an affiliation, most of which is split evenly between Christianity (mainly Protestant) and Buddhism, with 1% of the 50 being affiliations to various other traditions. But these numbers do not necessarily reflect the realities of people in Korea, as religion is a category which should also include practices of all adherents and it does not equal membership in a particular organization. Also, not having a religious affiliation does not automatically mean a person is atheist! The distinctions between religion and other categories like culture, society, language, ethics/ morals, etc. are unclear, especially in at the everyday level (e.g. native English-speakers who use phrases like “bless you” when someone sneezes, “oh my God!”, “damn it’ and so on; someone already mentioned non-Christian North Americans who partly celebrate Christmas and Easter; even ‘holiday’ was originally ‘holy day’)

      Admittedly, I have only a limited, general knowledge of religions in Korea specifically, but almost all of that knowledge has come from academic sources. A useful tool for anyone interested in a general introduction to this subject is the Oxford University Press’s third edition of World Religions: Eastern Traditions and it’s student resources section on the companion site at http://www.oupcanada.com, especially Chapter 6: ‘Chinese & Korean Traditions’ written by Terry Tak-ling Woo and its online outline/summary. Hopefully this will be helpful!

      While I can understand why Simon and Martina would avoid such a controversial subject (which is also as interesting, dynamic, and diverse as the people who practice and believe their religions), I would still enjoy hearing about their encounters with people who believe in and/or practice various religions — but I am a bit biased, religious studies being my major and all :)

      (And, yes, this is the condensed version of my original comment, which had a quote of the stats and lots of digression)

    • In Korea they have all types of religions; Buddhist, catholic , Christian, atheist ect …. the Majority of Korea people are Christian, meaning they Believe in God. So, I guess you could say religion is a fairly big topic in Korea but, it seems it’s not a very ‘talked about’ topic. In summery, I suppose the main religion is Christianity , most Korean’s have a religion or Believe in God either way religion in Korea is very accepted and typical.
      I hope I could help a bit :)

    • When i was still living in Korea, Christianity was quite enforced on by Christians much more strongly than where i am living now. When i was little, outside my schools, these Christians would set up these little stands full of stuff that little kids would like BUT only gave it to those that went to their church. So, ofcourse being a little kid and being told you couldn’t have one because you didn’t go to their church, you would go home and ask your parents if you could go to church. Im not sure how much of it has changed since then, but back then i felt that it was a bit too forced onto you and they were handling? religion in a wrong way. Much too taken seriously and i hesitantly say almost cult like compared to how chilled everything here in NZ is with regarding religion, like if you go to church once out of curiosity, they are just welcoming and don’t put pressure on you to come next time. But Korean churches it’s like you HAVE to come every time or you go to hell. Well that’s how i felt anyway when this random old man started telling me to come church, which church do i go to atm? which church does my parents go to? etcetc Anyway these are what i have experienced, and my family etc got quite the headache from religion in Korea.

  198. What idols have you seen smoke? just curios mostly…i would be kind of disappointed if they where ones i like because i also find smoking gross though i simply tolerate it cause like everyone i know smokes almost.

    • tatiana lopes

      The only ones that I know that smoke are GD and TOP, but I guess most people know about them.

      • Those ones don’t surprise me much honestly. still a shame.

        • tatiana lopes
          tatiana lopes

          I really don’t care much about them (idols in general) smoking though, unfortunately I’m so used to people smoking I don’t think much about it. Sure they go down on my consideration a little, but it’s not like I stop liking them. Like so many fans did when GD drug incident blew up. I found it all so funny though, so many people saying that he didn’t smoke weed, LOL… yeah right.

      • Wait, TOP smokes?

        • tatiana lopes
          tatiana lopes

          Yeah he does, at least he did months ago. I don’t know if he stopped or smoking. I heard people saying that they saw BigBang filming a music video, and during breaks TOP was like a chimney and he also did a photo-shoot or he was smoking,

        • That’s such a shame. Smoking’s an incredibly gross habit.

    • JYJ’s Yoochun and BEAST’s Lee Gikwang were also caught smoking before.
      Not to mention Onew’s recent electronic cigarette controversy

      • i don’t see electric ones as bad or as annoying but any other tobacco products are a no.
        Onew probably surprises me the most honestly though even electric but *shrugs*

        as for the other 2 i don’t fallow them very closely so i wouldn’t know how surprising that is i guess… still such a shame they would do that to there health especially as singers when it could damage there voices…

        Honestly at least its not Chew.

    • Psy smokes a lot. My husband has seen him chain smoke in person. I just don’t understand singers smoking at all…

  199. So Kpop Idols do smoke afterall? Not that I’m expecting them to be perfect or anything but….that’s a shocker…Guess some of the rumours about some of them smoking will have to be considered a possible fact… TwT

  200. tatiana lopes

    Right there with you guys about smoking, I hate it, and I don’t understand why people do it really. It’s not like we’re in the 50′s and it was cool to smoke, and people didn’t knew how bad it was for their health. Here in Portugal that same law was implemented a couple of years ago and thankfully things changed, but when there are still a few bars for smokers, that are not ventilated at all. I hate it, I get home smelling like shit, my hair the next day still smells like smoke.
    Another thing that I hate seeing, and it happens way too much not to be talked about is people smoking at the beach. WTF??? There should be a law against it. This summer I saw a women smoking with their baby son on her lap (O_O) and then she just put the cigarette bud on the sand. I said some things, she said some things back, like she was doing the right thing. Any who I just got really mad about it.

    Tl;Dr: If you wanna smoke, don’t do it IN MY FACE!!!!!

  201. I can see why idols smoke cause they are under so much public pressure and stress that smoking and maybe their career is what keeps them alive and well sane. I smoke for the same reasons but i hate it and i am trying to quit right now.
    I hope y’all don’t look badly on smokers because there is a reason why we do it. I hope y’all can just support and help those that are trying to quit. Instead of hating y’all should help and support those that choose to quit.

  202. where im from (nyc) there are pretty strict rules, people still try to sneak them in here or there (like above ground subway platforms which is illegal) but for the most part people are quick to let someone know there being an arse lol! even university campus’ are enforcing stronger policies like not being able to smoke in any part of the campus indoor or outdoor forcing smokers to walk off campus like a block away to smoke. I don’t see why anyone would go through such efforts to slowly kill themselves!!!???!!

  203. I personally despise smoking too…I can’t stand the smell of it but for a year and a half I was at an art school in down town Chicago and EVERYONE smokes, you walk out of any dorm or school building and it would be like walking into a cloud of smoke because there would be all of these people standing outside by said buildings getting their smoke on or in the bathrooms of the dorms getting a whole different type of smoke on and letting it travel through the ventilation system…blagh. It was a major part of the social life along with drinking ourself silly which is another thing I don’t do…I would actually have to drink for that to happen…anyways yeah but since I moved back home to Iowa and started going to one of our state universities (fun fact, our football helmet was the one being thrown around in SNSD’s OH!) it hasn’t been nearly as bad…in fact I hardly notice anyone smoking at all

  204. In my former high school we had a lot of asian exchange students and I noticed that almost everyone of them smoked (except the occasional athlete and a few other exceptions), especially the ones in my year (gr. 12). apparently, it is a really popular thing with asian high schoolers?
    I didn’t really care, I hate it but i ignored it, as I know to them it was just a thing you do but it was dissapointing at times~ I mean I was crushing and flirting with this really cute chinese exchange student but I saw him smoking outside of a restaurant near our school and I just…i wanted to cry. Bye bye cutie, i do not want to kiss an ashtray thank you very much.

  205. So im guessing being asthmatic isnt ideal if i wanted to go to korea for an long holiday? better get a chemist load of asthma puffers….

  206. I’m glad America has been becoming more anti smoking as a non smoker. At the bar or at the casino I can expect smoking and it doesn’t bother me too much. But when my dad had a hospital stay for a week, it was so irritating when I wanted to wheel him out for seem fresh air. Outside the door we were greeted by huge puffs of cigarette and cigar smoke by nurses and patients. That hospital has now banned smoking from the premises which should be done at every hospital.

  207. I feel you. I was in Guangzhou last year and there would be people smoking in the hotel lobby when there were signs clear as day that said, ‘NO SMOKING’. It pissed me off so much. The rooms reeked of smoke as well and this was a 3 star hotel.

    I have some knowledge of idols that smoke. It kind of baffles me on why they would do it. Oh, well. Their life. But I dislike it when fangirls would approve of their oppas smoking because it makes them look hot.

    • “fangirls would approve of their oppas smoking because it makes them look hot”? Whoa my rage level at that comment is too damn high. I’m gonna stop typing before I say something I’ll regret later on…

      • It’s true. Like, this is unrelated, but I see people’s tumblr posts with Benedict Cumberbatch smoking and the comments are like, “That’s so hot” or “Sexy smoker” like what? I love Benedict but smoking is not a thing to strive for.

        • tatiana lopes
          tatiana lopes

          YES, omg I hate that too. And I get soooooo mad. I even try to explain them, that smoking doesn’t make them look hot, they’re just hot whatever they do. Whenever I see someone famous that smokes, they just go down on my consideration.

        • Ugh and when people think that smoking weed is okay and cool I’m just ready to sock them in the face and give their beautiful healthy body to someone who needs it, wants it, and can take care of it. Imagine all of the kids with cancer who would love to have a healthy life just like yours, but you WASTE it and smoke?!? Really?!? You do drugs, too? Was that one feeling for a half hour really that awesome? It pisses me off.

        • Lauren Armstrong

          Not everyone that smokes weed is a deadbeat I had a friend smoke weed when he had cancer it helped him a lot.

        • Well, that was obviously for medicinal purposes. That’s different.

      • Macie Tonn

        In American universities and conservatories for performers (recent BFA grad in acting), our professors nailed it into our heads that smoking (aside from all the bad stuff we know it does) can do soooo much damage to vocal cords (especially over time) and to the quality of the sound of the voice (before school, I would have thought this was obvious!). IT WAS SO FROWNED UPON (some students were kicked out of the program if found out)! It’s ESPECIALLY frowned upon when your trained in musical theatre or Shakespeare, because the physical (both in the body and breath) stamina it takes just to do one run of a show! Smoking cuts your stamina leaving you practically breathless…

        So, WHY KPOP IDOLS DO IT BLOWS MY MIND. They are performers. I wonder how they would get through one of the concerts with screaming fangirls and with all the singing and choreo… Someone help me understand what their justification is. I just… don’t…comprehend.

    • When I think of smoking all I can think of is my friend laying in a hospital bed dying from stage 4 lung cancer. Anyone that thinks that hit is a damn idiot.

  208. It’s good timing that you are talking about this now, because back here in Toronto (GTA represent!), Toronto Public Health is considering a wider ban on smoking in the city. They are proposing all public spaces, sports fields, and patios being added to the list of non-smoking areas. Being a non-smoker myself, I think this is a great idea, but the issue of enforcement comes up. Can authorities really catch everyone smoking in these areas? Is there a limit to how much they can ban it?

    Thought you might be interested in the article: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2013/09/23/toronto_to_consider_wider_outdoor_smoking_ban.html

    • Yeah, that’s one thing we’ve learned in Korea that we didn’t really think about before. There’s a difference between laws and enforced laws…

      • Definitely, and I know that you brought it up a bit in the video.

        Speaking from my experiences, it depends on the authority and where you are. Not everywhere will have police constantly patrolling (Nor do I expect that, say at a venue like the Phoenix) but most places will have a manager in charge or security guards of some kind. Being in those positions, I’d hope that they would be up on the smoking by-laws and enforcing them…but many don’t (Either out of ignorance or just apathy). This isn’t just for small venues either, I went to see The Rolling Stones at ACC in May, and there were people smoking cigs AND weed during the show! WTF?

  209. My husband finally quitted smoking, once we moved to korea… he picked up the dirty habit again…*sigh* lol.

    In my apartment here – I smell tons of ciggie smokes in the hallways and elevators. Gahhhhh There is a sign both in english and korean about NO SMOKING in the building but nobody ever listens!

  210. Another thing that’s annoying about so many smokers is that, not happy to just pollute their bodies, they throw their filthy butts out on the streets. Cigarette butts ARE NOT BIODEGRADABLE!!! They get washed into the ocean and get eaten by fish, dolphins, etc and kill them.

    • And they make the streets look disgusting, and sometimes start fires. One time in a dry summer, a guy tossed a cigarette butt out his car window onto the side of the freeway into a grassy field and started an all out fire.

  211. I’m not a big fan of smoking either, at my college I have to walk through a death cloud every time I go to class, its awful!
    And I also don’t understand why singers smoke *face palm* there ruining there lungs!

  212. Sigh, for real. When I visited Seoul (And rolled my sexy windows to you guys, Romeo and Juliet style :D [seeing me from down the window]), I felt like I was doing parkour when I was dodging the smoke that people carelessly blew into my face. I had to hold my breath for most of the time, haha. That’s probably why I felt breathing such clean air when I came back home, haha. It was interesting to see compare the Smoking culture in Korea as opposed to America (Bay Area, CA. The land of the “San” (Where you guise came for the MBC Dream Kpop concert)). Bay Area is known to be an advocate for clean air and a clean environment, so having to go from clean air to smoke infested air was hard on me.

  213. Akira Miyashi

    YES!! I totally hate people who smoke too! When I was in Chung-Ang University last time, I saw a “smoking room” on the campus. I thought it was a pretty good idea. Let all the smokers go into that room and kill themselves with smoke!! Buahahahahahahah! *ahem* I mean….that room can protect us non-smokers from the smoke. :)

    • Oh! I forgot to mention that they have smoking rooms in the airport as well! Similar idea: go into the room of death and quicken your own.

      • Akira Miyashi

        Oh, and I heard from some Korean guys that those in the military get FREE cigarettes from the government. Hence, that’s why most of them who went to military ends up being smokers.

        • Kevin Leonard

          The US military stopped doing that ages ago, so Madame President, why not as Commander in Chief decree the same for your boys and girls in uniform?

        • I don’t think they get free cigs, but they do get allowances, which is spent on buying it at base shops.

      • They have a special room for smokers? Ill bet that smells lovely. Wouldn’t even have to smoke just go in, inhale and you’re good to go.

        • I’ve seen smoking rooms in Japanese airports. Happened to walk by as someone exited & the smell was so overwhelming!

        • They used to have smoking rooms in Canada as well, but once the anti smoking laws came in, they had to be removed, there are by laws saying you have to be a certain distance away from buildings know you can’t stand in doorways or any thing any more.

        • Except then people just congregate in the area just outside that distance and smoke, so when you walk out of a building (my university campus…) you just walk into a wall of tobacco smoke. Like I could care less if someone’s a smoker…but the point of the bylaw is so that people don’t walk into a wall of smoke like that :| Good thing I’m not asthmatic….

        • That’s the same with my college campus!!! Smokers need to be 25ft away from all doors so there’s this building underneath a walkway where all smokers congregate. I, unfortunately, need to pass that area in order to get to another building for a class and boom! smoke cloud! I literally have to hold my breath and walk really fast to get away from it. It also unfortunately, traps all the wind so if the wind is blowing really hard on a particular day, they’ll be stuck in a wind vortex. I like to laugh to myself about that.
          You want to smoke? That’s fine. All you have to do is stand outside, freeze, and get trapped in a wind vortex. At least it’s not me.

        • Jenizz | pinkcrown

          Uhm there are thingies that suck the air and pump fresh air into the room. no worries. ^^

      • Oh, I was in the airport in Riga, in Lithuania (I have never inhaled as much smoke as there, oh my god.) and literally next to a eating place/cafeteria/bistro/whatever was the smoking area! (Well the smoking area was outside but there was a door inside the cafeteria) Apart from that disgusting smoke blew in indoors when smokers opened the door, it looked hilarious watching the smokers almost caged in as monkeys to shorten their lives.

      • In the US seem to b related to local or state laws. No smoking inside FL airports but there are smoking rooms at Atlanta’s airport. Those things are like gas chambers. I literally felt like giving up a couple days of my life just by going in.

    • I’ve never seen a designated smoking room in the US, where I’m from, but my sister has been to Japan and they indeed have such rooms.
      I’m curious what other countries have this sort of development, so to speak.

      • If you watch tv series from the 90′s like Friends or Seinfeld you see that back then smoking rooms were pretty common… they existed even in hospitals… but later it was outlawed to smoke indoors almost everywhere that is not your own house so, bye bye smoking rooms.

        • After you mentioned that, I did recall that when I was lass, indeed some restaurants had designated areas for smokers. Of course it hasn’t been this way in many years. Mmm, and that’s my story.

        • I’m from Alberta, Canada, and the only place I know of that still has an indoor smoking section is a casino on a reservation. It has something to do with land ownership and autonomous legislation, or something? Everywhere else bans smoking within 5 m (possibly 10-15, I’ve never really needed to know) of a fresh air intake.

    • THERE WAS A SMOKING AREA IN SIX FLAGS my teachers reaction: ” I don’t wanna see this anymore!!!!!!!”

    • Cyber_3

      Ah smoking rooms. Back when I went to the University of Waterloo in the early 90s, there were still “smoking” room lounges off the back of the womens’ washrooms in the older engineering buildings. No smoking any more, but a decent and pretty safe couch to crash on when pulling all nighters in the compy lab. I think that they eventually just enlarged the washrooms to include that space, but maybe they are still there. I would sometimes bring my male lab partner in there so that he could crash too but the third time a security guard tossed us out because they didn’t believe that we just wanted to sleep ;)

      • Current student at University of Waterloo here. No more of the smoking room/lounges you speak of but yes, a whole lot of comfy lounges in MC and M3… a whole lot of people sleeping in there too still haha.

  214. I live in Maryland, and I go to a community college that has been ranked as one of the best (community colleges) in the country. In all my years living in Maryland (my whole life, age 19), I’ve never seen so many people smoke cigarettes in my life!
    Seriously, Maryland isn’t that big of a state, but for some reason I guess the majority of smokers in my state go to my school -_-

    I can’t walk anywhere without seeing it! I luckily don’t think I breathe in too much of it, but it might just be that the whole campus smells like it that I can’t even tell I’m breathing in smoke anymore!

  215. Smoking is bad! But they choose to smoke so hey.. when they die early and all… lol. My dad smokes and he knows how much we hate it, and he has tried to stop but you know, once you get so used to or addicted, it’s hard to stop. Luckily, cuz he knows we hate it, he smokes outside, which we are grateful for. But I hate when people don’t use smoking areas when they have to smoke. Though I know sometimes there isn’t but like.. dude just go isolate yourself and smoke goodness. I’ve had bad encounters at my college where I’d just be walking to my next class and people are walking by me as well, going to their class, and smoking along the way and I’m just like D:

  216. That will be the one thing I miss about the states greatly when I move to Korea… I love strict smoking laws

  217. hopefully you guys don’t get slammed by electronic cigarette smokers there, since that’s becoming really popular in America.

    • We’ve seen some of them in Korea as well! But it’s not as popular as regular, non technological smoking :D

      • You know, if they choose to smoke at all, it would be healthier to smoke Ecigs instead of regular cigs. They’re made with WAAAAAAAYYYYY less chemicals and on top of that, they’re filtered. Literally the only thing you can smell is stuff like gummy bears or something like that. I’m not joking. A gummy bears after-smell. It also won’t trigger any asthma attacks on anyone, so that too is a bigger plus to using E-cigs instead of regular ‘ole tar-filled-more-than-7000-chemicals-used-to-create cigarettes. Thankfully, I am not a smoker as I like to sing and I don’t want to get cancer in my bladder, blood, cervix, colon and rectum, esophagus, kidney and ureter, larynx, liver, oropharynx, pancreas, stomach, trachea, bronchus, and/or lungs (among other respritory diseases) :D

    • Yeah the water vapor ones have become very popular. I had someone walk into my work and start smoking one! I don’t even think I can tell them to stop because it’s technically not hurting the air around me (I don’t think), but I work in an ice cream store! Why do you have to smoke in an ice cream store?!?!?!

  218. In Europe, people smoke everywhere out on the streets, it’s not as regulated as North America…like you’d just be walking in a whiff of death air

  219. Sigh, smoking in Korea. Sooo many times I’m walking down the street, and there’s a guy walking right ahead of me leaving a trail of tobacco smoke right behind him. Like walking behind a car and breathing in exhaust. You gotta cross the street to get away.

    But what makes me laugh are the big “Smoke-free zone!!!” signs. Usually it’s hard to see them because there are several people in front of them smoking. (bus stations, omg. waitin for my bus with some old ajussi blazin away in the doorway)

    • And the bit about idols smoking makes me headdesk so much. Like, Mickey Yoochun used to have a pretty nice voice. Now? I weep.

      Also, at one point at Shinhwa’s concert I actually thought “Wow, Dongwan has a really strong consistent voice. I wonder if it’s because he’s the only one who has quit smoking.” It makes me so sad. Like, Hyesung still has a great voice, but I listen to songs featuring him from like their second or third album and I feel like his voice is going downhill. ㅠㅠ

  220. it’s good to hear that they’re enforcing more laws in Korea. In Japan they should enforce laws not to smoke inside even though they have designated smoking / non-smoking areas, it wafts, and you can still smell it.. it’s horrible. What I will give praise to is, besides the odd yakuza/yankee tough looking guy down some dingy alley, people don’t often smoke while walking down the street. In japan they have designated little bins in one area that everyone stops to smoke next to and then butt their cigarettes out at = http://www.japanwindow.com/images/20060708042409_060615_ww06.jpg and also a lot of little smoking booths, especially in train stations and such, http://online.wsj.com/media/smoker_D_20101207013829.jpg

    In comparison to AUSTRALIA, esp melb, I am forever breathing in disgusting second hand smoke while walking down the street even though Australia has very similar laws to what you said about Canada, they still think it’s okay to blow it in ur face and flick burning ash on you while walking down the street :( boo.

    thanks for the interesting TL:DR :D

  221. I was also one of the annoying little kids that told random strangers to quit smoking. Of course after losing my grandfather to lung cancer…that kind of impacted my thoughts on the whole disgusting habit (it’s seriously really really gross and I don’t understand why people want to stick that crap in their bodies…but if you really want to then go ahead)

  222. Do you guys do the whole, splutter really loudly as you pass and cough for prolonged periods of time as you pass a smoker. Or is that just me??

    • Ha! No. We stink eye sometimes, but that’s about it.

    • I do the same thing, mainly because my lungs are sucky and I can’t breathe well in normal air…

    • I always do the obnoxious cough too. haha The smoke honestly does make me cough, but I tend to like to force or exaggerate it, just to make a point. :P

      • I think you definitely have a right to say something. Your right to breathing is being violated. If a person chooses to light up and bring illnesses, cancer, and death upon themselves- then kudos to you ::clap, clap:: But you can’t make the decision to harm others with your death stick’s smoke and impede their lives. I get so riled up about this issue because I think second hand smoke is a slap in the face to someone’s humanity. I think of Dana Reeve’s [Superman, Christopher Reeve's wife] and how she lost a terrible battle to lung cancer because some careless people harmed her life with their smoking. Smokers make me so damn mad!

      • i choose to yell at them sometimes. it works wonders!

    • You’re not alone. I have gotten all kinds of “hood” on people who were smoking in my vicinity. I usually am a quiet and to myself person, but once someone sees fit to impede upon my human right to breathe, I become a different person. I call her Shaniqua, and she is not afraid to tell a smoker a) that you’re disgusting and b) you’re going to have to back the hell away from me with the smoke. I used to do the loud obnoxious cough….wave my hands in front of my face to clear the air, but I learned that some people don’t respond to such subtlety.

      • Stephí Galdursdóttir

        “Disgusting” to their faces? Yikes… As an ex-smoker and evidently, an ex-disgusting human being, the memories of fake coughs haunt me to this day and not because I feel like I’m the one who should be ashamed in those situations. When I smoked I went out of my way to stay out of non-smokers ways; I never lit up indoors in public, always stayed unbelievably far away from entranceways and even supported legislating to ban indoor smoking in my city. Yet during every cigarette I ever smoked in public if there were people passing by at all there were always at least two who, despite being too far from me to even smell my smoke let alone inhale it, would notice my cigarette and begin hacking and sputtering like petulant children. If I smoker is respecting your space then please respect theirs. If they are blowing smoke in your face then by all means tell them, like one human to another (aka. with words) that you’d like them to stop, or feel free to step away yourself.

        If passing a smoker while walking then I suggest simply holding off your inhale for a moment much as you do when passing a plume of car exhaust and you’ll live. Everyone makes mistakes in life, some people’s mistakes just have more dire and obvious consequences than others do. I know plenty of non-smokers who are obese, are in debt, abuse alcohol/ drugs or are suntanning themselves into an early, melanoma-speckled grave etc. all of which have the potential to disastrously effect those around them in various ways. I don’t enjoy sitting next to an obese person on a plane and being uncomfortable for an entire flight as they encroach upon the space I paid to have but I’m certainly not going to call them disgusting, as I imagine they are capable of possessing feelings despite their poor life choice, and even though they’re making my old sports injury cramp up. I’m going to be blunt and say that you and other non-smokers (myself included now) don’t deserve a round of applause for simply making less noticeable mistakes in life. Grouping and entire segment of people together and branding them all as sinister is also a “slap in the face to someone’s humanity.” 0_o

        • Unless I’m seriously misunderstanding what Cass posted, she’s talking about smokers who are rude about it. Like, blowing smoke in her face, don’t get it that not everybody wants that smell all over their clothes and hair kind of rude. Close enough that she has waved her hands in front of her face to try to clear away the cloud kind of rude. NOT people who are clearly trying to do the opposite of that, as you mention you did when you smoked.

          And no. Every other issue you mentioned is also a matter of personal choice that may affect others *years* down the line, and then only in terms of emotional toll because of personal health.

          The evidence for second-hand smoke causing health problems is apparently more controversial than the general public realizes, but the horrible smell alone affects everybody within breathing distance (which varies, what with how wind works and the smell clings to clothes and hair, so even when my coworkers come back in from their smoke breaks, they trail the smell behind them).

          So at the very least, that’s decades of irritating people around you – either directly through irritants in the smoke (burning eyes, sinuses) or indirectly (the unpleasant smell).

        • Cassandra Bosquet


        • Stephí Galdursdóttir

          I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe I’m misunderstanding anything she’s put forth, and I don’t think there’s ever a good excuse for verbally abusing a stranger either (calling them “disgusting”). People were talking about why they felt the need to fake-cough at smokers and I’m submitting to you as an ex-smoker that the fake coughing doesn’t begin and end when you’re right up in someone’s grill with a lit cigarette- it’s *often* done when you’re too far away for the smoke to be an issue. It’s simply a different point of view and experience to the one being presented here by Cass and just about every other commenter, and it’s equally as valid as anyone else’s opinion here. I’ve got some bummer news for all the lifetime non-smokers out there: For every non-smoker who’s had a smoker sidle up to them and start polluting their air space there is a smoker who’s minding their own business and has a non-smoker crawl up their behind and start coughing like a moron at them- it goes both ways and if you go back and re-read their comments you’ll see that no one specified that they were talking about the former so I’m here to inform you that the latter actually happens just as frequently.

          I do believe I clearly outlined an instance in which one of those bad choices effects me immediately and extremely painfully to boot so no, they don’t just effect people years down the line, and most of those choices effect society at large financially as well, depending on what type of health care system your nation has. The point I was trying to make with that that you seemed to misunderstand is not that other bad choices effect people in the same way but that everyone makes mistakes, and thus one probably shouldn’t be walking around calling other people disgusting or thinking it’s perfectly fine to try and embarrass them in public rather than speaking to them like they’re a human being.

          The evidence for second hand smoke causing harm to non-smokers is *incredibly* dubious as it is, and it is especially inconsequential when you are outdoors or in a well ventilated area. As far as the smell goes that’s just tough luck for you; you might not like the way a smoker smells but they might not like the way you smell either. Ever been in a tiny room with someone wearing too much perfume? How about someone who has overpowering body odour or is eating a terrible smelling lunch? It’s not great, and it’s equally as pungent as someone who smells like stale smoke, especially the perfume. Life isn’t Burger King, we can’t all have it our way. There are “irritating” people all around you whether you’re the non-smoker having a cloud of smog billowed in your general vicinity or whether you’re the smoker minding their business but still has someone coughing their germs at you and waving their hands in your face.

        • Assholes learn to ignore subtle things like getting the stink-eye and arm waving (my older brother is an asshole, I’m well acquainted with this behavior). They usually require an equally direct response.

          You seem to have encountered every rude non-smoker in existence (according to your first post, there were TWO of these for every time you appeared among other people in public with a cigarette, even though you were putting in extra effort to accommodate them). It’s quite remarkable.

          I’m aware that everyone makes mistakes. I simply don’t see the point of comparing a deliberate choice to smoke (apples) to the rest of your list (oranges). The closest is possibly alcoholism and drug abuse, but those are still very different beasts.

          Yes. I’ve been in a room with all of those smelly people. I have worked with them (HR takes care of bathes-in-perfume ladies and doesn’t-bother-to-bathe guys). My lunch was very garlicky earlier this week (the smell dissipated within minutes). The smell of smoke *lingers.* It sticks to clothing, hair, and breath. It gets into everything. I can literally think of no other smell that does that. Even the smell of dead things dissipates more completely (if not necessarily faster) in the long run.
          (Yes, I know this from experience.)

        • Stephí Galdursdóttir

          So you basically skimmed what I said an absorbed little to none of it? I’m going to try and make this brief… Smokers are now assholes in general but I am a statistical miracle for encountering rude non-smokers? That’s quite the blatant double standard you’ve got going on there. I’m sorry if you can’t handle the reality that people in general are rude as opposed to only groups of people to which you do not belong, that’s a dangerously bigoted stance to take.

          Apples to oranges? I made a logical point, I explained it twice so you wouldn’t have to actually read and understand it (a task which you seem to abhor) and you keep giving me talking points with no facts to back them up. It’s totally besides my point but I believe you’ll find that excessive spending, stuffing food into your face in mass quantity, abusing alcohol/ drugs and suntanning are all deliberate choices.

          As far as two different beasts go: a good thing to keep in mind is that nicotine addiction is a clinical addiction, and not at all unlike drug or alcohol addiction. Moreover, it’s widely considered to be harder to quit than many other substances. Ask any clean drug addict who is also an ex-smoker which was harder to quit, their drug of choice or nicotine and statistically you’ll get “nicotine” as an answer most of the time… and please don’t tell me that smoking a cigarette for the first time is a stupider decision than deciding to shoot up heroin or I’ll just die from extreme face-palming.

          Just because you can’t think of another smell that lingers doesn’t mean they don’t exist, and it certainly doesn’t mean that other people regard tobacco as the most pungent and problematic of the aforementioned stenches. That would be a matter of opinion and yours is no more important than anyone else’s in this case. HR can do nothing to change what people eat in their private lives and thus body odour is a continuing problem in the workplace that has no solution, as not all people have B.O. because they’ve stopped showering outright. We do not have the right to never be mildly annoyed, and there’s just no way around that for fussy people. I just have to add that I highly doubt that the rendering of fat into a piece of fabric during decomposition has less staying power than tobacco, but that would largely depend on the size of the decaying matter as well as the exposure time to tobacco smoke that we’re talking about here.

          You’re going off of pure emotion rather than logic as well as devolving into ad hominem attacks here, and I can’t debate with your personal feelings if they are devoid of facts. Please see all of my previous posts to you prior to this for a response to anything new you might have to say, I believe you’ll find they hold water quite well if you actually read them thoroughly. Good luck and god speed to you.

        • “The evidence for second hand smoke causing harm to non-smokers is *incredibly* dubious”

          Well done. I actually believed you were serious until I read that part. The “evidence” that second hand smoke is more harmful than first hand smoke is everywhere, except in the tobacco lobbyist communication. And in the “dubious” case you’re not a troll, would you share your sources? Here’s one of mine http://www.lung.ca/protect-protegez/tobacco-tabagisme/second-secondaire/index_e.php, but the same can be found on any serious website on tobacco or lung health.

        • Stephí Galdursdóttir

          Yes, I am aware of everything you just sent, but it doesn’t mean much if people don’t understand what that data implies in practical terms, and none of that reads as “second hand smoke is more harmful than first hand smoke” in practical terms. No medical professional worth their degree would tell you that it does, either. To elaborate: Unless you’re in an unventilated area, and unless someone is blowing smoke right into your mouth or nose as you draw breath you’re simply not going to inhale second hand smoke in an amount significant enough, frequently enough to cause bodily harm, and I think we should all be relieved about that. The best parallel I can draw is marijuana smoke: Ever been standing outside with someone smoking pot? Did you get high? Certainly not. But if you’ve ever been trapped in a room with someone smoking pot chances are you got buzzed. The lack of ventilation is the key here. People always see “second hand smoke contains chemicals which can cause cancer” and get scared. Most beauty products have just as many chemicals that can cause cancer (and sterility) but people still happily apply them to their faces multiple times a day, and our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and far more penetrable than our lungs are.

          You are absolutely right about one thing though, I was way too dismissive about this to begin with and appreciate the opportunity to correct my error. If you are pregnant, or a small child, or anyone trapped against their will in a confined, unventilated area with a smoker for years upon years you will probably get some tissue damage, in the same way being exposed to any irritating chemical in a confined space for years will cause tissue damage. That’s why, as I said in another post, I don’t think smokers have the right to smoke in unventilated areas shared with non-smokers, and parents definitely do not have the right to expose their children to secondhand smoke in unventilated areas, as that is unconscionable. If you re-read what others are saying here you’ll see many of them are talking about experiences with smokers outdoors, as am I. Increasing smoking regulations world wide are (happily) making smoking indoors a rarity in most countries. I support just about every smoking regulation that’s ever been proposed (in my nation, anyways) but I draw the line at telling people they aren’t allowed to walk down the street in the open air smoking, that’s just too oppressive to even consider.

        • Hey! I’ve been away for a while and read your answer only now. I don’t know if it’s still relevant to reply, but I feel like doing it! First, thank you for replying nicely while I was being quite grumpy. Second, I indeed don’t have scientific evidence that second hand somke can be harmful out in the open, but as almost all students in my country, every morning and at every lunch break I have to go through a mass of smokers agglutinated in front of the uni’s entrance, and it feels just like being trapped in an aquarium with them. It makes my eyes and my throat sting, and maybe I’m just being paranoid, but it doesn’t feel actually healthy. That’s typically a situation where non-smokers have no choice but to put up with smoke, and the law can’t do much about it. Actually, it’s the law that pushes smokers on the sidewalks! And third, I’ve bought chemical-free cosmetics for years, and I eat organic food as much as I can, so no, I don’t make a focus on tobacco and I think I have the right to protest when I’m exposed to burnt chemicals against my will!

        • Stephí Galdursdóttir

          Firstly about being polite in my response- you’re welcome. :) I really dislike bad manners (one of the reasons I gave my initial response to someone on this forum), and so I try to be respectful of others. Secondly, I was super surprised to hear from you so late, mind blown, and I’ll respond quickly:

          I totally get that walking through the smoke is gross, I think it’s gross too, and while it might not *feel* healthy there is evidence to the contrary which, as I said before, we should be happy about and in which case it would mean that you’re probably being a little bit paranoid, which is ok as long as that paranoia isn’t driving you to harass the people around you exercising their rights. That means it’s coming down to being annoyed, and we all absolutely have the right to be annoyed, but we don’t have the right to tell others to change their lives because something irks us if we’re sharing a public space.

          Example: Car exhaust is really gross, and in most urban areas of the world driving a car is a completely unnecessary choice and one that’s generally bad for the environment at large. I ride a bike everywhere and try my best to avoid car exhaust but every so often I get stuck at a light with a car blowing exhaust at me. It stinks but I know I’m not going to inhale enough to be harmed and so I don’t believe that encountering it and thinking it’s not to my liking is enough of a reason to verbally berate the driver for utilizing a car or to criminalize driving. I do however try to raise awareness about the detriments of driving and to promote non-toxic forms of transportation.

          It’s genuinely awesome that you’re conscious of the types chemicals in the products you use, the world would be much healthier if everyone was. However, statistically, most of the people on this forum who are claiming that all second-hand smoke (indoor and outdoor) is harming them are not at all conscious or attempting to avoid the many carcinogens that they put on and in their bodies willingly- carcinogens which actually do increase their risk of cancers, unlike outdoor second-hand smoke. Yet a shockingly high number of these people are saying it’s ok to verbally assault smokers because they’re annoyed at experiencing something non-toxic to them, albeit stinky.

          It’s tempting to go down the “but the other carcinogens are choices they made while the smoking was foisted upon them” road but if you read the comments you’ll find that these are people who claim their outrage is justified *because of their overwhelming concern for their health* yet, statistically they are people who willingly do great harm to their own health.
          Thus we must acknowledge that they do not generally have an overwhelming concern for their health, otherwise they’d logically avoid self inflicted harm first which we know they (statistically) don’t. If they’re not overwhelmingly concerned for their own health than what are they overwhelmingly concerned for? In this case it seems their primary concern is having their own preferences and having those preferences obeyed by those around them at all times. That egocentricity is no reason to pass a law and it’s definitely no reason to yell at someone who isn’t doing your favourite thing as many of them admit they see fit to do. It’s not even a good reason to politely say “I don’t like that you’re smoking near me”- it’s just none of our business if:
          a) we have the freedom to move away from those chemicals
          b) the chemicals aren’t actually, factually, scientifically impeding our good health
          c) the chemicals are not impeding our ability to carry out essential actions

          Having to move from one area to another to stand is simply a minor inconvenience, you may very well do the same thing if you were standing next to someone speaking very loudly on a cell phone.

          Now, one thinks “well aren’t those smokers also egocentric for putting their own desire to smoke above others preference to not smell smoke?” Technically yes, they are. However their smoke, if it’s outdoors, is not actually harming anyone but the act of someone publicly shaming or otherwise verbally assaulting them is definitely harmful to their mental health, their sense of safety and their general well-being. I think people basically need to be more considerate of one another and also less entitled. Smokers should keep away from non-smokers whenever possible (stay away from entrances, avoid smoking indoors etc.) and non-smokers should stop feeling as though their personal rights and freedoms are more essential than those of others when their wellbeing is not being put at risk. No one has ever quit smoking because a stranger publicly shamed them so the best possible thing for all of us to do is to focus on fighting the tobacco companies, who are essentially sanctioned drug pushers, in the hopes of decreasing smoking rates worldwide.

          I could go on about this forever (clearly lol) it’s actually a really fascinating subject, but I can’t keep taking the time to respond so I’ll just say I sincerely wish you ample wellbeing and good health, and thanks so much for having a really interesting conversation with me and keeping me on my toes :) Non-smokers for life, woot woot!

        • Cassandra Bosquet

          I guess my approach is very blunt. To explain, I don’t go around calling smokers disgusting off the bat to their faces….just the ones who are deliberately rude about it. I appreciate that you would go far away and be considerate of the breathing of others when you smoked. The thing is that a smoker’s space, even if it is outdoors spreads and has the potential of impacting others. Now imagine lots of smokers doing that. I had one instance in the city as I was sitting outside a restaurant with a friend when a smoker comes passing by spewing his filth not only in my space but over my food. I said something to which he yammered on about being in public so it didn’t matter. I responded that I didn’t need his brand of flavoring over my food and that he was indeed gross.

          I think it does not compute to link one’s smoking to obesity. While for some it is a poor life choice to over-eat, majority of others are battling a host of genetic, physiological, and psychological demons that result in their obesity. It is often out of a heavier person’s control and they fight daily to change and establish a good sense of health. A person who smokes, chose to attain the cigarette-light it up-and inhale it, knowing full well that it is loaded with carcinogens, chemicals, and other disgusting compounds. They are fully aware given publications, doctor’s warnings, and tobacco companies reports of what is in a cigarette and what it is capable of doing and yet they still do it.

          Yes, I’m a bit insensitive to the plight of smokers [if there is one], but I have had to watch some close people die of lung cancer because they smoked and did so even at the urging to stop….but the worse was watching my best friend’s parent battle illnesses because of being around secondhand smoke for too long. Someone didn’t care about her humanity.

        • Stephí Galdursdóttir

          Let me just start this off on a positive note and say I thoroughly appreciate your sassiness, just from human to another, in another life I’d like to have a mojito with you and talk some trash together. There is a lot here to respond to and I don’t think I can cover it all while being brief but I’ll hit on two points:

          Second hand smoke might smell bad, but unfortunately there is no good evidence that it effects the health of non-smokers, particularly while outdoors or in well ventilated areas, and I say this as a non-smoker and as well someone who lost the most important person in the world to me to lung cancer. I covered the whole “you might not like the way a smoker smells but they might not like the way you smell” in my response to yahnati so I won’t rehash it here. You say you only become hostile to rude smokers but the man passing you by in the street wasn’t being rude at all, he was just living his life the same way you were just living yours. If I’m eating and smoker walks by I hold my breath the same way I do when I’m eating a car pulls up billowing exhaust, I don’t think I have the right to chastise the driver or the smoker for exercising his or her personal freedom’s while I simultaneously exercise my own without repercussion. We don’t have the right to never be mildly annoyed, unfortunately.

          As far as obesity having an excuse while smoking does not… starting to smoke is a stupid choice, true, but people start smoking for a variety of reasons, don’t believe the myth that most smokers start smoking because they want to look cool. Nicotine addiction is also just that, a scientifically proven drug addiction, and widely believed to be harder to quit than heroin so unfortunately quitting smoking is not as simple as acknowledging that it’s damaging and then tossing your pack out the window. Smokers know cigarettes are bad for them, a heroin addict knows a shot is bad for them, but that knowledge doesn’t halt the chemical process of addiction. That’s not to say they can’t quit or shouldn’t try but people need to be honest about the level of difficulty here.

          Conversely, while *some* cases of obesity are caused by the factors you mentioned, all of those obstacles can be overcome by willpower and, in some instances, therapy or medication, while smoking can seldom be overcome by willpower alone due to chemical dependancies beyond the smokers control. Given all we know about the health risks of smoking and obesity it’s fair to say that a person of size picks up a Big Mac (for example) knowing it’s loaded with fat, cholesterol, hormones and ammonia and puts it in their mouth the same way a smoker puts a cigarette into their except one of them is chemically addicted and the other is not. I’m not saying losing weight is easy, I’m just here to let you know that quitting smoking isn’t easy either.

          Smokers do have a plight once they are smokers, just like heroin addicts have a plight once they are addicted to heroin, it’s a chemical dependancy which kills you slowly and that is pretty dire. People don’t have to feel bad for smokers or heroin addicts but they don’t need to belittle them either. What really needs to be focused on is informing people so that they never smoke that first cigarette to begin with. The only cigarette I ever regret having was my very first one. I think anti-smoking advocates need to focus more on bashing tobacco companies (drug pushers) than bashing smokers themselves- the best way to quit smoking is to never start smoking, but nobody is helping anyone quit by trying to make them hate themselves.

        • Jackie Outlaaw

          ok why would you even smoke in a place that people can pass by? i think those people have a right to give smokers a stink eye. whether you intended it or not, you are still making people breath toxic stuff. if you didn’t want the negative reactions, you should’ve been in a area only for smokers where other people can be completely protected from harmful chemicals.

    • I usualy glare at the person or cover my mouth and nose with my hand to make a point.
      Besides, it makes me feel sick.
      I was writing an exam once and the teacher seated another student infront of me. Holy – did her clothes stink. ( -.- * ) I thought I was going to die by the end of the exam…

  223. MARTINA! YES! =D I refuse to date a smoker. Everyone keeps telling me I am ridiculous but, it’s a hygiene thing. I don’t want to be around it AT ALL.

    • Tell me about it! I will never date a smoker. That sh*t is nasty and I’m not about to get second-hand smoke just because they’re ok with slowly killing themselves.

    • I have the same mindset. everyone always says that the person can quit smoking though but IMO the fact that he actually ever smoked in the first place clearly means his personality and thoughts aren’t compatible with mine in the first place.

    • I don’t date a frequent smoker, but my boyfriend smokes every once in a blue moon, and only pipe tobacco or cigars. I’ve never seen him smoke a cigarette, he hates them. He’s actually started smoking even LESS than usual because of my allergies. Smoking isn’t really horrendous, it’s the addiction that cigarettes causes that is the culprit.

  224. In New Zealand we’re not allowed to smoke inside and it’s recommended that you don’t even smoke in your home or car.. But unless you’re in the big cities (like Auckland the only place I experienced this) there will be people out smoking on the street.

    Everyone respects that smokers can do what they want as long as they don’t make others suffer because of it (Obviously outside of Auckland City).

    Smokes have chemicals that calm one down, so people under intense stress often smoke it’s sad really; I’d never touch one myself.

  225. Finally, famous people who don’t advocate smoking! YAY! Thank you! Also, a question, how is smoking stuff other than tobacco (AHEM DRUGGSSS) in Korea?

    • Very serious. Korea, China, and Japan have very serious consequences for drug use.

      • tobacco is a drug lolol but it’s legalized obviously. I hate China’s smoking culture. It’s the worst. don’t know if they improved but I seriously highly doubt it. Hong Kong included.

    • *insert GD joke here*

      No, but seriously: no famous people are against smoking? Not that we count as famous people, but…really? No one else is against it?

      • In SoCal at least, smoking culture has become so “cool” that I’ve seen very few instances of celebrities actually speaking up against it. Holy poo. If people show disdain, they are labeled as prudes of sorts. Because it’s cool to kill yourself. Woohoo! AND OF COURSE YOU GUYS ARE FAMOUS. ERRMYGAWD

        • Maybe about smoking weed but when it comes to cigarettes no one thinks it’s cool.

        • infinitelybeasty

          I wish, i live in an affluent part of SD and there are butts everywhere.

        • Daniel Ochoa Castrellon

          I live in Socal too and smoking happens but since everywhere will fine now the trend of the electric cigarettes. I have had several accounts where I had fellow classmates use them in class next to me or while eating

        • Yup, vaping/electric cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular in SoCal. I’ve seen so many vaping shops pop up nowadays. I prefer that people use these instead of cigarettes cause they don’t smell like crap. Actually they don’t smell like anything, and the vapor doesn’t linger. But anyways, I think there’s alot less smoking in SoCal since the smoking laws are getting alot stricter, which is probably why people are opting for electric cigs/vaping.

        • I grew up in socal in the Inland Empire area and I left about five years ago now and I still go back every vacation and I don’t particularly see MORE smokers as there have always been smokers but they stay pretty clear of the sidewalks and shopping areas so it’s pretty rare to see them anywhere besides in their car and especially on the freeway or highways.

      • Well there were the DB5K anti smoking adds in like 2008 (I think) which were really funny considering that all of them but Junsu were/still are smokers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fkfw_I0nFo

        • Does Changmin smoke? Or did he? I know Yunho did or possibly still does. JaeChun certainly do.

        • Changmin smokes too… We found out from when Yunho and Changmin went to Shanghai and another time when they were in Australia.

        • Ewww I don’t wanna kiss a smoker which means I can’t date Koreans I guess.

        • Deenie Choong

          haha yessss especially with jaechun being chain smokers I was like lol you funny but hey, they still sound great (and better than most) so its their choice I guess.

        • Kela Cassiopeia

          Actually. jaejoong and yunho quoted smoking together,but after they split up, jaejoong went back smoking again. Not so sure about yunho though

        • Yunho still smoked post-lawsuit again…It was spotted while he was filming.

        • Jae still smokes and plans to quit at the end of the year because a tarot reader told him to

        • Kela Cassiopeia

          Yeah I read that but it sounds so funny.He needs a tarot ready to tell him to do so

      • Big Bang did have a song about saying no to smoking. Not sure that it fully worked out though *cough cough GD*
        But it does talk about second hand smoking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZSx-HoxbCo

      • well you guys helped me quit a while back. It became a social habit with me and then i just kept hearing “don’t smoke” “smoking is gross” “we don’t like smoking” so u plus a friend got me to quit.

      • hey hey guys, why all the fingers pointing at GD? i mean, TOP smokes too :D he was even seen doing it in the making of Love Song (bing bong bell) music video XD

        anyway, i’m so glad to see someone fun and famous voice out their strong anti-smoking sentiments openly. i was just smiling and nodding along to the things u said, because it’s so true. i dunno why ppl smoke, is it so cool to do so? GD still looks pretty energetic on stage (solo world tour, solo album promotions), but i guess he could do better. not that he needs to…

      • I think Some do, Like possibly The Girls, mostly in my mind T-ara especailly Dani Hyomin Soyeon Areum and Jiyeon

      • well thats the thing about korea, they have all these idols (eg. dbsk, big bang) promoting anti smoking campaigns yet as soon as they finish filming these ads and the camera stop rolling they’ll light up a cigarette. So how do they expect these campaigns to be effective, who will take it seriously when the people behind the campaign themselves don’t listen to what they are promoting?

      • You guys are superstars! in my little world! :-) I am also very much against smoking! anything ! Period! I got really annoyed at my young cousin bragging to me about smoking hookah oh its not like im smoking cigarettes she said! wtf!! any smoking is smoking! its a no go in my world! :-)

      • Ukiss had a no smoking song too…called the smoke free song

    • I know Psy did jail or military service or something for marijuana possession in Korea, they don’t mess around.

      • That was because he didn’t really fulfill his military service, nothing to do with marijuana. He had to re-enlist because of that…poor guy. I think he was just fined for the marijuana smoking.

    • No idea what the ‘average’ punishment is for it for non-celebrities, and it probably depends on the drug of choice, but…

      Actor Joo Ji Hoon got busted for using Ecstasy and ketamine. “He was sentenced to six months of jail time, suspended for one year, 120 hours of community service, and a fine of ₩360,000. (wiki)” And went straight to his military service.

      Supreme Team’s E-Sens and pot:

      “E-Sens was sentenced to a year and two months in prison with a two year
      probation, 160 hours of social service, 40 hours of drug addiction
      treatment and a fine of 2,133,500 won.

      Because it was his first time offense, however, the justice department
      decided E-Sens would not have to serve the prison sentence and would be
      on probation instead.”

      DMTN’s Daniel is currently on trial for HIS pot smoking. The prosecution has recommended a year in jail plus a fine, but the other trials have to finish before final sentencing happens.

      • I remember when the Joo JiHoon thing happened. It was such a huge deal because it was some drug ring. I lost all respect for him, and it’s amazing that he’s made a successful comeback. Yet, MC Mong can’t come back because of some military accusations, SMH.

    • they are done in secrecy, so hard to tell… unlike europe of north america where teens open up about smoking weed or doing crack, koreans always hide it

  226. I’m right there with you guys. i DETEST smoking and hate when people do it around me. i’m thankful that here in the U.S. there’s a pretty large separation of smoking and nonsmoking (especially indoors). can’t imagine what it must be like to have to be surrounded by it constantly!

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