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Smoking in Korea

September 26, 2013


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Ok, so we weren’t very PC in this TL;DR. Yes, yes, we know that we were a bit harsh in our treatment of smokers in this video. It’s something we take a strong stance against. If you, yourself, happen to be a smoker, we don’t hate you, or think you’re an evil person or anything like that. You’re just following a life choice that we think you’d be much better off abandoning. And you know it, too!

GODDAMMIT. I’m at a coffee shop right now writing this blog post while Martina gets her tattoo colored in (we’ve been teasing pictures on our Instagram – you should follow us there!) and somebody is smoking behind me…indoors! YARGGHHH! And in this video we were all like “oh yeah! It doesn’t happen that much indoors anymore” and a few hours later BOOM. I was in a couple of other coffee shops today working as well, though, and none of them had anyone smoking inside. This is just the exception. Still, it’s an exception that isn’t permitted in Toronto at all, so it’s something we have to get used to.

I think our reasons for not liking public smoking are fair. Smokers are making the choice to breathe in smoke, and they’re making the choice for us as well. If you want to smoke, fine, by all means do so, but please don’t make me smoke with you. Smoke in your home, in your car, in your own privacy. If you’re outside and need to smoke, do it so that you’re not affecting others who don’t want to smoke. Step outside and smoke. Don’t smoke right in front of me, so that I have to go outside because you want to smoke.

The hallway to our studio is a major culprit of this as well: people hide there to smoke in private, so that their bosses or friends or whatever don’t see them, but then we’re walking in to film something and get a mouthful of ass. FFFFUUUUUU! But we see a lot of this kind of hallway smoking. So, to answer the question of what it’s like for nonsmokers in Korea, there’s our experience of it.

GORDDDDAAMMMITT and now a second person in the coffee shop just lit up a cigarette. Really, it doesn’t happen this often to us, usually. Things have stopped being this bad. It’s a fluke incident, really, but I find it hilarious that I pretty much jinxed myself into getting surrounded by smokers today. Screw this I’m outta here. Going to a new place. You see that, coffee shop in Hapjeong? I’m not coming back!

Ok. Where was I? Still on the topic of smoking, we especially don’t understand the smoking of Kpop idols. We’ve met many people in the Kpop industry before, and have seen many of them smoke. We’re not here to name names or to out any of them, but we can say that a high percentage of the male idols we’ve met smoke. For Christ’s sake…why? They’re singers, aren’t they? Smoking ain’t good for your career. Not only your health, but your livelihood. No? Any smoking singers here? If you’re going for a smokey voice, THEN I think that smoking might not be that detrimental to your career, but if your career is about being young and energetic and singing all happy and dancey love songs, smoking doesn’t really fit that WHATSOEVER. And it doesn’t really suit an idol’s image, either, to be honest.

Ah. I don’t know. I’m too invested in the topic to speak about it calmly. I’ll just try answering the question summarily here: being a non-smoker in Korea isn’t fun. There’s smoking everywhere, even indoors, and though it is getting better, it still isn’t ideal.

So that’s it! If you want to hear us talk more about topics in Korea, you should click on this pretty button here. Solidarity, bro!



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