Dogs usually wag their tails or shake their back legs when they’re happy. Spudgy does all of that, but he also does something special. What Spudgy does, ladies and gentlemen, is honk/snort. We don’t know why he does it, but it sounds like he’s asleep and snoring whenever he’s happy. Rub his ears for a bit, and he’ll forget how to breathe properly, and start purring like a kitten. We made a video to prove it. And, yes, this isn’t a very informative video, we know, but we just got a new dog and we’re really happy about it, and want to show him off as much as we can.

  1. My dog does that, too, only we call it snoring because it sounds just like when she snores in her sleep.

  2. My Shi Tzu used to make that noise, the kind of grunt/snort sound. I miss that dog!

  3. Simon and Martina.. what do you use to get spudgy’s signature blue back color? 

  4. i think it may be because pekingnesse dogs oftentimes have some difficulty breathing due to the shape of his nose. A vet told me this when he was performing a sterilization surgery on a pekingnese dog a couple months ago. Afterwards, we had to put a little stick in btween his upper and lower teeth to make sure he continued to breathe normally,

  5. my mother has a dog that does that only louder.

  6. My dog does that as well when I rub her behind the ears :P

  7. Spudgy is soooooo cute!!!!! you're so lucky to have a dog like that :) (is the snorting like purring for dogs??)

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