It’s Korean Indie Time!

We had a couple more Korean Indie bands stop by the studio to talk about their music and their music videos. It’s something we started doing back with HongdaeFest, and we really like the idea. Seems like different bands are ok with it as well. I think it’s a great way for you to meet the band since they don’t appear on any TV shows in Korea (such as Inkigayo or MCountdown) so they really have no way of advertising themselves besides word of mouth. Well we happen to like these bands a lot and we know people who are into the Korean indie scene like them as well, so here they are to introduce themselves to you! Hopefully you’ll discover a new band you can follow.

The Solutions


We’ve talked about The Solutions before in a past K-Indie segment with their song Lines and Sounds of the Universe and while we liked their last album, we’re actually digging this song a lot more! It has more synthness to it and a more upbeat feel as well. The Solutions also sing in English almost all the time (not totally sure because I haven’t listened to this full album yet) which I think allows them to reach out to a larger audience. Nothing wrong with singing in Korean but I’m sure those of you that tried to get your friends into Korean music where faced by various barriers, one which might have been a language barrier. Anyhoo, the video isn’t super duper intriguing but the song is very uplifting so check it out!



This is our first time hearing this band but upon research I discovered that they’re actually quite old! Not old meaning, I SHAKE MY CANE AT YOU but as in they’ve been around a while. For those of you that don’t already know, there is mandatory military service in Korea for men, so many bands (and kpop groups) get disassembled at some point due to various members serving their time. That;s what happened with this band too! Apparently they were doing super well before they left! I guess that makes sense because we’re huge fans of The Koxx and they just disassembled for military service too. When they get back together I’ll be super excited but I’m sure there will be a whole slew of new Korean Indie fans who will be like, “there is this new band The Koxx” and the Nasties will be there to say “NOOO they’ve been around for a while!”. Hahahah! Anyhoo, upon my first listen I really fell head over heels for Thornapple. Can’t wait to check out all their stuff! Oh, and make sure you get past the first 1:30 because this song is a grower! Starts out mellow and calm and grows into a lovely rock ballad with incredible vocals!

Yeah! So that’s it for this week’s Korean Indie special. Hope you liked it :D Click on the button below if you do!

  1. This was my first exposure to Thornapple, which I am now addicted to. Are you happy, Simon? Martina? Leigh?!?!?!?? It’s all YOUR FAULT!!!!! (But I’m secretly grateful.) Don’t forget Suzee — totally your fault, too.

  2. Hi guys. I actualy don’t know if what I’m going to mention falls under indie music topic or if you hold any sorts of interest to that topic… still here goes my try on sugestion for next topic. It’s kind of a long story how I stumbbled on this but it got my attention after watching this video: http://youtu.be/S6TC2GPnzyY
    Yeap musicals. I saw they even make Grease, Ghost, Musical Mozart… Obviously koreans also have their own productions of musicals (seeming compatible with worldstage ones). They also starr some K pop stars for the roles and are trying to go worldwide for now expanding in asia.
    Have you ever been on one of those? And maybe you have some awnsers on musical shows colture in Korea that you could share with us.

  3. Thornapple instantly became a favorite. I got addicted to the whole flow of the song instantly!
    I know this is a bit late, but I’ve been wanting to ask you guys about reviewing HLIN (홀린). I found these guys out before I was even interested in the K-Indie scene and I really like their work up till now. They released their first album at the beginning of this month so it would be perfect if you could review them! It’s called Glint Back Light and the title track’s MV is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ-1eelv5yw
    here’s a rose from me to you awesome people: @}-‘–;–

  4. Please do another Indie Playlist video! This was so long ago :( I got into K-Indie because of you guys and I would really like more videos like this

  5. OMG it’s so awesomesauce to see artists just chillaxing and talking about their work in your studio!!!
    Thornapple also means ‘shot apple’ and kind of sounds like ‘snapple’ D: :D
    Ohheii here’s the lyrics to the Thornapple song for those who want to know more:

    낯선 열대 The strange Tropics

    어질어질 길 따라 Follow the heady road
    아른아른 달 따라 Follow the lingering moon
    내가 났던 섬은 대체 Where is the island
    어디였던가 where I was born?

    모두가 꿈을 꾸는 In the tropical night
    나만 깨는 열대야 Where everyone dreams and I’m the only one awake
    너와 나의 적도에서 On the equator of you and I
    신을 찾았네 I found God

    내가 앓았던 낯선 열대 In the foreign tropics of my illness
    그대가 나를 두고 간 열대 In the tropics where you left me

    쓸데없이 건강한 Pointlessly healthy
    쓸모없는 사람들 Pointless people
    거리에서 끼리끼리 Are kissing each other
    입을 맞추네 On the streets

    네가 대신 아파줘 Please be sick in my stead
    그럼 나는 살 거야 Then I guess I could live
    서러움에 제멋대로 I spit profanities
    치민 욕지기 Wantonly through my sorrow

    내가 앓았던 낯선 열대 In the strange tropics of my illness
    그대가 나를 두고 간 열대 In the tropics where you left me

    그래도 어떤 이는 Still some people
    약을 건네주었네 Gave me their medicine
    삼키는 척하다 이내 I pretended to swallow and then I
    뱉어 버렸어 Spit it out again

    이를 우짤꼬? 이를 우짤꼬? 이를 우짤꼬? 이를 우짤꼬? 이를 우짤꼬? 이를 우짤꼬?
    What shall I do?

    오늘은 어제와 Today is a day when
    비슷한 수의 사람들이 A similar number of people died
    길에서 죽어간 하루 On the streets as the number that died yesterday

    오늘은 누구의 Today is a wearisome day in the tropics
    목숨도 내겐 의미 없는 And today no one’s life
    힘겨운 열대의 하루 Means anything to me

    내가 앓았던 낯선 열대 In the strange tropics of my illness
    그대가 나를 두고 간 열대 In the tropics where you left me

    ………………DEEP O_o i noe
    If you’re interested in more Korean indie rock music I do this kind of thing on my blog too ><
    come hang out! http://seoulmutesick.wordpress.com/

  6. Holy shizznit, those songs are amazing! I especially love Thornapple’s song. Some of the guitar riffs are so creepy sounding and I just love it. Movements is a good song also. However, since they spoke in Korean during your video, I’m assuming it’s a similar situation to One Ok Rock where the singer doesn’t really speak English but he memorizes the lyrics and practices so he has good pronunciation. Whatever the situation, they make great music and I’m definitely checking out the other songs by these groups!

  7. My K-Indie request for Simon and Martina! http://youtu.be/zfEU8AKKizQ #eatyourkimchi
    The Solutions music video for ‘Movements’ is so refreshing. I’ve really been enjoying it.

  8. I’m loving then new sound that the Solutions is going for :DDD There’s also this song they released after their first album. I just LOVE the mix of acoustics and the track in the background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IItWiodOz-E

  9. Well, The Solutions song is pretty good! but the intro reminded me of an old Pakistani rock song. If it’s not a problem, I’d like to share it here!

  10. Yay! great post! will definitely be purchasing both! <3

  11. i also wanted to share this singer as will she is a female artist and i like her music as well she is very good. Her name is Yozoh and the youtube video is her mv for her song Day Dream(뒹굴뒹굴). Check it out.


  12. So i have all of there CD’s and i love them so much. There so amazing and have good songs this is a newer song. They don’t have any music videos yet but 커피소년 is a great Indie Band. Please check them out i would love to see them reviewed. I think the world needs to know of this band also like i feel like no one knows how amazing they are.


  13. OMG!!!!!!!! You didn’t know about Thornapple, they are quite famous in the indie world of Hongdae. They did a show last year name “밴드의 시대” on Mnet with some other indie bands like Peter Pan Complex, Dear Cloud, Romantic Punch…..
    They are really nice, good musicians, the singer has an awesome voice (listen to [reason “이유”]) and songs are great.
    Well I hope you will have the opportunity to see them because now they are going higher and higher^^

  14. I just wanted to point out, in Thornapple’s music video around the 2:00 mark you can see the shadowy silhouette of the infamous ‘Korean Death Fan!’. I’m not sure if this symbolism is intended however, because I can’t tell what they’re singing about :3

  15. What is the song called of thornapple? I can’t read korean D :

  16. Thronapple is my new favourite thank you. also who is the lead singer they are all dreamy. Martina please point him out

  17. Yay so glad to see the indie segment back! And its such a treat to see the artist naturally talking about the music and videos. I love both songs and I bet they’re awesome live.

  18. I love The Solutions!!! Finally they came here yay!!!!!

  19. Indie segments!!! And Thornapple! Wow I love it.

  20. Thank god you guys are back to doing Indie Playlist. THANK YOU. But seriously, I missed this segment.

  21. Yay! So glad to see another Korean Indie Playlist, I have really missed these! I really like both of these bands. I found both of their albums on yesasia.com, but I couldn’t find them on iTunes. So I am assuming that there are not any downloadable versions? If anyone knows where I can buy a digital copy of either of these albums, please let me know! Thanks for sharing these awesome bands and songs!!

    • There are tutorials for how to buy music from Melon/Bugs/etc from other countries, but they do involve lying about your address. Sometimes stuff shows up on Soribada’s foreigner portal: kpop.soribada.com but it seems really random what appears. Letting the artists know is a good thing — the Barbarettes had no idea they would have international fans, and enough people left messages on their facebook and youtube that they put their album up on youtube. (Also, the Barbarettes are awesome, and everyone should go listen to them.)

    • I’m not sure why bands don’t put their songs on iTunes. I don’t think they realize how much interest outside of Korea people have in them.

      • Thanks so much for the reply back! I agree, it is most disappointing. :/ I guess I will have to make due with listening to these songs on YouTube until I can save up enough to get their albums from yesasia.com. Thanks again!

      • Can you buy any music via the South Korean iTunes Music Store? I don’t think you can. Maybe that turns bands off, or makes it more difficult to do so.

  22. I actually saw Thornapple’s video last week while browsing your Kpop charts. I instantly loved it! It was like a breath of fresh air.

  23. Is it just me or does the Solutions song have kind of a Foster The People kind of vibe? I say that as a good thing.

  24. Thornapple were amazing, thanks for the introduction!

  25. oh yeah….and i feel like i already heard the Thornapple song before though….strange…i think it might have been on Jonghyun’s Blue Night radio…i THINK! cos there is no other way i would have already heard that song!

  26. they were both HOLY FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!

  27. Well I didn’t know The Solutions and I totally felt in love with the song “movements”
    WOW !

  28. Aaah finally Korean Indie Playlist is back! It must be one of my favourite segments and I am very thankful to you guys for introducing us to all these lovely bands. :D
    I’m loving both The Solutions and Thornapple. Great songs! Definitely gonna be checking them out.

  29. Just a heads up- the ‘playlist mode’ button on your video takes me to a playlist of all your Indie music related videos, and not these music videos! Or maybe it’s just me…?

    Also I love the way half the members of Thornapple were standing there like they were being scolded. Awkwaaard! Hahaha

    • We’re changing the playlist functions a bit. We have, like, hundreds of playlists, and they drown out our main, weekly playlists. I forgot to tell Martina before she shouted it out. Errr…oops!

      As for standing around awkwardly, that’s the problem when you have more than two people in the shot at once. One of them talks, and the rest do…what?

      I’d rather only have 1 or 2 people talking, tops. I’m not sure yet, though…

    • lol yea it was a bit awkward : D
      it’s okay though, not like they are trained as idols are, so the awkwardness is endearing to me : D

    • You’re luck, the playslist mode button took me nowhere !

      Anyways, I’m super happy the Indie playlists are back. Yay!

  30. Huzzah! the indie music segments are back!!!
    these segments are a nice palate cleanser from the kpop charts… such different sound =w=b

  31. Totally digging both songs but Thornapple!!! Their song sounds so good! Omg! How lucky are we all to come across so much great music *___*

  32. I LOVE THORNAPPLE!! You beautiful people! Thank you for loving their sound too!!

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