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The Solutions and Thornapple

July 6, 2014


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It’s Korean Indie Time!

We had a couple more Korean Indie bands stop by the studio to talk about their music and their music videos. It’s something we started doing back with HongdaeFest, and we really like the idea. Seems like different bands are ok with it as well. I think it’s a great way for you to meet the band since they don’t appear on any TV shows in Korea (such as Inkigayo or MCountdown) so they really have no way of advertising themselves besides word of mouth. Well we happen to like these bands a lot and we know people who are into the Korean indie scene like them as well, so here they are to introduce themselves to you! Hopefully you’ll discover a new band you can follow.

The Solutions

We’ve talked about The Solutions before in a past K-Indie segment with their song Lines and Sounds of the Universe and while we liked their last album, we’re actually digging this song a lot more! It has more synthness to it and a more upbeat feel as well. The Solutions also sing in English almost all the time (not totally sure because I haven’t listened to this full album yet) which I think allows them to reach out to a larger audience. Nothing wrong with singing in Korean but I’m sure those of you that tried to get your friends into Korean music where faced by various barriers, one which might have been a language barrier. Anyhoo, the video isn’t super duper intriguing but the song is very uplifting so check it out!


This is our first time hearing this band but upon research I discovered that they’re actually quite old! Not old meaning, I SHAKE MY CANE AT YOU but as in they’ve been around a while. For those of you that don’t already know, there is mandatory military service in Korea for men, so many bands (and kpop groups) get disassembled at some point due to various members serving their time. That;s what happened with this band too! Apparently they were doing super well before they left! I guess that makes sense because we’re huge fans of The Koxx and they just disassembled for military service too. When they get back together I’ll be super excited but I’m sure there will be a whole slew of new Korean Indie fans who will be like, “there is this new band The Koxx” and the Nasties will be there to say “NOOO they’ve been around for a while!”. Hahahah! Anyhoo, upon my first listen I really fell head over heels for Thornapple. Can’t wait to check out all their stuff! Oh, and make sure you get past the first 1:30 because this song is a grower! Starts out mellow and calm and grows into a lovely rock ballad with incredible vocals!

Yeah! So that’s it for this week’s Korean Indie special. Hope you liked it :D Click on the button below if you do!



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