FAPFAP Time! (If you’re new to Eatyourkimchi, FAPFAP means “Food Adventure Program For Awesome People). We go eat Korean Food, and you’re awesome people, so we make these videos for you!

Anyhow, let’s start off by apologizing if we seem a little zoned out in this video. We filmed it right after we came back from Nova Scotia. We were severely jetlagged, but didn’t want to give into it and fall asleep, because then our schedules would be messed up. We’re firm believers in trying to adjust to the time zone ASAP. If you give in to naps and your sleepiness without a struggle, it’ll take you longer to reacclimatize yourself. So, we tried to film a FAPFAP in our disoriented state. Kind of like our first video in Korea ever!


This is back when we first arrived in Korea, 4.5 years ago, right off the plane, we went to the same Soondubu Jigae chain. The one in this old video was in Bucheon. We were surprised to see that there’s a chain close to our new apartment, because we’ve never seen it anywhere else. Awesome! Anyhow, long story short, sorry if we were a bit off our game in this video. We’re not jet lagged anymore so we should be more bubbly in our next FAPFAP videos.

So, now that we’ve talked about jet lag and our theory behind how to beat it and how it applies to this video, how about we talk about the food? Soondubu jigae is great! We love this stuff. We knew about it before we came to Korea back when we’d go to Korean food restaurants in Canada, and it’s a lot better here than it is from the places we had it in Canada. Now, that might seem like an obvious statement, because the food’s always better in the country of origin, but it’s not the case with all Korean food. To this day, still, the best Mul Naeng Myeon I’ve ever had was in Toronto. No joke. Haven’t found one that delicious to this day.

Soondubu Jigae is literally just soft (Soon) tofu (djbu) soup/stew (jigae). What you add to it afterwards is what makes it distinct from place to place. This Soondubu chain, though, offers a bunch of different flavours of Soondubu Jigae, like Kimchi, Mandu, Curry, Seafood, etc. We’ve tried a bunch of them. Yes, the curry one sounds gross, in theory. Curry and soft tofu? Blegh! But it’s actually really, really delicious. It’s our second favorite one on the menu. The Ham and Cheese one is definitely our favorite, even though, really, it’s just spam and processed cheese. On their own, we don’t really like Spam and processed cheese. In this soup, though: baaarggghhhhhhh *drool* SO DELICIOUS!

Also, it’s not really Spam. Spam is, like, a luxury item, supposedly. We keep on using the word Spam to represent that fake meat mush-loaf in a can, which is like calling all tissue Kleenex. Yes, Kleenex is a very popular brand of tissue, but it’s not synonymous with all tissues, just like Spam is not synonymous with all fake mea mush-loaf in a can. There are cheap versions of Spam. Yes! Spam can get cheaper than it actually is! I’m not sure how it can actually get any cheaper, but supposedly it can. Side note: people actually give away Spam box sets as gifts during Korea’s biggest holidays. Now, it’s not like THE BEST GIFT TO GIVE. There are lots of different things you can give someone for Chuseok and Seollal. Spam gift sets is just one of them. All I know is, if a friend gave me Spam for Christmas, we probably wouldn’t be friends for much longer. HA NO I’M JOKING! It’s the thought that counts, not the gift. Yeah. That’s it.

And, on that note, we’ve got bloopers for this week’s video as well. Not hilarious bloopers, but extra scenes and mistakes that didn’t make it into the final video. Blame the sleepiness. Yargh!


  1. Guy I wish you could enclose the locations of the places you go to so we can visit them when we come to Korea! :D I’m going to Korea this August and I’d love to visit this place :c where is it?

  2. You guys still exert the bubbly ness that I get from your other videos! Maybe even more… I dunno.

  3. It’s not that I’m for plastic surgery at all, but what I feel is as long as you don’t completely change the way you really look then fine. If you have the money to pay for a double eyelid, jaw, or nose surgery then great. But overdoing and continuing to do do it is the problem. What I don’t really like is that you see a person’s old pictures and see that he or she looks like a completely different person now. What I also don’t like is that person doing surgery because of peer pressure or pressure from family and relatives, that person should be able to make his or her own decision to do it and not be forced to for whatever reason. So I wouldn’t really judge someone who had a minor few things done as say that person is fake, because if it’s what they wanted you can’t really do anything about it.

  4. Where is this outlet located at?


  6. Actually, it is true that there are so many Spam box sets in every market as gifts during Korea’s biggest holidays such as Chuseok, Soel-nal. But almost korean people don’t want to choose SPAM for gifts. Many of Korean people think SPAM is just junk food even though it is not cheap in korea.

  7. damn, my soondubu jigae didn’t look as delicious as yours =[

  8. What was the name of the chain you guys went to?

  9. Martina, your hair style is super cute in this video! Can you please make a hair tutorial for how you did it?

  10. How do we get there? I love Soondubu and my friend lives in Mokdong…this is fate telling me I must eat there! Thanks

  11. I’d probably give an arm and a leg for the kind of relationship you have. XD

  12. the dining experience seems so much more amazing, then it does in canada.

  13. How can you be so cute??!! X____X *If there’d been a manga based on you guise I’d had TOTALLY BOUGHT!! XDD *______**

    Hope new year’s first day was fun! :)

    Great video! :D



  14. I think it would be awesome if you guys did a FAPFAP about the different Kimchis in korea! Like not just the standard Napa cabbage type, but all the other delicious kinds! What makes kimchi, KIMCHI? Do you make your own?

  15. Trying the winter street food in Seoul would be a fun (and granted, very very cold) FAPFAP.

    The hoddeok man in Hongdae (close to the park, if you’d like I can try to give you more specific directions but navigating Hongdae is just ;alsdkfj) is famous for the way he makes it and it is DELICIOUS. He adds sunflower seeds and peanuts and magic to the hoddeok after you order it and it is just so beautiful.

    I’m also a sucker for the kyeran bbang (egg bread) because it is the closest you’ll ever get to corn bread in Korea.
    Don’t even get me started on the sweet potatoes.

    I am literally salivating just thinking about this. Get me back in Korea stat!!

  16. Do you guys think you could put in some sort of map as to where the restaurants can be found please? or maybe an address in the description boxes please? i intend to try a few of the restaurants you guys recommend in the summer xP otherwise, keep doing what you guys do! you’re awesome! tons of love from London xxxx

  17. Great video. This is one of your best Fapfap’s in a long time. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you might find this podcast and PDF about counting in Korean useful:


    I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure it’s 한게 not 하나 when ordering something. As for me, I’m totally excited to try sundubu jjige now. :) Thanks for posting!

    • I think they actually said in this FAPFAP (http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/korean-food-delivery/), that they usually simplify their Korean when they’re ordering, to make it more clear~~ Avoids confusion if the server is worried about speaking korean to foreigners XD

      • I don’t think that should matter, with all due respect. I am a beginner student of Korean, and I order “properly” (use the counter words), and seem to be able to get the point across. I may not be able to communicate much beyond that, but believe me it can be done.

        I’ve spent a lot of time in japan too and they have a very similar counting system, and I can confirm that using proper counting works just fine there too as a foreigner. If you live/work in a country like Japan or Korea, it’s really worth investing the time to learn to do it right and thankfully is something pretty straightforward unlike other aspects of foreign language (e.g. comedy, literature).

        Anyway, I don’t want to detract from this video. It was a lot of fun and I thought they did great. I just hope that consider this suggestion.

        • True, and I agree actually :P I currently live in Asia too and strive to speak ‘proper’ Chinese, using correct Classifiers/counting words, among other things, are important~ XD So I think you’re right to suggest it too, just remembered that they’d mentioned it before.

  18. Hello fellow Korea dwellers! There is a really good Budae Chigae place walking distance from where I live. I never thought spam could taste good but it does in this delicious stew. My friends and I went to eat there twice in in less than a week. Perfect for cold days!

  19. i know you make a lot of your own bg music, so is the sexy food one you made too? cause i think ive heard it used by a couple of other people on youtube.

  20. Dear Simon and Martina, I’m not really sure where to ask this but I feel like my question has to do with food so this seems like an appropriate place :) Well, I was wondering if there’s any NON-spicy korean food like non-spicy kimchi because the way you describe most of your foods in FAPFAPs they seem spicy…. and personally, I’m spice intolerant (yea I didn’t know that’s possible but I found out it is :s) but I still would love to try korean cousine cuz it looks amazing the way you guise present it :)

  21. Hi. That looked so good! Where do i go to eat there? I am going to Seoul in 4 days, and i want to eat there… (If you have written it anywere i`m sorry for being blind….)

  22. I love that you guise made a Monty Python reference!!! Really made my day!! And now I’m really hungry…. ‘cept I’m pretty sure I have nothing like Soondubu Jigae in my area.. :'(
    Guess I’ll have to settle for boring snacks…

  23. Hey can you tell me where in Toronto you had the Mul Naeng Myeon?

  24. Two things make me really happy about this video. 1) I just had that type of rice pot/bowl stuff last night with pork and lettuce wraps. YUM! 2) I can actually try soondubu jigae because I am in Korea. oh, and I guess 3) I can actually try all the fapfap foods =) So, I am very happy, thanks guys!!

  25. I love the Korean tofu soup. That and Korean BBQ are two of my favorites.

  26. Oh my goodness…I remember the first time I ate Kimchi Jigae it took forever…I ate it with the Korean Student Organization at a Korean restaurant near our campus…They told me it was good and I should order it and I wondered why no one else really ordered jigae…then I realized when I was half way through my bowl why no one else ordered it…because they were all done with their meals…and I had over half left and they seemed kinda annoyed to have to wait around, but insisted they weren’t. I felt like I was a wus or something for not eating faster and I think I burnt my tongue pretty nicely in my failed attempt to finish it (I never finished it)…oddly enough I fell for that trick again and had…was it oxtail jigae? dunno, the next time we went and ate (at H-mart ;p)…same thing happened… *sigh* I really want to try that ham and cheese soondubu jigae now though! I never liked spam either, but this summer I worked at a Japanese marketplace and they held a festival where they had spam and rice rolls (rolled up in seaweed) and they were absolutely delicious! mmm… I feel like if I ever made friends in Korea I should bring them to the US and take them to the section of the store selling spam and watch their faces when they see how cheap it is here and how much we have ;p Especially in the Polish/German delis where there are even different varieties of spam ;p

  27. is the “stinky bean” stuff anything like Natto? or is it something totally different that just happens to be made with beans and has a strong smell?

  28. No more avoiding white rice? ;p lol I would never be able to give that up

  29. I LOOVE those cutlery drawers. They also have them at my fav. Restaurant in Chicago’s China Town…I’m totally installing some in all the tables in my future home, you know, so I can eat anywhere….anytime.

  30. what do you do for Christmas dinner in Korea?

  31. SERIOUS Spam haha Man it reminds me of yesterday when i went to Costco with my unni. haha we where shopping and she is like aaaa spam is 7 dollars. I was like serious Spam that stuff is gross she is like it’s amazing it’s great what Korean Guys like to do is have a bowl of rice and spam and it’s like heaven. I was like ………. serious maybe one day i’ll get used to Spam like you guys for know i should start a Spam black market lol and bring a suitcase for spam from canada and sell it in korea. :P

  32. Love watching these vids. Makes me feel more comfortable eating out when I do visit Korea. You are helping me add foods and dishes to my list that I want to eat and places to eat and visit. Keep up the vids. Love them all!

  33. where is this awesome place? :O

  34. dubu means Onew!!!! (i know it doesn’t really! but in the mind of a Shawol it does!!!)
    ahaha when Simon was showing us where you get the cutlery from i was so amazed!!!….a bit too amazed!!
    don’t worry Martina i got your GG Gee reference!!!
    hey~ that rice soup thing is what my mom makes when we’re fasting!!!! and also sometimes when we’re ill!! i really don’t like it!!! or my sisters!! …but it’s still edible i guess!

    oh and heeheehee one of you guys accidently wrote djbu instead of *cough* Onew *cough* dubu!

  35. I think that soondobu restaurant chain actually originates from… America. Hence the name “LA” BCD.

  36. I am totally craving soondubu jigae now. Looks like a great idea lunch for me and kids on cold breezy day. Btw.. the noorung ji is the best way to complete the meal.


  38. Do you find that now you’re an official company, restaurants/ shops/ businesses are more accepting of you filming there? Or does it not really make a difference?

  39. Wow! That’s your version of Jet Lag? Damn! I’m usually curled on my sofa begging my family to let me sleep until it’s time to fly back to Japan. I’m going to have to look up this Soondubu Jigae and see what they call it in Japanese. Looks like mabodofu. And I agree with Martina, Dubu would make a great name for a dog. Great FapFap Guys!

  40. Now I’m hungry T.T
    I was wondering if you guys could add directions to the places where you do your F.A.P.F.A.P’s into your blog posts again, like you did a while ago? I’m going to Korea again next year and I’d love to try out those different kinds of Soondubu Jigae too :D

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