Here’s the story with these dumplings: we originally went to the Sinchon area to film a video about something we really wanted to film. But that place went down. Hot damn! Businesses in Korea go up and down SO FAST! Fortunately, we had a backup plan in case the place was gone (seriously, we make backup plans just in case the places go down). On the way to our backup plan, though, Leigh told us about this place that she used to go to with her Taiwanese friends, which they all supposedly really liked. So, we trusted them, and we trusted her, and…


It wasn’t terrible, but, not to sound snobby or anything, but we had Xiaolongbao in Australia and Singapore and those were great. These here…not good. Tough dough, tough meat, and all the soup fell out of the holes. What a not nice! The taste and flavour gave us something we were really hankering for, but it didn’t have that soupy explosion of soup dumplings. Too bad!

I’m not sure how many of you experience the same thing, but we go through food waves: we sometimes feel like eating only Korean food, and love all of it. Then there are times we don’t want to touch it, and only want foreign food. Even if it’s not great, we still just want to taste something different, you know? We’re going through one of those foreign food waves lately. We’ll get back to our Korean food kick soon though, probably, now that Mul Naeng Myeon season is starting up again!

I’m just shocked, really shocked, how hard it is to get good Chinese food here. We did our Chinese Food Delivery video a while ago, and while we like that food, it’s not the Chinese we’re used to. It’s a totally different thing. It’s really hard in Korea to get non Korean food that isn’t in some way tampered with. No, pasta restaurants, I don’t want my pasta to be soupy and with a side of kimchi. No, Mexican food place, don’t put sweet pickles in my burritos! Stop changing things, man! Keep it somewhat authentic!

Enough ranting about that. We’ve got something special for you: some super sexy blooper footage, including some crazy hot sexy scenes with things we do with our tongues. Oh man, so hawt!


Anyhow, we’re going to do WANKS again, I promise! We’ve got something preventing us at the moment, but we’re gonna be doing a bunch of road trips, like last year’s road trip, somewhat soon :D It’s gonna be epic! So, for the moment, we’re doing FAPFAPs until we’re free to do what we want to do around Korea! Make sure you click on the button below so you never miss out on any of these upcoming adventures :D

  1. You have to try din tai fung– authentic taiwanese master xiaolongbao, in gangnam and myeongdong!!!

  2. 104, Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
    My parents had brought me be there before and it was AMAZING!!! Also my friend who lives in Korea likes that place!

  3. Just so you know, the interwebs are claiming this video doesn’t exist…

  4. Hey
    I really want you guys to make a video on Indian food in Korea. I’ve heard that there’s TAJ Hotel in Seoul which is a 5 star hotel in India. I really want you guys to go there and try Indian food.

  5. I want to try this!! Sadly, the only dumplings I’ve ever had are the ones you get from Chinese takeout, which I love but.. they’re not as epic as these!

  6. Is it only me but I don’t see the video it says ‘This video does not exist’…O____O T______________T

    update: oh i found it on YT! weird…

  7. I had this in Singapore, but it was a Taiwanese restaurant. I also had some century eggs and other stuff. It was amazing!

  8. There’s a Chinese restaurant in 명동 called Crystal Jade that has pretty good Xiaolongbao. I went there with friends, my Chinese friend and I, we both agreed it’s as Chinese as it gets in Korea. It’s a bit expensive though and don’t expect too much from the other rice and noodle dishes… Just stick with the Xiaolongbao!

    I can totally relate to the food waves. Korean food is delicious but everything kinda taste the same and sometimes I just feel like something different. There are many foreign food places but the good ones are always expensive ㅠㅠ

  9. I am eating chicken alfredo pasta right now and how you guys described the dumplings was delicious. But when you guys explained its true colors, I’m all smileys again with my pasta. :D

  10. Wow Wow.. Wait. Canadians have maple syrup!

  11. Din Tai Fung is by far THE BEST soup dumpling I’ve ever tasted in Korea. It’s somewhere in Myeongdong (it’s complicated to tell you the exact location) But seriously, it’s the best soup dumpling ever. Also, if you guys are into Lebanese food, try Saffron at Myeongdong as well.

  12. 꽃게 means blue crab!!! i think u were referring to ‘꽃등심’ which means rib eye :D

  13. 꽃게 is blue crab!! i think u were referring to 꽃등심(rib eye) :D

  14. I’ve tried searching 샹하이샤오룽바우 신촌 and nothing came up. Can I please get the address or location. Im really craving shanghai dumplings ㅠㅠ

  15. Then again, the opposite is true for non-Chinese food in China.
    I was going to a Korean BBQ with my Korean friends, and while it is good, it is taste a little different, the kalbi is one of the saltiest kalbi I ever had….

  16. Lol you guise were eating the xiaolongbaos all wrong!

    Get ready for How To Eat Xiao Long Baos 101 (eh-hem):

    When you place the dumpling onto your spoon, chew off a slight bit of the top till you can see the insides of the dumpling, and then use that mini-hole to slurp the soup. Once le soup has been slurped, you can proceed with devouring the entire dumpling in its delectable glory.

    For the best of the best, visit Din Tai Fung in Myeongdong! Best dim sum restaurant in the world!

  17. “What a not nice”? lol My Korean Husband reference? :p

    Hah, authentic food. I live in a rural Australian town, there is no such thing.


    Btw, while we were watching this, we were actually eating dumplings? Except they were homemade. Tough dough, tough meat, but c’mon, it’s not like we have any choice…. :'(

  18. It’s Chinese, more specifically from Shanghai. They’re called “Xiao Long Bao”, which literally translates to small dragon dumplings. I eat them whenever I go back, and I have mastered the skill to eat them.

    Step 1:
    nibble a bit of the edge off.
    Step 2:
    blow into your newly created hole to cool it down. If you wish you can pour in some vinegar with ginger sauce.
    Step 3:
    Consume as a whole so you don’t lose any soup :)

  19. This is kinda related but not really (food in dough), but has anyone from the Eat your Kimchi crew found any restaurant or shop that sells Pierogis! I’m super desperate! I made them once by myself so far in Korea but they weren’t the greatest…

  20. there’s a soup dumpling place near my house and the owner is from Shangai, so i always assumed they were from China. also, they are f*cking amazing, like heaven-in-your-mouth little balls of happiness!! and it costs like 300yen for 6, or something ridiculous like that… let me know next time you are in Japan and i shall take you there!! (or at least give you directions to the place…)

  21. Fried wantons are delicious but I don’t know if you can find it in Korea..it is like a fried and crispy mandu

  22. jjajangmyoen was invented by chinese people who came to korea to make monies!
    So it technically is chinese ish…

  23. it says this video doesnt exist :(

  24. OH MY GOD YOU SAID WHAT A NOT NICE! Is that like what a nice! But different?
    By the way, Martina has really nice teeth

  25. Ur supposed to eat them whole so all da SWEET AND JUICY SOUP CAN EXPLODE IN UR MOUTH~~ :DD

  26. Just kind of curious, but when you guys go eat, do you have to leave a tip afterwards like over here in America? Thanks!:)

    • I am pretty sure that they don’t. Not that I live in Korea, or anything, but I think they mentioned it in one of their previous videos, and that seems to be the precedent in most of Asia. America is one of the only countries that pays its waitstaff the way we do. In most other places (like most of Europe, for example), they are either paid full wages, or gratuity is included in the check. :)

  27. din tai fung is DEFINITELY the redemption you’re looking for!!

  28. Tip: Apparently the correct way to eat 小笼包 is to bite off the top (you know the swirly part) and drink the soup first. But i doubt anyone actually follows that ahaha
    小笼包 is so amazing i hope everyone will just get to taste an authentic one in their life like woah, so glad it’s so easy to find here in Singapore :)

  29. I am pretty sure the xiao long bao are from China, maybe more specifically in Shanghai. Because whenever I go there I always eat them and they are known to be a special food, and back here in Australia you can get them at a shop called Shanghai Street. Hope this helps! BTW there are even fried version called senjian they taste delicious :)

  30. Martina’s mouth when she licked her lips: reminded me of Peta Wilson (‘Nikita’)?! That was unexpected.

  31. Does anyone know if these places are still around? S&M keep mentioning how fast restaurants pop up and then disappear…

  32. That last part about being prevented from leaving the city got me kind of worried. I hope it’s not something with Martina or Spudgy. Maybe it’s just something with work? I’m sending good sparkly yellow energy to you all just in case!
    (^o^)丿☆彡 ☆ミ ☆彡 ☆ミ

  33. I have food waves, too! I love Korean food, but there are times when I crave something different or one specific thing. Lately, my craving has been Mediterranean food. :( That’s hard to find in Korea. I don’t know any good dumpling places in my area, but one time my former co-teacher brought me to a Chinese restaurant in 진주 and it was pretty good. The restaurant served different kinds of Chinese dishes beside 짜장면. It was pretty good. It wasn’t completely authentic though because they still served the good with a side dish of pickled radish, but I didn’t mind much because it was the closest thing I could eat to good Chinese food. It did make me miss authentic Chinese food from China though. Hopefully that restaurant is still there because I think I might be craving Chinese food now after watching your video. ;)

  34. Could you tell us how to get there or what the place is called? I’ve been wanting to try soup dumplings for a reaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy long time but there’s no places near where I live. I’m going to Korea this summer and I don’t care if these dumplings are just okay. I MUST TRY THEM. :P

  35. I looked up Din Tai Fung’s in the Seoul area, and there’s apparently one in Myeongdong. Din Tai Fung is always really good :9 The address I found: 56, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

    • I’ve been there! It’s not the best soup dumpling I’ve ever had ( is any foreign food really the best you’ve ever had in Korea?), but it’s pretty good. Mind you it is pretty pricey for dumplings in general.

  36. I feel you guys. Growing up in New Jersey there are lots of immigrants so there are lots of various authentic restaurants for Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Ethiopian, etc, etc. And a lot of people who live in cities or dense areas have the luxury of choosing authentic foreign cuisine versus fake versus fusion. I remember complaining about how I would have to travel 20 minutes to go to a good Chinese restaurant (funny story, there was a crappy chinese restaurant in my town to get you know, Chinese American fast food, well I remember seeing those people at the nicer more authentic Chinese restaurant.)

    ANYWAYS I totally felt like a jerk because when I went to visit my family for a summer in Saint George Utah I had a HUGE reality crush. Everything has a certain “Americanization” of their ethnic cuisines. Even though there was a large latino population, there wasn’t any good Mexican restaurants. It was awful. Awful.

  37. Oh my god, I’m really craving those soup dumplings right now D:. My mom used to make those and they were super duper delicious, but after my mom passed away, I’ve never had them like that anymore. My mom never taught me the recipe and I can’t seem to make them like my mom did anymore :(. And despite the fact that the ones my sister and I make are still delicious, it’s just not the same :(.. Wow… that went from a normal comment to a sad one very fast… So not what I was going for :p. Anywho, I think it’s originally Chinese, but I’m not sure ;p

  38. I don’t know about anyone else, but whenever I try to read the comments or post, it looks extremely wonky and corrupted…is anyone else experiencing this?

  39. It’s Chinese, extremely popular especially in the southern parts (Shanghai, Nanjing, etc) By the way, they have soft ball sized Xiao long bao that you have to drink out of a straw. Seriously! I was studying abroad in Nanjing, China in the summer during college and when I was served it, that thing was HUGE! It had a crab, shrimp, and pork mix, with lots of delicious white pepper! SO EPICLY DELICIOUS

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