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FAPFAP – Soup Dumplings in Seoul?!

April 3, 2014


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Here’s the story with these dumplings: we originally went to the Sinchon area to film a video about something we really wanted to film. But that place went down. Hot damn! Businesses in Korea go up and down SO FAST! Fortunately, we had a backup plan in case the place was gone (seriously, we make backup plans just in case the places go down). On the way to our backup plan, though, Leigh told us about this place that she used to go to with her Taiwanese friends, which they all supposedly really liked. So, we trusted them, and we trusted her, and…


It wasn’t terrible, but, not to sound snobby or anything, but we had Xiaolongbao in Australia and Singapore and those were great. These here…not good. Tough dough, tough meat, and all the soup fell out of the holes. What a not nice! The taste and flavour gave us something we were really hankering for, but it didn’t have that soupy explosion of soup dumplings. Too bad!

I’m not sure how many of you experience the same thing, but we go through food waves: we sometimes feel like eating only Korean food, and love all of it. Then there are times we don’t want to touch it, and only want foreign food. Even if it’s not great, we still just want to taste something different, you know? We’re going through one of those foreign food waves lately. We’ll get back to our Korean food kick soon though, probably, now that Mul Naeng Myeon season is starting up again!

I’m just shocked, really shocked, how hard it is to get good Chinese food here. We did our Chinese Food Delivery video a while ago, and while we like that food, it’s not the Chinese we’re used to. It’s a totally different thing. It’s really hard in Korea to get non Korean food that isn’t in some way tampered with. No, pasta restaurants, I don’t want my pasta to be soupy and with a side of kimchi. No, Mexican food place, don’t put sweet pickles in my burritos! Stop changing things, man! Keep it somewhat authentic!

Enough ranting about that. We’ve got something special for you: some super sexy blooper footage, including some crazy hot sexy scenes with things we do with our tongues. Oh man, so hawt!

Anyhow, we’re going to do WANKS again, I promise! We’ve got something preventing us at the moment, but we’re gonna be doing a bunch of road trips, like last year’s road trip, somewhat soon :D It’s gonna be epic! So, for the moment, we’re doing FAPFAPs until we’re free to do what we want to do around Korea! Make sure you click on the button below so you never miss out on any of these upcoming adventures :D



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