The following blog post might be a little scatterbrained due to the difficulty of handling this topic. For those of you that don’t know, on April 16th, 2014 while heading to Jeju from Incheon, the Sewol Ferry capsized and sunk while carrying 476 people, mostly secondary school students from Danwon High School located in Ansan City. Around 150 people managed to escape the ferry, but the rest remained trapped in the ship. Divers are still entering the boat but at this point it is no longer seen as a rescue mission, but instead a mission to retrieve the bodies and bring them back to their grieving families.

We, like most people, feel very helpless about the ferry disaster since all we can do is sit and watch the tragic events unfold. We’ve felt hope that people could be rescued at first, and then we lost that hope with every passing day. The families, schools, and friends of all those on the ferry will never be the same again, and this giant loss of life will continue to negatively affect all those touched by this event even after the bodies are found and laid to rest.

We also know this horrible loss has affected many people around the world, not just those living in Korea. Martina and her mom have been exchanging emails and text messages everyday, and even though Martina’s mom isn’t in Korea she, along with Martina, have shed many tears over this tragic loss of life. We mentioned briefly in the video that we have two close friends that lived in Ansan and taught students at those schools, and they are total emotional wrecks. They’ve already attended over three funerals in one day and as we talk to them on the phone it’s clear how helpless they feel as well.

Even though we’re geographically closer than most people are to the scene of the incident, we are in many ways still in the dark. I’ve even heard it said from some people that international coverage of the event is more accurate and have been given examples of such. We’ve been reading a lot of the news about what’s happening. Different news portals, even different forums, all are posting about what’s happening. And every day, some nugget of info we got from the day before dissipates, and new morsels of info are given to us, but we’re a lot more skeptical to bite.

For us, we can read about it and think about it all we want, but we can’t really talk about it publicly. Why? Because we don’t want to be spreading false information. We’re not a news channel. They can easily get their stories wrong and then just go back on air and apologize, rinse and repeat, but us posting videos on YouTube isn’t the same. Once our video’s out there, there’s no Ctrl+Z button. It’s really difficult to undo. And we’re aware that our audience is a bit bigger than that of an online forum, so we’d rather be really careful about something as sensitive as this. Does that make sense? I’m not sure. I just really don’t want to do what the media’s doing, but I want to be able to talk about what’s happening as well, and to explain how serious it is here in South Korea now as a result.

If any of you do know a good charity or something we can donate to, please let us know. We’ve been looking on our end, but it’s really difficult to vet an organization for this. There are bad people out there, some of whom are taking advantage of this situation. I’m not saying not to trust anyone. I’m just asking to be a bit more cautious. We’ll keep you updated if we find any way that anyone can help.

Tomorrow we’re posting a happier video. It’s not of us being silly and goofing around and being insensitive at this time. It’s actually a very big announcement we’re going to make. Perhaps the biggest of our YouTube lives. I know at this time it’s tough to be happy, but hopefully tomorrow we can make some people smile, which is – really – all we hope to do with these videos. If we pass on bits of information along the way as well, fantastic. Most of the time, though, we just want to have fun and make you guise laugh with us as well.

  1. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy and to all of South Korea as they grief the loss of so many.

  2. I would like the entire process redone to include the tilting of the ship but not on water. Timing and everything. Obviously not several hundred people on board. Would asking the passengers to move be more dangerous at the angle the ship was at causing panic? Would it have realistically evacuated the ship? This is starting to remind me of the K drama the King and I where everyone, their boss, they coworkers, and their family are blamed for something that wasn’t everyone’s fault. Maybe just a few people or completely made up to blame the cause of something awful on. I appreciate their need to keep people in country for investigation and even protection from suicide attempts. And freeze funds. But they are even going after the guys grandkids who are abroad. What on a earth would the grandkid in another country know about a specific ferry? I don’t know why there is this notion that the rescuers, off the ship, botched anything? Just cause not everyone survived means they did anything wrong. In fact one diver died and where is the support for his family? Maybe there were no dry air pockets? I don’t think the crew was responsible for the sinking. Perhaps the evacuation. Time and clear thinking will see if they were trying to minimize injuries or just not brave enough. If my steering wheel has a defect and they altered my car and they messed up my airbags only allowing for the drivers side to deploy and I go off the road and the car rolls it is not my fault the manufacturer didn’t have that passenger airbag to protect my passenger or that I went off the road cause the steering messed up or that the car rolled because of the changes to the car that made it too high and not able to handle a typical turn. It is also not my fault for surviving. What if I told the person not to move I’d get help and then the car burst into flames. I was trying to prevent a neck injury by not moving them. They might have survived without breaking their neck or further injury if I had tried to peel them from the car, but my intentions were not malicious and it was a reasonable thing to wait for help. Will being out for blood from everyone make anyone feel better?

    I did wonder if it was the do as your told culture that made so many remain in their cabin, presumably. But in the US during an emergency you are supposed to follow instructions. In fact not following directions on a plane could result in a not so pleasant conversation with agents and arrest. So I think in North America many would have followed instructions too long and perish. I wonder if that made teachers less likely to counter the orders since they were not their kids. If something had happened to those children and they were shown not to follow orders then there would be anger and punishment.

  3. When you mentioned that this accident does not speak about the whole of the country, I completely agree. I came across this article that I found to be worth the read, and urge those who are interested in the Korean culture to do so: http://sweetpicklesandcorn.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/the-wests-confucian-confusion-how-more-confucianism-might-have-saved-the-sewol/

    Having been brought up by Chinese parents, lived with traditional grandparents, and taught in Korea for a year, I know falial piety and how it works within many situations, and I think the adults really have let the children down with all that they’ve done (or haven’t). Deepest condolences aside, I wish that investigation will continue to find out the reason for the ship to capsize, because it feels that there’s more of a back story than a third mate making the wrong turn. There needs to be better media coverage about this. But I have a hunch that the poor media coverage may or may not have to do with what some people want to hide with this accident (use of a ship unfit for sail, off-the-record renovations that may have caused the ship to be unbalanced, incompetence of ship examinations, etc…)(though none of that may be true, sources from BBC News).

    Regardless, my heart mourns with those who mourn over the loss of their brother, sister, daughter, son, father, mother, teacher, guardian, respected elder, and so on. And I hope that the truth in its entirety comes to light soon. Take care Simon and Martina, Soozee and Leigh, Spudgy and Meemers).

  4. I would have commented earlier, but I am having compy issues. Simon, this was a great video, I was hoping/waiting for it and it was heartwarming that you had the courage to do it. I can tell from how choppy the editing is that it was really difficult to deliver, you did well, my friend. I’m on the other side of the world and this tragedy is completely heart-rending, I have shed many tears and I don’t know a mother in town that hasn’t. To lose your child like this, to know not only that your child died, but that they were scared and maybe even alone and helpless is a parent’s worst nightmare. That it was obviously preventable just makes me foam at the mouth in anger and disgust. Keep strong and give lots of hugs. I hope that you feel better soon Martina.

  5. This whole thing reminds me of an old case study I had in my international management class, where Korean airlines had a huge problem with their airplanes having more accidents then all other airlines. So they checked the black box and it was found that because Korean culture strongly believes in respecting older people, the young co-pilot was busy trying to be polite to the pilot rather than telling the pilot his altitude was too low, which resulted in the crash. This was later fixed in the pilot training programs for Korean pilots.

    This whole ferry thing makes me wonder if there was a first mate who could have done something, but was busy being polite. Also the students were probably just doing as they were told, and they may have ended up dead because of it. All in all its just so sad, I wish one of the students or teachers went against trusting the ferryman and actually said something or did something. Maybe they did and we don’t know it yet.

    I feel like listening to minority report (the pillows) now….

  6. It is very sad and I feel for all of those that are affected even in the 3rd party context as I too am going through my own problems. I also feel and understand about the mass media. They lie alot in order for things to run a certain way which is horrible. For example, here in the UK there’s been alot of racism going on and the local and mass media have homed in on it and made it worse so that certain parties in government will become more popular. Also tragedies here can be covered over and truths hidden or altered…. This I know can and has happened to all mass media around the world so I tend not to watch so much and figure out the truth by myself.

    As for CNN and FOX debate i’m gonna have to say both twist truths and I don’t trust either. Especially this morning here in the UK about russian “bomber plane” near our boarders being “chased” away by our planes… Truth is a Russian observer plane was nearby but respected our boarders and was escorted side by side with our planes… Can you see how much difference there is to the meanings and how much negativity it causes when mass media get hold of information?

    So yea… There’s me going on. :P

    So yea. In essence I feel for all those in the disaster and advise not to believe in everything that is being said in mass media. :)

  7. Thank you for the 2vs.1 — I know it is not related but this has helped out my family for the Sewol Ferry Accident. I’m at the receiving end and my parents barely found out about it three days ago when I told them about it after finding out through several kpop blog sites.
    None of my relatives in S.Korea did not call to us in the U.S. either but I hope that is a good sign that none of my cousins were in the accident. So far everything is in the clear.
    2 vs. 1 is helping a lot for my parents who are still in shock that this has happened. We are still scrambling for information because we have yet to hear from our close friends and how they are doing.
    So in conclusion,

    —–Even though there are spiteful people on the Internet,

    ————1. we are grateful for those who are helping at the site right now

    ————2. and that there are human beings not just staring at a glowing screen and looking for scandals about the event but going out there and taking action in this time

    Thank y’all seriously for posting this video up.

  8. Think you did a wonderful job of informing the seriousness of this topic without stating stuff without hard facts. I truly hope everyone who is related to this tragic event finds peace of mind soon.

  9. My parents have been talking about this non-stop, especially because my cousin’s a tutor that teaches many students in the Ansan district. I don’t think any of her students were victims of the tragedy, but it’s still deeply affected her because she really loves her students and just the thought of something happening to them without her being able to help them really breaks her heart.

    I turned the news on this morning and there was a photo of the countless memorials outside of the highschool but what really got me most was the empty classrooms and desks. Just… so many. Like, ROOMS of empty classrooms and desks. I can’t imagine being a staff-member or student of that school where over a hundred students just disappeared one day (apparently the vice-principal supposedly in charge of the trip killed him/herself). Things like this just shouldn’t be happening to anyone.

    Can’t even think about the captain without feeling sick to my stomach.

  10. My parents told me that the ship Sewol was a ship they got from Japan but like 20 years ago that same ship model sunk. I don’t understand why Korea would buy from Japan, see that new, then actually decide its a good idea to use it!
    I’m so frustrated not cuz the news is doing a bad job but because of the poor choices they decided to make before this event.
    Not only is the ship a faulty ship but they also overloaded the ship cargo and decided to take a “shortcut” in the route that the makes the driver of the ship take sharp turns which delodged the ship cargo.
    I don’t know if this is completely true but this is from my parents who have been talking to relatives who had children who knew the students from the school class that went on the trip.

    This is not a judgement of Korea but somethings, these situations are just so frustrating that it makes me think that its just unfair that so many people had to pay for the mistakes of the upper people cuz they “know what theyre doing”… >:(

  11. This whole thing is just so upsetting; when I found out what had happened, I was shattered. These were just kids who deserved so much more out of life, it all seems so unfair. I also wish there was something we could do to reach out and help those affected by this tragedy. If you happen to find out any organizations we can go through to offer assistance, you’ll let all us Nasties know, right?

  12. I find the difficulty on what to do charitywise common. Remember how the Red Cross collected way too much blood to store and ended up tossing some of it? Remember the controversy about whether all money collected should go to families or for future tragedies? Now you petty much know once they raise the amount for a given operation funds will go to the next needed project. People want to do something. It’s healthy for their healing to do something productive. But so many volunteers felt useless, and way more packages arrived from people than a few hundred families could possibly use. I think lessons will be learned and going forward a process will be in place.

    Was that 6 year old boy found whose sister was rescued in the beginning. I feel only the students are talked about.

    I wish parents had been nicer to the vice principal.

    Our Lady of the Angels fire in the 1950’s in Chicago cause fire codes to be written and followed through on after 95 people died in an elementary school, mostly children. Perhaps this will be a similar call to action?

    • I’ve thought a lot about Our Lady of the Angels since this happened. Mostly I’ve been thinking about how it affected fire codes nationwide (it’s why all schools have regular fire drills and a fire alarm system connected directly to the fire department) but also how it affected the city even decades later. It was 55 years ago and to this day people take reverential tones when talking about it. Especially people who were old enough to remember it when it happened. On Grandparents Day my student’s grandmother visited the classroom and immediately started asking me about our fire procedure. Then she said, “I went to Our Lady of the Angels you see.” And that was all she needed to say. I feel like the same thing is going to be the case for the survivors of this tragedy.

  13. They were evacuating only for some floors it was impossible. They couldn’t get past the floor where the plane was burning to exit out the ground level. There were cases of people saying they were alive after the building collapse that proved to be false.

    Yes the school shooting in the US had them ID the brother instead of the real gunman, said the mom worked in the school, suggested the office buzzed him in. All wrong. And devastatingly wrong.

    I can’t think of a single boat capsizing where divers have been able to immediately enter and pull out survivors. At a later point a few people found alive in a unique area with an air pocket. What good is the cause of death? They could have passed because of the cold water and been in an air pocket for only 2 hours. Two hours isn’t enough time to secure the site and get crews in there to find people. What is interesting is the news still sounding so optimistic about survivors past day 3. I’m not so sure the people mad at the response have realistic idea of what can and can’t be done.

    I don’t know how you evacuate a ship where the floor is inclined 45 degrees? Vests on was wise advice. Remaining in the cabin was awful. Given what we think we know about the cargo, water design after the ship was altered and the steering report of problems a few weeks before the disaster I am feeling a lot more sympathy toward the crew and a lot of anger at the owners.

    • The dead had on vests. They had almost twice the amount of vests on board.

      What I find odd is ferries have sleeping cabins? My familiarity is they are used for short distances, not trips where anyone would need to sleep, except for the crew.

      Cargo and people don’t belong together. What is really sad is how inexpensive it is to fly and how it is not a long flight. But the school and families probably felt flying more dangerous.

  14. The only charity I’ve heard mentioned in connection to this tragedy is the Red Cross. When idols give gifts, they always give to the Red Cross.

  15. I watch the regular news here in America, but I don’t trust any of it. With the Malaysian Airlines flight they were practically screaming “Terrorism!”, which was actually one of the least likely possibilities. I watch the Phillip Defranco Show because I find his information credible. I’ll put the link down below if it would help. He starts talking about the tragedy at 6:10. Apparently what happened was the captain was going far too fast and turned too harshly, causing the ship to tilt and sink. What really makes me want to punch a wall though are the actions of the captain and the crew of that ship. All I can think of is how many people, whether it be 2 or 200, could have been saved in those 30+ minutes when they told them to stay where they were. Apparently if convicted, he only faces 5 years in jail.

    My hearts go out to the families, the friends, the teachers, to anyone suffering because of this tragedy. As a New Yorker, though I was not present when 9/11 happened, so many people around me were affected by this tragedy and I can only imagine what it’s like in Korea right now.


  16. This incident is really soul crushing and the fact that facts are not being reported truthfully is making it all the worse. I can’t even imagine how hard this is on the parents and teachers….Thank you for covering the topic even though it was hard to do and I hope the bodies are all found. It always breaks my heart when parents have to burry or cremate an empty casket….they should at least have that last good bye…..

  17. I work at a newsstand, so I read a lot of upsetting and disappointing news on the front pages of papers almost every day. But none of them have ever upset me this much. I keep checking online articles every day to see any new developments. And even though it’s so incredibly unlikely, I am still hoping for that shred of a miracle – that maybe some of them were able to survive somehow. Although I know how nearly impossible that is, I still can’t help but try to hope. I am under the delusion that if there’s even just a shred of hope left, maybe there can still be a miracle…

  18. What I don’t understand is how people can judge others for not grieving “properly”. There are different ways people grieve and not all of them consist of having a long face. Often people will smile more and laugh louder while grieving inside. And comedy can often help them deal with the negative emotions they are feeling.

  19. Are you referring to the Eastland disaster? That happened very long ago, but I thought of that when this happened. Every school kid in Chicago knows about the Eastland. They weren’t just close to the harbor, they were in port, tethered to the dock, and all anyone on shore could do was watch. Horrible, horrible story.

  20. your post made me tear up. Thank you so much for the update, i am glad there are some people even thought your not new’s people are giving us proper facts about whats going on even thought you don’t know all the facts yourselfs. My heart goes out to all the families and people who knew these students. I wish i could do something, but all i can do is pray for these families.

  21. This has been heavily covered in US news. I know some may not agree, but absolutely everyone I know knows all about it, which is telling. My mother’s response has been to yell (with intensity) I.DON’T.WANT.TO.TALK.ABOUT.IT. whenever anyone has mentioned it. Same thing from several people I work with. They’re not saying they don’t want to talk about it because they’re uninterested, they’re saying they don’t want to talk about it because it’s so devastating that they can’t even cope with the horror of it. And this is the reaction from people thousands of miles away with no relation to the country or the victims. Knowing that, I can’t even imagine how awful it must be in South Korea right now.

  22. a) That’s unlikely. If you watch Martina’s “Draw My Life” video, she talks about how she has a serious medical condition where her joints are very weak and dislocate easily (I might not be completely correct; you should watch the video to get complete details).

    b) ‘YouTube’ life. Simon said the biggest thing in their ‘YouTube’ life.

    c ) This blogpost isn’t about S&M. It’s about the lives of the people who were onboard the Sewol ship, their families, the media, and the nation of Korea as a whole.

    • Could we stop the speculation? You don’t fully understand her condition, you don’t live with it, so in my opinion, you shouldn’t have an opinion about someone else’s lifestyle. Just because she shared her condition and how it has made her, and how her positive attitude overcomes it does not mean you understand Simon and Martina’s personal lives, nor her condition. You wouldn’t blatantly make an opinion if one of your friends was sick and didn’t know the details, why should you deconstruct and make an opinion about someone’s life you don’t know?

  23. I was out of the country when this happened and when I finally was able to catch up with the news, I was very heartbroken. It actually kind of reminds me a little bit of the Newtown shootings and the reactions that came out from people afterwards. I live nearby and know that instead of spreading reliable information, news outlets had a field day and turned what should have been a somber, sensitive time into a media circus. I know that they were two different types of tragedies but they are both incidents that resulted in the loss of schoolchildren and the teachers who cared for them. I know that this is a very difficult time, but stay strong. One thing that is worth considering is that there is A Plan. It seems like a callous thing to say during times of hardship(I would know because I’ve felt that way) but it can also be comforting to know that we all have a part and that in the end everything will be judged accordingly and taken care of.

  24. what????? when was this and what incident was it???
    was it recent? where was this in the US?

  25. It was rumoured 10 years, but that’s still not enough.
    I hope he gets executed…Korea still executes people, from what I know.
    Just not in the manner of North Korea.

  26. It’s very sad to hear all this, Im praying for all the families of the victims and for that everyone will get the truth of the situation because I know how frustrating it can be to hear information on things then hear that it isn’t true. I don’t know much of what happened but I do know it happened and now the people involved have to try and pick up where they left off.

  27. Like so many people, I am so horrified at what happened. My heart goes out to those families and to those poor people. I was doing okay until I saw Simon almost crying and now I don’t know how I’m gonna buck up and go to work. Simon, please tell your friends that we’re praying for them over here in Japan and when you find a good charity to donate too, I’ll put that out on the JET grapevine in Japan. Take care of your selves and make sure to hug Martina, Sooze, Leigh and the fuzzballs extra tight today.

  28. I’ve been praying for the victims and their families since I heard about the ferry disaster last week. I will keep on praying. Thanks for doing a TL;DR on that topic. It was good to get an update beyond what the international media has been saying. I hope Martina feels better soon.

  29. Well, the US can’t assist until they are requested to assist. They even rerouted a navy ship (which I’m sure you already know) to the site. Also, they did have people standing by to help. Had there been American citizens on the ferry, the US government would have scrambled every resource they had to help, but they really had to obligation to. The Russians and Japanese also offered assistance, but the Korean government denied them as well. Yes, I believe the situation would have been much better if the Korean government accepted help from everyone who offered. Actually, I’m not surprised that the Korean government declined Shinzo Abe’s offer after the comfort women scandal. But the closest US military base is in Daegu, which is still fairly far.

  30. So many young lives taken, but even the President of South Korea said that everything was that captain and crews fault. :(
    Speaking of which, President Obama will be here tomorrow and he issued a statement last week saying a majority of his trip here will be to offer assistance and condolences. This may just be a public relations thing, or perhaps he actually cares…? Oh, and I saw some news coverage on KBS on how the actual owner of the ferry has ten houses and even owns a whole town in France. I’m not sure how truthful this actually is. Does anyone know?

    • Who the fuck actually cares when people’s lives have been lost? None of that gossip shit matters. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s disgusting. Hundreds of precious lives were lost that affects the whole world. These victims need to be remembered and grieved about- how can you grieve when you’re fucking gossiping? Sorry, just pisses me off.

      • You don’t think I care about this? I’ve been glued to the TV for the past week watching all the false/sensationalist news reports. I’m sorry I didn’t sound more heartfelt on my comment, but I feel like it’s a given to feel devastated about this tragedy. I don’t want to keep mentioning it since everyone else seems to be. And please, calm down. You didn’t have to get so angry about me trying to confirm things I’ve been hearing on the news. As Simon said, most of it is false and I just want to know the whole story. *Sigh* Why bother. You’re just going to send me another angry comment after this anyway.

  31. It’s so terrible that all those kids have had to lose their lives because of the actions of irresponsible people. But that captain is just the worst. Aren’t captains supposed to do what they can to save everyone ELSE before themselves? Like, go down with the ship and all that if need be? Those people were putting their lives in the care of that captain, and he just got the hell out of dodge at first opportunity. I have to admit, had I been on the ferry, I would have done what I could to just gtfo the boat as fast as I could, but I also know that I would be a shit captain, and I would never take a position that put people in my care knowing that I couldn’t handle a situation like this.

    My condolences go out to all the families and people effected by this. Nothing can fix this or make it better, but hopefully people in charge somewhere will take away a lesson of not putting people’s lives at unnecessary risks. You can replace cargo, but you can’t replace lives.

  32. How, just how did I not know about this? I mean sure, we had a racist shooting that killed a teenage boy and two others, and major highway shooting. But could that really Surpass that so much to just completely have this to be blocked out of my local news? I feel worse now than I would have because I was so unaware. My prayers are towards the schools who have lost so many lives, the families who have lost loved ones and friends who have lost a companion and especially to those who survived such a traumatizing event, the anguish they must feel. I know how each and every situation feels, and I can only hope things will heal well.

  33. Simon, thank you for sharing this and for being so poignant and caring about the seriousness of the situation. It is frustrating to be in the states and feel like you’re not getting the full scope of an event happening overseas, but I can’t imagine how irritating it must be to be in the proximity of the event and be completely in the dark. I think what breaks my heart the most is the senseless loss of those children. As a teacher, I know the well being of my students is the most important thing of my day, and I would be devastated if anything were to happen to them. I
    Accidents happen, but if this could have been prevented then that is just more heartbreaking.

  34. I’ve been following this story very closely every day and it’s just so upsetting. I don’t even want to start going into detail because I’ll never stop. I respect you guys for not posting videos, though, and understand the reason. I hope your friends are feeling better soon, and I hope all those lives lost are better off in the after-life. I truly do.

    Some other people I think we should be paying our respects to are the rescue divers, because imagine how they must be feeling. They’ve risked their lives trying to save these kids, and must’ve been so frustrated when they couldn’t. Now they’ve got the heavy task of entering cabins full of dead bodies of (mainly) children and pulling them out one by one. So thank you, rescue divers. You have possibly the most difficult task of all.

    As for charities, I don’t really know of any. The only thing I know about is some fandoms (B.A.P., EXO, Infinite etc.) doing charity work and handing things out, but I’m not sure how you can participate in this.

    • I really hope that in the future people pay attention to the mental health of the divers and encourage them to seek counseling, because this is the kind of thing that can cause serious PTSD. My uncle was a New York City policeman and during the 9/11 recovery his precinct was used as a morgue. He saw some terrible things and needed to see a therapist for a little while after that. There is NO SHAME in that and it’s really important for the divers that they feel that it’s okay for them to do that.

      • Yes, exactly! I think it’s also important for the survivors to seek counseling, but that one’s kind of a given – imagine how it must feel to know you’ve survived whilst your classmates haven’t. But yeah, the ones usually overlooked are the people like the divers and the policemen etc. because, in a way, they’re not “directly” connected to the tragedy, in our minds.

  35. You did a very good job with this, Simon. It’s hard to talk about a tragic event, but i’m proud of you.

  36. If it helps at all, there are many prayers and well-wishes coming from all of us all over the world, for South Korea. Such a terrible thing effects so many people and I at least hope those friends and families have a much support as possible to deal with this. Thanks Simon for showing how much you care.

  37. The day I read that the ferry capsized hurt me. It also got me thinking how those students could have been saved if the right procedures were done, and how at the same time, if I were in that situation, what would I do.

    Watching how the media is covering this tragedy is frustrating. I’ve learnt about this in a class on deviance, that the media is involved with spreading news that can cause moral panic. At the same time, they can just pass anything off as news and get away with it. It’s annnoying that the news forgets to fact-check so much. I’m from Canada, and while I think most of the news sources fact check, they are still guilty at times for spreading moral panic, and focusing too little on some major news events.

    Hopefully, the missing can return.

  38. what about the red cross, or the korea disaster relief association?

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