Ok, so we’re super excited about this. Did we ever tell you that Neon Bunny’s my favourite artist in Korea? Seriously. Her music is phenomenal. We’ve put some of them in the playlist embedded above, so check those out if you haven’t already.

So, this was set up in a rather interesting way. We got an email from someone who claimed to be Neon Bunny’s friend. We say “claimed” because we get emails from lots of people pretending to represent different idols (I’m looking at you, Park Bom imposter!), so we’re always hesitant when someone reaches out to us. But, in this case, he was legit, and actually was friends with Neon Bunny. We told him we’re interested in doing something with Neon Bunny because she’s freaking awesome, and told him to get Neon Bunny in contact with Soo Zee. Voila, she did! Soo Zee and Neon Bunny arranged a date and time, and then we got the chance to film this. Huzzah!

A few memories from this day: Martina had a terrible night sleep that night. Some of you with EDS might know this, but sleeping is really difficult for Martina. Her joints constantly dislocate at night, and so she spends the night constantly relocating them, which results in restless sleep. Point is, Martina was too dead this day to help with the filming, which is a shame, because she’s a big fan of Neon Bunny as well. So, if you’re wondering where Martina was in this video, there you go.

Also, Neon Bunny speaks great English! We were told in the first email that her English wasn’t too great, which is why we had Soo Zee do the communications for this. When she came into the studio and started talking to us in fluent English I looked at her surprised and said “you…understand me?” and she looked surprised. She’s more comfortable with Korean, so that’s why she spoke Korean in the video, but if you ever see her in real life or send her a message on Twitter or Facebook, she’ll understand you just fine :D

Another surprising thing: when we were going over the format of the video with her, and suggesting how this would be filmed, we showed her our HongdaeFest videos as an example. A few seconds into it she’s like “Oh, I saw this one.” Turns out she watches Eatyourkimchi as well. Woot! Dare we call her a…Nasty Bunny? :D

We talked a lot off camera as well. We asked her if she was signed to any labels. She isn’t. She made her own label. GOOD FOR HER! We’re all about the Independent spirit. We don’t work for any company. We can’t get fired! I keep on hoping to see the Kpop idols that step away from the scene start their own thing. Sing on YouTube on your own. You can do it without the support of a major company that will treat you poorly. Not that all labels treat you poorly, mind you, but we all know that some of them do. I’m just happy to see people creating things on their own and running things on their own.

We also talked about her video. I really like that she wanted to show underground culture in her video, which is so underrepresented by Korea Tourism. Korean media is always like “Come to Korea! Climb a Mountain and eat Bibimbap! Do you know Korea has four seasons? Wow!” How many of you have seen that terrible Bulgogi ad? It’s so corny it hurts. And it’s just not what Korea’s like, for us at least, and for a lot of people we know. Seeing Korea represented in another way, in a non-traditional light, is what we’re interested in. Korea has thriving subcultures, a different vitality to it, that old men in suits don’t understand. I’m glad Neon Bunny’s showing that in her video.

Ok, that’s all I can think of for now. Buy her song on iTunes if you like it! I hope you liked this video as much as we liked shooting it. We told Neon Bunny that she can come by the studio any time she wants for any other video that she plans on shooting, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her soon! Click on the button below if you agree!

  1. It’s not available on the French Store T_T

  2. This is completely unrelated to Neon Bunny although her music is interesting and I mean her no disrespect. But it is indie music related.

    At one point EYK reviewed an Indie video that I really liked and it was a guy walking on one of those slidewalks you see in airports. Stuff was falling out of his coat and he had on a beanie and a long coat and maybe sunglasses. What was the name of the video or the band?

    I wish we had a “Ask the Nasties” feature for stuff like this.

    As you were.

  3. I live outside Korea, so it’s hard for me to just search out korean indie. AND NOW,. thanks to EYK I’m in love with K-indie! I can’t wait to go to Korea and go to those places with lots of Indie music! Thaaaank you guiiise! *-*


    sORRY after getting over the fact that Neon Bunny saw your videos, and is IN your video now (WOOOOOOTT!!!) – HOLY SHNIZZLES, that new song of hers is SO. DAMN. GOOD.
    SO FRIKKING AWESOME!!! I immediately wanted to show it to all my friends, my muso friends in particular. They dig this kinda music. Smooth head-bopping music. Also the video was so lovely and mysterious, it gave me goosebumps, and really fulfilled its purpose of making me wanna visit Korea. OH WAIT but I am going to Korea soon haha! Well that’ll be awesome :D

    I actually like ‘It’s You’ more than ‘Oh My Prince’ – just personal preference; I like smoky nighttime music, shoegaze stuff.

  5. THANK YOU for this! She just gained a fan. Seriously. So good. I will be blasting this all day.

  6. Thank you EYK for introducing me to Neon Bunny. I like her music. ^_^

  7. Something unexpected all of Neon Bunny is available on “Xbox Music” the 2011 album and the two singles……Bill Gates is finally catching up with Korean Indie ……

  8. Thanks for introducing me to her music! She has a very beautiful voice. :)

  9. omgmogomgomgomgmogmogomgomogmogmgoogmmogmgogmgogmg. i love neon bunny i can’t even explain help



  10. I really like the voice of Neon Bunny ^^

  11. The interview or Neon Bunny’s MV? You just have to click on the pic at the top where the video usually is. It is still a video, but the “play” button isn’t showing up anymore. But if you want the official Neon Bunny MV (which EYK doesn’t have in the playlist), then you can find that MV here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-muW8zyaNc

  12. At least the k-indie bands are touring the major cities in the US during their SXSW festivities…so thankful. Crossing fingers Neon Bunny is on the SXSW list next year!

    Also got a chance to see rockn’roll radio, idiotape, glen check, love x stereo and smacksoft in SF last week. I hadn’t heard of rockn’roll radio before but I was floored how awesome the percussion and vocals were…so much funkier live than the hard copy album I bought at the show. Even got a chance to talk to Annie from Love x stereo…what a cool, friendly, and laid back spirit. Curious, when you were in Korea, did you get a chance to talk to the artists after a show? When I go to other live shows generally american bands don’t come out from backstage, but every k-indie concert I’ve been to in the states do, which is really awesome.

  13. I have been really into electro pop recently and here are a few tracks to get you started.
    Goldroom – “Fifteen”
    Washed Out – “Amor Fati”
    Glen Check – “Vivid” and others
    Clazziquai – “Tell Yourself”
    Ellie Goulding – “Figure 8″ and others
    I got introduced to the K-indie stuff through EYK. Hopefully you’ll like this stuff!

  14. Aww she’s so adorable! Love her music, but getting to see her like this makes me want to see and hear more. I really like the bits you do with the artists. Even when they’re super awkward you manage to break a bit of that rigidity you see in some interviews and possibly make your interviewees more at ease in front of the camera.

    Anyhow, keep it up! Hope you find a format you love soon <3

  15. You might be able to buy it directly from her, that’s what I did before it came to iTunes. I am in the U.S. so I am not sure if you can buy from Band Camp (and it goes directly to her), but it’s worth a try. http://neonbunny.bandcamp.com/track/its-you

  16. Wow, I went and downloaded her single and latest album from iTunes after one playthrough of “Oh My Prince”. I LOVE the heavy jazz bass and 80’s vibe she has going on in some of the songs. Thanks, guys! I would never have found her without you.

  17. I was just wondering what you guys thought of Chet Faker

  18. NEON BUNNY! I just discovered you from this video, and you are awesome! Thanks for coming on EYK!

  19. The song,”It’s You” is really good! I also liked the kind of half-lidded, foggy(not sure how to describe it) quality. It felt like someone not exactly on the edge of going to sleep, but someone on the edge of slowly waking up from a long nap.

  20. Thanks to EYK, my music collection keeps growing!! Please keep up the good work!

  21. This is awesome guys. It’s great you could do an interview with her. I discovered her song “oh my prince” thanks to you, in an old indie playlist. I really like “it’s you” and “a polar bear”. Her song make me happy

  22. I’ve been thinking about interview formats since you guys mentioned that you wanted to change things, I haven’t come to a conclusion yet but here are some thoughts:
    1. I’m a fan of kpop and more recently of kindie (heehee) but I’m a fan of EYK, too, maybe even more so :P So if I watch an interview I watch 50% for the artist and 50% for Martina and Simon, so I’m happier if they are in the video.
    2. BUT if you want the focus of the video to be the artist and not “fan service” for nasties, I totally get that. I did enjoy the Hongdae Fest videos, but I saw them as short intros rather than actual interviews. I don’t watch interviews to find out facts and figures about artists, I want to see them interact with other people, to get an impressions of what they’re like as a person. (Is that a symptom of our celebrity culture?) Unless the interview has a topic other than just the artist and their music in general, like ‘the underground hip hop scene in Korea 1990-2014′, then a speech to the camera is fine.

    3. I don’t know what artists prefer, talking to the camera or answering a series of more specific questions by an interviewer, but as a viewer I wouldn’t mind a mixture of both.

    • Oh em gee I feel the exact same way when it comes to why I enjoy watching interviews and variety shows. I do enjoy fun facts about the album-making and the artist, but I also want to put a personality on the voice or the public persona. I want to make it more human, to see a person. That’s one of the reasons I like Kpop. I feel like they are people, not celebrities in their ivory towers.

    • but wouldn’t non-media trained artists be more comfortable doing a Q&A with you two, because it’s more like just having a conversation? rather than having to talk into a camera directly.

      I totally agree that it’s not about information as such, how about making it into a game of sorts? personally I know that structure really helps me in unfamiliar situations, either that or just having too much fun too care :P

  23. Hey guys, I’m pretty sure this is the official video on the official channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-muW8zyaNc

  24. The amount of K-indie of EYK has been so awesome lately :’) -wipes tear- I love Neon Bunny, she looks so cute XD

  25. Really excited for you guys to have your favorite artist over for an interview. It’s been really great the past month seeing you have a whole slue of indie artists over for interviews. You are doing a wonderful service for the Korean Indie scene. I haven’t heard too much of Neon Bunny’s music but I really, really like her new song “It’s You.” I wish the interview was a little longer but she managed to say a lot in that short amount of time. Loved her comment to 2NE1 fans.

    If it’s okay, I would like to mention a slight quibble. I know you are looking for new ways to film, show and conduct interviews and I know it’s still in the experimental phase but it was a little rough/awkward watching the video. The audio flow was great but the video itself was a bit like watching a Max Headroom video. I understand the method and reasoning behind it, it’s was just rather distracting. Sorry for my quibbling, it’s from love though :)

    • Weekly Idol is probably my favourite show. It’s so random and even when I don’t really get the MCs’ humour, I do appreciate the spontaneity of it. They always make the groups comfortable and they don’t stick to the usual boring formats, which makes the show fresh and enjoyable. And their cuts are hilarious!

    • The interview with MFBTY was amazing even though it was a Q&A sit down interview. I didn’t know about the artists before hand and afterwards I looked them all up and went on a video watching spree; though I do think that that had a lot to do with the funny intro for each person and then how comfortable they were talking to you guys. Plus they also had amazing english skills which helped the conversation aspect of it.
      I am waiting for another awesome interview like theirs and I am sure y’all will find a good balance for the later ones where everyone can enjoy themselves and it not just be another boring interview for anyone involved. =D
      Good luck guise!

    • Agreed that traditional Q&A can be boring but I still think it needs to be there as a buffer. To use you prime example of John Stewart, he manages to have this natural flow with his guest like no other host out there. However he still has Q&A to go off, to initiate a conversation or move it along if the guest seems stumped, nervous or frazzled. He just blends it in so well at many times you’re not aware it’s even happening. Everyone mentions it, U-Beat was the best interview because it had a natural comfortable flow that I’m not sure can be repeated all the time. It’s a balancing act that I’m sure you guys will figure out. I will say if you do continue with this format everyone behind the camera should all be on the same side. Neon Bunny looked like she was looking back and forth at different people talking to her, which I’m sure was Simon and Soo Zee. If you are all on the same side, it could help with the editing.

      Honestly your past interviews have already helped convert me into a new fan. This is specifically true with MBLAQ, MFBTY but mostly Eric Nam! Your interview with him made me his fan, then his music sealed the deal. BTW I’m super excited about his comeback!

    • I’m right with you about wanting to see artist being relaxed and natural on camera. Part of the reason I am a fan of Bigstar is because their MV Run and Run was fun and crazy but similar videos also catch my eye. What sold me on them was episode 22. Not only are they relaxed but they seem like really good friends. Other groups I do not necessarily like their music but their company has self cams and I enjoy watching those videos because I get to know the artist a little better.
      To the EYK crew: Keep up the good work! You deserve the 500K. We love you!


    • I’ve gotta say, I’ve been converted to the likes of MFBTY and Eric Nam through your interviews, but the recent Indie segments haven’t really worked for me (although I have occasionally gotten into some Indie groups through your old Indie playlists). I like the interaction in an interview, I’m not sure why, but, to me personally, the ‘talk at the camera’ thing seems much more rehearsed to me, even if it obviously isn’t… not sure that makes sense? I don’t really know how to make the point I’m trying to make, or even what that point is tbh.
      tldr: I like interviews, even with artists I’ve never heard of before! :)

  26. NEON BUNNY!!!!!! I just ADORE her music!!! I recently included her on a recent K-Indie post I made. Ah!!! I just can’t get enough and I think I had “It’s You” on repeat for days. And now perhaps I will do the same. So good!!! And that’s so super awesomely cool that she came by the studio! She also released a link to buy it here: http://neonbunny.bandcamp.com/track/its-you if you can’t access iTunes in your country.

  27. Totally cool and I swear I’ve heard this song before. I really like this, I am gonna get into her stuff and I can show this to my best friend, he’d maybe like this. I really hope you guys are able to do this format more often and interview her more, she seems really lovely.

  28. I would die for a Neon Indian/Neon Bunny collab. Synth-heavy chillwave-y stuff hits me in just the right spot

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