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Special Guest – Neon Bunny

March 30, 2014


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Ok, so we’re super excited about this. Did we ever tell you that Neon Bunny’s my favourite artist in Korea? Seriously. Her music is phenomenal. We’ve put some of them in the playlist embedded above, so check those out if you haven’t already.

So, this was set up in a rather interesting way. We got an email from someone who claimed to be Neon Bunny’s friend. We say “claimed” because we get emails from lots of people pretending to represent different idols (I’m looking at you, Park Bom imposter!), so we’re always hesitant when someone reaches out to us. But, in this case, he was legit, and actually was friends with Neon Bunny. We told him we’re interested in doing something with Neon Bunny because she’s freaking awesome, and told him to get Neon Bunny in contact with Soo Zee. Voila, she did! Soo Zee and Neon Bunny arranged a date and time, and then we got the chance to film this. Huzzah!

A few memories from this day: Martina had a terrible night sleep that night. Some of you with EDS might know this, but sleeping is really difficult for Martina. Her joints constantly dislocate at night, and so she spends the night constantly relocating them, which results in restless sleep. Point is, Martina was too dead this day to help with the filming, which is a shame, because she’s a big fan of Neon Bunny as well. So, if you’re wondering where Martina was in this video, there you go.

Also, Neon Bunny speaks great English! We were told in the first email that her English wasn’t too great, which is why we had Soo Zee do the communications for this. When she came into the studio and started talking to us in fluent English I looked at her surprised and said “you…understand me?” and she looked surprised. She’s more comfortable with Korean, so that’s why she spoke Korean in the video, but if you ever see her in real life or send her a message on Twitter or Facebook, she’ll understand you just fine :D

Another surprising thing: when we were going over the format of the video with her, and suggesting how this would be filmed, we showed her our HongdaeFest videos as an example. A few seconds into it she’s like “Oh, I saw this one.” Turns out she watches Eatyourkimchi as well. Woot! Dare we call her a…Nasty Bunny? :D

We talked a lot off camera as well. We asked her if she was signed to any labels. She isn’t. She made her own label. GOOD FOR HER! We’re all about the Independent spirit. We don’t work for any company. We can’t get fired! I keep on hoping to see the Kpop idols that step away from the scene start their own thing. Sing on YouTube on your own. You can do it without the support of a major company that will treat you poorly. Not that all labels treat you poorly, mind you, but we all know that some of them do. I’m just happy to see people creating things on their own and running things on their own.

We also talked about her video. I really like that she wanted to show underground culture in her video, which is so underrepresented by Korea Tourism. Korean media is always like “Come to Korea! Climb a Mountain and eat Bibimbap! Do you know Korea has four seasons? Wow!” How many of you have seen that terrible Bulgogi ad? It’s so corny it hurts. And it’s just not what Korea’s like, for us at least, and for a lot of people we know. Seeing Korea represented in another way, in a non-traditional light, is what we’re interested in. Korea has thriving subcultures, a different vitality to it, that old men in suits don’t understand. I’m glad Neon Bunny’s showing that in her video.

Ok, that’s all I can think of for now. Buy her song on iTunes if you like it! I hope you liked this video as much as we liked shooting it. We told Neon Bunny that she can come by the studio any time she wants for any other video that she plans on shooting, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her soon! Click on the button below if you agree!



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