Ok, so this isn’t a full video. It’s just a random cool-things-we-see kinda deal. Anyhow, we got the shipment of Limited Edition ZE:A CDs for our giveaway from our Interview with ZE:A. We didn’t think they’d be this big. THEY’RE RIDICULOUS! Seriously yo! They’re almost the size of shoe boxes! I’m used to double albums: fine, I get that, but this comes with ZE:A sunglasses and a ZE:A windmill. Is that some kind of ZE:A inside joke or something? Maybe they ran past windmills on a TV show? I don’t know. I feel so out of the loop. We just wanted to show this off, that’s all.

Long story short: I’m used to all my CDs from Canada having one uniform shape and size. Korean CD packaging is really impressive and really different with every album. This, though, takes the cake for the most interesting CD packaging I’ve ever seen!

Anyhow, you’ve got until Sunday night to enter our contest for these monstrously large CDs. We’ll announce the winner for our upcoming Music Monday! Yay!

  1. Spraying an autograph with hairspray work? I definitely need to try it ^^ Does it matter which kind of hairspray? I also have an autograph Doradora too :p I want to get Dear My Friend but don’t know where they’d have it.

  2. Yes I do^^ I bought it in store… So it was pretty expansive. I had to get it sprayed and covered because the signed the outside wrapping, so the plastic cover. So I haven’t opened it to see if there’s anything inside it~ LOL I might see if I can get my hands on an autographed Dear My Friend^^”

  3. I’m in love with Korean CD packaging. I’m a graphic designer and my designer friends and I get together and drool over the packaging when I get CD’s in the mail. I’m personally drooling over the idols as well, but mostly the packaging. BigBang’s graphic standards manual as part of the Monster packaging was like heavens opening up and giving us graphic design nerd porns. I’d love to have that ZE:A CD in my collect. Awesome to listen to, amazing to look at and admire…I want to design Korean CD packaging :_(

    • Their packaging is amazing!!!!! I’m studying to be a graphic designer too and I have one friend in school who is into kpop so whenever we order new cds we get together to exam every bit of it (i wish i could just get them at a mall…to physically hold them before purchasing them..)

      a photo class i had we did cd/record albums and i brought in all my kpop stuff to show my teacher because we were supposed to bring in examples of what we thought were good. and her exact words were ‘i’ve never had such a treasure brought to me before. these are beautiful. the photography, the colors, going beyond just a jewel case, it probably cost so much to make. looking at it makes me want to buy it without knowing what it sounds like’

      • I wish so much I had known about Kpop and it’s amazing CD packaging when I was in school. I’m just glad I can share it with my current designer friends/colleagues. I wish they sold them here in the stores as well. I hate waiting close to two weeks to get my CD’s in the mail. Also I always think it is funny that everyone assumes I payed a boat load of money for these CD’s because of the packaging and I’m like “it’s not that much more than a jewel case CD.”

  4. Wow! That box is like a Happy Meal for a Kpop lover. Has everything one can dream of!
    Martina looks like a crazy princess from Star Wars, whose name doesn’t pop in my head right now!

  5. We each got our own copy, but we’re also giving away a whole bunch of them! Check out our interview with ZE:A video for how to enter!

  6. Woahhh that album is huge. O_O That’s awesome~~~ >.<

  7. Holy cow! Those are huge! Sooo cool though! is it weird I’m stupid excited about those sunglasses?

  8. Are you allowed to enter the contest more than once?

  9. I have to agree, US and other american cds are all square shapes, sometimes(rarely) they ocme with a photobook, but ever since I bought Kpop cds, I always like buying kpop cds better because the photobook, cd, and overall design always amazes me and wows me. They’re all different, different colors, designs, ways to open it, material. It’s just awesome. I like how kpop companies spend time to figure out that stuff. Because I find it much more worth my $18 for a cool and never boring design on opening my Infinitize cd than a $12 Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift cd.

  10. ^o^/ That is so awesome!!!!!!!! :D The way they package their cds is epic!

  11. Wow i guess they r going like the id data back in my country really big packages lol but I love it I want one hope I can win one I enter already. * crossing my fingers *

  12. …signed Big Bang and 2NE1 CDs? Reaaaaally? I have a feeling you’re trolling us…


  13. I really want one of those T^T

  14. Waaa, so big! But believe me, CNBLUE’s EAR FUN Special Limited Edition is almost the same – but there’s no sunglasses or something like that xDDDD Just a two photobooks, which are like a giant A4 book and, of course, CD and DVD *____* It was quite expensive but I’ve never regret buying this!

  15. I think it’s a strategy from companies to fight illegal downloading. In France the CD sales collapse, but honestly who would pay 30 bucks for a little plastic box when we can have the songs for free? While when I was in Incheon airport, I spent hours in the CD shops watching everything and trying to decide which one I would buy!

    My friends are always super impressed by the Big Bang special edition album you guise sent me, and yet it’s much smaller than a shoe box. But it’s really uncommon here to see a different shape of CD box. And a 100-page photobook with random Engrish sentences instead of a 10-page booklet with lyrics.

  16. wow this is the biggest CD i ever seen, i knew it will be big but i didnt think it would be this big ! ahah Ze:a and Star Empire realllllyyy worked hard on it ! I so want it >.<

  17. I saw a 2am album that was like this and THEY ARE EXPENSIVE… T_T

  18. Wow!! O.o I didn’t know they could be so big O.o but i LOVE it :D

  19. wow, that’s huuuuuge! I wonder how expensive these cds are O_O
    I couldn’t probably even know where to store them xD

  20. LMAO~ honestly I am so scared to touch the albums too, even though it’s not a signed one I’m scared.

  21. @eatyourkimchi Not sure if you’ve seen CNBlue’s LE, but its 11+inches by 8inches! Bigger right? twitpic.com/a71ph5


  23. what do i have to do to enter?? do i just comment under the video??~~~

  24. Woh~!! That is massive!! O__O” I have never seen an album that big. Except for old records but those are understandable but this is bloody huge~!! *Still in awe*

  25. Wow Now I wonder if you can show us your own Kpop collection! I bet it’s awesome ^___^/ so envy the Bigbang and 2ne1 YG Stans :D

  26. Now every other cd’s is going to look boring…. IT’S AWESOME !!

  27. OMG!!! ITS SO AWESOME!! I REALLLYYYYY hope I win now!! *crosses fingers*

  28. Oh god that’s just beautiful! Sadly i never win in these giveaways :/

  29. that’s insanely huge! might as well check if a ZE:A member was pasted somewhere inside.lol

  30. of course it’d be awesome! it’s the Spectacular ZE:A! xD wait until you hear the spectacular songs inside. i’m so dying to get my hands on this. *runs to watch it now*

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