People often hear about Korea’s four distinct seasons. Right now, we’re in the middle of Spring, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Last year we made a video about Bucheon’s Cherry Blossoms, but that only captured a bit of Spring. This year we want to show off a bit more of it. So we went over to our favorite park, Bucheon Jung Ang Park, took our dog Spudgy out with us, and just recorded as much as we could. The trees have their leaves back, the flowers are now in full-bloom, people are heading outside more, and random dance battles are occurring in the parks. FYI, Martina edited this video, and she totally makes herself win because of shady, shady editing.

  1. ya spuggy almost got raped o.O
    lol poor spuggy now he knows how the teddy bear feels :3
    its so beautiful in spring & winter you should show summer & autum
    btw are those sakura trees i thought they oldy grew in japan and austraila

  2. The song is so addicting but are the lyrics I’m hearing really ” hiding/panic in the basement with a knife serrated, I’ll protect you…”???

  3. I don’t care what kind of awesome dance moves you want us to believe were cut out, Spudgy wins.

  4. What’s the song called when you do your dance show-down? I’m addicted to it and find myself watching this video over and over again just to listen to that song!

  5. i love architecture in helsinki!!! and this video <3
    so pretty!!!!

  6. Martina definitely wins the showdown, although she still can't do that move from G-Dragon's Heartbraker.

  7. I just love your website and your cute videos so much ^-^ I wish I was your little dog so I could have fun too…..

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