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Spudgy Bento Box

March 8, 2013


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Off the get go let us say this: WE’RE SO SORRY FOR THE HORRENDOUS AUDIO! Seriously: what the eff happened? See: see, this is why working with other people’s gear sometimes sucks. We have our gear somewhat attuned to fit our needs, but when you’re working with other people’s stuff, it sometimes doesn’t work out right. BOO-URNS!

Ok, so this is another one of those special videos we made when we were in the Japan YouTube Creator Space. We did a bunch of collaborations, from the Harajuku Kawaii TV video, to the SQUASHfilms Stalking Vampire saga, and now with some really cool people, Mosogourmet.

They were nice enough to give us some candy for our Stalking Vampire video, and they were extra nice enough to hang with us for a couple of hours and show us how to make Spudgy into Bento Box format. Woohoo! This was the first time we ever made a Bento Box, and we had no clue what we were doing whatsoever, so we felt rather humbled being around Bento Box masters. Best way we could handle it: by being super awkward and revelling in our failures! Woohoo!

In their videos they don’t do a lot of talking, so this was a bit different for them as well, but I think we had a really good time making this with them. They were so patient and kind! Bless their hearts! It got to the point that they said the reason why the Nori didn’t stick is because Martina was taking so long that everything dried up. AHHHH! Embarrassing!

Anyhow, if you head over to their channel, you’ll see behind the scenes footage from our collaboration. Or, you can check it out here as well :D



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