And you thought we didn’t love our dog anymore! Simply because we’ve been posting a lot of Dr. Meemersworth videos! Pshaw! Spudgy’s still great on camera! He just doesn’t have the pep and vitality of a Meemersworth, you know? Meemersworth, if you’ve seen our last couple of Music Mondays and our first TL;DRs with him, is a bit of a cam whore. Spudgy, on the other hand, doesn’t really do that much. He goes on walks, for which he’s really excited, but then he just sleeps all day. He’s a lazy dog. Dr. Meemersworth will jump on him from time to time and demand that Spudgy play with him, to which Spudgy replies with a crotchety bark. So, if we were to film Spudgy more often, they’d pretty much be the same video over and over again.

But this one’s different! We posted a video about Spudgy’s Dog Mohawk a couple of times, but this video’s a bit different. We’re going for a different style with him. Before, we used to shave all around the Mohawk. We found, though, that some patches of fur won’t grow back. The vet said that sometimes the vibrations of clippers cause this to happen. So, instead of shaving him all around, we simply shave his stomach and legs (because they get so dirty!) and trim the rest of the fur. The result? A walking marshmallow. HE’S SO PUFFY!

Well, he was puffy. This video’s a bit old now, and his fur has grown back in and looks all ratty again. We’ll trim him again soon, though, right when winter’s about to hit, because that’s when he gets his dirtiest. Gross!

Also, we had to censor out Spudgy’s crotch. It was a bit…disturbing.

  1. Um, so I started swimmin’ the Spudgy tag… This video is gone too o.O It’s the same for the SPANK (Spudgys adventure now korea). Oh and the Caffeine video. You might have to look through your posts and embed a few more videos again.

  2. Does his tail fur get crimped? Both male pekes we had had naturally crimped fur on their tails. It was like a furry fountain of 80s.

  3. Spudgy Falkor. Cannot unsee.
    Ooohhh, the same thing happened to my dog when we got her shaved last. She’s an old pekinese-pom, and her hair hasn’t grown back nearly in fast in some places where she was shaved. I’ll ask the groomer to trim her hair kind of like Spudgy’s next time. :)

  4. He looks so happy with his fur trimmed! *___*

  5. I serious want to see of Meemers can be dyed too IT WOULD BE CUTEA

  6. I immediately thought of Spudgy as Appa when I saw his blue fur! Spudgy Appa! Spudgy Appa!

  7. I remember when we voted to turn Spudgy blue! And look what a trendsetter he’s become since then :D Good times…
    PS Now I have IU’s “Marshmallow” stuck in my head. Anybody else? Anyone?….okay then :P

  8. I dunno about the vibrations from clippers explanation but patches not growing back can be unavoidable… typically it’s based on the type of hair though, so if he had certain spots that had thicker hair or were more like undercoat then they might not grow back.

    That’s why when I was a groomer I warned owners of pomeranians, huskies, and other thick-coated breeds that the hair might not grow back… they often blew my warnings off though :( Some would get their labs shaved and I told them if they plan on being outside more than just going to the bathroom… you’re gonna have to put sunscreen on your dog :-/ Some coats are necessary for protection from the sun.

    Source: Dog groomer for five years/pet owner my whole life ;)

  9. i loveeed the spudgy videos <3 they were actually really interesting. i've never seen the dog grooming process so it was cool to see spudgy get all shaved/cut/recolored~ the history of had so many different looks… boot camp spudgy o_____O never again.

  10. spudgy is so good when he gets groomed! my dog cannot stop moving and trying to lick the groomer so he always has really long tail and butt fur >.>

  11. aawww he looks so preeeeeetty!!!!!
    i wanna touch his fur!!! ‘specially the blue part!! hahaha!!!

  12. i hope meemers gets a scary deep voice like top LOL

  13. Wow, what a nice dog salon! I love watching these videos, My husband and I want to teach abroad, but until we can…we just live vicariously through Simon and Martina.

  14. Is that the vet office from To the Beautiful You?

  15. Seeing Appa in the video next to Spudgy totally made my night! ^^

  16. spudgy is such a cute marshmellow :) I love fluffy dogs which is why I absolutely loved my first dog who was a Samoy… so fluffy AND he didn’t trigger my allergies so everybody was happy and I got my fluffball.

  17. The Spudgy is so cute like that, I laugh when you had to censor Spudgy’s crotch! :)

  18. I got all nostalgic and went back to vids of boot camp and punk rock Spudge…now entering marshmallow phase! I also love when you compare him to Falkor. He’s such a cute dog!

  19. You get him groomed at the vet? I’m a dog groomer in the US, i’m wondering how different it is in Korea to get your dog groomed. Here we have longer lengths that we can shave dogs with to prevent it from affecting their coats growth.

  20. ahahahah…I’m laughing at the thought of my Ciro (half-breed Jack Russel, best known as “Little Attila”), to be simply quiet during this whole washing, shearing and dyeing process…maybe in my next life H_H…no maybe not even then… U_U!

  21. Yeah – shave his feet and tummy – just in time for winter….. why not go the whole hog and dye him all over instead of him looking like a failed duster????

  22. everyone could only WISH to have a dog as cool and easy going as SPUDGY.

  23. please do a mini wank with spudgy and meemers in tow…pretty please! :3

  24. Aww the spudgy!! Is he fluffly or just a fatty? He’s a laid back puppy especially getting older. It’s amazing how different animals can be, my younger cat is always asking for attention being really naughty sometimes while my puppy who’s older now is very sweet, calm and sleeps a lot too.

  25. So cute! I’m not sure if they dye dogs in america…well I haven’t seen any places that advertise it around where I live anyway. lol

  26. My best friend is a groomer in the US and even the Spudgy’s New Dog Mohawk video helped me to understand her more hah…I know its an old video (one that I’ve seen before) and that none of her dogs act like Spudgy (so well behaved)… nonetheless I had to point this out.

  27. He’s soooo fluffyyyyyy!!!! (i vote for spudgy-appa) :-)

  28. sooooooooo cute omg marshmallow spudgy!! :D

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