And you thought we didn’t love our dog anymore! Simply because we’ve been posting a lot of Dr. Meemersworth videos! Pshaw! Spudgy’s still great on camera! He just doesn’t have the pep and vitality of a Meemersworth, you know? Meemersworth, if you’ve seen our last couple of Music Mondays and our first TL;DRs with him, is a bit of a cam whore. Spudgy, on the other hand, doesn’t really do that much. He goes on walks, for which he’s really excited, but then he just sleeps all day. He’s a lazy dog. Dr. Meemersworth will jump on him from time to time and demand that Spudgy play with him, to which Spudgy replies with a crotchety bark. So, if we were to film Spudgy more often, they’d pretty much be the same video over and over again.

But this one’s different! We posted a video about Spudgy’s Dog Mohawk a couple of times, but this video’s a bit different. We’re going for a different style with him. Before, we used to shave all around the Mohawk. We found, though, that some patches of fur won’t grow back. The vet said that sometimes the vibrations of clippers cause this to happen. So, instead of shaving him all around, we simply shave his stomach and legs (because they get so dirty!) and trim the rest of the fur. The result? A walking marshmallow. HE’S SO PUFFY!

Well, he was puffy. This video’s a bit old now, and his fur has grown back in and looks all ratty again. We’ll trim him again soon, though, right when winter’s about to hit, because that’s when he gets his dirtiest. Gross!

Also, we had to censor out Spudgy’s crotch. It was a bit…disturbing.

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