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Spudgy vs Bilasa!

November 12, 2015


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So, this is a bit of a random video, considering we don’t really do Kpop related videos anymore, but a very good friend of ours is helping out with B1A4’s concerts in Europe, and we want to help promote it in some small way. We had an insane schedule and didn’t have enough time to film ourselves as well, but Spudgy was super pumped to hang out with B1A4, and we couldn’t say no to the Spudgy!

Anyhow, B1A4 are going to Europe! And they’re going to Finland – which we were just in and loved – and Germany – which we visited last year and had a blast in – and Spain – which we’ve never been to but, come on! We need to go! Even if not for an event just to go to Spain! We need to jump on that! I’m sure it’s going to be great. We know some of the people helping organize it, and I like them. They’ll definitely do better than, *cough* some bands that toured different parts of the world this year. I ain’t naming names, but you might know what I’m talking about.

On that note, if you’d like to win tickets to see B1A4 in either Madrid, Berlin, or Helsinki, let us know in the comment section below What Should B1A4 experience in your country? I’d like to see them eat Salmiakki in Helsinki, for example. Or I’d like to see them do a German pub crawl. Let us know what your suggestions are, and we’ll pick two winners from each city. Woohoo! We’ll announce the winners two weeks from now, so make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss out on the winning announcement :D

Otherwise, if you’d rather not rely on luck and just buy the tickets outright, here is a link to all of the concert ticketing information. You can also find them on Facebook, and you can find the individual Facebook pages for the events in Helsinki, Berlin, and Madrid. But if you’d like to see the actual video as to why Spudgy was in B1A4’s building, you can check it out here!



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Spudgy vs Bilasa!


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  1. For B1A4 visit in Helsinki,

    I would recommend first to try skating next to Helsinki Railway station. They build an ice skate ring every year so also town people could enjoy skating outside as in many other cities where people skates on ice of the lake(of course after it has tested and cleaned up by city folks). You can rent the skates on the spot so don’t have to bring your own ;)

    Then I would go grab a cup of coffee from Karl Fazer Cafe, coffee is not mind-blowing but the place itself is unique, as it’s cafe and chocolate shop at the same time. If you wanna sit down there, head to a seats in the bronze dome on the sealing. They say that because the shape of the dome you can clearly hear what other people across the room are saying.

    Then head out to a corner of the Stockmann departure store where you should see the annual Christmas window displays. Usually place is quite crowded, especially at the evening time when most of the people are heading to Christmas shopping and stop by to take a look from the displays.

    If you would like to taste traditional finnish flavors head to Hakaniemi market hall what is full with different kind of food stalls. They might give a bite of smoked reindeer meat or black sausages(blood sausage). But head there at the daytime as it close its doors at 6PM.
    As it’s longer walk from Stockmann to Hakaniemi I recommend to hop on one of the trams and get a nice panorama of the city.

    Well here was few suggestions, there is actually quite lot see, but thinking that you might have tight schedule this are quite close to each other but still quite unique things to do. Don’t forget to try Finnish Salmiakki(if you dare;)), some of our christmas treats, get some freshly baked bread or buns from a bakery(example Kanniston Leipomo). If you have more time to spare, go to see our Tuomiokirkko, Main Cathedral, or Suomenlinna, castle of Finland, what is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.
    Overall, I wish you wonderful stay in Finland and hopefully see you in concert.
    Warm Greetings from Finland, Annika

    1 year ago
  2. Ok, I guess everybody knows what Germany is about in december. Everybody wrote the the same, so for you reading this, it does not sound special anymore, right? Spudgy must be really bored having to listen to the same points over and over again. Hang in there Spudgy! So Germany … ‘Alle Jahre wieder kommt das Christus Kiiiind …’ and so does the Christmas Market! In Berlin there are at least 4 Markets that are very good, whereas I have to say that the one at ‘Alexanderplatz’ ist the best. Why? ‘Cause they sell the best of the best ‘Gluehwein’ haha, its a special kind of alcohol drink. (*insertevillaugh*). Let’s be realistic, even though many people visit Christmas Markets because, well, they are beautiful, the majority is there to eat. It’s all about food. From ‘Flammlachs’, ‘Schneeballen’, ‘Lebkuchen’ to ‘Plaetzchen’ everybody will be able to still their appetites. Around the time B1A4 visits Berlin, the ice skating ring will be open, but just one tip, they should try visit the ring before drinking ‘Gluehwein’ haha. Another important aspect the guys might be interested in is shopping. The time is perfect as the year end sale has started already! Go visit Germany’s oldest shopping center KaDeWe.
    If they need to chill out and get away from the mass than they can visit the ‘Tiergarten’, ab big park in the heart of Berlin next to the ‘Reichstag’. The park ia decorated quite nice and looks beautiful when covered in snow. Just to keep in mind, the boys won’t be able to escape Christmas music though, you will hear it anywhere, anytime.
    When they get hungry they should go and try eating traditiona german food (like you did in cologne), I recommend ‘Augustiner am Gendarmenmarkt’. It’s quite ok ^^ And if B1A4’s manager fancies a coffee a coffee after the kids took all his energy, he should go to ‘Bonanza Coffee Roaster’ (but he needs to be early on Sunday’s as it tends to be crowded).
    Berlin isn’t just about history, fashion and arts, its the lifestyle, people and atmosphere that matters the most. Berlin is a welcoming city which can give you something for every thing one might be interested in! Not to mention all those beautiful ladies awaiting them, right? xD

    1 year ago
  3. Hey! Here’s what i thought B1A4 should do in Finland: Baro said he wanted to go to a football game in Madrid to i thought maybe they would like to see an icehockey match in Helsinki since we Finns are crazy about it. Or maybe if they had time they could visit Lapland to go see the northern lights and Santa. They should also try ice swimming and after that go warm themselves up in sauna. (+ have a contest who can stay in the longest) I think they’d also enjoy sled dog racing or downhill skiing. It would be awesome if they learned a few Finnish words too and tried salmiakki because it’s a must thing to do if you visit here.
    Anyway, I hope they’ll enjoy their stay in here and have an unforgettable concert. Greetings from Finland!

    1 year ago
  4. The have to try the food when they come to Spain of course. It’s so great.
    And because Baro wants to watch football they have to go to the Bernabeu Stadium where it’s the Real Madrid football club.
    CNU wants to go to museums so they can go to Reina Sofía Museum or “Museo del Prado” they will enjoy it.
    I hope the can have a great time when they come to Madrid.
    All the Spanish BANA’s are excited to see them cause we love them so much.
    I love them and i love South Korea so much.
    I never been to any concert in my life and i hope this will gonna be the first.

    1 year ago
  5. Since I’ve never been Germany myself I can only recommend what I would love to see. I would choose the christmas market,Sanssouci in Potsdam or the many other palaces and parks since I love architecture and pay a visit to the memorial of the murdered. I also that the night life in Berlin is fun so maybe they could give that a try. They should also try some typical German food like bratwurst.

    1 year ago
  6. When B1A4 comes to Helsinki, there’re a lot of things they should try. Of course they have to eat Salmiakki. Of course they have to try mämmi with muikut and salmiakkikossu, go swimming in a freezing lake and then run into a sauna with birch whisks.
    But most importantly I’d love to see (and especially hear) them saying “Koko Kokko kokoo koko kokkoa koko kokolla, koko kokolla kokoo koko kokko koko kokkoa”. I want to see how far they can throw Nokia phones. I want to see them play swamp soccer and go to an ice hockey game. I want to see them going into a normal Finnish grocery store for their evening snacks and enjoying Fazer chocolate. I want to see them listening to finnish music and hear their opinions of it.(I also want them to see the Northern Lights, but most likely it’s not gonna happen.. and also the midnight sun!)
    Among all the infamous and weird finnish things there are to try, I also want them to experience the little things. Because why not? :)

    1 year ago
  7. Honestly, I’d love to see them go to Heureka, when they come to Finland. Someone might already have suggested it, but for reals, I’m sure they’d love it there! It’s basically a science kinda place where you can do stuff like play games or test stuff, there’s a planetarium, heck, you can even get a picture of your face pressed on a coin or se what it’s like to be in a house when there’s an earthquake or ride a bike on a rope (it’s totally safe, trust me), the options are endless. It’s awesome there! There’s always like a different theme, it could be space, it could be a human being, it could be dinosaurs (it once was dinosaurs and there were like dino robots outside and it was SO RAD),it could be ANYTHING. If you ever come to Finland, you really HAVE to go there!! 10/10 would recommend!

    1 year ago
  8. I think a lot of people write a lot about Germany and Berlin so it*s hard not to suggest anything that other people already told. But like some said they should visit the German christmas market and do a sightseeing tour. I’m not from Berlin so I didn’t really know a lot about the good secret places in Berlin. (I would do that when I get the Tickets) So I would suggest if they have the time they should visit Münster (Muenster) it’s a city in the west. A lot of people call it Germanys city of bycicles. It’s not that famous but especially in winter it’s really nice because of the christmas markets. Also they should do a sightseeing tour on the bycicle. It’s all just what every tourist would do but it is still really nice things to do. Münster not as big as Berlin or Düsseldorf but it’s still a city with a lot of charms. But the most important thing is that I wish B1A4 a blast in Europe.
    Thanks Simon and Martina for do this giveaway.

    1 year ago
  9. 안녕하세요 ! Thank you for this awesome opportunity to win a B1A4 ticket !! :))
    I am so excited that our B1A4 oppas are coming to berlin. I want them to make some good memories here. So firstly, i would recommend some nice food places. The first word that comes to my mind is sausage. Everybody who visit Germany should at least try those famous german sausages. Therefore i know a delicious restaurant called ‘Hofbräu Berlin’ which has a big selection of typical german food and traditional beer. I also recommend them to try the best currywurst of berlin at ‘Currywurst 36’. Secondly, the boys should definitely visit the landmark of berlin the ‘Brandenburger Tor’ and museums like the ‘Berliner Dom’ or the most popular historical museum the ‘Pergamonmuseum’. But if they like to go shopping ‘Alexanderplatz’ and ‘Kurfürsten Damm’ are the best areas with many shops (especially tourists shop for little gifts). And because it’s already cold the boys should make sure to wear warm clothes and get ready to visit the christmas market at ‘Alexanderplatz’ it is a good place to eat/drink some yummy christmas snack/drinks or for playing funny games.
    There are so many nice places in berlin i wish they could visit them all.
    I hope our oppas will spend a good time here and also i hope to convince you to choose me ^^

    1 year ago
  10. I am so happy about this giveaway♡ My parents only allow me to go if I win, so I’ll try extra hard I guess. As they said in the video the mall and the food are really interesting, but they should visit some other places too. They should visit the curry wurst museum, möhringer damm with the best döner kebab and the seaworld center, which is pretty nice. Besides that there is a place called wonder waffle, they shouldn’t miss this one! And if they want to go to a good shopping place there’s LP12, Alexa or the mall of berlin. These are the best places for them besides sightseeing.

    1 year ago
  11. Thank you for that opportunity and I gonna take it and win! ㅋㅋㅋ At first I would suggest the famous typical German food: ‘Bratwurst’ it is soooo delicious. Also there is a market at Hackischer Markt where you can find delicious food like crepes, fruits, tradional food and ‘Apfelstrudel’ as Jinyoung mentioned: :D At Hackischer Markt there are also many boutiques or shops where the guys could really enjoy shopping :) Berlin is a city full of memories of the past, therefor there are many museums like ‘Deutsches Historisches Museum’. I went there once and it was pretty interesting! As for Baro’s interest I would go to ‘Kurfürstendamm’ and buy a lot of things that are football ralted, for example at the ‘Europa Center’ hahaha. On the Berlin Wall’s are many creative paintings and they should definitely check it out and take some pictures! Because B1A4 is coming in the winter season I suggest to go to the ‘Café Einstein Stammhaus’ and chill. :p
    I hope B1A4 will enjoy there stay in Germany!

    1 year ago
  12. Hey there!
    I’m from Germany and would really like to attend the concert in Berlin! Thanks for giving us this opportunity! :)
    I’m not from Berlin and come from a very small town, so if I were them I would definitely go and get a map of Berlin first. Then I recommend to just go around (you can also use the train system) and find some places you like. The most popular places might be cool, but it’s also really full, so you don’t always see something. But when you go around you can find so many cute little places, for example little boutiques and cafés, where the people also have more time, so you can definitely talk to them and they’ll teach you some German. I would really like to see the boys sitting in one of these little cafés! :)
    Ohhh: And they should definitely make sure to stop by my house on their way to Berlin, so I can also show them the more quiet side of Germany ;)
    I really hope to get this tickets and wish good luck to all the other people :) Korean bands in Germany are a rare thing after all! :D
    Have a nice day :)

    1 year ago
  13. If i would no live in Berlin i want to See the ,memorial to the murdered’ in Berlin because it Really Look interesting ore they Can See sights in the Night . Seeing sights in the Night is more Special. And Maybe they Can Eat a Currywurst and Drink a Beer During the Time.

    1 year ago
  14. Hi you all!
    Berlin is a super cool city and I really enjoyed living there!
    Of course the guys should look at all the typical sights for tourists, like my fellow Germans already talked about. The ‘Brandenburger Tor’, which is a famous gate in the middle of Berlin, the ‘Reichstag’, which is a political building thing or the ‘Siegessäule’ which is a column monument very close to the gate.
    But they should also go to the areas ‘Hackescher Markt’, ‘Friedrichshain’ or ‘Neukölln’! There are beer streets with tons of bars and restaurants to drink beer and enjoy the evening!
    Maybe they could also check out the German night clubs? It’s good, but sadly not as good as in Korea~
    For food I definitely recommend ‘Brägenwurst, Kassler, Grünkohl’. It’s a traditional dish we eat in fall/winter, which is basically meat, meat and Kraut. Oh yes, we Germans indeed are Krauts! You should definitely look it up ;)
    Or maybe the basic ‘Currywurst’?
    And although it’s not typical German, they should try ‘Döner Kebap’. Great Turkish fast food!
    Anyways, there is so much more! You can go shopping until your feet hurt, take a walk along the river (which is soo romantic at night) or eat multicultural food.
    Since K-Pop is getting really big in Germany I bet there will be a lot of fans recognizing them. I remember a time when no one even really knew Korea..what a big change!
    I hope they will enjoy their time here and maybe try on some German ‘Trachten’ or Lederhosen. Trousers made out of leather. They look so funny!
    Greetings from cold Germany,

    And good luck to all of us~!

    1 year ago
  15. What would be really funny is, if B1A4 would ask strangers on the streets of berlin to learn them some german or german expressions. They could also make this competition among themselves like the one they did in LA. Like fx. sing their songs in front of strangers. Of course their is also a lot of sightseings in Berlin. Or they could see the Museum Island or maybe just the Currywurst Museum xD
    Your “sweet girl”, Naja <3

    1 year ago
  16. City Tour for the small wallet !!!!!

    The 100 bus is a perfectly ordinary bus that drives past the main attractions of the German capital (including the State Opera, the Reichstag, Bellevue Palace, Museum Island). So you will get a sightseeing tour of Berlin for the price of a perfectly ordinary bus. And that is the compulsory program right behind you! Have fun. Perhaps fans among the passengers. :)

    1 year ago
  17. Hello Simon and Martina,
    It would be awesome if they (B1A4) wear the Trachter pants, since it’s a traditional clothing in Germany:) and I would recommend for them to eat Dampfnudel and Käsespetzle. Since, I don’t live near Berlin, I don’t know much about it… So those mentioned above were the only things that I thought about :D Oh and thank you for this awesome giveaway(?). Lots of Love from Germany.
    Your petite nasty,

    1 year ago
  18. Hello :)
    First of all I want to say Thank You. It´s a big Chance for all of us <3
    I don´t live near Berlin and so wasn´t there often, but you can visit there Madame Tussauds. It´s really great there <3 And since it´s Christmas Time you should visit the Market and drink some delicious Mulled Wine <3 <3
    Love you <3

    1 year ago
  19. Hi! :) First of all, thank you for this awesome chance given to the fans <3
    When B1A4 visits Germany, the should definitely be outside in Berlin at night! The streets will be filled with christmas lighters and other christmas stuff (such as christmas trees, stand-up santa clause figure and much more :D ). The atmosphere is just incredible.
    The christmas market is a great opportunity to eat delicious snacks, hang out with friends, maybe ice skate a little bit and look at all the different things some people sell at those tiny stands :)
    This are the first ideas that came to my mind (since I am a big christmas fan ^^)…
    Much love from Germany <3 ~

    1 year ago
  20. It’s awesome that B1A4 is coming to Helsinki! Here are some suggestions that would be interesting and fun to see and experience in Helsinki.

    * Senate Square: Senate Square and its surroundings form the oldest part of Helsinki. The Finland’s best known building, the beautiful Helsinki Cathedral, is also located in Senate Square.

    *Uspenskin Cathedral: Uspenskin Cathedral is another beautiful church which is worth visiting.

    * Helsinki Zoo: Helsinki Zoo is located in an island called Koreasaari and there can be seen a lot of cute animals from all around the world. For example Eurasian brown bear, Amur leopard and European forest reindeer.

    * Fortress of Suomenlinna

    * Old Market Hall

    * Food: Leipäjuusto(bread cheese), mustamakkara(blood sausage) served with lingorberry jam, poronkäristys (Sautéed reindeer), korvapuusti (cinnamon buns) and karjalanpiirakka (rice pies). Because the Christmas is coming it would be maybe also nice to taste some Christmas food like piparkakku(gingerbread cookies), joulutorttu (“Christmas tart”) and glögi.

    I hope B1A4 will have a good time in Finland!

    1 year ago
    • Oh, I forgot to mention art museum Ateneum, where you can see well-known Finnish paintings, and Sauna! :)

      1 year ago
  21. Hello~ First, thanks to EYK for giving us this big chance ♥

    I live in germany but I’m not from Berlin, so maybe I dont know as many places as my fellow BANA’s who live in Berlin.
    Everyone knows these popular places in Berlin, so I will tell other ones, which I know :)
    ‘Oberbaumbrücke’. There you can shot very nice photos *-*
    ‘Spree’. There is really a nice view, please you should go there :)
    And the ‘Jewish memorial’ because it has an important part in german history.
    And if you have enough rest time, I will tell you to go outside at night and eat drink eat drink eat drink xD Since its winter time, the streets will be filled up with nice lighters so you can spend time with eachother while enjoying the best winter atmosphere in germany.
    Although its winter, you will feel really warmed up, I guarantee :))
    Because of germany is an integrative country, you should visit different culture’s restaurants and really try different foods from other countries :) Germany will give you a big chance for this ^^
    Please have a good time in Berlin and dont forget to take lots of photos while exploring Berlin ♥
    And maybe you can make a Berlin-Photo-Diary and name it “Our Berlin Adventure ♥”

    Hope to see you soon~

    Big loves from Germany ♥

    1 year ago
  22. Firstly thank you Simon and Martina of this wonderful opportunity and for the amazing videos that you have made.

    Since B1A4 are coming to Finland around Christmas time they should definitely taste a Finnish Christmas pastry called “joulutorttu”, Christmas tart. It’s deliciousness in a shape of a star that combines puff pastry and prune jam.
    To complete the taste experience they should have some hot “glögi” with peeled almonds and raisins. Glögi is traditional drink during winter especially around Christmas.

    And a must place to visit is the hometown of Santa Claus, the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. Buy if the only interest is to meet 산타 할아버지 then I suggest to visit at Helsinki Christmas market. Which is much closer than Rovaniemi. ;)

    1 year ago
  23. (In berlin, germany btw)

    1 year ago
  24. They should ride this beer bicycle or drive with the party bus and pick fans up

    1 year ago
  25. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.
    (Sorry my bad English)

    I know B1A4 won’t have that much time before and after the concert.

    So in Finland, When they come ofcourse they are going to see Finland’s views when they are in the car haha.
    The hotel they stay they should go relax to sauna after hard working day + It’s really cold.
    They should eat Finnish traditional foods like Poronkäristys, Makkara/Mustamakkara, Lihapullat ja muussi, anything Finnish food they can get. And ofcourse if they can eat candy, they should try.. Salmiakki, Fazer chocolate, Moomin candy, etc.. Finnish candy what they can easily get from somewhere.
    Also they should walk in streets and see Finland’s life.

    Ps. Spudgy My Dog likes to listen to B1A4. It’s our favorite group

    1 year ago
  26. Hello guys :)
    When B1A4 visit Finland it would be nice to them to visit some nice and not stessful places. There are of course a lot to do in Finland but I tried to just think about things in Helsinki, actually I’m not from Helsinki but I visit there a lot.
    So first there are two shopping centers Kamppi and Forum, where they could do some shoping if they want too. Actually there is a very good cafe in Forum named Fazer Cafe with much of delicious things and would also be worth a visit.
    There are also museums like th National museum of Finland, I think it’s a good place, it’s at least a peaceful place if nothing else.
    The Esplanade Park is a beautiful places too, but here is kind of cold in Finland so I think nobody wants to stand outside for a long time.
    And it would actually be funny if B1A4 would taste some Salmiakki. :)
    Also a big thank you for this amazing event!

    1 year ago
  27. Dear B1A4, you should visit Madrid and explore some famous landmarks like “Royal Palace”(Palacio Real), “Puerta del Sol” Madrid’s most famous and most central square, and “Plaza Mayor” Madrid’s main square located right in the centre of the city, “Plaza de Cibeles” central square where Real Madrid celebrates championship wins, walk and shop at “Gran Vía” Madrid’s most famous street. You should eat at the world’s oldest Restaurant which is the “Restaurante sobrino de Botín” try Madrid’s famous “Tortilla de Patata” try some “Tapas” try “chocolate con churros”. Watch a “Flamenco” dance, see a “BullFight”, take an “open-topped bus tour” to see the most important sights and monuments in under 2 hours, and visit “Santiago Bernabéu Stadium” which owned by Real Madrid Club de Fútbol and you guys should watch them Play live. I’m really sure that Baro will enjoy it! I think I shared most of the stuff you should do while you’re in Madrid. Go to Barcelona too and Visit “Sagrada Família” .. And yes! Try my Fave “Oreja a la plancha” or “pan-seared ear” It’s really good! You must try it. I hope this will help.

    1 year ago
  28. No one talked about Madrid? Well, ahem..
    Hello, am actually from Morocco and I’ve been to Spain so many times I can’t even count them anymore.
    Place to visit in Madrid, there is one place, one team and three words: Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The temple of the best football (soccer) club in history. It’s the best place you could be: and you could even be blessed by the heavens and attend a league match if the home team is playing. Did you notice am a football nut? Yeah, well…
    Beside that, Madrid is a beautiful city with lot of history and places (Cibeles, Retiro Park,..) to go and very good food, and I mean amazing food.

    1 year ago
  29. We do have a huge christmas market at alexanderplatz but i wouldn’t recommend it since you can get easily lost. Rather go to a smaller one like at gendarmenmarkt which is very pretty and nearby an opera/philharmonie. Berlin is really famous for their operas. It’s really nice to ice-skate outside too. The christmas market at Potsdamer Platz has a small one which almost no one knows about. Tehee~ As for tourist spots, never miss out on Brandenburg Gate. Historic wise, it’s enough to walk around checkpoint charlie, there are many descriptions in english as well! But might be a little cold in december.
    Foodwise, they should go to a typical german restaurant and definetely drink beer from tab or Berliner Weisse green or red which you get only in Germany I think.. They should try the original Kebap from Hasir or a Burger since Burgers are really popular right now! Sweets are good, Haribo has a lot of stuff, not only Goldbären. Going to a footballmatch is nice too, avoid the VIP Lounge tho, it’s much nicer screaming together with strangers.
    I’d really love it if they could enjoy Berlin as much as I love living here.

    1 year ago
  30. Since I’m not in Europe I have no chance of winning the tickets but I did want to add that literally the whole reason I fell in love with this site and the whole EYK family was Music Mondays. Ever since it stopped being a weekly update I’m sad to say I hardly check in anymore on the site. Every week I would be so excited to see what video was picked and hear your thoughts and interpretations on the video and concept. Although you still do the WANKS and TLDRS which I enjoy, they aren’t posted as regularly anymore. I understand things have grown and you guys are super busy traveling and growing your business but I miss the good ole days. I miss the weekly Music, WANKS and TLDRS. I miss you old school EYK. haha

    1 year ago
  31. Hallo guys
    Sooo first of all thank you for giving us this great chance !
    In my opinion the Christmas market in Berlin is a must see or rather a must eat ! There’s a hella lot of super delicious food and I don’t want to sound weird but it smells amazing there with all the spices from the food and drinks. Some other popular sight seeing places are the Berliner Mauer and the Alexander platz. Oh and of course the should try some german food like bratwurst and german beer and milka chocolate which is basically just chocolate BUT it’s super yummy ლ(◉◞౪◟◉ლ)
    But even if they don’t to any of these things they should have a pretty fun time here because there are some really talented street artists in the city.
    That’s it have a nice day !

    1 year ago
  32. Ah, this is dream coming true.
    Unfortunetly I´m not from Berlin (I´m from Czech Republic), but I wish so much to be able to se them there. But anyway I have been in Berlin a few times, and I can say that literally everyone will find a reason to lose this city. The art, sights, museums and of course food, which is super delicious out there. But the thing they just have to visit are the Christmas markets, I heve never experienced more “christmasy” vibes.
    I just trully hope that this won´t be theirs last Europian tour and that will enjoy their time in each country and also will have tome to relax.
    Thank you so much for this opurtunity to be a step closer to them:)

    1 year ago
  33. Hey there!
    So when B1A4 is in Germany I think they should visit the Christmas Market in Berlin where you can eat tons of food. Like German sausage, candy almonds, “Mutzen” which are little fried cakes with powder sugar on it and you can drink “Glühwein”, it’s hot sweet wine and very yummy! You can also visit the “Brandenburger Tor” which is a very beautiful, famous and charming place for tourists. The Lustgarten is a very nice place too! When it’s a little warmer outside you can sit on the ground from the Lustgarten and look to the Berliner Dom which is a famous and beautiful church. Of course you need to visit the world clock on the Alexanderplatz. It’s a historic place where the people made parades until the middle of the 19th century. The “political side” of Berlin is the “Reichstag” or “Bundestag” where the politicians talking about the future from Germany/Europe and other problems. You can also walk up above the building and have another perspective of Berlin. It’s very cold above but the view is priceless! When the boys like animals a lot the can go to the zoo in Berlin too! All these attractions are only in Berlin but Germany is a very beautiful and charming country the boys from B1A4 should get to know!
    I’m very thankful that the boys are coming to Germany and I hope to see them in Berlin!
    Love Mynni.
    P.S. Of course there are very famous pubs in Berlin, maybe they want to drink beer ;)

    1 year ago
  34. There’s sooo much to do in Berlin!! Honestly, I’ve never been. But it’s always been a dream of mine to visit Germany. I think their castles are so beautiful. Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin is absolutely gorgeous and every December, there’s a huge Christmas market! It’s so lovely and looks so fun. B1A4 should experience it!

    1 year ago
  35. Hello,
    I read in many comments here that B1A4 should do sightseeing in Berlin. Of course it’s interesting to see those and Berlin has many of them but it can be stressful for the members of B1A4, because they must wait too long to visit them, e.g. the TV tower and they have a full schedule I think.
    So I thought about it. I think it would be funny for them if they visit the zoo in Berlin and take crazy pictures with the animals living there. Another point is, I would love it if they do it, is that they see our beautiful nature here in Germany for example the woods and hills, so they can calm down and enjoy the days in Germany peaceful. And in the evening they can visit a typical german restaurant and eat “Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut” and drink german “Bier”(bear).
    It is their decision what they do here in Germany but the most important thing for me is that B1A4 enjoys their days!!! And I hope they will come healthy back to Korea!!!

    It would be an emotional moment when I could win the tickets and the concert will be full of emotions too. I really hope I can go there through this here but if it is not possible because I don’t win I want to say thank you for this act here and giving some people nevertheless the possibility to go to the concert!!!
    Thanks too to Kinetic Vibe who are really nice and try to help where they can!!!

    Yasmine KimSeok :)

    1 year ago
  36. Honestly, I’m not german and I live in Poland, but I’d recommend Berlin to everyone, esp. if You like typical urban city where is a cultural diversity and You can feel freedom.
    The members of B1A4 should see tv tower which looks similar to Namsan Tower, maybe it’s a little bigger. The view of the city from there is amazing. The most important point to visit is Berlin Wall Memorial. It cointains history of Germany and also it has part of modernity ( graffitti, street art etc. ). This place commemorates acts of people, it’s so symbolic, but everyone can relate to this.
    If you looking for nightlife of Berlin, you can check any u-bahn (metro) stations, esp in Kreuzberg where you can dancing and listening music there. It may sounds ridiculous but that looks like fun in Berlin, the city of hipsters, trendsetting individuals and artists, so it’s also for you, Bilasa! :)
    Finally,thanks guys for doing this oppurtunity. It’s a big chance for fans and big chance for B1A4 who would meet European fans;) it’s nice to see EYK wants support them. ^^
    Greets from Poland!
    btw. Spudgy is so happy with Bilasa’s members awww cute!:B

    1 year ago
  37. HII!! Here is Ilayda! I live in Germany and really wanna go to the concert! >.< I was so thankful to u guys when you said that you will give tickets away!! I am following you on Facebook so I got informed.

    So B1A4 should visit the colourful berlin wall,while eating pretzel and drinking german beer! :D They also should try Döner Kebab (it´s veeeeery popular here in Berlin and around Germany). I would also like to see them walking in santa claus costumes in the christmas market by Alexanderplatz( popular place in Berlin). Not to forget to mention a sightseeing tour through Berlin with the sightseeing bus! They should also try Berlins sweetest candy HARIBO´s!

    There are a lot of more to do in Berlin,but these should be their main experiences in Berlin! I really would like to see the concert! Thank you :3

    Ilaydaaaaa :DDD

    1 year ago
  38. They should definitely visit the Weihnachtsmarkt in Nürnberg
    It’s the most visited Christmas market in the world.
    There is so much to see. There is so much food, many souvenirs and many other great things.

    1 year ago
  39. B1A4 in germany is LIFE!
    I’m sooo happy that finally a Kpop group is making it’s way to Germany, because I feel like groups don’t come here that often and it makes it harder for german or european fans in genreal to attend a concert… And thank you SO MUCH for giving us nastys the chance to win a ticket :D
    As for what B1A4 can do here in Germany… well there isn’t very much to be honest ;D
    Since they are coming to Berlin, they can visite the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) and enjoy the amazing view. They can also go and see the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Cathedral, the Berlin wall, or the Alexanderplatz ^^
    As far as food is concerned, the can try (ONLY IF THEY WANT TO) something calles Blutwurst, wich can be translated to blood sausage… ._. I am not sure if that is a good idea, but hey it’s german xD
    So yeah, they can also visite some fun amusement parks and eat deluicious (normal) food ^-^
    I hope this helps, and thanks again for this opportunity

    1 year ago
  40. I’d love to see b1a4 in Berlin but sadly I’m not able to go because I don’t get allowance and so I don’t have moneyㅠㅠ Anyways, I would recommend them to visit the “Bundestag” it is the Government House of Germany and it’s really interesting cause it is the same building as when the Russian soldiers conquered the “Reichstag” so you can see their the Grafitti which they left at that time there even though the building is very modern. Secondly, I want to recommend to walk along the Berlin Wall. You can see really interesting art on it. Then you can go visit the tv tower and get to see the beautiful skyline of Berlin. Also, they can visit “Madame Tussauds”. It is a waxworks. And their is a place called “tropical island”. It is a swimming pool in a tropical rainforest style. Lastly, they have to go to the Alexander Platz and see the “Brandenburger Tor” and the “Siegessäule” and while they are close to the Holocaust memorial they should visit it too. Of course you have to eat something and when they get hungry they should eat “currywurst” or “Döner” and drink lots of beer. :D

    1 year ago
  41. I was sad that B1A4 weren’t coming to London until this post! Having to pay for a flight, a place to stay on top of the concert tickets was too much for a student but this opportunity came along!

    When B1A4 come to Madrid, I hope they can visit the Real Madrid stadium and the breathtakingly beautiful churches. I hope they can appreciate the multi-culturalism of Madrid, as I was able to find a monument of my mother country’s (the Philippines) national hero – José Rizal.

    In addition, I would like to see B1A4’s shock at the culture difference when people exchange cheek kisses as easily as hugs when they meet! This is because I was taken back too, when I first met my cousins friends and they all just kissed me on the cheek one by one!

    My relatives in Madrid made us some beautiful paella filled with delicious, fresh seafood that I just know B1A4 will fall in love with! It sounds near impossible but it would be nice if this happened!

    Although, I wouldn’t mind winning a ticket to Germany or Poland and hope that I can explore the country with B1A4.

    Thank-you, once again, for this opportunity!

    1 year ago
  42. So nice *-*

    Germany? There’s much you can See…
    You can’t See that country in a few days.
    But, the Mountains, i mean the German Mountains and the food there :) it’s beautiful.

    But also… In Germany there is a Park. “Europa-park” i like it. It is a big fun to go there with friends.

    Or visit a special festival.
    But eating weißwurst and a Breze is a option too :) der is so man you can Do… I can’t sag special things :) they should See that themselves ;3

    1 year ago
  43. I think they should watch the “berliner mauer” it’s a piece of history during the ddr -periode and the madame clausseau(sry if its wrong) its an wax-museum about other famous actor,singer and the queen itself.

    1 year ago
  44. The first thing they should do 8n germany is eat Döner (it is turkish but oh well XD) and of course currywurst and also i want them to experience the business of berlin and basically feel the city so this might he simple but maybe they could just walk around late at night and walk into any interesting shop they see and experience the real berlin not the tourist berlin

    1 year ago
  45. So the first thing you should do in Germany is eating german food and drink german beer. And they should go visiting the Alex ( the tv tower). It’s really high and you have a really great view around berlin :-)
    And then they should visit the Brandenburger Tor. And maybe they should go shopping in Berlin.
    I was so excited to hear that B1A4 is coming to Berlin because when most kpop stars announce that they will do a world tour they don’t come to Germany . So I hope that I’ll will win a ticket for berlin, so I can see them

    1 year ago
  46. Well the best thing to do in Germany is obviously enjoying the bar life and drink fresh german beer. Or especially our Döner – a real one not the sad korean version :D.
    Also they should try german sweets because they are so different from korean snacks. And they should enjoy the different feel you get in Berlin – the freedoom, nice people and the multi culture life

    1 year ago
  47. WAAAHHH, so excitied!! Finally B1A4 and eatyourkimchi are meeting each other AND B1A4 were able to meet the glorious Spudgy!!! >_<
    Because I live in Germany, I'd recommend them to eat "curry wurst" and "Döner Kebab". Also if they want to, they can try Bratwurst and Sauerkraut. I'd like to see them react to that :D If they like more sweet things then a "Berliner" (kind of a jelly filled donut), because well, they ARE in BERLIN, right? Get it? ;D OHH, and also Kinder eggs. Because they are great and have toys in them *-*
    On the sightseeing side I'd recommend the "Berliner Fernsehturm"(TV tower). Up there, they'll have a great view over Berlin and they can take pictures up there^^ If it's too high for them, they can visit the dome of the "Reichstag" Building. It has an awesome roof terrace and they can see the parliamentary and government district and Berlin’s sights.
    I don't live in Berlin but I'd recommend the things I mentioned above for B1A4 to do in Berlin if they don't have much time. Also, if they want to rest, there are many lovely cafés in Berlin. I'm sorry if my english sounds a little bit weird but I'm super happy that B1A4 is coming to europe, and I'm especially happy that they'll come to Germany ^o^)/
    So thank you very much for doing this giveaway and supporting B1A4. You guys are awesome!!

    1 year ago
  48. Hello :)
    I would love to win a ticket for the Berlin Concert! Since I am short on money I can’t buy it…
    Even if they come to Berlin I would like B1A4 to visit Cologne. There they could visit the Dom or chill out at the Rheinpark!!! The Chocolate Museum is very cool as well ^_^ Since Karneval season has just started on the 11.11 it would be fun to see them in crazy costumes ㅋㅋㅋ
    In Berlin they should 100% visit the Brandenburg Gate or enjoy a meal in the Television Tower Dome.
    Lots of Love from Germany

    1 year ago
  49. B1a4 should visit in Berlin the famous museums, the great restaurants (with courts like Klöße, Schnitzel and Bratwurt! And of course they should drink an fresh beer!) and go to the TV tower! I hope they will like Berlin and Germany so they can come here much often. B1A4 fighting! I hope I can see you ><

    1 year ago
  50. The excitement of realising B1A4 are coming to Europe followed by the crushing defeat they are not coming to my country, followed by the happy realisation it’s OK they are close enough that I can probably travel to see them followed by the sorrow they have picked the week my amazing best friend is donating a kidney and I’ll be looking after her during her recovery. Here’s hoping that they come back soon, pick my country and I am lucky enough to see them next time. Until then I shall go back to the complete joy of singing Beautiful Target at the top of my voice (and very out of tune) to my husband whilst I cook our dinner on an evening.

    1 year ago