I’m not really sure what we can write about this. For starters, it’s a Spudgy video! Yay for that! It’s not really a fully produced video on our end, so it’s perfect for our Open the Happy channel where we post random videos. Thirdly, it’s rather odd. Not sure what got into Spudgy, but he hates this yodelling pickle. Not sure if it’s the yodel that drives him crazy, or just the pitch of the voice recording, but he hunts it down whenever he hears it. This is the first time he tried to hump it, though. I don’t think that’s a common habit for dogs, is it?

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this random video. Viva La Spudgy!

  1. I own a yodeling pickle and i hate that thing as much as spudgy hates it. Was given to me as a birthday gift along with the insulting paret. I keep stuffed on top of my book cases far away from me XI. Spudy we can kill the yodeling pickle together its okay :3

  2. Its so funny on how he dont like pickle but still go on the hunt for it lol :)

  3. This is gold! So guys learn from Spudgy do not make war, make love! Yeah, Baby!

  4. I love his cute wiggling blue butt! SPUDGGGGGY!

  5. My dog used to go insane every time we would wind up this portable radio/flashlight. She just needed to hear it being wound up and would fly across the house. ^^

  6. Spudgy found a new girl friend…. LOL

  7. Hahaha just got back from a dinner outing with my friends where we were discussing how to kidnap Spudgy when they go to Korea. And here you release a new Spudgy video – hahahaha don’t be surprised if he disappears on you one day. Seriously. ;p

  8. I think Spudgy’s humping the teddy bear pillow instead of the pickle. LOL.
    oh and btw, Spudgy’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FLUFFEHHHH!!!!

  9. again, spudgy just made me die of cuteness!

  10. you know what would be funny. getting a camera mounted on Spudgy (like a GoPro) so every once in a while in your vids you can activate SPUGYCAM for his point of view haha. i have no idea why i thought of this or how this could be at all relevant to your videos or for science. just blabbin away here

  11. LOL i want a spudgy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but no thats not common haha maybe he thinks of it as some wierd mating call LOL ok maybe not.

  12. I think he rather loves the pickle, like a “Who are you? I want to get to know you” kind of like :’D

  13. Hahah ^^ He’s sooo cute ^^ my dog doesn’t hear too well, so she probably wouldn’t motice.But she knows we know she can’t hear ^^ so when she could no longer pretend that she don’t understand our gestures towards door, she started to cover her eyes when she thins we are going to send her outside…

  14. Isn’t humping things sometimes a dog domination move? He’s had it with the pickle moving around the room and yodeling. Pickles don’t yodel and Spudgy is going to teach it a lesson! Subdue the pickle!

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