Ok, this is a sucky WANK this week, we know. We know that people have been asking us to do more Spudgy movies, especially since we’ve been doing so many movies of Dr. Meemersworth – one of which is going viral – so we tried to set up a Spudgy Cam.

We got a GoPro Hero 2, primarily because we want to be able to shoot video in places where we can’t take our DSLR, like on the Rides at Lotte World, but also because we wanted to set up a Spudgy Walks segment. Well, not a regular segment, but – from time to time – we think it’ll be cool to see Korea through Spudgy’s eyes. You always see us frolicking around Korea and giving our thoughts on it, but a Spudgy Walk cam can just show you regular, everyday life in Korea.

Though the footage is still shaky (we’re working on ways to stabilize the camera) you see some things that are quite cool, we think. McDonalds delivery scooters driving on the sidewalks and not the road, a group of school children stopping to look at the Spudgy, the streets lined with parked cars, the apartment security guards walking around the buildings (who, please notice, we speak to – though you can’t hear it – in Korean), and just small snippets of regular every life around here.

And, as an added bonus, our dog is cute. So…that makes this video awesome.

We’ll keep on working on improving the harness & camera combination, and hopefully we’ll be able to get some cool footage of Spudgy’s Adventures in Korea!

*edit* People have been asking for the Spudgy song and him singing…so, here it is!

  1. You guys have the most adorable sound track!!


  3. now time for a dr.memmersworth version!!!!!!!!!! lol

  4. I’m making a double poooooooooooooooooo!!!

  5. SPANK #2: Spudgy walks in Seoul!

  6. spudgy you’re soooo cute !!!!! I mean … Martina … You’re awesome … <3 xD love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Making a poos like a Spudgy and Making a double poos like a Spudgy

  8. OMG this made me LOL soo hard, but yaaah it was a bit shakey…. (:

  9. Wow.

    Just, wow.

    After not having the nets for about a week and being so behind on everything, I came to get my dose of the kimchi and found this glory.


    The laughs.. So many… Double poos ftw! XD

    Simon and Martina… 사랑한다~~<3333

  10. I wonder if Dr. Meemersworth would be of the walking persuasion, I know that a minority of cats enjoy walks, maybe if you introduce it to her early she’ll have an outdoor way to release her Crazies!  My cat just acts like I’m leading him to the stew pot when we thought maybe he wouldn’t mind being walked on a leash…   

  11. “Oh God children are coming. Act busy. Don’t look ‘em in the eye.” lolol…where’s the song download? =)

  12. Hi Simon and Martina :) 

    What kind of software you use for your website ? Cause I know that iweb doesn’t work anymore.


  13. Awesome SPANK. Its really cool to see things from a Spudgy point of view.

    And I didn’t know Spudgy is a dog of many talents. He can sing, hum, double poop, has cat allies, make his mum pick up his poop after him. I wonder what next…

  14. spudgy theme music makes me dance around (like a happy spudgy).. can you guys upload the video for spudgy theme?? pretty please?? *shining eyes*

  15. Guise, I LOVE this so very very very much! Thank you for making me laugh so much I fell off my couch. No really, I did :( I have been singing the Spudgy song for two days now!!!!

  16. I’ve only seen about 10 seconds of this video and i’m already cracking up over Martina…I mean Spudgy! singing along to the opening song! hahahaha

  17. wow! Is that meemers? She’s getting bigger! still really cute. HAHAH Love the SPANK!

  18. having a blah day..watched spudgy and all better :) AAAAGGGAAAAIIINNNNN LOL

  19.  PS. I totally love the background music!

  20. It’s really really really cute! I would totally enjoy it more if it wasn’t so shaky though. It sort of gives me the same feeling as carsick after watching it :P

  21. Heyyy please please please U have to review the new GDRAGON MV s freaking awesome

  22. Thank you guys for opening the happy for me today, even if it’s a WANK video hahaha

    This Spudgy sight is awesome. I looked at the floor on the sidewalks and was “oh if in São Paulo was the same way” (here you almost can’t find a non-bumpy one).
    But in the beggining of the video I imagined you guys singing the song and you must have loled so much while recording it hahahahaha
    Thanks again! ^^

  23. vaxanne

    Soon, Dr. Meemersworth will take her first stride into the big wide world out there. I’d like to suggest naming her wanks as ‘MWAK’ or MWANK thought the former was cuter as a kiss

  24. Yay da spudgey!! He he um Martina is that spudgeys double poos in that blue bag?? Are there no bins in the street? Just thinking yuck having to carry into a coffee shop let alone have it with you :P

  25. oh…that was soooooo funny I love the background music so much

    if Dr. Meemersworth ever does a vid, I’ll be expecting a lot of mathematics in launch trajectory of kitties :D

  27. You made a double double, double double combo.

    Good job Spudgy!

  28. ohhh, lovely video! Great idea guys!  Totally agree with everyone, love Spudgy’s singing through entire video :) made my Friday morning really fun <3

  29. Hahahah was awesome,, I love it!!!!! Spudgy singing all the time was great…. 

  30. this is literally the CUTEST video with the CUTEST audio lolz :)))

  31. The Sudgy theme music killed me.  lol

  32. The Spudgy theme music killed me.  I love it.  lol

  33. This video made me want to speak dog and cat. 

  34. This was the best thing ever.

  35. At around 0:57 when the Spudgy is trying to look busy because of the approaching kids, the camera gets a shot of what looks to be a coin near the wall.  Spudgy needs to start collecting these for his post-SPANK doggie treats!

  36. Was the camera spinning from front to back on its own or did you just turn it at your own will? I love the shot of Meemersworth greeting him when Spudgy got back inside. Nice to see they are getting along so well.

  37. NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA CUTENESS OVERDOOOOOOSEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. aww! this was the best thing ever! ^_^

  39. Way to cute, adorable!!! Grossed out about the poo bag but other than that loved it :)

  40. This is too cute! Great idea guys. ^_^

  41. Guise, if you use Adobe After Effects, check out the Warp Stabilizer feature in CS5.5. IT’S DA BOMB! You hardly have to do anything! Does take AGES to process and export, though the results and time saved fiddling mean it’s so worth it.

  42. Who was holding the camera in ‘A Day in a Life in Korea’?

  43. i love the part when it said, “I made two poos!” it was so cute and funny

  44. irritablevowel

    The singing is what made it extra awesome.  As awesome as double poo.

  45. MCDONALD’S DELIVERS IN KOREA?!?! Ok that’s my future home no doubts ^^

  46. SPANKING in Korea: the double-poo edition

  47. one time my dog Arong (아롱) made his poos without out stopping as he was climbing up subway exit steps.   It was impressive…   https://www.facebook.com/arongthedog

  48. lol cute
    i really liked it! more SPANKs please

  49. AWE-somenesss!!! Glad y’all finally did this!! I liked it when Dr. Meemersworth asked if she could go. ^w^ <3 

  50. wow. how did you record this video? :O

  51. LOL that was hilarious! XD the spudgy voice was absolutely awesome! probably one of the few reasons why i would watch the video fully without being bored x)

  52. LOL pure awesomeness!!!

  53. haha the singing & commentary was hilarious!

  54. martina why was your feet so dirty? was the sidewalk really dusty or something?

  55. Best WANK ever! I love the Spudgy song in the background. And his dialogue in the video. Super super awesome! I can’t wait for more SPANKs!!!!!

    totally great idea <3

  57. They did mention in one of their videos (TL;DR, pig or cow fat story) that there are no trash cans in Korea or that there aren’t many trash cans(?) I don’t really remember… 

  58. Wouldn’t this more properly be called a “SWANK”?

  59. why didnt martina throw out spudgys poos right after?

  60. Couldn’t find somewhere to throw the poo out before going into the coffee shop? lol

  61. Wonder what type of ads youtube will display with Spank videos?

    Spanks are better then Wanks

  62. I couldn’t help but ROFL every time Spudgy would mention the double poos!! loolololool

  63. possibly one of the most cute video i’ve ever saw

  64. OK HOLD ON!!

    I’m going on record that this was SOOO my idea to try this haha!

  65. nessa yam

    that was so cute!!! Was the camera strapped to Spudgy’s back or something?

  66. I thought it was interesting and cute, not stupid. :) I wonder if it would work well on Meemersworth, when she gets bigger of course, or if she is too wiggly.   

  67. Bestest video ever!! I love Spudgy hes so cute and the hes humming. Now Im humming that song all the time xD Newt time do Spydgy in the park. What kind of camera you used in that video btw?

  68. but i have a stupid question: Martina, you held on to Spudgy’s “blue bag” from beginning to end~~is there no trash can to drop it in after he goes?  So, you mean to say, you have to hold his poo at the coffee shop and with food in your hand and all?  ick?  or is it just normal in Korea?

  69. Spudgy sings to the music the same way i do!  (hey, it’s only sad if i am the only one!)  that was the best use of 4 minutes and 48 seconds of my work day thus far.  awesomes.

  70. Keep up the Spudgy cam! Seeing clips like these are awesome, not just because well… we get Spudgy’s point of view (literally), but also because you get the familiar feeling of a walk in Korea. 

    But yeah, I hope you do get a steadier cam, because it was a little shaky, and I kept thinking “please, don’t fall of the maester Spudge”. How did you strap it on? I’m just curious, since my brother created a video a while back with him driving through our city in his moblility scooter, which was an awesome clip because it caught so much happening in it. And, the fact that he showed it to me in double speed with Mario music in the bckground added to its awesomeness. 

    But that camera did fall off, which is why I’m so curious as Spudgy is not a lifeless mobility scooter, but a very cute (and fluffy) dog.

  71. I was literally giggling for this whole video. I love SPANK! Can’t wait for more :P

  72. That was really great. You guise don’t talk much anymore about your Korean language journey or how that’s going or if you even still study since it doesn’t seem necessary or a big part of life for you two now that youtube is the source of income. So, it’s nice that you mentioned it here and it’s obvious from that tidbit that Korean is still important to you:) 

  73. I keep forgetting that you guys are behind the Spudgy voice XD

  74. Aww! This is so much fun to watch ^__^

  75. know what would be great, a video of the spudgy hanging out with his friends, loved that dog/cat convo you did!  or a meemers/spudgy convo vid

  76. love the cats and how they love spudgy, specialy meemers

  77. Look up methods on how to create a camera stabilizer for an iphone…in fact I think freddie wong did a video where they put an iphone on a kite and cradled the phone in an interesting rope contraption. might work for Spudgy

    here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNpsBYRFM1Q


  79. The Spudgy BGM is AWESOME!!  lolol!!

  80. This isn’t lame or stupid. I actually quite love thiss!

  81. I made DOUBLE POOs!!!!! -holyshitidiedthere-
    That was one of you best WANKS ( or should I say SPANKS ) ever, especially with the Spudgy BGM.
    Where was that camera attached to?

  82. I LOVED THE VOICE OVER TO THE MUSIC. It was super cute :D

  83. so lovely and the bg music is way too adorable <3

  84. Aaawwww, that’s just too cute! Loved the part with Meemers! xD

  85. hahaha que genial!! ame la musiquita de fondo! XD!!! spudgy you are the best! :D

  86. That was so cuuuute! :D And Meemers at the end haha

  87. LOL half of the video:Spudgy’s wagging tail! XDD

  88. omg how did you guys go about strapping the camera? Did you put it on the leash? Must have taken a lot of effort to film the whole thing ahhaha

  89. Kimmicci

    SO CUTE!!!!! gosh humans are so tall… even the tiny koreans are TALL! Man Simon must look like a GIANT to spudgy!!! 

  90. That pitches A LOT! Guise, don’t watch it with a hangover!

  91. WONDERFUL ideas…even this is more creative than yours ideas in kpop music monday. It’s just wonderful m/ By the way, i’m from vietnam

  92. Good for you Spudgy for making double poos!

  93. what kind of dog is spudgy????

  94. cuteness overload :) period.

  95. That was cute!  Love how Spudgy sang along with the music.

  96. Almost squealed out loud with excitement when I saw this on my youtube home page! (I’m at work so that would be bad..) So excited to watch it !

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