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Spudgy’s New Dog Mohawk

May 15, 2011


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A while ago on our Facebook page we asked you what color you think we should dye Spudgy. We needed your help in answering that question. We were at loggerheads ourselves. Simon wanted to keep him green, because that’s how Spudgy became so awesome. Martina wanted to try something new with blue. Simon argued that dragons are green, and that if Spudgy was no longer green he’d be forsaking his dragon age origins. Martina counter-argued that dragons can be blue as well. We clearly couldn’t figure this out on our own.

Well, the results are in. You chose blue! Surprisingly, you chose red above green as well! So, we followed through with our promise to stay true to your requests, and we just dyed his hair blue on Friday. SWEET!

Dog Mohawk

Before and after pictures of Spudgy and his new Dog Mohawk

We got it done at Mari Animal Hospital, who we did a video for a long time ago. Wow, has their place ever changed! They’ve got two stories to their building now, rather than one, and they hired another vet who’s totally fluent in English. We love the people at Mari, and we thank those of you who went there with your pets and told them that we sent you there. Yay!

Anyhow, we made a video of the whole Dog Mohawk process. We set up the intervalometer to shoot a video of the whole thing. The process took roughly two hours, but we condensed it into under two minutes and put it online. The whole dog mohawk process cost 70,000 won, all included, which is little over $60 from back home for us. Isn’t that…ridiculously cheap? Don’t dog groomers usually charge a lot more? And this was including dye. Weird. The cost of living in Korea is just so awesome sometimes…just not for groceries. Other things though, really cheap: just not groceries.

Also, good news for Spudgy: the vets said that he doesn’t have to be on a diet anymore, so hopefully he won’t be tearing through our garbage! Woohoo! Oh, and one last thing: we’ve only got a few more Spudgy shirts left, so make sure you pick one up while you stil can. Viva la Spudgy!



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