We were surprised our first summer here when we saw Korean dogs with really cool haircuts and bright hair dye. We’ve seen lots of dogs in Canada, but never have we seen any dogs as fashionable as a Korean dog. We knew that we’d have to make Spudgy feel at home here, and, luckily, with Spudgy we had the perfect canvas. His hair is white, and by the end of the winter it was excessively long. We can cut and style it as we wish! What’s Spudgy’s new dew look like?  As well, for those of you who view us on your iPod, we’re exporting our videos in a new format that should be iPod compatible. Let us know if it works!


    Be careful Martina! You might wake up one morning and discover that spudgy has dyed your hair yellow :D

  2. Has Spudgy ever been to Canada? Are there rules like in Canada that you need to take the dogs out for a walk and the owner has to pick up after their dogs, and so forth?

  3. spudgy needs a redo he looks really bad now no offense i liked when it look new and bright not faded i'd like if it was purple or pink or maybe blue hehehehhe

  4. Oh my god spudgy is super cute… is he very naughty at home?? I feel like owning one of those <3

  5. I'm surprised that only took two hours… i'm a dog groomer and our salon can take up to 3 hours for a wash/haircut/nail trim/ear cleaning. Although we take 2-3 dogs at a time. If I did a pek straight through without having to answer the phone, check out a dog, check in a dog, etc… and there is no rewash time if they end up going poo etc… then yeah, an hour to an hour and a half would be normal. I've never used dyes… I wonder if they use a dry dye after the haircut is done?

  6. I hope you don't re-dye Spudgy's hair. I've read a lot of articles about East Asians dying their pets' fur, and how the dye is dangerous. It's big in China to make your pet look like an exotic animal (like pandas, leopards etc.), but the dye is really bad and can cause allergies etc.

  7. The Never Ending Spudgy… that is hilarious

  8. I loled so hard at the "never-ending Spudgy" part. But I have a question… what kind of dye do they use on pets? Isn't it harmful? (I dye my hair like crazy, even though I know dyes are harmful in general =p)

  9. THE NEVER-ENDING SPUDGY!!! Seriously, though, he is like Falkor, in miniature.

  10. AWWWW! your dog is so cute! what type of dog is he?

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