We were surprised our first summer here when we saw Korean dogs with really cool haircuts and bright hair dye. We’ve seen lots of dogs in Canada, but never have we seen any dogs as fashionable as a Korean dog. We knew that we’d have to make Spudgy feel at home here, and, luckily, with Spudgy we had the perfect canvas. His hair is white, and by the end of the winter it was excessively long. We can cut and style it as we wish! What’s Spudgy’s new dew look like?  As well, for those of you who view us on your iPod, we’re exporting our videos in a new format that should be iPod compatible. Let us know if it works!

  1. Ha! Yes, we're waiting for the weather to warm up a bit before we shave off his fur. It's almost time…almost!

  2. Next time we get his hair done we're gonna set up a camera there to record the whole thing. Then we'll know for sure :D

  3. The dye used is animal friendly dye made from vegetables, from what we've been told.

  4. Spudgy is half-Pekingese, half-DRAGON!

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