Well, I WAS lonely, but not anymore! Martina’s plane just arrived a few hours ago! WAHOOO YAYYYY!!! She’s sleeping right now because of jetlag (it’s sooooo bad on the way back from Canada!), but she’s home at least! Yay! For those people who might ask “you should film a WANK now and upload it now!,” we’d like to say that filming, editing, and exporting take far too many hours to be able to do in one day. This video here was filmed on Saturday, for instance. So, even though I don’t feel as sad and mopey anymore, I still find it kinda funny to watch me be a sissy baby. Hopefully you find it funny, too :D

So, since Martina wasn’t around, I decided to WANK all by myself. And because I was gonna be so sad for having to film a video alone, I thought it’d be best to do what I felt like doing: eating all the gortdamn ice cream I could find! If I had a tub of Ben & Jerry’s I’d sit down and eat it all while crying over sad movies. Instead, I made a movie out of it, kinda.

Turns out the whole experience was crushingly disappointing. Baskin Robbins is a bag of meanie heads. I didn’t even take a few steps in there before I was phooeyed away because of the camera. Well, I didn’t want to be there anyways! It was all happy couples all lovingly looking at each other and making me barf. They sucked, so I wanted to leave. I left because I wanted to, not because I had to! So…there!

Then I went to an awesome Gelato place. It’s called Gelati Gelati. It’s in Hongdae, right beside Club FF, which is one of our favorite clubs to go to in Seoul, and it’s also a stone’s throw away from the studio. I like it so much that I thought, hey, why don’t I take a picture of their card and share it, because they’re nice. I recommend nice places run by nice people. So here it is:

Gelato Card

I would put in a Google Map but hellllllll it’s so difficult to do so. If anyone’s more adept at Google Mapping, and knows how to get to Gelato Gelati, please share in the comments, because I’m clueless!

Side note: I giggled a lot when I wrote the description to this blog post. If you haven’t read it, here it is: “I had to WANK by myself, and it was short, messy, and completely disappointing.” HAHAHA. OOOH DAT’S NASTY! Nasty because WANK is a mountain in Germany, and it’s quite a big mountain, so the sentence above is nasty because of its inaccuracy. That’s why…….*shifty eyes*

Anyhow, that’s it for this week! There are a few scenes that didn’t make the cut, like my being upset at being shat upon by a bird, literally a few seconds after leaving the studio. Like that wasn’t an omen from the gods that this day was gonna suck!


  1. This episode should be called: Sad Times Adventure Now Korea: The YOLO Edition. XD

  2. The number of bad omens you went through was crazy pants…..the world can be a really scary place sometimes…I think the world likes to read our innermost thoughts at times and mess with us…just cause it can and is a mean bully and wants us to feel like feeble humans….grrr world.

  3. So, you stank’d it up rather than wank’d? LOL! Sorry, couldn’t resist. ;-)

  4. No, you are not ^^ I thought the same. At first I thought he means the Watzmann and there may be a crazy abbreviation for it I don’t know about (I don’t live in Bavaria) but then I thought he just made it up, since WANK may sound German to foreign ears :D

  5. HYUMON! This is a name that must be kept forever.

  6. It would have been awesome if Martina had shown up all angry face at Simon, like Hyuna and Psy in the ice cream truck.

  7. HAHA I literally JUST ate some icecream!!! it was orange chip, which is orange icecream with chocolate chips in it. AMAZING.

  8. Simon, forget about google maps to find places in Korea. Use the maps from daum.net

    Here’s a route from the EYK studios to the Gelati Gelati place.

    As a bonus, there’s a street view.

    Unfortunately, the streetview is from May 2012. Apparently the Gelati Gelati place wasn’t there yet…

    Here’s the link: http://dmaps.kr/dimx

  9. Poor Simon, but I couldn’t stop laughing and then wanting to hug you. I am happy that you guys have your studio and Leigh. I was starting to get sad thinking about what Simon would be like if he was stuck home the entire time.

  10. I’ve never seen someone sad while eating ice cream, Simon.

  11. hahaha aaaaaaaawwwwwww poor Simon and his lonely adventure!!!
    and hahahaha Simon’s head on Hyuna is creepy!!!!!!

  12. *runs and hugs Martina* Martina! NEVER EVER EVER leave Simon again! ;A;

  13. Check the Halloween adventure now Korea. S&M get lost on a mountain that day.

  14. Poor Simon, cheer up!!!!!
    At least there was a shop open, a shop with nice people!!!!

  15. I liked the video, and I must say I am very interested in a WANKS (Wonderful Adventure Now Korea Solo). I am planning to go to Korea alone for like a week to two weeks (or somewhere in between) and it would be nice to know some places where I wouldn’t be forever alone styling it up.

    And it is weird not having streetnames. Simon just going “oh yeah there is that university so you just come down here” and meanwhile my brain is going “I have no idea what we’re doing!”

    That being said I would be interested in an EYK google maps project where people put down interesting stuff to do and to see. Bit Lonely Planet EYK style. See where all dat NASTY stuff is happening.

  16. This week its the stank. and your eating ice cream with hyuna lol, You are really so nasty Simon.

  17. By watching you being alone for one week I can imagine that you won’t be ok at all if Martina wasn’t with to you for a really long time, you should get like… a -will-die-first- insurance XD

  18. My mom claims to drink coffee during the summer in order to raise her body’s temperature, but I know it’s just because she’s addicted to coffee. :P

    Anyhow, welcome back, Martina! I look forward to a lovey-dovey couples-adventure now Korea next week!

  19. aww simon seem soo sad :( glad u two are reunited. that said, while i enjoyed this video i do think information on some things u can do alone would be good as korea is such a couple’s culture that single men or women can probably feel isolated . just a thought

  20. wow Simon. it’s one week. ONE week!! what would happen if you guys ever broke up?! (not that i think that that’s ever likely of happening, but hypothetically) i don’t think you would survive :p

    still, i feel kinda bad for you and all the places that were closed, but why don’t you just think of it as the universe telling you that you shouldn’t stray from your diet? ^_-

    hang in there!!!

  21. Normally when your WANKs and FAPFAPs go up I am eating my lunch and watching them on my break at work. Somehow the food ones always make me hungry, even though I am actually eating as I am watching them which makes no sense at all! This is such a sad video though – no Martina and so many places not working out but I really enjoyed your solo videos and appreciate that you kept making them when Martina was away.

  22. I literally LOST IT when I saw Simon’s face on Hyuna’s body XD oh Simon! That ice cream looks pretty delicious. It’s funny that you were going to a cupcake place cuz i’m going to a bakery later to interview them for my college newspaper :D what a coincidence, not to mention this made my day! Have a nice day you two!
    P.S. in the bloopers when you were shat on, an ad popped up that said “stuff happens” at first i thought it was “shit happens” put intentionally there by you, but then i saw that it wasn’t. Then i thought, “How appropriate” :D

  23. …At least you had Leigh to accompany you on your STANK…I wonder, is it hard for her to not laugh when filming? I would…I’d be inappropriately sniggering like crazy…

  24. LoLz, Simon. The shops are all closed!! Hahaha, just sneak out and get some more ice cream to feel better. Buddy, I feel your pain…

  25. Maybe you can do WANK about all great clubs in Hongdae one day?
    So cool that you’re so close to the Club FF!

  26. During the whole video, Simon looked like he was on the verge of crying :'( It made me want to send ranch dressing and bacon as a “please don’t cry Simon!” present. I have a 20oz bottle of ranch and a pack of maple flavoured bacon, but now I have to find your studio and deliver them.

  27. i understand your sadness simon, when martina was not with you. its funny how you keep reminding us that you are filming alone like the cameraman/camerawoman is totally non-existent LOL

  28. Simon singing “Ice Cream Ice Cream…” will haunt my dreams forever.

  29. I feel you Simon…I feel you lol I as well feel lonely at times and resort to eating a lot when I’m down, but who doesn’t right especially when there is no one to scold you

  30. Oh Simon you formerly-sad soul. Now we know that Simon really can’t function properly without Martina. OTPPPPP.

  31. Poor Simon and his haunted floating camera.

  32. Ice cream always makes me feel better! Glad Martina is home safe and sound, and never fear Simon – your sissiness will never fail to amuse me :D

  33. Tempting to go just for the cute boy. Screw the ice cream.

  34. Am I the only one who was like ‘…who the hell is filming’ when Simon pointed somewhere and the camera followed?

  35. hey at least martina’s back now

  36. If I could smell through computer screens, I’d say that that Ice cream stank.


    …….sorry I’m kinda tired ._.

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