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Super Cool Publicity Week!

January 22, 2013


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So, we did a bunch of interview/press stuff last week, and we just wanted to share some cool things that we did:

The first is an interview with the people over at the Silk Road. They’ve been in contact with us since, like, September, it seems, and we’ve always been so insanely busy that we just never had the chance to sit down with them. Finally, though, we had a week that wasn’t too packed, so we let them come into the studio and hang out for a bit. It’s a very different interview than what we’re used to, since they focused more on our dynamic together as a couple and how that works in a business. We’ve often heard that you should never work with family, friends, or a spouse. Bullsh*t. We love working together, and we talk about the importance of our marriage in much more depth than we usually get the chance to.

Secondly, back when we were in KCON a while ago, we did a whole string of interviews. We did a cool one with Verge, which some of you might have seen. We did a bit with Fuse TV as well, and now you can see some of the footage from that interview. It also includes clips with PSY, Big Bang, 2NE1, and others. Thanks Fuse, by the way, for making such a YG heavy video and including us in it. That’s definitely going to add to the “Y U SO YG BIAS” we hear all the time. Ha!

Anyhow, I think we raise some interesting points here about why Kpop isn’t popular in America yet, as well as the intentional international planning of Kpop groups at their formation. And by we, I mean me, Simon. Martina’s parts of the interview got cut out. Not sure why. AHHH! We were also immensely sick at that time with pink eye, as some of you might remember, so I’m just surprised we managed to form somewhat coherent sentences, even if they were riddled with the word “like” all the time. THIS IS WHY WE EDIT SO TIGHT IN OUR VIDEOS! We don’t want to sound like airheads who uhhhm and ahhhm and liiiike all the time. You can check out the video here

Also, the people that designed our studio put up pictures on their website! Wahoo! We shared it on Facebook today, though, and destroyed their server. Yikes! Anyhow, maybe the server will go back up later on, but if you’re viewing this blog post on Tuesday, then maybe their site is still down. You can check it out here for future reference: Ogisa Design

Lastly, we also did an interview with the Korea Herald, if you haven’t seen it. The writer, Emma, is doing a series on foreigners in the entertainment industry in Korea, and I guess we’re kind of in it, though we don’t work for anybody. Anyhow, we talk a bit about the fundraiser, setting up the studio, about how we do more than just Kpop, and about our future plans for Eatyourkimchi. Check it out by clicking on the picture here:




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