So, we did a bunch of interview/press stuff last week, and we just wanted to share some cool things that we did:

The first is an interview with the people over at the Silk Road. They’ve been in contact with us since, like, September, it seems, and we’ve always been so insanely busy that we just never had the chance to sit down with them. Finally, though, we had a week that wasn’t too packed, so we let them come into the studio and hang out for a bit. It’s a very different interview than what we’re used to, since they focused more on our dynamic together as a couple and how that works in a business. We’ve often heard that you should never work with family, friends, or a spouse. Bullsh*t. We love working together, and we talk about the importance of our marriage in much more depth than we usually get the chance to.

Secondly, back when we were in KCON a while ago, we did a whole string of interviews. We did a cool one with Verge, which some of you might have seen. We did a bit with Fuse TV as well, and now you can see some of the footage from that interview. It also includes clips with PSY, Big Bang, 2NE1, and others. Thanks Fuse, by the way, for making such a YG heavy video and including us in it. That’s definitely going to add to the “Y U SO YG BIAS” we hear all the time. Ha!

Anyhow, I think we raise some interesting points here about why Kpop isn’t popular in America yet, as well as the intentional international planning of Kpop groups at their formation. And by we, I mean me, Simon. Martina’s parts of the interview got cut out. Not sure why. AHHH! We were also immensely sick at that time with pink eye, as some of you might remember, so I’m just surprised we managed to form somewhat coherent sentences, even if they were riddled with the word “like” all the time. THIS IS WHY WE EDIT SO TIGHT IN OUR VIDEOS! We don’t want to sound like airheads who uhhhm and ahhhm and liiiike all the time. You can check out the video here


Also, the people that designed our studio put up pictures on their website! Wahoo! We shared it on Facebook today, though, and destroyed their server. Yikes! Anyhow, maybe the server will go back up later on, but if you’re viewing this blog post on Tuesday, then maybe their site is still down. You can check it out here for future reference: Ogisa Design

Lastly, we also did an interview with the Korea Herald, if you haven’t seen it. The writer, Emma, is doing a series on foreigners in the entertainment industry in Korea, and I guess we’re kind of in it, though we don’t work for anybody. Anyhow, we talk a bit about the fundraiser, setting up the studio, about how we do more than just Kpop, and about our future plans for Eatyourkimchi. Check it out by clicking on the picture here:


  1. Your relationship really does inspire us all as you had set out to do in the beginning. Seeing the way you two are with each other and hearing all your views on marriage and relationships is wonderful and something I’ve learned to live by myself and I try to implement it into all my relationships, not just with a significant other. One day, I’ll find someone again, who I can connect with like you two do. Your videos inspire me and bring me into a world that is so far away from the USA. Thank you for bringing laughter and happiness into my life even when it’s hard to come by. Both of you are life-savers and an inspiration to us all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Don’t pursue happiness either. Pursue meaning. I just read a great article about this in The Atlantic. The best quote from it, “happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. One must have a reason to ‘be happy.”
    The Article, “There’s More to Life Than Being Happy” can be found here:

  3. I knew that Love Language book was totally unnecessary….. waiting for the Simon and Martina edition :p

  4. you guys are too freakin cute!! XD

    you’re really ideals to strive for. and i’m so jealous! but in a good way ^_-

  5. I’m just so proud of you guise!!

    …and about the haters, you shouldn’t be upset by their comments because they don’t know you the way some of us do.

  6. Oh my goodness… I’m watching the full interview right now, it’s so adorable. THEY’RE SO CUTE. AND PERFECT. /dies

  7. You both have such incredible wisdom at such a young age. Both of your perspectives on marriage is something I wish was taught more in society….so easy to forget why we work….we work to live and be with our family, not live to work. I have worked in the tech start up world for the past 3 years and its amazing how easily this is forgotten when trying to get a company to be successful. In meetings we are continually told the company comes first…and family comes second….and eventually I had to leave the tech start up world because that didn’t mesh with my values.

    I don’t see why family ever has to come second to work. I still remember my CEO telling me one day what he thought quality time with his family was, working on a presentation on his computer with his little boy on his lap and while his wife preferred doing her own thing. Yes, at least the little boy is sitting in his lap but he needs to engage with his son, not always be focused on work. This was not a model I ever want to follow…and I think you guys have proven there is way to aspire for your dreams in your career but still place the highest importance on family…and you both managed to have it come together as one…high five!

  8. Congrats guys, you’re seriously a huge inspiration to me for many reasons. Please keep up the hard work cause you’re doing an amazing job! Love you guys<3

  9. I SOOO want a relationship like you guys, because in my family only only 3 are still married (my mom and dad have 2 siblings each, and only 1 on each side are still marrid, and only my dads parents are stil married), the rest of my family are divorced.

    my parents are divorced and my mom re-married, but divorced at the end of 2012, after a year of marriage O_O.

    My sister have been in a 11 year relationship (shes 25) and have a child together, but it’s not really a good relationship, because her boyfriend/fiance, don’t really care that much, so i feel sad for my sister, and hope that it will get better for her. My brother don’t really have relationships, that last that long.

    SOO i really look up to you guys, and your relationship. and hope i will find someone that also thinks the way you guys do about relationships!

    …and i love your videos, they make me so happy, they make my day so much better. And your videos kept me happy when i was in the hospital last year in may, to remove my gallebladder. my day got alot better watching your videos when i was alone in a boring hospital! :D

  10. Really enjoyed the interview with Silk Road. Awesome! :D

  11. You guise are such an adorkable couple. If more people had your attitudes towards marriage, work ethics and the whole shabang the world would be so much better… except for divorce lawyers… they’d be broke.

  12. You’re great role models! I adore you guys so much, keep up the good work! :D (I think this is from all the nasties around the world!)

  13. I don’t know why, but this made me proud to be a Nasty~ EYK hwaiting!

  14. Life is all about choices and everyday is a decision making process. You guys made the right choice to place each other above all else and continuously make everyday count. I certainly DO NOT want to be a public success but a private failure. I’ll keep your words in mind when choosing a life partner. Thanks a million.

  15. you guys really are inspiring. it just reminds me to stick to my dreams, do my thing, be crazy and have fun with it :D

  16. I love that your intern was interviewed too! :) Was that Leigh? (not sure i spelled that right)
    Would you ever consider making a video showing the steps from A to Z of how you make music Monday, or any of your other segments? Not an in depth technical video, but something that really shows how hard you work from the time you start working until the end of day.

    I remember that comment about how people think you’re making money off Kpop not off of working hard.

    not to mention, I’m just seriously curious about behind the scenes lol.

  17. aawww i love the documentary!! and hahah Martina has to stand on a stool!!
    it’s nice to see the BTS!!

  18. I’ve been watching your videos since 2 years ago but only started subscribing to you guys from last year. I have to say, your videos never fail to bring laughter to me, and I really respect you guys for your commitment to each other, it’s so rare to find the kind of couple who are each other’s best friend and soooo into each other without having to act all lovey-dovey(I hope you know what I mean XD)
    Even though to be honest, I’m more of a J-pop fan and used to resent the K-pop scene haha, it’s because of your videos that I actually give K-pop a try :D and now I can say I’m a fan of some groups especially groups from YG, thanks to you guys XD

    Keep up the good work guys and though it’s late, congrats for your new studio! :D

  19. So cool.. seriously you guys.. If I ever find someone like you two did.. I’ll be seriously happy. :]
    You two just fit perfectly together. <3
    And this Interview is really nice. ♥

  20. Intern Leigh! xD HI~ *waves* (did I spell your name right?)
    Aaah I loved watching these videos, its great to see some positive publicity for EYK! but watching the Silk Road interview makes me worry about the next week or so while Martina is away! I hope the week goes fast and you are back together in what feels like no time at all!
    Simon’s comment “because things break on the Internet”, is really fitting at the moment considering the Nasties crashed another website! I feel sorry for these sites that are breaking because of the amount of Nasty love, but at the same time its amazing to see the support EYK is getting!
    Thank you for all of your hard work in putting together all of your various segments every week! I think its finally sunk in, how much work you put into every one of your videos! The passion you have for EYK and the love you have for each other… its inspiring! Thank you! ^__^

  21. So glad you’re getting the kudos you deserve as web icons who introduce the wonders of Korean music and culure to the rest of the world :)

  22. I really like your idea of marriage. I showed your videos to my mom and she couldn’t believed that you guys were married! XD

  23. You guise are FAMOUS!!! :D So proud of you all~ *sniff*

  24. man after watching the full interview, i want to see old pictures of martina with like tight black jeans with chain all over and lip piercing

  25. i love how you talked about working together! It’s so cute, and i think you two work so well together that way! You are an inspiration to couples everywhere!

  26. Yeah, the site went down, unfortunately. Ahh!

  27. I admit that I only watch your videos for you guys as people and the wonderful things that you’ve taught me about Korean culture. It was that love of you guys and me wanting to see more of your Korean culture videos that made me donate to your fundraiser. Seeing what you’ve already done with the money has definitely made me wish that I had been able to donate more at that time. (And get in on any future fundraisers.) Anyway, it’s nice to see behind the magic, so to speak. Thanks for sharing the media updates. These interviews always make me smile and proud of you guys for gaining the attention that you deserve.

  28. i’m really impressed and pleased at the amazing way you guys talk about your marriage. you’re excellent role models, and a great reminder of something that many people have forgotten. <3
    keep up the good work, both with your marriage and your business!!

    • Definitely good role models!! In an age where marriage is often looked at as something negative, you guys bring hope to us romantic nasties that it can be a wonderful thing ^^ I love how loving you guys are too each other, it really does inspire me to want to be with that special someone even more :D I also appreciate the work that goes into your weekly programming; as someone who produces music *and* has done video editing (nothing as elaborate as KMM or the WANKs or FAPFAPs) that it hard work. So thank you guys for everything you do; I would not have my love of K-Pop develop into an interest (and love) of Korean Culture.

    • I agree with you.. they’re so cool and nice.

  29. I’m so happy that you guys are getting more and more noticed by the media :D And even by K Pop companies and idols!

    PS: The last pic sends me back here D: I want to read the interview by the Korea Herald! *pouts*

  30. the last click takes you back to the original page… no interview

  31. Simon, do you usually put makeup when you make your videos or just during interviews?

  32. Maybe it’s the princess time talking, but you guys talking about each other had me all glossy-eyed. This love and dedication to one another plus a business? This rarity. I’m so thankful for having this influence in my life. Dedication to fighting!~~

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