So, we did a bunch of interview/press stuff last week, and we just wanted to share some cool things that we did:

The first is an interview with the people over at the Silk Road. They’ve been in contact with us since, like, September, it seems, and we’ve always been so insanely busy that we just never had the chance to sit down with them. Finally, though, we had a week that wasn’t too packed, so we let them come into the studio and hang out for a bit. It’s a very different interview than what we’re used to, since they focused more on our dynamic together as a couple and how that works in a business. We’ve often heard that you should never work with family, friends, or a spouse. Bullsh*t. We love working together, and we talk about the importance of our marriage in much more depth than we usually get the chance to.

Secondly, back when we were in KCON a while ago, we did a whole string of interviews. We did a cool one with Verge, which some of you might have seen. We did a bit with Fuse TV as well, and now you can see some of the footage from that interview. It also includes clips with PSY, Big Bang, 2NE1, and others. Thanks Fuse, by the way, for making such a YG heavy video and including us in it. That’s definitely going to add to the “Y U SO YG BIAS” we hear all the time. Ha!

Anyhow, I think we raise some interesting points here about why Kpop isn’t popular in America yet, as well as the intentional international planning of Kpop groups at their formation. And by we, I mean me, Simon. Martina’s parts of the interview got cut out. Not sure why. AHHH! We were also immensely sick at that time with pink eye, as some of you might remember, so I’m just surprised we managed to form somewhat coherent sentences, even if they were riddled with the word “like” all the time. THIS IS WHY WE EDIT SO TIGHT IN OUR VIDEOS! We don’t want to sound like airheads who uhhhm and ahhhm and liiiike all the time. You can check out the video here


Also, the people that designed our studio put up pictures on their website! Wahoo! We shared it on Facebook today, though, and destroyed their server. Yikes! Anyhow, maybe the server will go back up later on, but if you’re viewing this blog post on Tuesday, then maybe their site is still down. You can check it out here for future reference: Ogisa Design

Lastly, we also did an interview with the Korea Herald, if you haven’t seen it. The writer, Emma, is doing a series on foreigners in the entertainment industry in Korea, and I guess we’re kind of in it, though we don’t work for anybody. Anyhow, we talk a bit about the fundraiser, setting up the studio, about how we do more than just Kpop, and about our future plans for Eatyourkimchi. Check it out by clicking on the picture here:


  1. now I need to go make myself a pair of couple t-shirts that say “i’m his marina” and “i’m her simon”. LOVE you guys!!!

  2. just recently made a blog where I post my opinions abut k-pop matters! please check it out if you can spare som time! It would mean a lot! http://my-trilemma.blogspot.no/

  3. Thank you! I was still looking for that link <3

  4. Have to say I found your interview really interesting and impressed by your interview. I really appreciate that you guys view yourselves as role models and try and challenge your viewers opinions! :) I wrote more about it here: http://beyondhallyu.com/k-pop/finding-new-respect-for-eat-your-kimchis-simon-and-martina/

    – Lizzie

  5. I feel like Simon and Martina would be the cutest old couple ever

  6. it’s sunday and the designers site is still down lol, the power of the nasties is too high, it’s over 9000! XD

  7. I just love you guys just like everyone says you’re definitly a great inspiration for anyone who not only wants to go live-study or pursue a career in Korea or any foreign country but also for anyone who’d like to have a relationship as great as yours and -in my case- I do, you inspire me to pay more attention to my relationship, work can be overwhelming but love is what really matters…thank you guys for making all these cool videos you ROCK! <3

  8. You two are my role models, seriously. I’ve always had a different view on things in life and i’ve always been told my family or anyone around me that life should be just getting married, trying to do your best at work and dont be too close and some other stuff that quite frankly makes me depressed seeing how people dont even respect being married anymore. You have shown me that true love exists and with hard work anything is possible, you’ve inspired me to an entirely new career. You two have been part of my life for such a long time. I thank you with all my heart your videos are amazing. <3

    Please please take a day off or two! You are human beings not robots we will understand. FIGHTING.

    Also, Martina your my role model seriously! I was the same as you with the whole goth/rock thing and now i even use BB cream and wear bows :) i love your sense of fashion and your hair keep rocking it. ^_^ FIGHTING.

    Very important uhh whats your address guise? Ive been wanting to send you gifts but i dont know the address, thanks.

  9. our simon and martina are the best! fighting!

  10. Simon and Martina you guys totally rock. I really admire the both of you. I come from a Christian religious background and it is difficult to find a marriage that is as beautiful as yours. Your marriage is the type of marriage I would like to have one day. Keep doing what you do because you are an inspiration to many… especially me XD S&M forever oooooohhhh so nasty

  11. watching all the interviews and reading what you have to say, I had so many comments popping up in my mind
    but I’ll keep it to one thing

    I love your ideas and opinions on marriage and relationships in general
    about how marriage is the focus and everything else in your life, like work, is additional
    I’m 18 and I’ve had my share of relationships, and now I have peers who are already engaged !
    and I worry and think about their futures, but as a peer who “lacks experience in marriage” I’m not someone who can advise them on that step that they choose to take together, so my thoughts are just kept to myself

    and the whole idea of getting married early and having ‘getting married’ as an “achievement” like unlocking one in a video game
    is a really great way of putting how many people see marriage into words!

    I just really love what you have to say about marriage/relationships and I am going to share this video with all of my friends
    single or not!

  12. Wow!!!! You guys are the best role models ever!

  13. Wow, I’m so inspired right now! Seriously.. you guys are me role models…!

  14. I missed the Verge interview. Was it a video or just the article that they wrote?

  15. I love this and shared it with all my friends. You two really are just amazing. You work so hard and you make us all smile every day. You deserve a day off and so much more. Perfect role models for any generation. I’m glad you love what you do because we all love you!!!

  16. You guys have such good philosophies when it comes to marriage and working, even tho ur not teachers right now you are still teaching me and other nasties ^^ I hope to have a marriage like urs. <3

  17. I swear, in ten years time, you guys are going to be running EYK Entertainment, the biggest kpop and music industry and releasing your own singers. You’ve already made Spudgy, world famous epic blue dog….

    Basically, you guys are going to be REALLY BIG in the future… ^^

  18. I swear u guys have the most healthy idea of marriage/relationship. I always wanted that same thing from my relationships but it never worked out. Your proof that it does work. EatyourKimchi is the first youtube show I followed over a yr ago and I still watch faithfully. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the next KMM,its the best part about Monday. I’m voting for VIXX!!!

  19. I’m so glad you guys are showing all the positive things about marriage. My parents are both teachers and similar in the way that they never wanted to just climb the ladder, my father refused to be head teacher because it’s too much work and too much time. I feel lucky to grow up in a family where my parents had lots of time for me and my siblings

  20. were you guys always standing on the tiny chairs/stools when you film???

  21. I have never been a big fan of anything or anybody before I met you guys. Now I am ADDICTED to all your videos like a crackhead to its coke! I can’t go to bed before I see one of your videos so I can have a laugh and end my day happily. You two are wonderful human beings who truly know what is important in life. I believe the key of your success is your unity and teamwork. You love each other so much that is contagious to your viewers. Thank you for reminding me that money can sustain a house but not a home.

  22. I’m already going to be in Korea by the time kpop gets big in America haha.

    and you guys have a great insight into marriage and working together, it’s amazing.
    and I agreed 100% with everything you said on fuse (i’m a marketing major and you pretty much nailed it spot on)

  23. This is awesome i am so glad that this was able to happen. It’s really cool see how it goes normally :P

    • I really love that you marriage is based on love and not just money. I know i am the type of person who would love to have a nice job and lots of money. However, when i get married i want to have a relationship with my husband almost like what the both of you have. I think this really great because for the people out there watching this i hope they can see that you can still be so happy and not have to make lots of money to do it. You both are trually amazing people.

  24. Your relationship really does inspire us all as you had set out to do in the beginning. Seeing the way you two are with each other and hearing all your views on marriage and relationships is wonderful and something I’ve learned to live by myself and I try to implement it into all my relationships, not just with a significant other. One day, I’ll find someone again, who I can connect with like you two do. Your videos inspire me and bring me into a world that is so far away from the USA. Thank you for bringing laughter and happiness into my life even when it’s hard to come by. Both of you are life-savers and an inspiration to us all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  25. I just want to say that I am so ridiculously proud of you guys. You have done so much with EYK & come so far, it really is amazing! Thank you for working so hard for yourselves & for us. It is truly appreciated.

  26. I agree with a lot of what you two talked about with marriage if not all. I see similarities in my marriage as with yours but not a lot because of course you two are you own people and my husband and I are our own selves. (Did I make any sense?)

    The similarities I see is that of course my husband and I are best friends, we enjoy making each other laugh, as well as we love to always be together. At my husbands old job we would always e-mail each other just to be in contact with each other. We have different likes but we like to do them together.We may be going through a tough time right now but I couldn’t seem myself being with anyone but him.

    I’ve also have felt that if my husband and I met the two of you that we would have gotten along really well together, even if my husband doesn’t like kpop. Ok I have typed enough and feel like I have rambled enough, sorry.

  27. “Marriage… now on to the next level: have children, purchase property”
    but the sadness…. its so true…

  28. Yay! I am happy that you guys keep on getting so many interviews! I know you guys are working so hard all of the time and greatly appreciate the fact that you two never give up! I love the way you two are when on camera and I say that if I were to ever meet you personally on a random day, I would be very excited. You have helped me get more into Kpop than what I was in before. Also, the fact that you two care so much about each other makes me very happy. My parents fight most of the time because they don’t communicate and seeing the way you two are is what makes me hope that my parents will someday be like you both.
    Thank you for all that you have done and thank you for never giving up!

  29. Simon, you’re going to be so hungry without Martina around next week.

  30. I knew that Love Language book was totally unnecessary….. waiting for the Simon and Martina edition :p

  31. you guys are too freakin cute!! XD

    you’re really ideals to strive for. and i’m so jealous! but in a good way ^_-

  32. It’s great to see you guys loving each other and loving what you do :D . Many people should certainly take a leaf out of your book!

  33. Something I noticed whilst watching the video for a second time…. did your intern just one shot her coffee and then chase it up with an energy drink? HOW HARD ARE YOU WORKING HER!!! lol.

  34. You guys…I really love you guys…honestly I was nearly convinced that a relationship like this could never exist in this world, but I was proven wrong <3 keep doing the things you do.

    (At the 9:17 mark in the video above, the first thing I thought was, "OMG Martina is going to be gone for a week, who's going to feed Simon?!" ^^;)

  35. I’m 17 now and when I used to make a picture of my future, marriage was just a part of it (or in other words just not important )…but you guys show the beautiful meaning of marriage..now I wish for a best friend more than a husband :)

  36. I seriously hope that one day I can find myself in a relationship like Simon’s and Martina’s… Having so many divorces and marriages-gone-wrong in my family, I seriously had never had a good vision of marriage… But you guys totally changed that :) Thank you guys so much <3

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