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Eatyourkimchi in Sweden: Day 1!

October 19, 2013


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We’re on a video RAMPAGE! We uploaded Day 2 of Norway today, and now we’ve got two more videos of us in Sweden. Woot! Here’s Day 1. Day 2 is exporting. Paris is almost done, and will be uploaded tomorrow. Warsaw and Amsterdam are in the works. Hope to get those up as well!

Anyhow: Sweden. Whoa. So much to say about Sweden:

The Event

We were totally blown away by the turnout. Something around 700 people showed up. 700 people! WHAT THE HELL?! That’s a lot of people. A LOT! 700 people bought tickets to see us be awkward on stage! That’s crazy. This whole tour was crazy. Us being on stage in front of people is crazy. But Sweden, with 700 people, was the craziest. Whoa. Seriously guise. Seriously.

We spent a lot of time on stage telling stories, answering questions about Korea and ourselves. We were asked to kiss on stage. Ha! We tried Swedish tongue twisters. We did random Eatyourkimchi trivia and went out to the audience to get people to answer. It was fun!

To everyone who came, thank you for hanging out with us for two hours and listening to us be awkward on stage. We don’t really know what we’re doing. Our experience on stage is very limited, so we, umm, kinda don’t know what to say and do. Thank you all for not only tolerating us but for encouraging us on stage. You were all wonderful. It didn’t feel like we were talking to an audience; it felt like we were talking to our friends. Thank you :D

The Food

WHOA! Who knew swedish meatballs were so good? I guess many people did, which is why “Swedish Meatball” is an acceptable term, and usually the first kind of meatball you think of. I just never had them before, not even in Ikea in Canada. WHOA! The communal mashed potato plate was AMAZING! Sure, it sounds simple, but we didn’t have anything like that in ages. It pleased us very much.

Also, there’s supposedly a phrase for the coma you get after eating what Martina ate. It’s so dense and rich and it gives you the after-food-sleepies instantly. It’s called “something-coma”. Anyone know what it is? Yeah, we got it. I had only a couple of bites of Martina’s dish and felt it hit me pretty hard as well.

The City

Ok srsly Stockholm: you are probably the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. The buildings are so well kept and have so much character and history. The place we ate dinner in was supposedly a pharmacy for the navy or something. It was beautiful. So beautiful. We just walked around Stockholm complaining the whole time about how gorgeous it was, like “f*ck! Look at this goddamned cute building! Sh*t!” We had to make up lies to ourselves to calm our minds, like “oh, it’s so pretty here because Sweden has to sacrifice 20 baby boys to a demon overlord every Winter Solstice.” That’s the only thing that makes sense. Baby sacrifice. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the world.

Anyhow, Day 2 of our time in Sweden is exporting now. Yay! You’ll also get to see our pretty pictures from the day like we did for our Norway blog post. Fighting off this jet lag as much as we can. Been awake for almost 20 hours now. Whoooaaa the room is spinning. Forgiveness, please, if this blog post is riddled with spelling mistakes or somewhat incoherent. If you’re worried about missing the next video, never fear! Click on this button below and you’ll never miss another one of our vids again!



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