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Eatyourkimchi in Sweden: Day 2!

October 20, 2013


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Ok, so this isn’t really a full tour video as much as us just frolicking around in the flagship Ikea in Sweden. Yep. When your kids one day ask you “Mommy, daddy: where do Ikea’s come from?” you can say “I watched a Simon and Martina video on it. Let’s watch it together!” Great parenting, right there. Anyhow, we knew that this was something we were going to do as soon as we were told that we were going to Sweden. Before the event was even discussed we were like “but Ikea? Yes? Ikea!” Our priorities are definitely in the right order :P

Going to Ikea was a bit of a big deal for us, because they don’t have Ikea in Korea, which – sure – shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it is for us. When you come to Korea as a teacher, the apartments provided to you by your schools are furnished. We don’t teach anymore. We had to get our own apartment and our own furniture, and – hell – Korean furniture is SO EXPENSIVE! SHEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIT. And so…not funky! A lot of Korean furniture is traditional furniture, and when it’s non-traditional it’s often gaudy. When we did happen to find stuff that suit us it was far too rich for our blood, which is why – if some of you remember – when we first got our apartment we didn’t have a couch for a while.

So, long story short, we frolicked around Ikea and were crushingly envious of how cheaply and nicely you guise can furnish your places. Oh: and Ikea has toys and this pleases us.

Also, we learned that we were pronouncing it incorrectly the whole time. It’s not Eye-Key-uh, it’s icky-uh. Is that right? That’s what we were told, but we’re not sure if we were being trolled or not.

AAAAND: the Ikea meatballs were freaking delicious! I never had them in Canada. Do they come with the same Lindengerderberries in Canada? I don’t know. But I know next time we’ll go we’ll have to check.

So that’s it for Sweden. Thank you so much to the lovely people at Kpop Nonstop for organizing this all. The whole team was fun and bubbly, ran the event smoothly, and facilitated our frolicking around Sweden. We really appreciate it, guise. Best of luck on the upcoming Vixx concert in Sweden (make sure you check it out if you haven’t already!)

Lastly, here are a bunch of pics from our time in Sweden. There’s a lot more here than there were for Norway, simply because we lost a bunch of Norway pics. Balls!

Our video for Paris is done as well, and will be going up tomorrow. Booya! Make sure you don’t miss out on any of our vids by clicking on this little button below right here. Every subscriber brings us one step closer to being BFFs with SHINee. Only you can make it happen. Our personalities…aren’t a factor. Just your subscribing. So…do it!



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