Ok, so this isn’t really a full tour video as much as us just frolicking around in the flagship Ikea in Sweden. Yep. When your kids one day ask you “Mommy, daddy: where do Ikea’s come from?” you can say “I watched a Simon and Martina video on it. Let’s watch it together!” Great parenting, right there. Anyhow, we knew that this was something we were going to do as soon as we were told that we were going to Sweden. Before the event was even discussed we were like “but Ikea? Yes? Ikea!” Our priorities are definitely in the right order :P

Going to Ikea was a bit of a big deal for us, because they don’t have Ikea in Korea, which – sure – shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it is for us. When you come to Korea as a teacher, the apartments provided to you by your schools are furnished. We don’t teach anymore. We had to get our own apartment and our own furniture, and – hell – Korean furniture is SO EXPENSIVE! SHEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIT. And so…not funky! A lot of Korean furniture is traditional furniture, and when it’s non-traditional it’s often gaudy. When we did happen to find stuff that suit us it was far too rich for our blood, which is why – if some of you remember – when we first got our apartment we didn’t have a couch for a while.

So, long story short, we frolicked around Ikea and were crushingly envious of how cheaply and nicely you guise can furnish your places. Oh: and Ikea has toys and this pleases us.

Also, we learned that we were pronouncing it incorrectly the whole time. It’s not Eye-Key-uh, it’s icky-uh. Is that right? That’s what we were told, but we’re not sure if we were being trolled or not.

AAAAND: the Ikea meatballs were freaking delicious! I never had them in Canada. Do they come with the same Lindengerderberries in Canada? I don’t know. But I know next time we’ll go we’ll have to check.

So that’s it for Sweden. Thank you so much to the lovely people at Kpop Nonstop for organizing this all. The whole team was fun and bubbly, ran the event smoothly, and facilitated our frolicking around Sweden. We really appreciate it, guise. Best of luck on the upcoming Vixx concert in Sweden (make sure you check it out if you haven’t already!)

Lastly, here are a bunch of pics from our time in Sweden. There’s a lot more here than there were for Norway, simply because we lost a bunch of Norway pics. Balls!

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  1. Gah Martina was so thinly dressed!! and the wind was blowing…. pretty hard…

    Pictures!!! (you should’ve taken one with the two dragons as well…. )


  2. You guys are so cute~ <3 I love your photos.

    I live pretty close to an IKEA store here in Stockholm (Barkarby, the other one in Stockholm) and my family and I have visited it so often so I can almost navigate in there and know where a section lies (like, kitchen tools is one level down, plants is to the left at the cashiers…). So if you visit IKEA often enough, I guess you can learn how to find things there as well. :3
    I live so close that it takes about 15 min for me to bike there during summer. :3

  3. Ikea’s meatballs come with lingonberries in Canada :D
    (Well, last time I checked, anyway). They’re delicious.

  4. OH MY GOD so I lived in Singapore when I was little and I used to say icky-ah but then I moved to the US and everyone made fun of me bc apparently it’s eye-key-ah here and I was so sad BUT I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG

  5. I’m sorry but what exactly is Ikea? :(
    Like a chain of malls?
    Sorry if I sound like a noob.. teehhee~

  6. “Every subscriber brings us one step closer to being BFFs with SHINee.”
    I love it when you tack any group name in general onto your videos (still remember the time Martina did either a hair or makeup tutorial where one of the things you needed was SHINee serenading you) or include them in your blog posts. It results in giggling fits and increased desire to do exactly as you say. Alas~ I am already subscribed though…

    I love seeing your adventures and can’t wait to see the rest of the trip!

  7. Hey I can still understand Swedish! Yay! When I was visiting Stockholm the last time (I’m from Finland) we started calling Gamla Stan “Gangnam Stan” because the song was still a big hit. haha (and they sound a bit same! ;D) But it is a very pretty city! Helsinki has the same style buildings but not as many as Stockholm. Also I go to IKEA often with my friend to eat the hot dogs and just tour around! :D I still haven’t tried the meatballs but I have tried the breakfast. I know I will go there after I’ve comeback home from Japan. (man you made me want mashed potatoes and there’s isn’t any in Japan. ;A;)

  8. Thank you for getting these videos up SO DARN FAST!!!! I mean, you just got home for heaven’s sake! You should be resting! RESTING!! Do you hear me!?!

  9. Oh man…I’ve been to Ikea once, and i have one like 40-30 minutes from where I live. I went there when I was four, so I don’t really have that many memories. Just that I wanted to go to the ball pit, I ate meatballs, and I bought a green stool. Yeah.

    Also, can you guys get ikea furniture shipped to korea?

    (3rd edit) I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!!! I thought the old one didn’t give enough exposure to WANKS and the culture side of your blog because not many people see the arrow. LOVE that everything is in one place.

  10. ERMAHGAWD! I love this, because before this video I never even considered visiting Sweden, but now. HOLEY MOLEY, I’m going to Sweden! It looks so pretty ^^

  11. Hmm the pronunciation of Ikea is like ee-keh-ah, or 이케아 or possibly 익케아. The vowel in the middle syllable is hard to describe because I can’t think of any other language that has our particular “e” sound.

  12. I have to bookmark this video for potential dark days in the future, if this won’t cheer me up nothing will <3

  13. O_O i never thought i’d witness a puppet dinosaur and unicorn kiss like that in my life!!

  14. Seeing you guys in IKEA, remind me so much when I was studying in Chengdu (China) and went to IKEA for the first time in 2 months (I stayed there 4.5 months)

    Literally, I was just like you. Went crazy over the towels (I needed a big towel for shower, and the towers they sold at local shops were… eh… weird). I also bought a whole bagfull of sweets and chips (or crisps), and a whole lot of random items.

    And here are some interesting facts, if IKEA ever builds an IKEA in Seoul (which I do hope, or I will recommend it. I know the original owner is from Småland (a province in southern Sweden), and people there are rumoured to be a bit more greedy than most of the population…

    (Actually, this can be debateable, since my father is from there, and he has never been greedy to me, quite the contrary)

    So, Ingvar Kamprad, from Emptaryd, Agunnaryd (I.K.E.A… hehehe) ought to earn quite a lot, if western furnishing is expensive.

    Anywayz, on to the real facts:

    1, All books in IKEA ARE swedish… I am not kidding with you. I was in China, in IKEA, reading books from the shelves, and they were real. (I’m from Sweden btw). I was really wondering where on Earth, considering how many IKEAs there are, did they get all those books? It’s like they robbed the antique book stores (none of the books were really knew, udging by the covers, more like from the 50’s to 70’s.

    2, If IIKEA would open, I’d like to give a warning about the food. This was my biggest disappointment, as one of the reasons I went to IKEA in China was to taste Swedish food. I was so horribly disappointed. Meatballs were… I-don’t-know-what-is-in-them-but-it-certainly-is-not-meat. Cinnamon buns (kanelbulle) were rolled buns in cinnamon, and nothing sweet whatsoever (it’s a sweet baked bread), and SOOOO dry. The shrimps were pretty much the only good thing, and since I live by a coastline and grew up with eating a lot of fish, I really missed seafood that wouldn’t taste like mud.

    3, watching people who have never set their foot inside a western furniture store is really funny… OK, let me clarify this, I have nothing against people in general. I don’t intend to be racist to anyone (I am born Korean myself), but this is the thing. There is a cultural difference between Eastern Asia and Scandinavian design (which is pretty much what IKEA is). A lot of times I saw random people, who obviously were quite new to the store, pick up items and stare at them like questionmarks. At one point, I saw a little buy ask his mother what a whisk was that he was holding, and she was equally as puzzled. To be fair, the whisk had a very unusual design to what you would expect.

    4, If you are lucky, as I am not sure how this works in Korea, there can be pre-assembled furniture you could buy, if IKEA would arrive in Seoul… (OK, now I am itching to write something to IKEA, just gotta figure out how to write it). I know in China there wasn’t a lot of furniture you could buy to assemble, you more often ordered it pre-made. I know this is kind of IKEAs thing, that you make the furniture yourself, but it never added in Chinese culture, as it was kind of below those who have a steadier economy (plz, anyone from China, correct me if I am wrong in this). IKEA kind of became a posh-style shop in China, for the families who have better economies, which I find hilarious, as IKEA here (in Sweden) is mainly for everyone. Seriously, a friend of mine who worked as a cleaner for a couple of months told me every appartment and house she would clean in looked the same, because they all had their furniture from IKEA. I really do love how cultural differences work out.

    Anyway… kind of noticed this is becomming one heck of a LONG comment, so I am going to stop here. Can’t think of much more to write.

    • Input from someone who is from Småland, we are not called greedy but cheap and stubborn! ;)
      And watching people setting foot in a scandinavian furniture store for the first time must be hilarious!

    • It said Swedish cinnamon roll on that sign, that’s how I remember it so well. I was like: “LIARS, this is NOT a Swedish cinnamon roll” And literally, the reason it was so dry is because cinnamon is quite dry, and it was packed with it. It’s like, they took the cinnamon and bun, and forgot to check an actual recipe of it.

      And pretty mcuh everything in that IKEA was remade to suit Chinese tastebuds, so I can get it. But I wonder how many Chinese people will be weirded out if they actually ever do visit Sweden, if that is how sweden is marketted.

  15. On a completely unrelated note, I just ate this (see pic). What is that? That is Kalbi Poutine. Yes, you read correctly. Kalbi (or Galbi, whatevs) Poutine. Are you jealous? Of course you are, it was amazing. I’m sure it took about two years off of my life expectancy, but IT WAS WORTH IT.

  16. So happy to see you have a good time in IKEA xD And you make the country I live in look so much more fun than I thought it was LOL I guess it’s just cause you get used to it, like it is with most things in life :P
    NEXT TIME – HIDE AND SEEK IN IKEA OKEY?? (we should just make sure first to have walki talkies if, in case, we actually can’t find our way out later…… Im used to the place and i’ve almost gotten lost in there myself and not even the staff can help you then!)

  17. LOL, I love that picture of Simon in the fur.

  18. So did you get the point for your cheesy beer commercial, or no, Simon?

  19. “Our priorities are definitely in the right order :P”
    Indeed they are ! ;)

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