Woohoo! The first of our Australia vlogs is now up! Here’s what our first day in Sydney was like.

So, for those of you who don’t know what happened, SQ Entertainment brought us over to Sydney and Melbourne as guests to a couple of special events. In Sydney, we were part of the Korean Cultural Office’s “Party on the Park,” where we got to meet a bunch of Sydney Nasties and take pictures with you guise, and enjoy some Korean soju and Korean food. But before then, we had a day in Sydney which went rather…bizarrely.

We landed Thursday at 5:25AM, and were WIPED. We’re really bad at sleeping on planes. Really, really bad. Could be because we’re so big? I don’t know. What I do want to know, however, is why the hell are airplane seats so uncomfortable? Hasn’t society and technology evolved enough so that we know how to make comfortable chairs? Sit in a car-seat, for example. Those are 100 times more comfortable than airplane seats, which seem to be just beach towels stretched across cardboard. What the hell, airplanes? Y U SO CRAPPY?

Anyhow, we were underslept, so our first day in Sydney was a bit of a blur. The people at SQ Entertainment were lovely, and guided us around Sydney, and planned our meals lovingly. We ate very well. We were just exhausted. The Sydney Tower had a gorgeous view. We were just too sleepy to appreciate it, so we set the GoPro out the window and just let the camera do the work for us. I tried getting my iPhone fixed at the Apple Store in Sydney, and they almost gave me a whole new phone because mine is so badly messed up…buuuuuut one small detail: I got my phone in Canada. Totally different parts. I couldn’t get it fixed or traded in. BALLS! So…the purple bug will live on! It’s like a part of the Eatyourkimchi family now. Simon, Martina, Spudgy, Meemers, Leigh, SooZee, and THANOS: PURPLE SPECK OF UNIVERSAL DEATH!

Ok, that’s it for Day 1. Part 1 of the video of us getting lost in Sydney and being exhausted and delirious is above. Part 2 of the Party on the Park event is in a playlist along with that video as well. If you can’t view playlists, we’ve embedded the video here as well:


The time-lapse of the picture taking doesn’t show the pictures themselves. If you’d like to check them out, you can do so here:

A couple of things we want to say about the Sydney event:

So Much Nastiness

We were so honoured, so incredibly touched that so many of you came out to see us, that we legit cried. Seriously guise. After we were finished with the 1 hour meet and greet, we came outside to see a huge crowd of Aussie Nasties, many of which couldn’t make it in, and we were totally devastated. We’re so sorry we couldn’t get to speak with all of you. We really didn’t know so many people were going to come out. Australia is not one of our biggest demographics in the world, so we thought something like 30 people or so would show up. When we were told that the people that came out numbered in the hundreds, we were floored, but also unprepared. This isn’t something we’re used to, not something we’re trained for or something we ever thought we’d be a part of. We just think of ourselves as two people that make dorky, unfunny videos. We do it because it’s fun to do, because we just like making things, and to think that so many people are interested in watching our videos, and to even come out to SEE US…that’s just unbelievable. It’s not a lifestyle or career that existed when we were growing up, and we really have no idea what we’re doing. I’m going to stop blabbering. Point is: we were incredibly touched that so many of you came out, and incredible saddened that we couldn’t see all of you. We changed things up for our Melbourne event, which you’ll hear about in our next post.


Thank you all of you Nasties for being so warm and loving to Soo Zee. Soo Zee told us that she went outside to meet you for a bit, and that when she left there was a rushing at the window, and she heard it creaking and almost cracking. Whoa. That’s…amazingly intense. We were all so amazed. You know, it took a long time for us to introduce Leigh and Soo Zee in our videos. They were with us for a while, but we were so hesitant because we didn’t want people to be upset that there are more people in our family, but to think that you guise are not only ok with Soo Zee and Leigh, but that you draw pictures of them and even want to meet them, is so incredibly warming. Seriously guise. You treat us better than our families do sometimes. Ha!

Younger Nasties

Some memorable events from the night that we didn’t get to film or talk about: A NASTY BABY! We saw a lovely Nasty family with a Nasty baby! We didn’t know that our audience went all the way down to a few months old. Ha! It’s really the younger Nasty audience that shocked us. We saw another young Nasty, maybe 9 years old, who was able to attend the event and take pictures with us, who was so crushingly shy that we welled up with tears from the cuteness. Oh! And we also saw Block B’s former manager there at the event. She’s living in Australia now, and told us a bit about Block B’s comeback. Hmmmmmmm ;)

Your Amazing, Wonderful, Touching Gifts

All of the awesome gifts you guise brought us, seriously, are amazing. Someone brought A WHOLE FREAKING CHEESECAKE! And another person brought cupcakes that look like us. Cupcakes! AAARRGGHHHGOTTAEATTHEMALL…but we couldn’t eat everything. It was, unfortunately, too much for us. We were flying out to Melbourne two hours after our event, and we didn’t have enough room in either our bellies or suitcases to take everything with us. We really wish we did. We felt terrible that we couldn’t bring everything with us, but happy – at least – that the lovely people at the KCO have delicious snacks to eat. We kept every freaking fan letter and fan art, though. There is no way we’ll throw that out. We’ll throw out our own clothes if we have to, but we’ll never leave your letters behind. This is why, for you lovely European Nasties coming to meet us, we’re totally touched that you’d want to give us any gifts, but we’re going to have to ask for you not to bring them, simply because we can’t fit them in our luggage. We are going to be flying around for two weeks, when it’s chilly, and so we’re going to have fairly packed luggage. We honestly, truly wish we had unlimited luggage allowances when we fly, but – as most of you know – airports ain’t having that, and they’ll say no outright or charge you hundreds of bucks to bring extra bags. Ah! I hope you understand.

My Korean Husband

We got to meet them! They’re really cool people, and we sat down and did an interview with them, which was weird, because they’re cool people and we shouldn’t be interviewed by anyone because we’re dorks, but the interview was a chance for us to talk to them, so that was great! You can check the interview here if you want to read it, but more importantly, look at this freaking perfect comic that distracted us so hardcore that we could barely form coherent sentences afterwards:

Bag of Spudgy

Also, we suck at taking pictures. We make videos all of the time and forget to take pictures, so Sydney doesn’t have a lot of pictures, but we made the conscious effort to take more of them when we were in Melbourne, so we should hopefully have enough to make a pretty gallery there for that post. Yay!

Stay tuned for our Melbourne event, which we should be publishing tomorrow. Woot! We’ll talk more about our Sydney and Melbourne experience as well in tomorrow’s LiveChat, if you feel like hanging out with us Live, and we’ll also talk a bit more about our trip to Singapore next week. Yep. You read correctly. Australia for 5 days, Korea 4 days, and then right off to Singapore. No rest for the wicked. Subscribe to stay up to date on our adventures!

  1. I really feel like Soo-zee has the best job :P

  2. My friend was there! She traveled 4 hours from Canberra just to meet you guise~ :D

  3. That’s what I thought when it was toilets and sex bar. I remember seeing in the movie Candy with Heath Ledger he went to a public toilet to try and prostitute himself. Dunno if that’s what the guy meant or not but it was a pretty hilarious comment.

  4. Want a life times supply of junk food? Become a YouTube star!

  5. Meeting you guys in Melbourne was awesome and watching all these videos from Australia is so cool! I’ve never even been to Sydney but apparently the roads/streets are so confusing. No wonder you got lost :P

  6. I am so looking forward seeing you in Sweden! ^_^

  7. First thing I think of Woolloomooloo. Did you guys go to Woolloomooloo and get a pie from Harry’s cafe de wheels? Those pies are one of the best with the mash, peas and the gravy :D

  8. omg you guise were in fairfield i literally live like 15 minutes from there

  9. You guys just made my day! The videos were great! And on top of that BLOCK B’S COMEBACK!!! Thank you for the subtle hint. ;)

  10. Lol ikr. They’re so normal. But awesome :D

  11. I love your blog :) Mognut said she got to meet you; I’m so jealous!! >_<

  12. omg when I saw Leigh’s face on the stick, I nearly died HAHAH
    I would be so sad if I couldn’t even eat the treats that I got…Man, I wish that you guys could have brought all that food, since the people did put effort into making them. Darn those airplanes!!

  13. Hey Simon and Martina, sleeping on the plane is near next to impossible. However, my family has discovered that if you take Gravol, the anti motion sickness caplet while on the plane, not only will you not get motion sickness, the caplet will make you drowsy and force you to sleep.
    When I went to Hong Kong on a like 13 hr flight, my dad took one after eating the inflight meal, and he was asleep until the next meal. It is guaranteed to work, but DON’T get the one that says non-drowsy because obviously, it won’t make you sleepy.

    If you are able to get some whenever you go back to Canada, or if someone is going and can bring it back for you, you will be able to sleep on planes. Actually, I’ll send you a fan package that contains some Gravol for future plane trips!

    Only downside is that these caplets are ONLY available in Canada. My mom realized this when we went to the US and tried to buy some from the pharmacist. They seriously looked at us funny and thought we were weird for ingesting actual gardening gravel….

    • I often take anti-motion sickness tablets as sleeping pills too. So perhaps any brand will work?
      Not so much for plane flights, but for long bus rides. Only downside is it makes me very, very groggy for hours afterwards…

      On planes, I either sleep by leaning forward and resting my head on the seat in front of me; or I hunt for an empty row of seats and lie down there. My latest flight had 2 empty seats next to me – perfect bed!! :D

      • Many motion sickness and OTC sleeping pills contain ingredients similar to Benadryl (an antihistamine). So that works similarly. I’ve also been told by a dr to take it for nausea. The US has motion sickness capsules, but the brand name is different, my brother used to use them when we were kids. None of them work for me though…I get jittery not sleepy :P

  14. I cracked up when I read the part that said “THANOS: PURPLE SPECK OF UNIVERSAL DEATH!”
    Thanos will officially be in all of the EYK fanart from thus forward.

  15. love Soo Zee’s new hair color

  16. A possible alternative you might like to consider with all the food gifts is to have a Meet and Greet . . . and Eat! Share the food with all the Nasties who turn up to an event.

    Then you could have a kinda FAPFAP with a live audience and talk about the food and fan art that you’ve received. Maybe give t-shirts or hats prizes to the best fan art as voted by the audience or something (my vote would have gone to the EYK crew cupcakes). It would be awesome!

    It would give you’re meet and greets a unique NASTY flavour! Haha.

  17. Whoa you guise really didn’t get to sleep a lot, eh? That explains some of the stuff that you did on Popasia xD Just out of curiosity, how much stuff made it back to Korea? I have a feeling us Aussie Nasties gave you more stuff in weight compared to what you brought here.

  18. Anzac biscuits are like my favorite thing about australia, period. Please tell me you got to eat some before you had to leave! I want to live vicariously through your tastebuds.

  19. Aw, it’s nice to see that people were just as thrilled to see Soo Zee filming them as they were to meet Simon and Martina!

  20. I’m getting more and more excited now to finally meet you in Oslo!! Stay healthy and try to sleep guise! I love all my fellow nasties ^^

  21. I love the “Intern Leigh’s Head-on-a-Stick” gag. That FACE!

    And I thought I spotted some colorful hair on Soo Zee’s head in one of your instagram photos! I was right! Looks great, Soo Zee!

  22. oh my god! love you guys! come to russia

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