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Kpop Music Monday: The Christmas Edition!

It’s Christmas time! What better way to do a Music Monday than to talk about the Kpop Christmas songs that you should be subjecting your families to!

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Troublemaker Now

Kpop Music Mondays: Troublemaker “Now”

We talk about Troublemaker’s “Now” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday and talk about how much we liked Rihanna’s video.

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YouTube Music Awards Backstage!

The YouTube Music Awards is happening this Sunday, November 3rd, and WE ARE PART OF THE SHOW!

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Kpop Superfan Test

The Kpop Superfan Test

We’ve reviewed very many bands, most of which have very many members. How many member names do we know? We have a showdown to see which one of us is more Kpop savvy!

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Is It Poppin

4Minute “Is It Poppin?” – Kpop Music Monday

This week’s Kpop Music Monday is on 4Minute’s “Is It Poppin?” and we’re giving away a 4Minute CD as well. Hooray!

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4minute is it poppin

KpopCharts Update: 4Minute vs B.A.P. vs Xia

We talk about 4Minute’s “Is it Poppin,” B.A.P.’s “Coffee Shop,” and Xia’s “11AM” for this week’s KpopCharts Update.

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After School First Love

KpopCharts Update: After School vs Dal Shabet vs Lee Hyori

We talk about After School’s “First Love,” Dal Shabet’s “Be Ambitious,” and Lee Hyori’s “Going Crazy” for this week’s KpopCharts update.

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Best Kpop Songs of 2013

The Best Kpop Songs of 2013

We talk about the best Kpop songs of 2013 thus far. Booya!

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G Dragon MichiGO

KpopCharts Update: What’s So MichiGO?

We’ve got a slobberknocker this week: YG vs SM vs Cube: GD vs SHINee vs Hyuna. WHO’S GONNA WIN?!

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Our 7 Favorite English Songs Covered by K-Pop Idols

We did a video for myISH talking about our 7 Favorite English Songs Covered by K-Pop Idols. Check it out!

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4Minute Milkshake

4Minute “Milkshake” – Kpop Music Monday

We talk about 4Minute’s most amazing rendition of Milkshake for this week’s Kpop Music Monday

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Eatyourkimchi KCON

We Are Going to KCON!!!

We are going to KCON in California on October 13th. Come hang out with us! It’ll be loads of fun!

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4Minute Volume Up

4Minute – Volume Up: Kpop Music Mondays

We talk about 4Minute’s Volume Up along with 4Minute’s inability to keep their mouths closed for Kpop Music Monday

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4Minute Hyuna Volume Up

KpopCharts Update: Alone Before Volume

We talk about 4Minute’s Volume Up, Sistar’s Alone, and Nell’s The Day Before in this week’s Kpop Charts Update!

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Super Junior 4 Minute

K Crunch Cocktail: Me Don’t DJ DOC Right Now

We talk about Super Junior, Psy, DJ Doc, and 4 Minute for this week’s K Crunch Cocktail

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Hyuna Bubble Pop

Hyuna – Bubble Pop: Kpop Music Mondays

For this week’s Kpop Music Monday we review Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop” and forever ruin its sexiness.

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Inkigayo Jeju Backstage

Backstage with Kpop Idols

We’ve been teasing you about this all week. Finally, here’s our footage of us hanging out with kpop stars backstage at the super Inkigayo in Jeju.

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4 Minute Heart to Heart

4Minute – Heart to Heart: Kpop Music Mondays

This week we review 4Minute’s “Heart to Heart” for Kpop Music Monday and deal with quite possibly the stupidest boyfriend ever.

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Asia Song Festival

Asia Song Festival

On Saturday we went to the Asia Song Festival. We were invited on behalf of, who gave us press passes. Shazam! Thanks to them, […]

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