Kitten Sleeping

Dr. Meemersworth: Asleep and Very Awake

Dr. Meemersworth sleeps like a ball, and also doesn’t like wearing his harness.

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Kitten vs Camera

Dr. Meemersworth vs Camera!

We dangle our camera on a string in front of our kitten. Here are the results

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Martina's Milkmaid Braids

Martina’s Milk Maid Braid Tutorial

Martina shows you how she does her milkmaid braids. Wooha!

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Curling Your Hair Without a Curling Iron

No Heat Hair Curling: An Open the Happy Tutorial!

Martina teaches you how to curl your hair without using a curling iron. All you need is an old t-shirt!

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Open the Happy Bag

Open the Happy Loot Bag!

Here are a bunch of videos to Open the Happy. We sing Intoxication and Lonely, Spudgy gets crazy, and Martina finds the cellphone case of her dreams.

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Our Last WTF

WTF – Our Last WTF

We’re going to put our WTF series on hiatus as we try something new. Here’s our last edition, complete with a super giveaway package!

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Bear Hat With Mittens

WTF – Bear Hat with Built in Paw Mittens

Today we play with a bear hat with built in mittens for our Wonderful Treasure Find of the Week.

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Spudgy in the Field

Spudgy Loves Canada

Spudgy becomes a totally different dog in Canada than he is in Korea. Check out his wild stallion side!

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Cute Korean Lunch Box Food Makers!

This week we play around with two cute Korean Lunch box food preparation tools: cheese stampers and sauce pens!

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Cat Bus Pencil Case

WTF – Cat Bus Pencilcase

This week we play with a cat bus pencil case thingy for our Wonderful Treasure Find. Yay cats!

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Robot Secret Love Note Messengers

Korean Robot Secret Love Messengers

Today we play around with some messenger robots that you can use for your next Korean love confession!

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Cute Korean Lunch Boxes

Cute Korean Lunch Boxes

This week we play around with a South Korean Lunch Box (which we call a Bento Box) for our Wonderful Treasure Find of the week!

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Korean Couple Cellphone Charms

Korean Couple Phone Charms

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is Korean couple cellphone charms, featuring Superman and Wonderwoman, and Angry Birds.

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Bunny Hoods

WTF – Bunny Hoods

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is a bunny hood for Spudgy. Isn’t it supposed to make him run faster and jump higher?

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Pooh Sandwich

WTF – Pooh Sandwich Press

This week we play with Pooh sandwich presses for our Wonderful Treasure Find! Make your boring sandwiches into something super cute!

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Dog Cafe in Seoul

Bau House Dog Cafe

Bau Haus Dog Cafe is a place to bring your dogs, or just hang out with other dogs, in a coffee shop in Korea. It’s located in Hongdae, and it rocks!

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Being Aegyo in Korea

Aegyo in Korea

TL;DR – Aegyo is common in Korea, but it’s not as bad as it seems in Korean Dramas

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Personal Fans

WTF – Personal Fans

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is Korean Personal Fans: the cutie edition! Why have boring fans if you can have cute ones?

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Pedobear Mug

WTF – Pedobear Mug

This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is a Bear Mug…and it has wonderful Engrish on it.

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WTF Egg Formers

WTF – Bunny Eggs

This week’s WTF is a Bunny Egg former. Nothing groundbreaking here, but Martina’s totally enthralled.

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