KMM Return

Kpop Music Monday: I Forgot How to Kpop

We try to catch up with some of the videos we missed out on over the past month in our return to Kpop Music Mondays!

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DalShabet – B.B.B

Everyone! Vote for DalShabet – B.B.B for Kpop Music Mondays!

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Every Single Day – Nap

Everyone! Vote for Every Single Day – Nap for Kpop Music Mondays!

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Dis Boyz – Kuulkuk

Everyone! Vote for Dis Boyz – Kuulkuk for Kpop Music Mondays!

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After School First Love

KpopCharts Update: After School vs Dal Shabet vs Lee Hyori

We talk about After School’s “First Love,” Dal Shabet’s “Be Ambitious,” and Lee Hyori’s “Going Crazy” for this week’s KpopCharts update.

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Dal Shabet – Be Ambitious

Everyone! Vote for Dal Shabet – Be Ambitious for Kpop Music Mondays!

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Best Kpop Songs of 2012

Our Favorite Kpop of 2012

We talk about the Kpop Songs and Videos that stuck out for us the most in 2012 that didn’t get represented in either Kpop Music Monday or the Eat Your Kimchi Awards.

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Dal Shabet – For Darling

Everyone! Vote for Dal Shabet – For Darling for Kpop Music Mondays!

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B1A4 Tried to Walk

KpopCharts Update: Don’t Walk Dripping

We talk about B1A4’s “Tried to Walk,” Dalshabet’s “Have Don’t Have” and Son Dambi’s “Dripping Tears” in this week’s Kpop Charts Update!

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Dalshabet – Have, Don’t Have

Everyone! Vote for Dalshabet – Have, Don’t Have for Kpop Music Mondays!

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Dal Shabet Bling Bling

K Crunch Cocktail: No More Bus Disco

For this week’s Cocktail we talk about JYP’s No Love No More, Dal Shabet’s Bling Bling, and Jang Geun Seok’s My Bus.

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