Meemers in a Bag

Meemers in a Very Big Bag

We had some extra bags from our moving day, and Meemers took fondly to one of them.

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Be Happy

The Be Happy Montage!

Here’s a random montage of fun and cute videos we’ve been gathering but didn’t have anything to do with, till now! Featuring lots of Spudgy and Meemers.

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Pet Culture in Korea

Pets in Korea

We talk about pets in Korea and how pet culture has changed in the five years that we’ve been here.

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Kitten Drinks Water

Meemers and Spudgy Videos!

We post a couple of Spudgy and Meemers videos. Meemers drinks a lot of water, and Spudgy hates his new clothes.

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Kitten vs Camera

Dr. Meemersworth vs Camera!

We dangle our camera on a string in front of our kitten. Here are the results

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Scottish Fold Kitten Nibbles Ears

Dr. Meemersworth Nibbles Ears

Our Scottish Fold Kitten, Dr. Meemersworth, nibbles our ears when we try to sleep.

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Dr Meemersworth with String

Dr Meemersworth vs String

Our Scottish Fold kitten, Dr. Meemersworth, plays with string, and it’s cute, SO WATCH IT!

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Live Chat with Meemers

Fanmail Opening and Other Fun Stuff, Live!

Here’s our live broadcast of us opening some Fanmail and playing with Dr. Meemersworth.

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How We Got Dr Meemersworth_EYK

How We Got Dr. Meemersworth

Here’s how we got Dr. Meemmersworth – our Scottish Fold Kitten – in Korea, and why we didn’t go to a shelter.

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Sleeping Scottish Fold Kitten

Dr. Meemersworth Sleeping

Here’s a video of our Scottish Fold kitten, Dr. Meemersworth, taking a nap, and waking up from her nap.

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Introducing Dr Meemersworth

Introducing: Dr. Meemersworth

Here is our new Scottish fold kitten, Dr. Meemersworth.

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